Shun Knives Review 2022[Why People Obsessed About Shun Knives]

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It is needless to say that, Japanese knives are literally slaying the cutlery market decades after decades for their excellent sharpness and their magnificent feature. Their process of manufacturing a knife following the making of legendary samurai swords has brought them much fame. Shun knives are not any different! Rather the Shun knives are maintaining the traditional legacy of Japan with pride and vanity. 

Now, if cutting veggies and meats smoothly is the first priority in your cooking then nothing could be way better than a Shun knife. With sixteen degrees of edge bevel the Shun knives are too satisfying in using. This much fineness of a knife requires to be sharpened frequently when you use it a lot. However, the knife gets sharpened easily with a whetstone. 

Now, if you have the slightest idea about Shun knives or heard about the name only but not sure which one would fulfill all your requirements then you have stepped to the right place. Below I will give you a complete review of Shun knives, read it thoroughly and tell me which one is the best for you?

List of Top Shun Knives and Quick Comparison

Comparison Chart

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Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife; Lightweight, Agile, Extremely Comfortable Grip, Perfect for Slicing, Dicing and Chopping a Full Range of Foods, Beautiful and Versatile, Handcrafted in Japan
Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef’s Knife, Blonde PakkaWood Handle, Full Tang VG-MAX Blade
21laSK8s1ZL. SL500
Shun Sora 8 inch Chef Knife, NSF Certified Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan, VB0706, Black
21mFQhEFeaL. SL500
Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan
41TstqngzML. SL500
Shun Premier 7-Piece Essential Block Set; Includes 8-inch Chef’s Knife, 6.5-inch Utility Knife, 4-inch Paring Knife, 9-inch Serrated Bread Knife, Herb Shears, Honing Steel and 11-Slot Knife Block

Okay before we get started let’s be sure if you are pronouncing the brand name right! The pronunciation goes like ‘Shoon’ instead of ‘Shaan’, hope that helps you reading the article correctly. Now, let’s give you a list of the ‘in detail’ discussion of the Shun knives following their precise comparison.

1. Shun Premier Knives Review

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The Shun Premier knife is basically the premium version of the Shun classic knife with high-end features. This updated version of Shun can be called the ‘Flagship’ of the shun legacy. The knife is possessed with all the way through full tang production. The appearance of the knife is simple yet attractive. The knife has Pakkawood handle which is brown in color and can be comfortably placed in your grip. With hammered finishing the blade has large number of layers of stainless steel.

The finishing of the knife is amazing. The edge has insane sharpness because of the perfect edge retention. Also, the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife is the real premier version you only can imagine. 

Major Features  

  • Comes with various sizes
  • Manufactured with 34 layers of VG-MAX steel 
  • Featured with Pakkawood handle 
  • Has hammered finishing on the upper half of the blade
  • Possessed with beautiful Damascus design on the blade
  • Comes with sixteen-degree edge core
  • Comes with walnut or brown color finishing
  • The knife is full tang
  • Specially suitable for cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing the veggies and fruits
  • Can be used both by the beginners and the professionals
  • The edge has scalpel-like sharpness 
  • The handle rests on the grip easily 
  • The Damascus design on the blade is amazing
  • The materials are high end
  • The whole knife is lightweight and the blade is super thin
  • The cutting portion does not stick with the blade while cutting
  • Well balanced and standard as kitchen utensil 
  • Comes with double bevel
  • Needs hand wash every time
  • Does not come with a sheath
  • Needs a proper cutting board

Knife Specialty

The Premier knife of Shun is totally handcrafted by the skilled and professional artisans of Japan. Thus, a handcrafted product is priceless. The sharpening process of this knife is also done by hands. Thus, the hammered Tsuchime finishing on the half portion of the blade top, in a word is just incredible. This finishing resists the sticking of the food on the blade by giving them an even release on the cutting board. 

Bottom Line

Many gets confused with the Shun premier and Shun classic. The Premier one is polished and finished amazingly. The classic one is manufactured only for the right-handed ones on the other hand, the premier one comes with double bevel. So, if you are a lefty and want a classy knife then this one is highly recommended. 

2. Shun Classic Blonde Review

The new ‘all-purpose’ Shun Classic Blonde is just an out of the box thing Shun has ever introduced to its buyers. This one is an actual classic one if you get into the detail of it. While making a knife Shun never compromises with their blade material. This one too is made with stainless steel that is rich in carbon comparing to other steel. Thus, it enriches the strength of the blade.

