Top 10 Japanese Knife Brands is CRUSHING in 2022!

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In Japan, When the era of swords was ended up the sword makers started to produce knives for various uses. Their forging techniques and uncompromising mentality of using the best materials lead them to the best knife brands of the world and still, we found  Japanese knife brands are leading the world’s cutlery industries.

Japan has a tradition of making handcrafted things. In the age of swords and horses, they made a sword called samurai. We all heard about it. Samurai was famous for its steel quality and sharpness.

Japanese knife brand logos

There are a lot of  Japanese cutlery companies in Japan. Some of them have factories outside of Japan as well. Now let’s move on, what are the best Japanese knife brands? The name of the top 10 Japanese knife brands for a kitchen is given below.

  1. Yoshihiro cutlery
  2. Yaxell   
  3. Shun Cutlery
  4. Miyabi
  5. Masamoto Sohonten
  6. Tojiro
  7. Global
  8. MAC
  9. Misono
  10. Dalstrong (Don’t Miss Special Discount)

You guys gonna have An in-depth description of each Japanese cutlery company individually. Other hands we can say Japanese knife brand review! Before starting to read the main article you just need to know which things you are going to know after reading this article.

  • Which materials they are used mostly in making a top-rated Professional chef knife.
  • Strength and manufacturing techniques of each brand individually.
  • Some specialties of each brand individually.
  • Name of some best selling Japanese knives of each Brand.

No. 1

Yoshihiro cutlery is one of the oldest knife making company of Japan. They have a history of seven century! Yes, you heard it right. its is seven hundred years! They used to make swords. For the last 100 years, they are making knives.

japanese knife brands yoshihiro cutlery

Their sword smiths gradually became knife smiths. Their techniques of making swords were unique that days and their knife making techniques are the unique present day as well. They make premium quality knives with premium quality materials.

Before 2008 they sold knives only in Japan. In 2008 they built a factory in Beverly Hills, California. They offer products for the residents of greater Los Angeles and other peoples from all over the world through their online stores.

Yoshihiro cutlery has 600 selections of knives. Among all the Japanese knife brands they have the most types of knives. They have all knives a chef needs in his master kitchen.

Yoshihiro divides knives into two basic types according to the edge. Single-edged knives and double-edged knives. They make various knives for various uses. Along with some multi-purpose knives, they make some knives for particular uses. Such as deba knife is used to make fish filet. Yanagi knife is to cut sushi and sashimi.

Yoshihiro cutlery has a reputation for using super quality steel in their knives. We see most of the Japanese knife brands use high carbon steel. Which is very hard and can hold a diamond-sharp edge.

Suminagashi blue steel, suminagashi white steel, super blue steel, Kasumi white steel, VG-1, VG-10 are commonly used by Yoshihiro in making their superlative series of knives. Though Japanese steels are not stainless but it can be used for a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Yoshihiro gives Tsubaki oil with many of their knives. Applying this oil to the blades will enhance durability. To sharpen the blade you can send the knife to Yoshihiro cutlery. You can also sharpen your knife by using the proper sharpening stone.

top Yoshihiro knife

In many knives, you see some designs on the surface of the blade. Those are not bells and whistles. Damascus patterns give the blade a good gliding facility through the food. Foods cannot be stuck with the blade. It also enhances the blade’s durability.

Japanese knife brands are very sensitive about the handles of their knives. Nothing different in Yoshihiro cutlery they use the premium quality wooden handle. Magnolia wood, shitan rosewood, enju, hiba, yew, ebony are the woods they have used making handles. In some handles, they used water buffalo horn bolster. D shaped, round shaped, octagonally shaped handles are seen in Yoshihiro knives.

Yoshihiro makes precious knives. Chefs love them. Knives from Yoshihiro cutlery can fulfill a chef’s arsenal.

