Yoshihiro Gyuto Aoko Blue Steel Kitchen knife

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Either an amateur cook or a professional chef everyone wants to have a versatile knife that can be used flawlessly in their kitchen. There are plenty of knives in the market but we need a knife with maximum efficiency and durability. Now I am going to introduce you with a knife that has huge fame in the kitchen knife section for its multipurpose uses. Yes, this isYoshihiro Aoko Blue Steel Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife 8.25″e from Yoshihiro gyuto. This 8.25 inches long blade knife is from ‘Yoshihiro cutlery’ a very renowned Japanese knife making company.

Gyuto chef knife has the ability to do all the cutting jobs in your kitchen. You can chop, slice and dice foods with the sharp edge of it. You can cut a food from a direct oven or from a direct fridge. It has a special feature on cutting frozen foods. Chefs can make proper slices with it and give an attractive look to their dishes.

When I need to choose a knife I set three basic things in my head. The steel, the edge, and the handle.

Let’s have detail Yoshihiro Gyuto Aoko Blue Steel Kitchen knife review

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The Steel

yoshihiro gyuto knife

Yoshihiro uses blue steel #2 to make this gyuto chef knife. The master artisans of Yoshihiro cutlery applies a traditional technique called warikomi. They forged the inner core with blue steel #2 and sandwiched it between two layers of stainless steel. Blue steel has extraordinary hardness and toughness. In Rockwell scale, the hardness is 62-63.

There is a cloudy design called hammered design is on the surface of the blade. It enhances blade’s beauty and removes the friction when it passes through the food. The stainless surface makes sure that the knife will durable against bad weather like extreme humid condition.  

The Edge

This is actually an important part of Yoshihiro gyuto knife review. This Yoshihiro Gyuto knife has a very sharp edge. Yoshihiro uses blue steel to obtain this kind of sharpness. The knife has a curved edge and the tip of the knife is a bit longer than other knives. With these features, chopping becomes easier.

Everyone likes sharp edges but it is very relative to make sure that the edge retention capacity of the blade. This blue steel blade has an excellent edge retention. So, your sharp edge is safe for a very long period of time. Sharp edges reduce human efforts. 

The Handle


The knife is full tang and protects by a premium pakkawood handle. Those who like Japanese knives must be familiar with pakkawood. It is made from wood impregnated with plastic resin. The handle looks stunning. It is water resistant. Pakkawood handle doesn’t catch moisture. It gives you maximum grip. No chance of falling or slipping from your hand while working.

I Must include most interesting part of this Yoshihiro gyuto knife review is, A very beautiful sheath made of magnolia wood is included. It will protect your knife from unwanted damage and safe from the amusement.


Proper maintenance is very important for a long time effective use of your knife. Cleaning is very important for the uses. I prefer to hand wash for Gyuto knife. You can use mild soap or washing powder but do not use detergent. People often put their knife into the dishwasher for cleaning. Don’t do it. A dishwasher is not safe for a Gyuto chef knife.

I want to tell you one thing that blue steel is not actually stainless. You should clean the knife properly and use knife oil. You can get the oil from Yoshihiro. When you cut an acidic food like citrus fruit you should erase the liquid thing that comes from the fruit and use the oil on the knife before keeping it away. For further maintenance information, you can contact Yoshihiro cutlery company. You are getting a limited lifetime warranty.  

Basic information of  Yoshihiro Gyuto knife at a glance

ManufacturerYoshihiro Cutlery
Item name400;”>Yoshihiro Aoko Blue Steel Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife 8.25″ (210mm)
Model no.AOYOGY200MS
Item’s blade size8.25 inches or 210mm
Item dimension15x3x12 inches
Item weight1 lb
Steel typeBlue steel
BevelBoth side
  • The knife is made from blue steel it ensures you a hard blade.
  • The sharpness of the blade last longer.
  • It can cut foods more effortlessly and precisely.
  • Pakkawood handle gives you maximum grip.
  • Hand-hammered texture helps the knife stuck on the food and glide smoothly.
  • Blue steel is not stainless so you have to take care of your blade.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Question: Is Yoshihiro Gyuto knife actually made in Japan?

Answer: Yes, undoubtedly.

  • Question: Is it a full tang knife?

Answer: Yes, it is.

  • Question:  How many sizes?

Answer: Now it is in 8.25 inch only.

  • Question: How can I sharpen it?

Answer: Use whetstone. For further info, you can contact Yoshihiro cutlery company.

  • Question: I am a left-handed person. Can I use it?

Answer: It is s 50/50 grind. Both left and a right-handed person can use it.

  • Question: It is not stainless. Can I use it for a long time?

Answer: Of course you can. It is true that the knife is not stainless but it is made of blue steel that is a very exclusive quality of steel. You can use knife oil to protect your knife from stain.

Final Words

Selecting a single knife from the huge market of knives is always been tough. I think after reading this review your job will become easier.Yoshihiro  Aoko Blue Steel Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife 8.25″ (210mm)ir?t=japanesekni0c 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00FK640FUe will fulfill most of your requirements if you are looking for a versatile knife. This knife really worth your money and time.

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