Miyabi vs Shun Knives [Which one we should choose?]

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If you are looking for a razor-sharp, ultra-durable, and highly functional kitchen knife, you might want to check out a variety of Japanese knives and the companies that make them.

Genuine Japanese kitchen knives, those knives made in Japan using traditional Japanese knifemaking techniques, are some of the best in the world. In addition, Japanese knifemakers have advanced skills that result in beautiful, versatile, sharp, and long-lasting knives.

With that said, when purchasing Japanese kitchen knives, the brand you choose makes a difference. Unfortunately, there are many Japanese kitchen knife brands, making a final choice difficult. This article compares two of the most famous Japanese knife brands – Miyabi and Shun.

Miyabi Knives

Miyabi is up there with the best when it comes to trusted knife brands. Interestingly, Miyabi knives are manufactured using classic Japanese blade forging techniques in Seki, Japan. However, the brand is owned by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, a knifemaking company in Solingen, Germany. Miyabi uses very hard steels that result in very durable and sharp blades.

Moreover, Miyabi is well known for producing kitchen knives that feature above-average Rockwell hardness ratings, thus making them super tough and allowing them to retain their edge for a long time. In addition, these knives are sharpened using a classic three-step honing process that makes them so sharp that they can cut through virtually anything and everything.

Shun vs miyabi knife which one best

Shun Knives

Shun is another well-known and trusted Japanese knifemaker. Shun knives are also made in Seki, Japan, using classic Japanese knife-forging techniques. As a brand name, Shun is known for using hardened and Damascus steels to create kitchen knives that are both durable and good-looking.

The Shun brand has been in the knifemaking business for over 100 years. Although this brand was only introduced to the Western world several decades ago, the Japanese have been using Shun knives for over 100 years.

miyabi vs shun knives select best one

Miyabi Knives VS Shun Knives

Both Knives are using Japanese design and these knives are highly functional in kitchen work. Sharper than traditional European style, that means wielded with skill and grace and uses a steeper angle. When it comes to making a comparison between these two, it could be a very tough job as both are manufactured in Japan, both are following the best possible standards in their mechanism and both cost less or more at the same time.

But still, there are some difference that will convince you to choose one and we are trying to manifest the difference into this article 

Unique Features of Shun Knives VS Miyabi Knives

Shun Knives

  • Shun featured hand-hammered finish in their knives that make it look good as well as it prevents sticking food to the blade
  • This brand knife has a strong stainless steel core that helps to resist corrosion and its bonded steel and metal make it super sharp and durable
  • Only utilize premium quality steel for  thinner, sharper, and lighter blades to layout a top-class performance 
  • They always followed traditional Japanese design for easy sharpening and maintenance. In fact, they can be easily maintained with a whetstone
  • Precise a 16-degree cutting angle, one of the best knife brands with a sharp edge and maximum retention. Priced reasonably.

Miyabi Knives

  • Miyabi is one of the most visually attractive lines of knives with high-quality super steel core with endmost ability to hold an edge
  • Its blade has the resistance to deformation, high corrosion resistance, flexible and strong
  • Most authentic blade with all the benefits of Japanese knives and a masterpiece handle that fits perfectly in any hand
  • Miyabi features a singularly thin blade surrounded by a Damascus pattern
  • With high-end massive and demanding cuttings, these knives are perfect for professionals 

Common Features of Miyabi and Shun Knives

  • Miyabi and Shun both knives use a concealed tang design extended to handle 
  • Both knives Use a half or no bolster design

User Experiences: Miyabi Vs Shun Knives

Miyabi User Feedback

  • Miyabi knife has relatively forgiving steel and a fairly keen factory edge. With an essentially seamless handle, the surface finish is beautiful, smooth choil and spine.
  • The handle is round and grasps pleasantly, the handle doesn’t slip from your hands regardless of whether your hands are wet. the handle has a decent grasp for your fingers to hold on, the cutting edge is the ideal size for a chef knife 
  • Well balanced weight and distribution, the edge is very sharp out of the box and well built

Shun User Feedback

  • User find it worth buying for do any sort of home cooking and it is a chore to cut meat, veggies, and fruits 
  • The cutting edge is absolutely razor-sharp right out of the box
  • Weight balance is perfect for chopping, slicing, dicing, and everything in between. It’s also lower maintenance and does not require the expert care single bevel knives demand.

Need Some Improvements: Miyabi VS Shun Knives

Issues of Shun Knives

  • The knives might get chipped improper uses.
  • The knives are manufactured out of very hard steel that causes brittle.
  • People find it difficult to chop on a butcher block as the edge gets broken off.

Issues of Miyabi Knives

  • Consumer claims that in spite of having a strong magnet, the knife should be fairly strong to support the weight
  • People are a bit skeptical of its durability.
  • Because of harder core steel, the knives are not suitable for cutting frozen food or bone

Which knife is better, Miyabi OR Shun?

Miyabi and Shun, both knives are made in Japan but Miyabi is actually possessed by Zwilling where Kai Group is the parent company for Shun. When it comes to comparing these two amazing brands, we should choose two specific models of each brand and generalize them based on their design and characteristic.

Design: The handle reflects the comfort level of any knife. It determines the balance and general feel. Miyabi Birchwood has a Karelian birch wood handle and shrinks resistance. Generally, it holds up very well. Marblewood color makes the handle a tread mark as it matches beautifully. The grip is perfect for right-handed people.Design: Shun knives feature Pakkawood handles, basically a plastic wood composite. This natural wood design is very durable and rot-resistant. Rounded handle and versatile functionality. Vast majority of consumers will find it very comfortable and easy to use.
Angle: Miyabi has almost 9 -12-degree angle in its knivesAngle: Shun has 16-degree angle in its knives
Hardness: To avoid quicker dullness, Miyabi is made of the hardest steel at around 62-64 degreeHardness: Shun is made of the hardest steel around at 60-62
Steel: SG2 core with 101 layer and Damascus pattern design Steel: VG max core with 34 layers of stainless steel and Damascus pattern design 

What is the best place to buy this Miyabi and Shun knife?

The best place to buy a Miyabi or Shun knife is Amazon. Comparatively, they sell it at a reasonable price than other market places and whenever Miyabi brings their new lunch, they present it immediately to users. Their priority is to give the best service with great quality.

Final Words

The bottom line is that Miyabi and Shun knives are pretty similar. However, in terms of steel quality, a sharp edge, and a reasonable price, we would say that Shun is the better option. That said, both knife brands are great, and the best place to buy them is through Amazon.

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