Brand SpecialityKnifoholic

Maintaining the succession over a hundred years, Yoshihiro Cutlery is still leading the cutlery industry. The brand manufactures unique products and special in several ways like,

  • Yoshihiro Cutlery Company provides its customers with the best handcrafted premium quality knives
  • As the products are fully handmade, thus, the allover quality and value of the knives are umpteen enough
  • Their knives are designed with the etchings on the surface of the blades done by the artisans of the company 
  • As it’s not been a long time since they started selling their product worldwide, there are scarcity of their product in many countries
  • For sushi knives, professionals give their first choice on the slicing knife of Yoshihiro Cutlery
  • Among the options of hundreds, this brand is happened to manufacture both double and single bevel knives in over almost twenty different steels

Comparison Chart

31+vb4ZbY9L. SL500
Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (8.25” (210mm))
41F7ZgVZPkL. SL500
YOSHIHIRO NSW 46 layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife 8.25 inch(210mm) Shitan Handle with Magnolia Saya Cover
31o2f1tLbZL. SL500
YOSHIHIRO Ice Hardened High Carbon Stainless Steel Wa Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife 8.25″ (210mm)
61qh9Hg9UVL. AC SL100
Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus-8 Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Chef Knife Integrated Stainless Handle (9.5” (240mm))
Yoshihiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus Kiritsuke Sword Tip Multipurpose Japanese Chef Knife 8.25 inch – Western Style Mahogany Handle

Bottom Line   

The Yoshihiro Cutlery brand does not choose to stick to a strict line up in case of manufacturing a knife. Rather they try to give their customers a one-off feeling with their product. With the super high end Yanagibas one, this brand is worth giving a try. 

No. 2



Since 1932 Yaxell brand is serving to thousands of home kitchen, hotel and restaurant kitchen with their all kind of kitchen knives. Their contribution to the overall cutlery industry is indescribable. With all the advancement of the forging technique, Yaxell brand offers the best knives. Thus, this brand is considered as one of the best Japanese Knife brands.

Following the technique of making the traditional sword, the craftsmen of this brand manufacture all the professional knives. All their materials are rare in the environment but they are obsessed with maintaining the quality. As an example, the Yaxell Dragon Series of this brand offers knives manufactured with the most advanced technology and steel of extraordinary materials.

With the unsurpassable knowledge of giving the best finishing, their knives are demanded by people all over the world. This brand ensures service to its customer like the knives are not wanted rather they are needed for all the cutting purposes in the kitchen. With a super comfortable grip and scalpel-like edge and a standard HRC rate the knives last longer than you can imagine. They have created many high-end knife lines launching them with several significant Japanese characters. With the launching of the new high-end knives, they come with new themes too.

Brand Speciality

Yaxell Corporation is trying to give the best to its customers since its establishment. They are bound to give the best thing. Thus, this brand is special in many ways like, 

  • Every time they launch a new knife, the knife is developed from ground up
  • The brand offers knives that are designed to fit a smart lifestyle
  • The brand manufactures knife by the craftsmen who are expert in making traditional sword
  • The knives are designed and crafted with all kind of advanced technology and best materials
  • The brand creates high-end knives those are marked with their signature Japanese character

Bottom Line

Overall, the Yaxell Japanese knife brand is determined to give its customer a knife with all possibilities to solve all the kitchen problems. They work very hard to achieve and fulfill all the anticipations of the customers so that they do not hesitate even for once to choose their manufactured knives. 

Comparison Chart

41bIPi1JcUL. SL500
Yaxell YO-U 69 Layer Steel Small Santoku Kitchen Knife 14.5 Centimeter
81wDE3Y+JnL. AC SL100
Yaxell Super Gou Santoku Knife – Made in Japan – 161 Layer Stainless Damascus, 6.5″
41or63SL+AL. SL500
Yaxell YO-U 69-layer Steel Dimple Santoku Kitchen Knife 18 Centimeter
Yaxell Ran Damascus Steel Meat Slicing Knife 230mm 33 Layers from Japan
31yRGuX6taL. SL500
Yaxell Mon 8″ Chef’s Knife – Made in Japan – VG10 Stainless Steel Gyuto with Micarta Handle

No. 3

Shun Cutlery – Most Trendy Japanese Knife Brand

Shun is a Japanese word. It means the best and perfect time for a food, fruit or something else when it can deliver the best taste or service. According to the name, we can assume the objectives of Shun cutlery.

