DALSTRONG Gladiator Santoku Knife Review

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I love cooking and always try to make new dishes. That is why, I tried many kitchen knives to cut, slice and dice foods. I am actually very sensitive to my knives. Ordinary knives couldn’t satisfy me. Suddenly I heard about Japanese knives. Then I tried one. Awesome performances, stunning look made my day.

I am just obsessed with the Japanese knife. I used several Japanese knives from several brands. Today I am gonna introduce you with one of the Japanese knives at the affordable price. Let’s see the detail on DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – Gladiator Series Review

Dalstrong Japanese Best Santoku Knife Review

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Santoku is a Japanese word. It says “three Vertue” what means three uses. A kitchen knife has three basic jobs, Cutting, slicing, and mincing. Santoku knife can do all three things very effectively. Dalstrong is the manufacturer’s name. Among all the Japanese knife manufacturer company Dalstrong is the most modern company. They make the beautiful eye-catching knives with best performances and without any quality compromise. They released many series of knives. We find santoku knife under Gladiator series one of the  Japanese best Santoku knives.

Those who want to work with a single knife in their kitchen needs a knife with multipurpose uses. Santoku knife has the ability to cut, slice and dice with its sharp cutting edge. At this price, it is the best I would say. No other knife can deliver this kind of performances in this price. But I think you would like to know more about this Santoku Knife Review step by step.

The Steel

In this knife High carbon, ThyssenKrupp German steel is used. High carbon steel ensures you the sharp edge of the knife. Because to hold sharp edges steel has to very hard And high carbon steel is just like that. In Rockwell scale it’s score is 55 which absolutely good enough.  

The Blade

The design of the blade is mind-blowing. Super polished blade tells about the craftsmanship of Dalstrong knife. The edge is hand sharpened with 16-18 degree angle on both sides and edge retention of this knife is very good as well. The knife is perfectly balanced with the sharpness and maximum resilience.

The height of the blade helps you to make slices. You can see oval-shaped hollow divots on each side of the blade. When you cut foods these divots will help the knife not to stick with the food. The divots make air pockets. They give you super gliding facility through the food. It is a high carbon steel blade so it has some issues with the stain. To make the blade stain resistance extra chromium is used. To increase the durability of the knife the blade is tempered accurately.

The spine of the knife is smooth. It is well polished and able to makes your grip comfortable. It is a Full tang knife. This is all about the blade of Santoku knife review. 

The Handle

A handle has an important role in the performance of a knife as well as an important part of my Santoku knife review. A handle with perfectly balanced shape, well grip and good materials give you extra-strength to work with the knife. As far as I see every Japanese knife has special kind of handles. They do not compromise in this section at all.

In this santoku knife, Dalstrong uses pakkawood handle. Pakkawood is a special kind of wood made from natural wood veneer mixed with plastic resin. This laminated handle comes from Spain.

We can see three rivets attach the handle to the blade part. It ensures the extra durability of the handle. No chance of detaching. The beautiful logo of Dalstrong comes in the middle rivet. This perfectly shaped handle gives you maximum support. A stainless steel end cap protects your hand not to slip off.  


Every knife needs proper maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures the longtime durability. Santoku knife is made from high carbon steel. High carbon steel is not stainless. So, you need to take care of it. Don’t worry. It is very easy. Clean your knife after use. Wash the knife with hands. Use mild soap. Then wipe it with a clean towel. Keep the knife dry. You can use knife oil. After oiling it keep it in a knife block. Don’t store your knife open with other metal things.

Dalstrong gives a beautiful BPA protective sheath with the knife. You can use it to keep safe this Japanese best Santoku knife.

Basic Information about the Santoku knife review at a glance

ManufacturerDalstrong inc
Item size15.8 x 4.1 x 1.4 inches
Item blade size7 inches
Model numberGS-7inch-Santoku
Item weight1 pound
Angle of the edge16 to 18 degree
steelHigh-carbon German steel
Handle typePakkawood handle
  • It is a multipurpose knife. You can do all major kitchen works with it.
  • Tall knife height reduces knuckle movement during cutting.
  • HIgh carbon steel gives you better strength.
  • The wonderfully polished handle gives you maximum grip.
  • The design of the knife is very convincing.
  • The knife is not stainless. It needs proper care.

Final words

Everybody has his own choices. I choose this to use in my home kitchen and I benefited. Then I decided to review it. If you are looking for a versatile knife at a very affordable price then you should go for it. See also Dalstrong Most popular Shogun X gyotu Knife Review

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