Kitchen Knife Design Know-How & Best Use of Different Knives

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If you are confused enough to understand the use of the knives of different curves, then here we are to helping you out of the situation. By providing you with what purposes these curved knives are for, you’ll be able to know its use. To suit your knife in your needs you have to have minimal knowledge of its blade and its function.

However, many don’t know the procedure of the use of different curved knives and get into trouble eventually. It is important to do a job smoothly and until you are not acquainted with the differently shaped knives, you won’t have your job done smoothly. 

To choose the right one for the right job we have brought different curved knives and the procedures of their use. All you have to do is, go through the whole article and insert a great deal of knowledge about these bunches of knives and be content. 

Why Kitchen Knives are in Different Shape/Curve 

Among the dozens of curved knives and their uses, it is not very tough to come up with some specific popular curved knives which have great impacts on using. Now, you should know by this time that the blade of a knife is the most important element of a whole knife. And the curve, angle and the situation between the handle and blade impose a great deal to figure a whole knife as well. Let’s just explore some of those knives and have crazy fun in knowing them accurately.

Chef’s Knife 

chef knife knowhow

Among many curves of the different shaped knife, a chef’s knife is special not only for its multitasking ability but also for its amazing beneficial structure. This knife is handy and weightless than other knives for kitchen tasks.

Basically, the structure of this knife is featured to slice, mince, chop or cutting the vegetables fairly. The sharp edge of the blade’s each side makes it easy to cope up with the vegetables or fruits. The edge of the chef’s knife is pointy as well. Most of the blade requires eight inches in the length and at least one and a half inches in the width. This is the standard thickness of a chef’s knife which helps to balance the blade to cut the edibles. 

Now, if we talk about the HRC of a chef’s knife then it requires 57 to 59 HRC for hardness is another important aspect of a knife like that. The more the hardness, the more the benefit is. For premium steel it is needed and the best kind of knife is known by it. Also, the ending of the blade and the starting of the handle should be in an optimum position so that the knife can produce right amount of pressure to the vegetables. The handle of a chef’s knife can be made of plywood or different kind of material but makes sure it is easily be gripped. 

Special about Chef’s Knife

chef knife know how

This chef’s knife though has regular and ordinary structures, its different purposes can make a chef content by heart. The importance of this knife is shown in a kitchen by the chefs because it is always ready to help the chefs out there.

  • Amazingly handy and can be used for multi-purposes
  • Comes up with simple and pretty structure
  • Suitable for both beginners and professional
  • Can cut, mince, chop or slice vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts

Things We can’t Avoid

  • Requires right preserve or the blade can get dull
  • Not suitable for cutting meat or carving dense meats

Japanese Deba Knife 

best deba knife by yoshihiro

The Deba knife has a slightly different structure than the chef’s knife. This knife can also be in different shapes. Though it has many similar features with the chef’s knife, it is used for entirely different purposes. Basically, the features of the knife are functioned for cutting fish usually. But it can do a little help to carve meat as well, though in most cases it would be a bad idea.

However, the dead soft steel is all ready to fillet the fish up to the bottom. The edge is blurry unlike other knives. The length of a deba knife can really vary, but the standard length is 30 cm. The shape of the whole knife has a sandwich like figure. The hill of the knife is kind of obtuse for definite purpose.

To cut the top of a fish a blunt back of the hill of the blade is important for the knife. And good stainless steel is needed for these purposes. Moreover, to separate the bones from the fish the flat back except the hill area is needed. 

People Consider a Deba knife Because

  • Perfect for filleting and cutting fish
  • Pleasure of using carbon steel bladed knife

Things We can’t Avoid

  • Requires regular maintenance 
  • Too much cutting of meats can make the blade dull

Knife Specialty 

This whole knife is specially and traditionally made of carbon steel so that filleting fish or separating the bones from the fish can be done easily. The purpose of the knife is to serve perfectly. Besides, it sometimes provides with the availability of cutting meat.

Cleaver Knife

dalstrong cleaver review

A cleaver knife is usually featured with big blade both with large width and long length. It is basically structured to thrash the meat through the bones. It is a butcher knife and also used in the kitchen by the chefs as well. The blade has a vivid figure of rectangular hatchet. The lighter and thinner blade is made so that it can give the shape of the meat bones perfectly.

Basically, the steel of the blade is really tough and soft. But the thickness of the blade is the main power that withstands the crashing of bones. The benefits of such a structure of the blade are that it can hack through bones and cut the hard vegetables at the same time.

