Traditional Japanese Knife History

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Early of  1300, at the time of war ruling government of Sakai City of Japan decided to call all samurai sword maker to settle there and make weapons. They started to produce Tamahagane samurai swords by Japanese steel. it was considered to a basement of Traditional Japanese Knife industry in Japan. That was the time when most skilled swordmaster raised in Japanese knife history. Mr. Yoshihiro was one of those best sword craftsmen since 1550.


When shogunate empire falls and lost their power, Meiji empire started ruling and decided to modernize Japan. So that Samurai craftsmanship started to losing their privilege even demand of sword was shrinking day by day. So that many manufacturers and even Mr.Yoshihiro himself start making traditional Japanese knife instead of Samurai.

Traditional Japanese Knife

Till today, Japanese knife manufacturing technique is almost same which is used more than 500 years before and this is the true beauty of traditional Japanese knife. This technique is almost similar to a traditional Japanese sword. This knife is produced from a single of high carbon hard steel to make this harder, sharper and often heavier than typical other knives.

Traditional Japanese Knife

When a Chef uses a Japanese kitchen knife they are not just using a knife, they are using handcrafted Japanese knife which values an ancient tradition, true experience, and best skills. There was a saying in Japan, “samurai’s sword was his soul”. We can be compared a Japanese knife to chef’s soul.

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