Among all top Japanese knife brands, shun cutlery has obtained a special place by their quality productions for 100 years. Japanese cutlery industries are famous all over the world. Seki city is renowned for cutlery industries. It is the home city of Kai Corporation. Kai Corporation is the maker of Shun cutlery. They inspired by the traditional knife-making history of Japan.

kai-shun-japanese knife brands

Basically, shun makes sharp knives. The sharpness of Shun knives will certainly catch your eyes. We all know that sharpness of a knife is equally important like the steel quality. In terms of sharpness, a shun premier knife can easily beat any European knife.  

Like other Japanese knife brands kitchen, Shun cutlery uses the best quality of steels. They use different types of steels to make different types of blades. Aus10A, Aus8A, VG-10, VG-2, VG-max, blue steel, white steel, Kasumi steel are commonly used. Shun makes different series of knives named Classic, Classic Pro, Dual-core, Kanso, Limited edition, Premier, Reserve, Shun Blue, Sora. Shun makes almost every type of Japanese knives (Santoku, Deba, Sashimi, Kanso, Paring, Boning, Kiritsuke, Utility). They give you lots of choices. Sometimes they offer free gifts along with the knife.  

top shun brand knives

Shun is very specific about the handle of their knife. They use pakkawood handle. Three types of pakkawood are commonly seen. Ebony pakkawood, walnut pakkawood, charcoal & crimson pakkawood. Pakkawood is a combination of natural wood and plastic resin. It is completely waterproof and doesn’t absorb moisture at all. In some special Japanese chef knives, stainless steel handles are used.

Shun cutlery makes some accessories as well. They have beautiful knife blocks, shears for multipurpose uses, cutting boards, graters, fishbone tweezers, electric sharpener, combination whetstone, knife care kit, sharpening system, knife roll, knife case etc.

Overall shun cutlery is very rich with products. Not only with the quantity but also with the quality. Choosing shun’s product will be a wise consideration.

Brand Speciality


Very often we get to see the difference between the Shun Cutlery and the Yoshihiro Cutlery. However, comparing them is not a job you would like to do because both of them are unique from each other. To talk about Shun Cutlery you will see how different the brand is,

  • While other companies has an abundant amount of products, Shun choose to launce only 7 standard knife collections ensuring the best possible quality
  • The knives of Shun Cutlery have blades with Damascus finishes and hammered beautifully for adding more strength in them
  • Forgiving their products more detail and perfect conclusion Shun Cutlery produces their knives all by hands only with the skilled and professional artisans
  • The company is very much determined to reach their products all over the world and they also have lined up of numerous knives with various ranges

Comparison Chart

21mFQhEFeaL. SL500
Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; All-Purpose Blade for a Full Range of Cutting Tasks with Curved Blade for Easy Cuts; Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan
31zp1V4uLgL. SL500
Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife; Lightweight, Agile, Extremely Comfortable Grip, Perfect for Slicing, Dicing and Chopping a Full Range of Foods, Beautiful and Versatile, Handcrafted in Japan
21laSK8s1ZL. SL500
Shun Sora 8 inch Chef Knife, NSF Certified Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan, VB0706, Black
21nzwLpwWNL. SL500
Shun Classic 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku All-Purpose Kitchen Knife; VG-MAX Blade Steel and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; Hollow-Ground Indentations for Reduced Friction and Smoother Cuts; Handcrafted in Japan
21laSK8s1ZL. SL500
Shun Sora 8 inch Chef Knife, NSF Certified Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan, VB0706, Black

Bottom Line

You do not have to do much trouble getting a Shun knife. In fact, they are demanded all over the world being many chefs’ first choice. Does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, with the Shun kitchen knife set you can easily build out your kitchen attractively. 

No. 4

MIYABI- A Famous Japanese Knife Brand

Miyabi knife manufacturing company is owned by Zwilling group. Miyabi is a top Japanese knife maker company renowned for their sharp knives.

Each Miyabi knives ensures you three things. These are purity, grace, and elegance. These three qualities make Miyabi knife unique. Like any other quality Japanese knife brands, they also believe traditional knife-making techniques are the key to make quality knives. They also believe a kitchen knife will get the highest level of class with exceptional sharpness, tradition, craftsmanship, and performance.

miyabi japanese knife brands

They have skilled artisans who ensure you finest knives with extraordinary performance. We can tell Miyabi a pure Japanese knife brand because Miyabi knives are designed in Japan, manufactured in Japan using traditional Japanese crafting techniques.

