Kitchen Knife Care and Maintenance

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If you are a house cook or professional chef you need to know the proper use of a knife. here I mean, you have to know that, how to hold a knife and how to cut anything with as well as kitchen knife care. But that’s not enough you need to know many things about your kitchen knife. Here are some simple ideas to keep your knives sharp, safe and long lasting.

 Holding a Knife

I think you Better know it. Though, I would like to discuss it again. Hold the handle of your knife tightly. And keep the first finger in front of the bolster. It’s a wise decision to use a knife with a wooden handle, it will rarely slip out from your hand! One more thing, never touch the front side of a knife with your fingers, it’s really dangerous.

Wash Your Knives

Kitchen knives are the most important tool for chopping. A Dirty knife can make you sick! Yes, Because a Dirty knife carries Bacteria which can harm your health. So you need to clean your knives regularly. It’s better to wash your knives after each use.

  • Hot water can kill the Bacterias so, you can use hot water to clean your knives.kitchen knife care
  • To remove Stains from your knives you can use lemon peel. Rub lemon peel on your knives and stains will fade away.
  • Use soft soapy water to wash your knives. Use a soft foam to rub your knives. Never use Harsh foam. It’ll destroy  The sharpness of your knife.
  • Never use hand to wash your knives. Many people are used to washing their knives with hands. But It can give you serious wounds so, Be careful.
  • Wipe Your knives with a dry soft cloth after washing it and keep it in a safe place.

Sharpen Your Knives

kitchen knife care

A dull knife can be Dangerous sometimes. Because you need to Give extra effort to cut anything. A dull knife makes tasks difficult and can waste Your Time. And it’s not possible to buy a new knife every month. So, let’s see how can you sharpen your knife again as a part of kitchen knife care!

  • Use a Sharp steel Rod to sharpen your knives. Hold your knives Tightly. And move the knives up and down on the Rod. (At a 20-degree angle) be careful while doing this. If you Don’t have a steel Rod you can buy it from any super shop.
  • Or you can simply use a hard stone and can apply the same process hopefully, it will work too.
  • Stains can damage the sharpness of your knives, so never let the stains grow. Wipe your knife with lemon peel.
  • Or you can go To professionals for sharpening your knives.

More Tips about Kitchen Knife Care and Maintenance

  • Always use a wooden chopping Board for Cuts.
  • Never leave your knives in your kitchen sink. Because it can be scratched. After using your knives, wash it and keep it in a safe place.
  • Use a knife sheath to keep your knives safe and organized. And you easily pick them up when you need!
  • Don’t keep your knives in a messy drawer. Otherwise, the blade will be scratched and worse.
  • Don’t keep your knives wet long time. Wipe them after each use.
  • Use a chopping Board for cutting. A wooden chopping board is a wise choice. Because it’s secured more than plastic or steel boards.  Wooden boards never slip.
  • Use small knives for cutting fruits, vegetables, etc. choose a large one for cutting hard stuff like meat, chicken etc, choose Deba knife to fillet fish.
  • Never show your children the safe place where you keep your kitchen knives. Children are naturally innocent sometimes they can play with knives unknowingly. And Do I need to tell you that how much Dangerous it can be! So Be careful about it.
  • Never use a plate, half plates instead of a good chopping board.
  • You can use hand gloves while chopping. It can protect Your Hands from bad smells and can be comfortable for you.

Well, I hope you got my article. I just wanted to let you know the proper use of kitchen knives while making your tasty meals! These simple ideas can help you a lot. So, this is enough for Today, Stay in touch. And Have a great Day!

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