Yaxell Super Gou, Mon Knife Set REVIEW (Quality or Price?)

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Have you ever touch a Japanese knife with your naked hand? If you haven’t then you don’t know what is true art. Japanese knife makers have made a kitchen knife into a piece of art. Each true Japanese knife represents the hundred years old Japanese culture of sword making, the legacy of the samurai. In modern days they produce a lot of knives with a huge variety. You must see a lot of budget Japanese knives. But today we are gonna talk about high-end Japanese knives from a very well known manufacturer Yaxell.

In Japan, Seki city is the main city of knife manufacturing. You can’t imagine how old the history of knife making in Seki city is? It is 780 years back when the knife making was started in seki city. A swordsmith called Motoshige moved from Kyushu to seki and started making Katana.

Like all other renowned Japanese knife manufacturer Yaxell is also in seki city. You can ask me why seki city? To make a Japanese knife you need four basic things. Steel, charcoal, water, and soil. All these things are naturally available in seki city. That’s why seki city is important.

In 1876, the government prohibited people from carrying weapon. Then swordsmiths are started to forge small knives and shears. Yaxell corporation found some swordsmith and started to make knives. In 1932 they founded their company. Then it had no name. The company got a name in 1947. It was named Yamada cutlery Mfg. & Co.

The name Yaxell corporation is set in 1992. Have had enough history. Now let’s talk about the knives Yaxell corporation made. Basically, Yaxell made eight types of knives. Actually, these are not types. We can call them series. Super gou, Gou, Ran, Zen, Sayaka, Tsuchimon, Mon and Yukari are the series. All of these knives are made for professional use.

Our Pick of the Best Yaxell Knifes (Knife Sets)

Comparison Chart

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Yaxell Super Gou SG2 8-inch Chef’s Knife
61Vtw5qYloL. AC SL100
Yaxell Gou SG2 8-inch Chef’s Knife – Made in Japan
Yaxell Mon 6-piece Knife Set – Made in Japan – VG10 Stainless Steel Knives with Slim Dark Ash Wood Block

Yaxell Super Gou Chef’s Knife

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Do you think of buying an ideal Japanese chef knife then over eighty years old company Yaxell can provide you a lot of options? Yaxell super gou chef’s knife is one of the newest and strongest knife chef’s knife from Yaxell corporation formerly known as Yamada cutlery mfg and co. People those who need a high-end knife for their professional kitchen are very fond of it.

Features of Yaxell Super Gou Chef’s knife

  • It’s an 8-inch long knife. The size is very convenient as a chef knife.
  • The core of the blade is made of ultra-hard micro-carbide steel which is known as SG2. the quality of the steel made super gou chef’s knife a superior knife.
  • Like any other flagship Japanese knife, the core of the blade is made of 80 layers each side. There are total of 161 layers. These layers made the blade tough as hell.
  • Yaxell super Gou chef’s knife corrosion resistant and lasts for a long time without compromising with the performance.
  • Yaxell provides warranty services. So, nothing to worry about.
  • Extremely hard and extremely durable.
  • Extremely sharp cutting edge.
  • Easy sharpening.
  • Black and red linen micarta hand polished handle.
  • Guaranteed materials. No chance of having defective products.
  • It is a  true Japan made knife.
  • Nobody can find any problems with this excellent piece of steel. We can only say that it is a bit overpriced

    Editors Comments

    I always say that everybody has a different choice and everybody don’t need the same product. This is really a high-end professional chef’s knife. If you are a professional chef or want some professional knives in your kitchen then Yaxell super gou chef’s knife would be a wonderful choice.

    Personally, I find it one of the great knife of the present time. Convenient size and wonderfully balanced design make this knife superior among all other Japanese knives. Yaxell corporation always brings high-end, flawless knives and super gou chef’s knife is nothing different.

    Yaxell Gou SG2 8-inch Chef’s Knife

    21LZ +FjYeL. SL500

    Gou series from Yaxell proved the extraordinary craftsmanship of the master artisans of Yaxell. The Damascus pattern on a silver blade not only increases the beauty but also makes the blade super hard and strong. Like any other traditional Japanese knives, This gou chef’s knife is a complete handmade knife. Traditional forging techniques are applied by the knife smiths of Yaxell.

