Shun Classic vs Shun Premier [Legendary Chef Knife Head to Head]

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Since 2002, Shun knives are recognized with many rewards. Shun knife brand comes with different series but people are more interested in the comparison between the Shun Classic and the Shun premier. It’s not a bizarre thing that people want to know which one of the Shun series is more compatible and resilient at the same time. Though there is the slightest difference between these two Shun branded knives, Shun classic and premier both knives are similar in most of the aspects.  

Shun Classic Chef Knife

shun classic and shun premier comparison

The Shun Classic 8” chef’s knife is the best thing that has happened to the Shun knife brand ever. With its classic features, the knife shows off the real classiness. The multi-tasking blades can easily chop off all the required edibles. Also, the fine and shiny look has made the knife more demandable. The traditional method is still followed hugely by the reputed brand.

Shun Premier Chef Knife

Shun-Premier- chef Knife

On the other hand, Shun Cutlery premier 8” chef’s knife is another great invention of the Shun knife brand. With the touch of experts and masterminds, the Shun premier is done. This versatile knife is a lifetime company of yours. The tsuchime finishing has brought an extra vintage look to the knife. In one word, the knife is a real definition of sophistication.

So, this limited explanation, for sure, does increase your craving to learn more about the Shun classic vs premier, right?! Then let’s not delay and check out the compact comparison table in between the Shun classic vs premier. 

Shun Classic Vs Premier [Head to Head in Detail]

Unique Features of Shun ClassicUnique Features of Shun Premier
  • It has got an 8 long inches blade polished and flourished by the hands of the experts and masterminds of the Japanese knife makers.
  • The blade is added with extra chromium, cobalt, and carbon for better stability and strength.
  • The blade is superb and corrosion resistance. 
  • The perfect edge retention empowers the knife. 
  • The pointy edge is all-time ready to cut the fruits, vegetables, and other edibles in a wide range. 
  • The water-resistant blade let the blade dry as soon as possible
  • The resin-infused pakkawood made handle is so sleek to look at
  • The handle is easily gripped and has an oval shape so it doesn’t slip off from your palm. 
  • The blade is precision-forged which eases you to cut food easily. 
  • Most of the Shun knives are full tang and Shun classic is no exception
  • The Shun Classic knife comes with a classic logo of Shun brand
  • The handle is colored with ebony or blonde 
  • The shiny logo of the great Shun knife brand is in the blade
  • It comes with a unique blade that’s 8 inches long 
  • The blade is forged and hammer-pressed so many time that it provides the perfect thin-line at the edge of the blade
  • The knife has an extremely fashionable look coping up with the modern world
  • The razor-sharp edge eases the cutting-work more 
  • Edge retention helps you to put less pressure on cutting, chopping, dicing, and mincing
  • The seamless finishing between the handle and the blade is so fantastic 
  • The Japanese experts gave the knife a tsuchime finishing which enhances the blade.
  • It is featured so amicably that no food can get stuck in the blade 
  • The contoured handle has a woody texture from the outside
  • The handle is made with pakkawood for providing comfort to your hands
  • This Shun premium is hand-sharpened and polished by the expertise hands carefully.
  • The handle comes with a walnut color. 
  • The shiny logo of the Shun brand is in the end cap which is made of steel.

top shun brand knives

Common Features of Shun Classic and Premier Knives that may surprise You!

  1. Like the Shun classic, Shun premier is also precision-forged. 
  2. Both the Shun classic and premier have their own unique design to attract a whole bunch of consumers.
  3. Both the knives are resilient and flexible at the same time.
  4. Like Shun classic, premier is also handcrafted and hand-sharpened.
  5. Like the Shun premier, Shun classic has a VG-Max cutting core. 
  6. Also, both the Shun knives come with 68 cladded steel-made layers that durables the knives
  7. The handles of both knives are made with the same ingredient and that is the Pakkawood.
  8. The shape and size of the both knives are quite same. 
  9. Both the knives have the 16-degree edge retention on both sides.

What are the good things about Shun Classic and Shun Premier Knives according to the user’s experience? 

Shun Classic Knife Users Experience in BriefShun Premier Knife Users Experience in Brief
1. For the conspicuous Damascus finishing, the users are flattered by its result.


2. The ebony pakkawood-made handle is extremely sleek but tremendously easy-gripped.

3. With the D-shaped handle the users can easily cut the edibles putting the minimum pressure in their chopping-board.

1. With a finishing line of swirly Damascus design, the premier knife is one of the best modern-creation of Shun knife brand.


2. The handle has this woody outlook that boosts up the confidence level of most of the users.

3. The symmetrical handle helps to bolster the blade and provide effortless job.

Some Issues:  Shun Classic VS Shun Premier Knives

Shun Classic Knives IssueShun Premier Knives Issue
  • Shun knives are always a bit pricy but Shun classic is more pricy than other ordinary knives of this brand
  • Shun premier knife with its hammered blade comes with 25% more price than the Shun classic one.

Which Knife is better Shun Classic vs Premier 

Shun Premier vs Shun Classic

Both the Shun classic and premier have incredible compatibility to accompany your kitchen life for years after years. As Shun is considered as one of the best Japanese brands globally, even the most ordinary knife has been made with special care and hand-touch. Still, there are some basic changes that the knife makers put in these knives. So, it is also obvious that you’ll find some exceptional differences between the Shun classic and premier. And also the question arises, which Shun is better in performance and durability as well. Let’s reveal the answer by reading thoroughly the next segment.

According to the price, the Shun premier is more pricy than the Shun classic. The reason behind it is that Shun classic and premier is made and given a finishing with different material. Now we assume that the pricy things last longer and provide better services.  

The Shun premier knife is no exception. Finishing of this knife is hammer-pressed several times. The asymmetrical blade cuts food more effortlessly and frequently. The food also doesn’t get stuck in the blade.

Shun Classic vs shun Premier 

On the other hand, the Shun classic has a finishing with the Damascus cutting. It is not as resilient as the premier knife’s blade. That’s why the little more cost is worth it. Also, the tsuchime hammered blade resists the clingy food and it is very easy to clean.

In the comparison of the handles, Shun classic lags behind a little. The ebony handle is not bad. But the walnut handle of Shun premier provides a sophisticated texture from the outlook of the handle. And fine design always attracts passionate users. 

Form the overall look, both the Shun classic and premier is unique. But the Shun premier has a vintage classic look that represents the ancient beauty with modern flavor. Otherwise, the Shun classic is for the one who has less budget but hoping for a great product

So, it can be said in many ways that, Shun premier has made the first place in comparison to the Shun classic. 

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What is the Best place to buy Shun Classic and Premium Knives? 

 As the Shun brand is famous worldwide, most of the countries provide the chance of buying these knives at the knife store. With the right-making process, the Shun brand supplies its products thoroughly to many countries and their markets. 

Also, you have full access to the online shop to buy Shun classic and premier. Look in Amazon for special knives like these and you’ll not be disappointed. You can order any time and can get a full warranty package along with the knives. 

Final Thoughts

In short, the Shun brand with its two tremendous series Shun classic and Shun premier, leading the most of the major part of knife-marketing. With the basic and superb method, both the knives have imprinted with special materials. They also have their discreteness. Again, both the knives have faults and shaft. 

As the purposes of the knives are the same the comparison between the Shun classic vs premier is not so harsh. You can keep a happy-kitchen life with both of the knives. But if you are not caring for the budget and looking for the best creation of the Shun brand, then go for the Shun premier. Hope, you’ll be able to make a wise decision after reading this whole article.

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