The handle is also high end along with the end cap and the bolster. The bolster balances the knife smoothly giving you full satisfaction of cutting edibles. The same 16-degree edge introduces a totally new kind of sharpness that goes cutting of not only fruits or veggies but also meats. 

Major Features

  • Featured mostly with 8-inch figure size
  • Comes with a total weight of 7.13 or fewer ounces
  • Comes with 34 layers of VG-MAX cutting core stainless steel blade
  • Manufactured with 16-degree edge
  • The Pakkawood handle comes in a D shape
  • Handcrafted in full tang
  • Lightweight and easy on hands
  • Can be used on variety of cutting of veggies and meats
  • Edge is supper thin and sharpness is crazy
  • The bolster reserves whole balance while cutting
  • Can precisely mince the herbs
  • Can be used by both left and right-handed people
  • Perfectly balanced and corrosion free
  • Offers whole life free sharpening 
  • Blade is wide and empowers easy cutting efficiency
  • Hand wash is highly recommended 
  • Needs proper care
  • Does not come with a sheath

Knife Specialty

The Shun Classic Blonde one is exceptional because of its “do it all” manufacturing feature. The Damascus cladding on the surface of the blade with VG-MAX steel enhances its uniqueness. This Shun knife is a combination of professional versatility, high end materials and premium agility. The knife has curved belly that helps done with all sorts of cutting, mincing, slicing and all.

Bottom Line

Though the Shun Classic Knife does not come for the lefty ones, the Shun Classic Blonde fulfills it. This one can be your best kitchen cutlery as it serves all the purposes. Overall, this one is worth buying.   

3. Shun Sora Knives Review

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The Shun Sora knife brings a premium cutting experience to you with its incredible value. The knife offers performance nails above its other competitors. The blade is possessed with a high carbon stainless steel that helps the blade developing the micro serrations holding the edge retention for a long time. Thus, the edge is way sharper and cuts like a laser.

For more convenience and modern aesthetic the handle is designed and shaped in a different way. Though the handle is made of polymer, yet this is the reason you easily can afford a classy knife that empowers impressive efficiency. 

Major Features

  • Manufactured in various sizes
  • Comes with a total weight of 6.6 and more or less ounces
  • The blade is manufactured with VG-10 stainless steel
  • Featured with San Mai edge and 16-degree bevel
  • Featured with a plastic handle with PP/TPE texture
  • The handle comes with the color black and the blade comes in silver 
  • Very light kitchen utensil and easy on grip
  • Less curved 
  • Suitable for cutting, mincing, chopping, dicing and so on
  • The knife is designed in a traditional Japanese way
  • The handle holds perfect balance and the edge retention is good
  • The knife cuts large portion of foods in one strike 
  • The knife cuts through edibles in a smooth and rhythmic way
  • Can be used by both beginners and professionals
  • Hand wash is a must
  • Does not come with a sheath
  • Needs proper care

Knife Specialty 

The Shun Sora Knife is uniquely built and engineered both internally and externally. This is actually a classic one with a tip that has a gentle roll-off. Thus, lifting the knife high is not necessary for every slice of the food. Again, as the knife is not curved enough it behaves friendly with the cutting board and goes with it through big portioning of the edibles. 

Bottom Line  

Being manufactured with a plastic handle the Shun Sora Knife is quite budget-friendly and most probably this is the one you are looking for. The efficiency of the knife is worth giving a try I guess! 

4. Shun Classic Knives  Review

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With Shun’s popular steel VG-MAX Shun Classic Knife is an exclusive one. The knife includes the most popular Shun lines. Holding Damascus cladding both the sides of the blade the edge serves more retention and durability. The difference from the Shun Premium Chef’s Knife is that the classic knife does not have the polished finished as the premium one has. But the handle is of ebony Pakkawood that gives the knife an attractive appearance and ergonomic handling situation.

Preventing the chipping, giving flow the cutting the knife is special and high end in this knife lines. Overall, the knife is good at what it is made for and the look is just extra to your money. 

