Enso Chef’s Knife Review HD Series[How Perfect Knife is this?]

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When it comes to the world of kitchen knives, one of the most reputable and trusted brands out there is Enso. People have been trusting this brand for their kitchen knives for many years now, and in that time, this brand has not failed to produce high quality products.

Today, we are here to look at one of the most popular chef’s knives from this particular brand, the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife, what has to be one of the most beautiful looking knives on the market at this time. Of course, the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is not only good looking, but highly functional as well.

This is the kind of multi-purpose kitchen knife that you can use for virtually any and every task in the kitchen, one that thanks to it’s high-quality design, should last for years to come and retain its edge much longer than most others out there.

What we want to do right now is to take an in depth look at the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife, so you can find out exactly what you are getting into by purchasing this specific chef’s knife.

Enso Chef’s Knife Review – Let’s see the Japanese Perfections

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The first aspect that we want to take a look at here is the awesome HD design of the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife. In terms of overall beauty and elegance, the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is definitely up there with the best of them. That hammered tsuchime finish that you see on the Damascus steel blade is one of the most eye-catching blade patterns that we have ever seen.

That hammered finish looks almost like waves in the ocean, not to mention the fact that this pattern does also serve a purpose, which is to create air pockets in between the blade and food being sliced, so food won’t stick to the sides of the blade. The look of the blade also matches perfectly with the black and silver handle design. All in all, this is absolutely a beautiful chef’s knife.


What is important to note about the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is that it comes complete with an 8 inch blade, although there is also a 10 inch blade option available. For basic kitchen use, we would recommend the 8 inch blade, as the 10 inch may be a bit too large and cumbersome for some.

Including the handle, this knife comes in at just under 13 inches, making it quite a good size, more than large enough for most slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing purposes.

At the spine of the blade, it is 2 mm thick, and becomes even thinner as you move towards the edge. In terms of blade thickness, the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is thick enough to handle a good bit of punishment and heavy duty chopping, but also thin and delicate enough to take care of tasks that require the utmost in precision.

Blade Material

Something else that you may really like about this particular knife is that it is made out of some very high-quality materials, some of the best knife materials around, then the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is definitely something to keep in mind.

The Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is made with a VG-10 steel cutting core, combined with 37 layers of hammered Damascus steel, which means that you get the best of beauty, durability, hardness, and edge retention.

This is the kind of blade that is not going to chip, crack, or scratch on you anytime soon, as it is about as tough as it gets. Let’s also keep in mind that as long as you treat the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife right, it also should not rust or corrode, yet another bonus no doubt.


Ok, so the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is made out of a combination of VG-10 steel and 37 layers of Damascus steel. In terms of hardness, this blade features a Rockwell hardness rating of 61, which as you might know, is actually very high.

Most average kitchen knives don’t go over 58 or 60 at most, which makes a hardness rating of 61 extremely good.

Thanks to the extreme hardness of the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife, you can rest assured that the edge will retain its razor sharpness for a long time to come, and this even with heavy duty use and minimal sharpening. It definitely pays to have a hard and long lasting blade.

The Blade’s Edge

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The Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife features a very fine and precisely ground blade edge designed to make quick work out of most tasks. It’s so sharp and hard that it has the ability to slice tomatoes so thin that you can literally see through them.

The edge here is ground to a 12 degree angle from both sides, with 12 degrees being quite fine, thus being ideal for fairly delicate cutting tasks.

Moreover, in terms of the shape, this blade is slightly rounded in nature, which therefore makes it ideal for a back-and-forth rocking style of cutting, and for much more.

The Handle

What you may also appreciate about the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is the 4.75 inch handle that it comes with, a handle that is large enough for even the biggest of hands. The handle itself is made out of black canvas micarta, which we do have to say, looks very nice.

Moreover, although it looks and feels like wood, micarta won’t crack or split, plus water won’t affect it either. So, not only is the handle on the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife very beautiful, but durable too.

Yes, it is also functional, as it features an ergonomic design that should allow you to grip it with great comfort, even for prolonged periods of time. The only downside with the handle is that we think it could use a bit of texture to increase gripping abilities when your hands are wet, but other than that, the handle on the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is truly top notch.

Functionality & User Experience

All in all, especially for the reasonable price it comes in at, the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is a true multi-purpose kitchen workhorse. Besides cutting straight through bones, you can do more or less anything with this knife.

Slicing meat, dicing onions, mincing garlic, and so much more, can all be done with ease when you have the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife in your corner. It’s just a very comfortable, functional, and durable knife overall.


The Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife comes complete with a lifetime warranty for all defects. Simply put, although this knife should last literally for decades, in case there is something wrong with it, you can have it replaced free of charge.

  • High quality materials
  • Multi-functional blade
  • Great edge retention
  • Good for both heavy and precise work
  • Comfortable handle
  • Rust resistant
  • Superior durability
  • Looks amazing
  • Reasonable price
  • Handle can be a little slippery when wet
  • Edges may be slightly uneven

FAQs on Enso Chef’s Knife Review You May Want to Ask

1. Do Enso Knives Work Well?

Yes, Enso knives are known for their great sharpness and edge retention, functionality, durability, and comfort. All in all, this is a very popular brand of knives that is known to work well, and moreover, they do come in at rather reasonable prices too.

2. How are Enso Knives Made?

Most Enso knives are made by taking a VG-10 steel cutting core and wrapping that with several layers of hammered Damascus steel, and yes, the knives are made with a full tang design.

3. Is Damascus Steel a Good Blade Material?

The simple reality is that real Damascus steel is some of the best material that can be used for knife blades, especially when it comes to edge retention and sharpness.

4. Can You Use this Knife to Cut Through Chicken Bones?

Now, one of the only things that you should not try to do with the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is to cut through bones. For bones, you will need something much heavier, like a meat cleaver for instance.

Wrap Up

The bottom line here is that if you want a really nice knife, an awesome chef’s knife that you can use for virtually everything besides hacking bones apart, then the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is definitely a prime choice to consider. It comes in at a more than reasonable price, yet has top-notch features and quality that you would usually pay much more for. All in all, we think that the Enso HD Series Chef’s Knife is a fantastic investment worth making.

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