ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife Review [Usually Don’t Say!]

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Producing flawless work can provide personal satisfaction. When working in a kitchen and choosing among many tools to do your job, a precise and efficient knife can be a joy to work with and produce the desired results. Today will talk about the 8-inch Alpha-Royal Series ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife, which is an excellent cutting tool and a thing of beauty to look at.

When you have this knife in hand, you will be impressed by the blade’s extreme degree of sharpness. In addition, the balance is second to none, and it produces an exceptional degree of comfort and control when you are using it.  

That is why this knife is on my best Japanese knives list. Now I am going to provide you with a complete review of this fantastic ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife.

Quick Overview of Zelite Infinity Chefs Knife

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This Zelite Infinity Chefs Knife is a modern kitchen knife. It is a full-tang knife made with 67 layers of premium high-carbon super stainless steel. Minimal slicing resistance, a satisfying hilt, and nonstick properties make this knife so different and unique from others. 

Every material used in this knife is imported from Japan, although it is Chinese-produced. Japanese steel won’t let you down. You can see that this knife is one of the best on the market just by looking at it and holding it in your hand.

ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife Review

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Why I Chose the ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife

I have researched and used hundreds of Japanese knives, and I would recommend this knife to anyone, whether they’re a professional chef or an amateur cook. Everybody knows how expensive Japanese knives can be because they are usually handcrafted with the highest-quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. 

This 8-inch, Alpha-Royal Series ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife uses the same premium-quality materials as the high-end Japanese models. However, ZELITE uses its own process to reduce manufacturing costs. This makes it a high-quality knife at a low price. 

Blade Construction

Japanese Takefu VG-10 super steel with 67 layers of high-carbon stainless steel is used to make this Alpha-Royal Series ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife. VG-10 super steel makes this knife stronger and sharper than other knives. VG10 steel comprises 1% carbon, 15% chromium, 1% molybdenum, 0.2% vanadium, 1.5% cobalt, and 0.5% manganese to make this blade durable and sharp enough for use in Samurai swords and knives  

Another fantastic feature is how the Japan Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern facilitates cutting. This Damascus pattern results from a heat treatment technology tempered by liquid nitrogen to ensure the long-lasting and razor-sharp performance of the blade. Therefore, there will be less resistance when cutting, and food particles will not stick to it. Less resistance means less effort on your part.



A military-grade G10 full-tang black handle makes this ZELITE knife stand out from the competition.  The triple-riveted rounded handle not only makes this knife strong but alsosecure when you hold it in your hand.   

Another crucial part of this knife is its tempered bolster that ensures extreme comfort, superior durability, and a perfect balance while using the knife. In addition, the handle won’t absorb heat and moisture.

Control, Balance, and Beauty

Perfect control and balance of a knife depend on the handle design and angle of each side of the blade. This ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife has a rounded handle that provides exquisite balance with its barely tempered bolster. 

When you cut or chop food, the bolster will provide control by adding stability as you work. The classic three-rivet design gives the knife a premium look and secures precise and accurate cutting.

Key Features of Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife

Knife Style Gyuto
Size12.9 x 0.9 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight8 ounces.
MaterialVG-10 stainless steel
HRC 61
Edge AngleDouble-edged 12 degree
Bolster MaterialRARE tapered metal
HandleG10 military-grade handle
Handle ShapeRound
OriginAll material imported from Japan, made in China
  • 12-degree blade angle per side for maximum sharpness
  • Balances perfectly around the bolster, meaning minimal wrist fatigue and incredible control
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling used for additional resistance, extra strength, low maintenance
  • Tsunami rose Damascus pattern shows a blade made in the traditional style
  • Efficiency in cutting because food particles will not stick as you cut 
  • The military-grade G10 handle is triple-riveted to the full tang.
  • Outstanding packaging makes it perfect for gifting. 
  • A common question concerns the origin of this knife. It’s made in China, but every material in this knife comes from Japan, and the manufacturing process is top-quality.

Final Words

This ZELITE INFINITY knife manufacturer provides a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee, including a lifetime warranty. This shows you how confident they are about their knife and how sure they are that you will love everything about it. 

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