Tojiro Whetstone Review [Why I Keep it My Kitchen for Daily Use]

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If your daily usable favorite knife is losing its sharpness and getting rusty day by day then definitely you need a whetstone. To sharpen your kitchen knives or cutting tools to give them new and fresh look again, I think Tojiro Knife Sharpener will help you a lot. However, we all know that how much important it is to have a handy whetstone for a kitchen. Thus, giving you a detailed review of this product would be easy for you to choose one.  

In this article, I will give you the honest conceptions about the Tojiro whetstone. To keep the edge sharp of your valuable knife using Tojiro whetstone will be able to catch your satisfaction. There are different types of whetstone with different grit range and designs. we also reviewed Dalstrong Whetstone.  However, Tojiro whetstone will grab your attention first. Why? Let’s make you acknowledged with the ample discussions! 

Tojiro Whetstone Review In Detail

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Well, to sharp your knife you need a material that actually gives you a feeling of its great efficiency. The surface that feels like sandpaper should be built-in well featured. And the buyers actually bite up the Tojiro whetstone as their first choice. Needlessly, not only the beautiful appearance but also the premium feature of this whetstone can convince its customer easily. A good whetstone should have grit, angle guides and base those are standard in amount and appearance. Now, let’s go detailing of the features to see if Tojiro whetstone item model number F-433 fulfills these requirements or not!


Measuring the range of the grit of a whetstone is the wisest step you take before buying a whetstone. You can say this is a secret that defines the success of the whetstone. However, the range can vary in different whetstones. But you should select the one with higher range. The finer grit comes with higher ranges and the Tojiro whetstone is not any exception.

 It has a combination of two sided medium to fine that is 1000/3000 grit range. The 3000 grit side and the 1000 grit side have two different purposes. This grit combination is very much useful for its sharpening, polishing and refining of a blade. You can literally sharpen the edge of almost all the cutting tools including heavy materials with this whetstone.

Angle Guide

To sharpening a knife on a whetstone you have to be careful about the process and angles. Running the knife back and forth on the surface of the whetstone in a wrong direction can cause a great failure or accident. However, Tojiro whetstone offers you a perfect angle guide if you are a newbie. The whetstone happens to hold the blade of the knife in at the right and safe angle giving tremendous support. 


For ensuring the comfort, base plays another important role. To prevent sliding of the stone while sharpening your blade, it is necessary to be featured with a base of standard height. There are different types of bases in different whetstone. The bases can be of silicone, hardwood, bamboo or plastic. All the bases have different significant. 

Tojiro Whetstone Review

However, the Tojiro whetstone has a base of plastic. And using it around water won’t damage its base. The base is absolutely non-slippery even though it is made of plastic. Again, a plastic base lasts long than the bamboo or hardwood bases. Thus, the Tojiro whetstone offers a base that is extra safe and stable.


The overall design of this Tojiro whetstone is simple yet classy. It possesses three different shades of color. The base is black or white and super smooth. The whetstone is manufactured in a medium size with a perfect quality stone. It has two grit side of red and yellow with 1000 and 3000 grit range. 

The manufacturer ‘Fujitora Industry’ has made this whetstone with a great effort. The whetstone ensures the sharpening process quite easy and quick. 

User reviews

Well, according to the reviews of the user the Tojiro whetstone fulfills the requirements of most of them. Needless to say that, there are some negative reviews too but it too varies from person to person. The whole whetstone is manufactured with premium features. Most of the reviewers have given four out of five stars in this product with sharing their nice experiences with the Tojiro whetstone.   

  • Razor sharpening and polishing kit
  • Comes with only a weight of 1.41 pounds
  • Manufactured with premium quality features
  • Appreciable sharpening efficiency and performance
  • Comes with a two-sided stone
  • Oil lubricant on the surface is not necessary
  • Featured with higher grit combination
  • Handy as kitchenware and easy to use
  • Base is very comfortable
  • Ideal and usable for both professionals and beginners
  • Instructions come in only Japanese language
  • Much efficient for Tojiro knives and less efficient for other knives
  • May annoy you while sharpening smaller cutting tools

FAQ’s on Tojiro Whetstone

1. Why should one buy a Tojiro whetstone?Tojiro Whetstone Review

Well, we all use many different cutting tools in our kitchen on a regular basis. Thus, they get blunt and rusty. In this case, having a whetstone is a smart and convenient idea. And Tojiro whetstone makes it easier. It sharpens the edge like scalpel and the cutting tools get their lives back.

2. Is a Tojiro Whetstone comfortable in using?

Indeed! The whole feature of the whetstone is made of considering the comfort and convenience of the users. It has a base that is standard in height. That ensures your comfort zone in sharpening so that it doesn’t annoy you by grazing you knuckles on its surface.

3. Does Tojiro Whetstone offer enough grit?

Definitely it does. The Tojiro Whetstone offers plenty of grit that is 1000 in one side and 3000 on the other. For the typical home kitchen, this much grit is more than enough. Again, its grit offers coarse and fine combination that gives your knife new look with razor sharpness and perfect finishing. 

Wrap Up

Overall, it can be said that, Tojiro whetstone is a stress releaser when you are frustrated working with dull cutting tools. The whetstone will not only make your work easy and quick but also it will enchant the look of your kitchen. 

With good stone and grit spacing Tojiro whetstone is most likely superior in quality. The features fulfill almost all the requirements of the buyer. Maybe the Tojiro whetstone is the one that you are looking for! Also maybe it is the one that can bring your cutting tools back to life!  

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