Shun Sora Chef Knife Review [Budget Friendly Premium]

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If you are fond of a Japanese knife and as a chef, you don’t know which knife is a “must-have” knife for your healthy kitchen life, then here we are with the best kind of chef’s knife. For your comfort and information, we would like to tell you that, the Shun Sora knife has gained a separate kind of fan base because of its extraordinary features. 

However, no good knife is beyond any fault and so is the Shun Sora knife. Though the knife guarantees you of serving a good role in your kitchen, it can be faulty when it is questioned about the handle. The finishing line between the blade and the handle arises questions from the users. But again, comparing to the service of the knife, can that fault be considered in a little harsh way?

Well, it needs a little discussion about the whole knife. So, without wasting any time, let’s just go through the detailed review of the fine Shun Sora knife. And then decide if the answer of the question given above is quite convincing enough or not.

Shun Sora Chef Knife Review In Detail

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Like the other chef’s knife, Shun Sora has the qualifications that are impressive enough. A knife is highly recognized by its materials only. A chef whenever intends to buy a knife, he or she at first searches for the materials of the knife.

If the materials are convincing enough then he or she looks for its rigidity. Because we all know that the high qualitative materials don’t matter if the rigidity or vividness of the knife is disappointing. In those cases, Shun Sora knife is worth a glance of its materials and qualifications. 

Blade and Material 

shun sora blade review

Shun Sora chef’s knife comes up with a legit blade which is perfect for cutting food, vegetables but especially the fruits. Because of its 8 inches length, the blade is all ready to chop off the watermelon into pieces without any discomfort. Many knives do not have the quality to satisfy the chef while cutting a bigger sized knife, but shun Sora knife is top-notch in this sector. The blade has a curvy figure and the upside of the knife is curved pretty much in a tricky way so that the chef doesn’t have to struggle with the food to slice.

The blade is made of steel and that is proprietary composite elements. That makes the blade strong and hundred times harder than any other ordinary knife. With VG10 san Mai cutting core the blade is enhanced with strength and vividness. The blade has got a wavy design for some certain purposes. This 420J Japanese blade is a gem in a word.


The edge is the most fascinating part of the Shun Sora knife for some specific reasons. And one of the reasons is that the edge has a wavy feature so it can hold on the composite steel of the blade and can handle the blade essentially when it pressures on some food. The edge has a double bevel on each side. And the most important information about the knife is that it is angled as 16 degrees in each side which is the standard angle in between the handle and blade of an ideal knife. 

However, the wavy design also restrains the blade from any kind of stain and being rusty. Moreover, the edge behaves 50 by 50 as the vg10 cutting core is clad with single-layer stainless steel. Also, it doesn’t require re-sharpening on a frequent basis.


400;”>This is the part where the customers fail to decide if the knife is worth a shot. Well, every single thing requires a little carefulness and so does the Shun Sora knife. Where most of the Japanese knives’ handles are made of wood or Tagayasan types of materials, this knife’s handle is of textured PP/TPE. The joint line in between the handle and blade is a big question.

On a theme of traditional Japanese, the handle is made of that flexible rubbery thermoplastic elastomer. This is easy to grip and much easy to cut or slice fruits like watermelon and vegetables like cabbage. Still, a pakkawood handle lasts long than a handle made a plastic. 


The whole Shun Sora Japanese knife has a magnificent look. Any knife enthusiast would go for the knife for its unique look. The blade is all of steel and the finishing is quite pointy and the plain part of the knife has a got a wavy design that enhances the beauty of the blade. Moreover, the shun logo at the bottom of the blade evokes its sophistication for sure. 

The handle is also very charming to look at. As you can see the single rivet and curvy handle is all for making sure your comfort. That pointy top of the edge is not only enhancing its look but also balances the force. 

User experience

The knife is good from the outside. But is it as good from the inside as it is from the outside? Well, according to many users, some claim that the knife is good including the blade and handle and some gives opinion against that statement.

Actually it depends on a user who is actually using it. There are an equal proportionate of the people who agrees to go with the knife and who disagrees to go with the knife. So, better you take a shot and make it clear to yourself. 


There is a lifetime warranty given by the Shun brand for the convenience of the users and buyers of the knife. So, buying the knife is not fully a loss, so to say. 

  • Comes up with a composite blade
  • Enhances the beauty of the kitchen by its outstanding wavy outlook
  • Advantage of using a knife that requires less effort
  • Easy gripped handle 
  • Provides no sheath
  • The blade can fell off of the handle if not taken it carefully 
  • Requires re-sharpening 

FAQ’s on Shun Sora Knife 

1. Is the knife worth a shot?

As the choices vary from person to person, the review can also vary from person to person. So, if you want to be fully sure about the knife, the best way to find it out is to make a try. From my personal view, the knife has this much qualification to own a heart of a chef not because of its outlook but because of its untiring service. 

So, if you think you have this much time to find out the best Japanese knife, Shun Sora should absolutely be in the front line to be tasted. 

2. Does the knife sustain its purposes? 

Well, definitely the knife has this much capability to serve its purposes accurately. The knife is one absolute piece of a gem if it is seen in that way. From slicing to mincing, the knife is all ready to serve you a less pressured job within the least time. 

Also, you should keep in mind that the knife is meant to be slicing or playing with fruits type of foods. If you try it to crush the bones of a poultry chicken then it is not meant to sustain its purpose. 

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve come across the whole review, you already have got the primal points of the Shun Sora knife. Explaining its minor features to the major features, it can be concluded that buying the knife will not be a huge loss. In fact, some qualities are convincing enough and a perfect chef can carry the knife lifetime if he or she remains careful enough with the knife. 

In conclusion, the knife is qualitative and impressive enough to give a try. If you get enough advantages in using the knife with the right purpose and want other chefs out there to know about it, then don’t forget to write us a feedback. 

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