Miyabi knives are extraordinarily sharp. To make a Miyabi knife 100 different steps and 42 days are needed. Sharpness is not the only thing. To give a diamond edge the knife should have a very tough and hard kind of steel. As we see they are using four different steel to use different knives.

  • SG2 steel.
  • VG10 super steel.
  • Special formula high-carbon stainless steel.
  • FC61 fine carbide steel.

They have six different series of knives. Those are

  • MIYABI Birchwood SG2
  • MIYABI Artisan 
  • MIYABI Kaizen
  • MIYABI Fusion Morimoto Edition 
  • MIYABI Red Morimoto Edition
  • MIYABI Evolution

Let’s take a look at the handles of Miyabi knives. They used Masur birch ‘D’-shaped handle, comfortable pakkawood handle, linen micarta ‘D’-shaped handle, western-style three rivet handle.

Miyabi also manufactures some accessories like knife sharpeners & steels, knife blocks & storage, knife shears & scissors.

Brand Speciality

Being inspired of the ancient masters who used to create the finest Japanese swords, Miyabi brand manufactures its knives. Though this brand too is a Japanese brand yet it is different from others,

  • This brand is under the brand named Zwilling Group Brand and produces the authentic Japanese knives
  • The brand has different face value for its authenticity and sincerity towards the Japanese real sword like knife 
  • The brand is well known for the dazzling design on the surface of the blades that attracts many artistic people out there
  • Keeping their factory small the brand has chosen quality over quantity in producing a perfect knife
  • All the knives of Miyabi brand are totally handcrafted by the craftsmen and after finishing about 130 production steps the knives finally leave the factory for being sold
top miyabi knives

Japanese knife brands have some identical features and Miyabi cutlery company has all of them. Let’s see the top 5 knives from Miyabi:

Comparison Chart

311WgVdTc3L. SL500
Miyabi Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch, Birch/Stainless Steel
31V73zzzvHL. SL500
Miyabi Chef’s Knife
31fuLUvtIoL. SL500
Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife, Medium, Black with Red Accent
Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife, 8-inch, Black w/Red Accent/Stainless Steel
31SWnpHpY0L. SL500
Miyabi Evolution Chef’s Knife, 8″

Bottom Line 

From forming and hardening to boxing up the knives Miyabi brand does not compromise any of the process. You will get the real beauty of sharpness in their knives or you may get more than that because Miyabi knives are worth keeping at the kitchen.

No. 5

Masamoto Sohonten

masomoto knives reviews

Pursuing the dream in 1866, Minosuke Matsuzawa established the company Masamoto Sohonten for becoming a proud knife craftsman. Now his knife company is slaying the knife industry for generations after generations. Hence, Masamoto Sohonten is also considered as one of best Japanese Knife brands in the world for its making the best and finest professional knives ever!


The brand visually tries to offer knives that are sharp in its original condition and gets sharper and the sharpest when it is done with resharpening.  This brand is ascertained to maintain its founder’s legacy and integrity. By protecting inheritance, the brand constantly refining and producing high-quality knives.

Masamoto Sohonten supplies knives that are designed both internally and externally with historical vibes. This is their main significance in a knife. With uniform excellence and nobility, each of their knives is undoubtedly a masterpiece that can be used years after years.

According to the performance of the brand’s knives, all the celebrity and professional chefs have chosen it in the first place. This premier brand is obliged to deliver knives that are professional in quality and outstanding in performance. Therefore, Masamoto Sohonten has truly achieved the goal of its founder and still now producing knives with the best material. 

