MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife Review

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Although it may not sound like it, MAC knives are made in Japan, and moreover, they’re pretty popular. MAC is a well-known brand known for producing high-quality products at affordable prices, which is what we are reviewing today – a near top-of-the-line chef’s knife that doesn’t cost a small fortune. Let’s discover whether the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is the right chef’s knife for you.

Mac Professional Chef’s Knife Review In Detail

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This is an in-depth look at the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife. We will focus on the most important factors and features that you need to know when shopping for a chef’s knife of this caliber. This is an all-inclusive review, so by the end of it, you will have learned everything you need to know about this knife.

Blade Material

First, the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is made of a particular steel alloy known for its hardness and durability. This steel is rugged and durable yet flexible enough to handle any task you might set in front of it. This knife can do it all based on its durability alone, except for chopping through large bones. The MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is one tough model thanks to the blade material.

Blade Shape

Another thing to notice on the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is the plain hollow edge, with a blade profile that is curved and tapered towards the tip. Based on the shape, it’s a true chef’s knife that you can use for slicing meat as well as chopping vegetables. In addition, this knife is a great rocker, which means that you can use it to rock back and forth, making quick work out of meat, veggies, fruit, herbs, and anything else.

Size and Weight

It’s also worth mentioning that the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife measures 12.63 inches in length, with an 8-inch blade. An 8-inch blade is a rather perfect length; t’s more than long enough to slice large vegetables and pieces of meat, yet still short enough to take care of small jobs. In terms of weight, this kitchen knife barely weighs anything due to the hollow edge design and the lightweight handle. This prevents user fatigue and offers excellent balance.

Rust Resistance

One thing that needs to be said about the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is that it is not overly rust-resistant. It won’t rust if you use it, wash it, and then immediately dry it off. However, as some have noted, the knife is often wet with constant and daily use, and it may very well rust or corrode. So again, if you take care of it, the blade won’t rust, but the key phrase here is ‘take care of it.’

Tang and Overall Durability

The MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is a full tang knife, which means that the metal billet, the blade materials, passes all the way through the handle to the pommel in one solid piece. The full tang helps increase overall durability, and you know that there is something behind the handle.


Yet another thing that stands out about this chef’s knife is how well-balanced it is. You can actually rest the hilt of this knife on your finger, and the blade is so perfectly balanced with the handle that it will just sit there. As a result, the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is a top contender for serious chefs in terms of lightweight comfort and overall balance.

Hardness, Sharpness, and Edge Retention

The MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife blade has a Rockwell hardness rating of at least 55, thus ensuring maximum durability. In addition, this hard yet hollow edge has been honed to an extremely sharp and fine edge, which means that it is very sharp and able to make quick work out of virtually anything you put in its way. Moreover, the blade retains its edge for a long time, although this hardness can make sharpening a bit difficult.

The Handle

The MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife has an authentic Pakkawood handle. Pakkawood is an engineered wood and resin composite that creates a solid and durable material perfect for knife handles. It is very dense and more water-resistant than natural wood. The handle is attached to the tang using a triple rivet design to provide durability and stability. This handle should not really get wet too much, but it does have a water-resistant coating. Moreover, its shape also helps protect against slipping, as it has a nice pommel that will keep your hand securely in place.

User Experience 

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The knife is undoubtedly very much attractive and many users have already fallen in love with mac’s professional chef’s knife because of its outstanding performance. But still, the knife has got some issues. Many claims that the knife needs to be upgraded as the blade got rusty for using on a daily basis. 

On the other hand, many users believe that the problems can be avoided if takes the right step. You have to treat your knife well to get a treatment well from the knife. That’s the whole tricky deal to avoid such issues. 


In terms of the overall appearance of the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife, it looks like a professional chef’s knife. It’s simple yet effective.

  • Very hard
  • Good edge retention
  • Durable material
  • Extremely sharp
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Works well for most tasks
  • Full tang
  • Authentic Pakkawood handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Might rust if not well-maintained
  • Must be hand washed

FAQ’s on Mac’s professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife 

Why Buy a MAC Chef’s Knife?

A MAC chef’s knife is a good option if you need something durable, sharp, and relatively affordable.

What’s the Main Use of This Chef’s Knife?

This knife is best used for chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and mincing.

How do I prevent the Blade From Rusting?

The only thing that you can really do to stop the blade from rusting is to make sure that you dry it thoroughly after each use.

Wrap Up 

After taking such a close look at the MAC Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife, our conclusion is that this is probably one of MAC’s best kitchen knives and a fantastic all-around workhorse in the kitchen. It’s sharp, it’s durable, and it’s comfortable. So, when it comes to a chef’s knife, this is really all you need.

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