Kai 6715D- Kai Wasabi Knife Review (CHEAPEST DEBA KNIFE)

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Japanese chefs are very choosy about their professional knives. They use different knives for different uses. It is very important to pick the right knife. Here we’re going to talk about a hugely used knife called kai wasabi black Deba knife and you going to have detailed Kai Wasabi Knife Review in the following article.

Deba knife is mainly used to make fish fillet. It also used to chop different herbs. You can make a very thin slice of vegetables with this knife. You can cut fish with bone and make a thin fillet of it. So fish lovers will love Kai Deba knife..

Traditional Deba knife is a single sided blade. In Europe, both sides of the blade are sharpened. Let me make you clear about the single sided bevel. In most of the Deba knife single side of the blade is sharpened. Other is remain flat. The 13-degree edge is super sharp that can cut fish smoothly.

Kai Wasabi Knife Review in detail

The Blade

When we take a look at this knife we can see two things.  One is the blade of the knife and other is the handle. We all know the steel part is called blade and the wood or plastic part is called handle. The blade of Kai wasabi black Deba knife is made of  1k6 high carbon stainless steel. The surface of the blade is bead blasted. 

It is glossy and has some resistance against dust and chemical particles. The edge is a 16-degree angle. 16 degree tells you that the edge is very sharp. The blade has pointed and sharp tip. The blade is 6 inches long and the maximum width is 1.8inch. This blade is handmade and a clear influence of traditional Japanese knife making culture. 

The Handle

Kitchen knives are used regularly and chefs are working with them for a long time in a day. So, it is very important that they feel comfortable or not. Comfortness is depending on the blade and the handle both. A good quality steel blade with good feature ensures you the comforts from the blade.

Now we are going to talk about the most important part kai wasabi knife review, yes this is the handle of the knife. The knife has a rounded blackwood handle. The Pakkawood handle makes the knife user-friendly. Pakkawood is made from wood mixed with plastic resin. The resin made the wood durable and hard. The handle is waterproof. It doesn’t absorb moisture. No chance of slipping from the hand while working.


Every mechanical and electrical tool need proper maintenance. It is same as a kitchen knife. Proper maintenance will ensure you the durability of the knife. You should wash the knife with hands when you finished working with it. The dry it with the air. The knife is dishwasher safe boy suggest you to hand wash it. Storage is very important. Do not store a knife with other iron-made tools, chemicals, salts etc. Store it separately. I suggest you use knife rack.

  • It is a good choice to make fish fillet.
  • You can make a thinner slice of vegetables and herbs with this kai deba knife.
  • The price of the knife is reasonable.
  • The 16-degree edge ensures that the knife is sharp enough.
  • The Pakkawood handle gives you a comfortable holding.
  • Simple blade construction than any other traditional Japanese knife.
  • The knife is not full tang.
  • It is not a multipurpose knife.

Basic information of the Kai Wasabi Knife Review at a glance

Item size (blade)6 inch
Item weight8 ounces
Item dimension 2 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches
The angle of the edge16
Material of the steelDaido 1k6 high carbon stainless steel
Material of the handlePakkawood impregnated with resin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Any sheath is given with the Kai Deba knife?

Answer: No, I don’t get any.

Question 2: Is it a full tang knife?

Answer: No. But don’t worry.

Question 3: What is the thickness of the knife?

Answer: Thick enough. But don’t know the exact thickness.

Question 4: Is it from Japan actually?

Answer: Yes. No doubt about it.

Final Words

I like to eat fish. Do you like? If the answer is yes then you will know that the preparation of making fish fillet is not easy with an ordinary knife and this Kai Wasabi Knife Review has everything that you need to know before you buy a Deba knife. Japanese Deba knife is meant to make your job easy so as Kai 6715D Wasabi Black Deba Knife.

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