Brand Speciality

Masamoto Sohonten not only provides the best knife but also they emphasize on its maintenance. They believe in turning a better knife to the best only by constant care and maintenance. Their knives and the brand itself have the specialties like

  • Develop greater sharpness under each re-sharpening process
  •  The brand tries to manufacture knives those have historical value 
  • Each knife has developed design and forged with advance technology competing with the new era
  • This brand has achieved numerous success and awards for its amazing knife production 
  • This brand always launches knives dedicating its founder and his dream and struggle
Best Masamoto Sohonten brand knife

Comparison Chart

Masamoto AMS40024 Hon Kasumi Tamashiro Steel Deba Kitchen Knife 240mm single-edged
31T7HjaWtoL. SL500
Masamoto AMSI901 Japanese Cobalt Steel Fugu Sashimi kitchen Knife Single edged 270mm Fuguhiki
31d6mLLE3UL. SL500
MASAMOTO CT Gyuto Chef Knife 8.2 Inch Professional Japanese Chef’s Knife, Double-Bevel Finest Carbon Steel, Sharp Blade CT 210 mm, Made in Japan
31D0tmV4z2L. SL500
Masamoto Honkasumi-tamashiroko Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 24cm
31D0tmV4z2L. SL500
Masamoto Honkasumi-tamashiroko Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 24cm

Bottom Line  

Being enlisted as one of the best Japanese knife brands, Masamoto Sohonten indeed manufactures knives out of the best and qualitative materials possible. Again, this brand has no specific point that stands out, yet this brand has an excellent value for their product. Thus, their knives are worth giving a shot. 

No. 6

Tojiro- Blended With Japanese Knife and Western-Style Knife

Tojiro is a well known top Japanese knife brand for a kitchen. The company situated in Niigata, Japan. Tojiro japan co ltd is making kitchen knives for more than 60 years.

Tojiro believes modern technology is not enough for manufacturing fine knives. Traditional techniques are equally important to them. They do several consultations with material suppliers and perform millions of trials and experiments to get the perfect procedure.

top Tojiro brand knives

They have a patented method called DP ( Decarburization Prevention). Many of their products got good design award from the Japanese ministry of industrial trade and industry. They have over 800 products in the market. They are selling products worldwide with pride.

Tojiro japan has divided their products into six different groups.

  1. Western-style knives.
  2. Japanese style knives.
  3. Special knives.
  4. From our atelier.
  5. Kitchen tools.
  6. Whetstone/ sharpener.

In Japanese style knives, they used Damascus steel, Cobalt alloy steel, Aogami steel, Shirogami steel, Molybdenum vanadium steel, Stainless steel.

Tojiro japan usually uses oak wood handles in their Japanese style knives. Oakwood gives excellent grip and a long-time durable nature. A real buffalo horn bolster is attached to the handle. They also use other types of handles but not very often.

Tojiro has a unique series called origami. Origami is a Japanese art culture made of paper foldings. Now origami word is used for every folding art. If you ever have seen any origami art then you can easily find the similarity with Tojiro origami knife with Japanese traditional origami. There are two types of origami. These are ‘origami’ and ‘origami black’.

Brand Speciality

Among all the chef’s knife through Tojiro is not that much well known, still it has an appreciating amount of respect and value by the professionals. Many serious cooks buy Tojiro knives knowing its actual value and efficiency and identity,

  • Though Tojiro brand does not manufactures high-end ones but they ensure the high quality materials and a decent portion of everything to make the best knives
  • This branded knife is a solution for those who do not want to break their bank to buy their desired knife
  • The brand offers knives both to the beginners and the professionals giving them the go-to solution 
  • This brand offers customized blades and handles and an artisan throughout the process takes all the responsibilities of it
  • The buyers of this brand get to see the detail craftsmanship of a knife and recognize the vivid skills of their artisans

Tojiro japan co ltd has dealers all over the world. You can get their knives easily from any corner of the world. They have a good support facility. If you want to import Tojiro knives in a large quantity you can contact with Fiji cutlery company limited. It’s a sister company of Tojiro.  

Comparison Chart

318WxMLB 7L. SL500
Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″ (21cm)
51pAgnLIGBL. AC SL100
Tojiro DP Gyutou – 9.4″ (24cm)
31tpQRSu+PL. SL500
Tojiro Bread Slicer 235mm F-737
31ptD1WOHDL. SL500
Tojiro DP Sujihiki Slicer – 10.5″ (27cm)
31pWdqiquML. SL500
Tojiro DP Santoku 6.7″ (17cm)

Bottom Line  

All the craftsmen/women of the Tojiro brand produces knives those are amazingly forged and totally handmade. Being enlisted as the best Japanese Knife Brand it is so obvious for the brand Tojiro. Thus, with their theme and motto they are still shining like their blades.