 Not only that, but the flat side of the large blade can also crush the garlic or ginger. It can help to smash the boneless meat to make kebab as well. Also, if you are struggling with slicing your pig boneless meat properly, the cleaver can come up with real benevolence to slice up these kinds of things.

People Use a Cleaver knife Because:

  • Advantage of getting cut the boned meat in your own kitchen
  • Can also use as a hammer by its flat body part

Things We can’t Avoid

  • Demands practice before regular use
  • Weigh more than other ordinary knives

Knife Specialty 

It provides great service to the chefs. It has amazing Rockwell hardness which lacks most of the other knives. Though it is big to carry, yet serves a great purpose in regular life. 

Kiritsuke Knife 

Among many other knives, Kiritsuke knife has a different feature and it is also a little difficult to use. But it is said that the knife is the best good look among the other knives. This Japanese knife has great recognition because the knife is a cross between Gyuto and Yanagi chef’s knives. The knife has a shape of a sword but smaller than a sword.

Usually, the knife is used by the professional or executive chefs out there because the structure makes it difficult to be used by any noobie. It slices the fish with less effort. The quadrangular blade has pointy corners. The blade’s standard size is 8 inches or little more or less than that. 

With the perfect edge retention, the whole knife is ready to slice the fish equally lessening the effort and balancing the force. The handle is also suitable for the job and some kiritsuke knife handles are of resistance of moisture and it is of great use for the sweaty palms chef. 

Reason Executive chef use Kiritsuke Knives

  • The great facility of slicing big fish nicely
  • Pleasure of using a good looking knife

Things We can’t Avoid

  • Not for the newbie just for the executive chefs
  • The pointy corners of the blade require carefulness 

Knife specialty 

The knife comes up with the advantage of less effort and good work. If you want your fish slices to be equal and proper cut and don’t want to it look injured then the knife is the best option for that.

Usuba Knife 

usaba knife knowhow1

This Usuba knife is specialized for the chopping of vegetables. It has a flat and large figure. But the functions of the knife are of great use. The knife’s blade has a flat outlook. The chisel edge of the knife is used to cut the vegetables with the right force. Unlike other knives, Usuba knife has got a single bevel which is situated onward.

On the other hand, the backward part of the knife is hollow grounded. The whole knife is not at all curvy rather it has a straight back and front. The flat surface of the top of the knife is also used to crush the garlic. 

The knife has a handle different from other knives. To maintain right edge retention the handle is circled so the vegetables can be chopped of steadily and finely. However, the whole structure evokes a great service for the use of executive chefs.

Benefits of Usuba Knife

  • Doesn’t injure the slices of the vegetables
  • Quite handy


  • Quite large

Knife Specialty 

Some professional chefs require specific knives just for cutting vegetables quickly and perfectly. To fulfill these demands this knife provides great opportunities without any doubt. 

Santoku Knife

best affordable santoku knife

Like other knives, this knife is specially curved for cutting or making thin slice of meat, cheese, big onions, fruit and so on. Well, not every knife has the specialty of providing a thin slice of meat or seafood. It has a great resemblance to chef’s knife. But these two provide two different qualities.

The standard range of length of a santoku knife is 5-8 inches by the length. The knife also weighs less so the pressure for a thin slice can be given at perfect range. It has got an edge that is pretty straight and not pointy that much. This helps to get a clean slice of meat or cheese or seafood. Also, it helps to chop downwardly. 

However, the angle of 12-15 degrees helps to have acute in angle for easy slicing. It is a single beveled knife which is fine for serving its purpose. Its flatter blade makes it easy to have the job done perfectly. The fun fact is the knife is a little boxier and is modeled after a cleaver knife. 

Advantage of Santoku Knives

  • Advantage of getting clean slice of dishes
  • Also used for chopping vegetables 


  • Can get rusty easily

Knife’s Specialty 

In many restaurants, the chefs are very secured to have slices more clean and perfect for their dishes to represent. In this case, this knife provides a wonderful job. Without hurting the foods it can serve it job nicely. 

Wrap Up

Among many Japanese knives, different knives have been created for different uses. Each of the knives has a passionate purpose and a terrific background for making it. The traditional making of each knife has been doing its job perfectly for a long time. There are a lot of chefs and newbies out there who are not acquainted of the curve and the use of the knives.

Of course, you cannot use a chef’s knife to slice meat thinly. You need to have knowledge of that and that’s why the whole article is produced. So, by reading the article thoroughly you must now have quite different perspectives for each knife, right? Don’t forget to leave feedback on that.  

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