Major Features

  • Comes with different sizes
  • Featured with a weight of approximately 7.1 ounces
  • Handcrafted with VG-MAX stainless steel with 34 layers of Damascus cladding
  • Comes with a ebony pakkawood handle
  • Edge has 16-degree bevel 
  • Comes with black and silver color
  • Handy and super thin
  • Handle is comfortable and water-resistant
  • Suitable for cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing every sort of veggies 
  • Perfect for a right-handed person
  • Well balanced, corrosion-resistant
  • Engineered for ‘do it all’ purpose
  • Does not come with a sheath
  • Hand wash needed 
  • Tough for constant use
  • Gets rusted easily 

Knife Specialty 

The VG-MAX stainless steel of the blade of Shun Classic Knife says it all about the materials. The extra chromium and tungsten of the steel help to hold its edge and corrosion-free characteristic. Also the handle material full of resin helps to last the durability of the knife. The locomotive motion of the knife while cutting is another specialty of the knife. 

Bottom Line

If the Shun Premium Knife gets heavy on you from various sides this one could be your second choice. If you are a right-handed one then this one can be recommended after Shun premium in this Shun knife line. 

5. Shun Knives Set Review 

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Shun set knives are the complete combination of all kitchen cutting utensils. If one Shun set belongs to you, you do not need other cutting knives in your kitchen. Different sets carry different numbers of knives with different sizes. All of them serve various functions. They come with a beautiful block that is a knives holder. The block increases the kitchen look in a beautiful way.

Shun Premier ones come with woodblock whereas the Sora set comes with Nylon knife roll which is way more convenient. That one even includes a honing steel where you also can find an angle guide on how to perform on that properly.

If you are a student or a professional or a beginner, Shun will always provide you with a set that would be your always ‘go to’ solution.

Major Features 

  • Different set provides different sizes and numbers of knives
  • Item weight starts from 1 pound or more or less
  • Blades are manufactured with VG-10 or VG-MAX stainless steel
  • The edge bevel comes with 16 degree
  • Comes with woodblock or Nylon sheath/roll
  • Some sets are provided with honing object
  • Serves all kind of cutting purposes
  • All knives are sharp and used for various functions
  • Solution for all culinary problems
  • Comes in attractive appearance 
  • Suitable for students, beginners and professionals
  • Needs hand wash every time
  • Have to take good care of the woodblock 

Set Knife Specialty

Well, a complete set of knives is always the best choice because you get all in one. Shun set knives are customized to give you the best possible combination of knives ever. All the Shun knives those are included to a set are made with their same signature materials that are premium in quality and high end.

Bottom Line

If you are not thinking more about the budget but about the convenience in your kitchen then the Shun set knives are highly recommended for you. 

FAQ’s on Shun Knives 

1. Are the Shun knives worth giving a try?

Absolutely yes, the Shun knives are famous for their lightness and thin edge with a great deal of durability. Though the edge chips sometimes but it totally depends on your using. You gotta use the knife properly and with much care not forcing it go cut against its will. Again, the Shun knives are manufactured with multiple layers of high carbon stainless steel of VG-MAX and VG-10 giving the blade a real Damascus cladding and an amazing finish. So, why not try a real beauty? 

2. Which Shun series knife should I get? 

Well, it totally depends on your necessity for a cutting purpose. Shun has multiple purpose knife manufactured with best possible material. Also many of them are budget-friendly. IF you want a beauty within your budget then you should get “do it all” knife of Shun classic blonde. Again Shun block set knives could be your best option if you love to maintain your culinary process properly. 

3. What is the difference between Shun Premier and Shun Classic knife?

 The main distinct character of Shun Classic one is that the handle is made of ebony Pakkawood giving a D shape giving specifications to left or right hand. But the Premier one has walnut color Pakkawood handle and round in shape. So, it’s a double-beveled knife meant for either hand. Also it has hammered finishing and the Classic one has smooth finishing on the blade. 

Wrap Up

Well, I have tried to give you a generalized concept and review of every Shun knife lines. All of the Shun knives are engineered with advanced materials by the professional artisans. All the knives are handcrafted fully and finally the knives leave for the market after finishing hundred of producing and handcrafting processes. Thus, from the sharpness and edge angle of the blade to the smoothness of the handle are checked in detail. 

There is nothing that can give you hundred percent. But if you want to protect your investment then good care can give you at least 90 percent. So, better if you buy one and try it out yourself and have all the fun. And let me know which one you get and how are you doing with it!    

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