No. 7


best Global knife brand

To make a revolutionary knife Komin Yamada first made a Global knife in 1985. Being succeeded to produce a knife ahead of its time, it totally nailed as the cutlery of all time. Since then Global has created its niche as one of the best Japanese knife brands. Conceptualizing the best design and materials available the knives are harnessed by the Global Company. Komin Yamada wanted to make a knife that attracts both the professionals and the beginners. For that he put his unlimited budget and perseverance on end in the best knife series ever! Being inspired form the Samurai sword this brand manufactures knives by the professional craftsmen by hand.

Being at the modern era, the brand does not take the help of the machine and carrying on their production by hand with intensive care and attention. Maintaining the exacting standard Global manufactures knives with unique blade material named CROMOVA 18. The knives have edge retention with well balanced and standard edge retention. From its establishment till now Global has developed immensely and their success stories are worth telling. Giving a warranty to your careful consideration Global branded knives are your ideal choice for kitchen activities. With the perfect blend of every good things Global brand ensures you not the best knife but the worth one.

Brand Speciality     

The global brand is incredibly special for its knives those are insanely sharp, effective and easy to clean. The brand is famous worldwide and we too recommend the knives of this brand because,

  • The brand offers an unlimited budget in manufacturing the knives
  • Till now this brand has achieved uncountable successes
  • Their knives are ordered from almost 95 countries of the world
  • They do not compromise with the materials and design while making their signature knives
  • They have manufactured a knife with fifty options to function almost all the cutting activities in the kitchen.
  • They are still working hard to create more attention worldwide
top Global knife brand knives

Comparison Chart

31td6+dgjQL. SL500
Global 8″ Chef’s Knife
41hzdP C4+L. SL500
Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
212dUNUfZzL. SL500
Global GS 90 5″ Hollow Ground Santoku Knife GS 90
410YyWqntUL. SL500
Global GS-10 – 5 1/2 inch, 14cm Cheese Knife
31sJRJz6n8L. SL500
Global GSF-49-4 1/2 inch, 11cm Utility Knife

Bottom Line

Indeed this brand is not that much in the limelight like the other top Japanese Knife brands, yet people who are using the branded knives are quite satisfied. This brand is highly acclaimed and recommended by its users. And in our perception, the knives are worth buying.

No. 8


MAC knife

With some wholesome and diverse amount of design and style MAC branded knives are just awesome. With the high-end materials, Mac knives are demandable. Ensuring every convenience possible, Mac knives are manufactured and stands as one of the best Japanese Knife Brands. While other knives are forged with gratified techniques, Mac knives are stamped going straight out of the box.

For being stamped the value is not decreased rather their efficiency increases hundred times. The entire knife of Mac brand is manufactured only by the professional craftsmen who are fully determined to give the knife a perfect shape, precision, comfortable grip and evil sharpness. 

The Mac Company uses blade of high carbon steel those are manufactured with Chromium, Vanadium and Molybdenum. Thus, friction and rust-resistant blades are delivered. With the perfect edge retention, the knives are being ordered not only in Japan but also all over the world. Their edge is produced, unlike the other knife edges. They are a bit off-centered and slightly angled that gives the ultimate versatile usefulness and controlling power. This brand is straight to their opinion and reputation. Thousands of Mac knife users are unlikely interested to use going back their old knives. 

Brand Speciality

Undoubtedly the knife is popular across the world to all the cooking enthusiasts and professionals because of their various notabilities like

  • Hugely popular and since 1964 Mac has sold over 25 million knives all over the world
  • Unlike other knife company their knives are stamped 
  • Their knives are designed with unique edge cutting angled about 45.5 degrees and a bit off-centered
  • The brand offers craftsmen who are superior in skill and professionalism
  • This brand is especially known for its unique knife design
  • According to the reputation and experience the brand Mac stands top in position
Best MAC brand knife

Comparison Chart

31sJRJz6n8L. SL500
Global GSF-49-4 1/2 inch, 11cm Utility Knife
21f8V7iELML. SL100
Mac Knife Series French Chef’s Knife, 10-Inch, 8.5 Inch, Silver
Mac Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver, 6-1/2-Inch, 6.5 Inch, Silver
31X731e2AIL. SL500
Mac Knife Chef Series Paring Knife, 4-Inch
21LYuERMmYL. SL500
Mac Knife Superior Bread Knife, 10-1/2-Inch

Bottom Line 

Almost all the knife series of the brand is famous. The chef series, professional series, superior series and ultimate series knives are the best among all the Mac knives. Many Mac knife owners have recommended the knives highly for a better kitchen experiment and we too think the same.

