ᐅ Miyabi Evolution Review [Quality VS Price]

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What kind of knife do you want when you are about to cut things in the kitchen? Do you want an extremely sharpened knife to cut things easily? Or do you want a lightweight knife to control it easily? 

There are lots of knives available in the market. But you have to purchase that one that will surely give you the most versatile experience. A knife should be sharp as well as light in weight with a good handle.

We let you know that there is a knife that has these kinds of features. And that is the Miyabi Evolution chef knife. To let you more about it, we made a review of this product. Let’s check it out without any further delay. 

Miyabi Evolution Chef’s Knife Review in Detail

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If we talk about the features, and descriptions of this product, there are lots of things that will surely impress you. You will like the high-quality material and extraordinary construction of it. Each knife has a fine caliber facility that will help you more to work with it easily. 

All the things are extremely effective for getting a better result. If you are someone who wants a fatigue-free cutting, you will surely get this Miyabi knife. But first, check the details of this product from Miyabi to get a clear picture of it. 


Seeing the knives, the first thing that you are looking for is sharpness. Having a good sharpness in any knife is compulsory. Anyone would choose that knife that has an incredible sharpness. 

And talking about Miyabi knife, it offers a great sharpness. It has an 8-inch blade and a 12° blade angle boasts scalpel-like sharpness that provides you a better experience of cutting. This product is called the ultimate kitchen knives for producing tireless cutting. All that happens is because of the rounded spine and the heel. 

Moreover, it makes more than 100 steps and 42 days for creating this product worthy for you. The other thing that you should consider is the traditional techniques of this brand. It offers Western chopping, and also Asian rocking cuts. It has its signature sharpness and that’s the reason you can rely on this product. 


When it’s about a knife, first, you have to know about the size of it. The reason is the size of a knife is important here. And several types of sizes are available. But all the sizes are not used just for one purpose. The knives are constructed according to the purpose of using it. And that’s why they made the knives in different sizes. 

Talking about Miyabi knife, it has an eight-inch blade and the handles are of five inches. The size is precise and thus you can easily control this knife. Further, the handle is of ergonomic and triple-riveted POM. It also has red spacers. For that reason, you can get a high-quality finish with it. Overall, this is a sharp, precise, and elegant knife that you can ever get. 


Material is also a fact that should be considered as the most important part, especially when you are going to buy any of the knives. It is made of stainless steel. This is a high-quality product, and it’s constructed of revolutionary FC61 fine carbide steel. And that offers wonderful versatility

Miyabi Evolution Review

This is authentic, and a thin type of blade. Though it follows the traditional technique for making this product, it can assure you smooth cutting. All you have to do is to use it in the right way.

Moreover, it is designed for well-designed kitchens. When you have the facility and space to work, then using this knife will be much easier. It also works great in a commercial kitchen. You can feel comfortable while using this knife for hours. And all the reason is the unique material of it. Though it is crafted in a samurai sword, it makes your cutting experience more amazing. 


when you are searching for the details of any product, you need to see the manufacturer details also. It’s important to know where the product is built and what the procedures are. 

When talking about the Miyabi knife, you can see this product is handcrafted by some experts, and artists of Seki. The product is made in Japan, and they use traditional tricks when making it. The material of it is the revolutionary FC61 fine carbide steel. That’s why it works way better than the others. 

Besides, it has 61 Rockwell harnesses so that it can ensure safety. The time-tested German engineering offers a great quality of the product. Further, Japan Craftsmanship gives you a total lifetime warranty. Overall, this traditional knife provides you different types of facilities and comfort. 


Not only sharpness but the durability of the Miyabi knife is also worth praising. There are no disadvantages or negative side you can say. You can get all the good features in just one tool.

400;”>This knife has a wonderful cutting edge retention that provides a great cutting experience. The ice-hardened Friodurx2 blade is also a thing that provides exceptional durability. Moreover, the amazing blade and perfect size make it more comfortable and durable. It’s a top-quality knife. It lasts very long, and the mirror-finished polish makes it more unique than other products. 

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Amazing sharpness
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Works well for a newbie
  • Easy-cutting facility
  • Suitable only for some tasks
  • Not preferable for cutting thick items 

FAQs on Miyabi Evolution Review

1. Is Miyabi Evolution knife suitable for a newbie? 

Yes, this knife works great for those who are not habituated of working with knives. But when they use this knife from Miyabi, they can feel ease and comfort. Most people accept that and consider it as the preferable one for a newbie. 

2. Is it a single bevel or double bevel knife? 

This product from Miyabi that has a powerful 8-inch blade is a double bevel knife. And for having that kind of bevel, everything works easily. And it won’t do any harm to that person. All the things make it more convenient and durable. 

Wrap up 

The moral of the story is this knife gives you complete safety and proper cutting experience. Though this product has almost no disadvantages, and that’s the reason you can do almost all types of cutting. 

Besides, you must follow the safety factor. When you are using knives, it’s compulsory to be safe. And overall, it’s a good even an extraordinary knife. You just have to use it maintaining the rules. Be safe and use it safely. 

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