    Features of Yaxell Gou 8-inch Chef’s knife

    • The 8-inch blade which is the most convenient size of a chef’s knife. This size is perfect for a versatile knife.
    • Super strong high carbon SG-2 steel clad with 101 layers.
    • The blade is corrosion resistant.
    • Durable for such a long period of time.
    • Layered Damascus pattern on the blade surface is the main visible identity of the blade.
    • A black canvas micarta handle is used in this knife. It is made from resin and linen. The grip is excellent. Three stainless steel rivet is used to attach the handle with the full tang knife.
    • There is a steel cap at the bottom of the knife. The brand name is engraved on it.
    • Exceptionally hard steel.
    • Super sharp cutting edge.
    • Sharpening is easy.
    • Simple silver color blade.
    • Black canvas linen micarta mirror-polished handle.
    • Lifetime warranty.
    • The product is from a very dependable manufacturer.
    • This knife needs extra care. (Hand wash is highly recommended. Dry it before the store. You must use aknife block to store this knife because of its lethal sharpness.

      Editors Comments

      When you are talking about an all-rounder knife from a very respectable company then everything positive comes in your head. This is a knife of a professional level. Having this type of knife in your own kitchen would be a matter of prestige I must say.

      Yaxell Mon 6-piece Knife Set

      Those who need multiple knives in their kitchen for different purposes would like knife sets. This is a 6-piece knife set including 5 essential knives and a beautiful dark ash knife block to store them together. This knife set is from Yaxell Mon series. It is a bit economical series.

      Features and benefits of Yaxell Mon 6-piece knife set.

      The set includes:

      no.Type of

      Set also include a beautiful slim dark ash wooden knife block.

      Features of Yaxell Mon 6-piece Knife Set

      • The master artisan of Yaxell made this blade core with 3-layer Japanese cobalt molybdenum vanadium VG10 stainless steel. Both sides of the blade are clad with high-quality stainless steel.
      • There is a katana sword wave line on the blade surface. The knife is beautifully finished which is called sand-blast finish.
      • If we talk about hardness then we see that it is hard enough with a good score is the Rockwell scale. The score is 61.
      • The handle is made from FDA approved materials. The handle is made from black resin and linen canvas. It is called micarta handle. The handle is attached with the full tang blade with two stainless steel rivets.
      • Washing with clean and warm water is recommended.
      • The angle of the edge is approximately 12 degree which proves that the sharpness of this knife will impress you.
      • You are getting five different knives.  This group of knives will fulfill your kitchen. You can do a lot of different cutting jobs easily with these knives.
      • Steel quality and longevity.
      • Super sharpness.
      • Beautiful and comfortable handles.
      • Nice black wooden knife block.
      • If you don’t need more than one knife then this set is not for you.
      • Resharpening will be an issue for stainless steel knife.

      Editors Comments

      For a new kitchen, you may need different types of knives. Yaxell mon 6-piece knife set can fulfill your demand. All of these knives are equal quality and made from same materials. There is a significant and essential size difference between the knives. That’s a thoughtful combination I must say. A perfect knife set from a perfect company would be a great choice. The price is also very much affordable.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Why Choose Yaxell?

      Answer: Yaxell has a good history of making Japanese knives. They have a reputation all over the world. For a high-end professional quality knife, you must check Yaxell knives.

      Which series is the beat from all the series of Yaxell?

      Answer: Yaxell showcases their knives under six different series. Among all the series Super gou is the best.

      Is micarta handle is better than pakkawood handle?

      Answer: Micarta handle is made from resin and linen on the other hand pakkawood hand is made from resin and plastic. Both of them are good. Both of them are very much grippy and durable. But honestly, I find pakkawood is fine in terms of design. Otherwise, both are same.

      Is the Damascus pattern is necessary for a Japanese knife?

      Answer: It is not necessary but it adds special attribution and some extra feature to a knife blade.

      Final Words

      Yaxell Corporation is one of the giant manufacturers of Japanese knives. Like other famous Japanese knife manufacturers, Yaxell corporation has a good history of knife making. Yaxell corporation is known as a high-end knife manufacturer.

      So, professional chefs are are the main buyer of their knives. Although having professional features the knife has a very attractive outlook. The Damascus pattern and micarta handle give this knife an outstanding look. The engraved bottom cap is a sign of a high-end knife.

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