No. 9


Misono knife brand

Being Japan’s one of the oldest Western-style knife makers Misono is slaying from 1935. This only brand is top in position for their small but exclusive business that is known worldwide. Where other manufacturing company hires thousands of manufacturers to produce knives, Misono produces knives by only fifty workers. And the more unbelievable fact is that with only this amount of knife makers the brand produces 150,000 knives every year.


Misono is the brand that offers knives to its customers, those are fully handcrafted. Not a single part of their knives are manufactured by other companies. With the extreme patience and attention Misono makes the hundred percent of its knife while other companies takes the help of specialists from other companies for manufacturing the specific parts of their knives.

Following the Japanese tradition, Misono produces knives giving them hand finish with perfect edge retention. Everybody knows handcrafted knives elevated its value comparing to the machined knives. Thus, Misono brand owns knives that are unique and supreme in quality. Even though the brand is not extended to a greater level nor it has a significant amount of knife makers still this brand doesn’t allow knives to be marketed without inspections. Overcoming various level of inspection the knives leaves the company for being sold worldwide.  

Brand Speciality

To speak the very truth, Misono is the brand that never focuses on the quantity since its establishment. From the tip of the blade to the bottom of the knife of the Misono brand you will find a speciality. Why? Because, 

  • The brand supplies knives that are fully handcrafted. 
  • They do not rely upon other companies for manufacturing any specific parts like blade or handle or edge HRC
  • For being handcrafted this branded knives have sharpness and finishing that is totally out of the box
  • As they offer 100 percent handmade product, the knives have exclusive design and unique value
  • Even though the knives are not machined at all, they are lightweight and serves wonderful performance
  • Their production process is totally different and unique
top misono knife brand knives

Comparison Chart

31K4tMN6oiL. SL500
Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0″ (18cm) – Right
Misono UX10 Petty
Misono UX10 Petty
316QPoyXDBL. SL500
Misono Molybdenum Hankotsu 5.6″ (14.5cm) – Right
311FSJ lNCL. SL500
Misono Molybdenum Honesuki 5.6″ (14.5cm)

Bottom Line

No wonder that the Misono has always chosen “quality over quantity”, thus, it has this much fame and value. With the use of hard steel they make knives for professionals with intensive care and attention. The brand Misono does not leave any possibility to produce high-end knives possible.

No. 10

Dalstrong – A New Japanese Kitchen Knife Brand

Among all top Japanese knives brands, I found Dalstrong knives the most beautiful and attractive. Dalstrong provides effective knives with a gorgeous outlook at a very reasonable price. They make knives with modern technology. They are making knives several knives according to chefs demands and undoubtedly they are satisfied. ir?t=japanesekni0c 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B076X9PVBQ

japanese knife brands

They beat many traditional knife brands in the field of designs and got thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon and it proves that people love them and their concepts of using modern technology and fancy design. They also built a good relationship with their customer by giving them outstanding customer service.ir?t=japanesekni0c 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B0768LX2TJ


Now let’s have some necessary information about the materials of their knives. We all know that a knife has three important part to look at. The steel, the edge, and the handle.

Dalstrong usually uses VG-10 steel. It is a hard type of steel that can keep a very sharp edge. In many of their knives, they used Damascus pattern on the surface of the blade. Pakkawood handle is usually used by Dalstrong. We see four different series of knives they sell.

Shogun is the most premium series of knives among them. It takes over 60-day process to make a shogun knife. In shogun series there are chef’s knife, bread cutting knife, boning knife, filet knife, kiritsuke knife, Nakiri knife, paring knife, santoku knife, serrated paring knife, serrated utility knife, slicer, steak knife, utility knife, bird’s beak peeling knife.

In infinity series, there are some knives made with ceramic clades. Dalstrong offers an 8-pieces block set under the gladiator series. People love it a lot. Dalstrong also makes honing steels. They have also some whetstones.

Dalstrong has free shipping facilities in the USA and it is very fast. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

Brand Speciality

The Dalstrong does not manufacture knives by hand rather they use machine, thus, you will not get the genuineness in their knives. But still, they make plenty of knives targeting the people who want a go-to solution for their cutting troubles in the kitchen.

  • The brand offers a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee for the knives to its customers
  • Among all their knife series Dalstrong Gladiator is now literally nailing the market
  • Starting the Company in 2004, the brand has already gained fame and popularity within a very short time
  • To make blades of the knives they import steels from all over the world to ensure the best quality
  • Though Dalstrong is a Japanese brand, all of its knives are manufactured in Yangjiang, China
Top dalstrong brand knives

Comparison Chart

41BAduAG6OL. SL500
DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 8″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – Razor Sharp – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Black G10 Handle – w/Sheath
41NozHhSrmL. SL500
DALSTRONG – Kiritsuke Chef Knife – 8.5″ – Omega Series – American BD1N-VX – Hyper Steel – w/Sheath
412nRKV7cfL. SL500
DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef Knife – 8.5″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Sheath
41PqPJnYjfL. SL500
DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife – 6″ – Shogun Series X – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Damascus – Hammered Finish – Sheath Included
414tUWsoVQL. SL500
DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 9.5″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – Razor Sharp – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Black G10 Handle – w/Sheath

Bottom Line

Dalstrong brand does not exactly implement the style they want to imitate. However, still they get the leg piece on their plate. Thousands of home cooks are looking for a not so luxury but get the job done smooth type knife. For those nothing would be better than a Dalstrong knife. 

Final Words on Japanese Knife Brand

Japanese and German branded knives are popular all over the world. Yet, because of some glorious and traditional history of making swords, Japanese brands are more acceptable to a knife enthusiast. Upholding their traditional value and pride they make knives those are world’s best and can be easily used for various kitchen and other cutting purposes. Their pride, craftsmanship, enthusiasm, perseverance and artistic gene are the main ingredients of their making a perfect knife ever! 

In the world of kitchen knife brands, Japanese knives have a strong position. Elite chefs use Japanese knives for the perfect cut to make their dishes unique from others.

All Japanese knives are not expensive. There are some Japanese knife brands who sell knives at a reasonable price. There was a time when Japanese knives were not available outside of Japan. But now this is the age of globalization and internet communication, Now you can buy Japanese knives from any part of the world through the online market.

Thus, these 10 best Japanese Knife Brands too manufacture knives those are splendid pieces of artwork and worth buying. Cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing with these knives are real fun. So, buy any knife from the given top brands and let us too know how grateful you are to your decision of buying them!    

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  1. Philip Deppen II

    They are made in china this guy has no clue what hes talking about and miyabi would be my number one pick. No company rounds edges like they do and looks aint everything thats for sure.

  2. Philip Deppen II

    For one Dalstrong knives are manufactured in china second they use both g10 and pakkawood depending on what series

  3. Dalstrong is made in China, you guys are absolutely right. I also mention this in my several articles.
    If you just consider the place of manufacturing of this knife, this is not a Japanese knife.
    BUT if you consider material, Design, and Steel of this knife, it is a Japanese knife brand and that’s how we consider.

  4. gias “consider material, Design, and Steel of this knife, it is a Japanese knife brand and that’s how we consider.”

    Dalstrong is a Chinese company that makes Chinese knives.
    They are a cheap and low quality alternative to Japanese knives.
    BUT lets take what you said into consideration, Dalstrong uses European designs, Japanese designs, fusion designs, U.S. steel, Japanese steel, German steel, and Chinese materials.
    So I guess that makes them a European, Japanese, German, U.S., Chinese Company. Right?

    Nope, It’s a Chinese company plain and simple.

  5. Thanks for sharing your list Gias. It was interesting to hear about the history behind these brands and what processes and materials each of them use when making all types of Japanese knives.

  6. The most popular brand knives in japan is Sakai, Tojiro and masamoto and Do some reasearched. Dalstrong is made in CHINA!

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