Best Sushi Knife Review 2022 [Top 5 Recommendation & Why]

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Sushi knife is a knife for cutting sushi roll that is manufactured by high carbon steel to attain significantly sharper edge. In Japan, there is one area that is fantastically popular for their metal work and that is Sakai City. Sakai has been known for their high carbon steel and metal work since 500 A.D.Starting with swords, by then rifles after the Portuguese exhibited them, and a while later over the long haul sharp edges sushi knife. Nowadays, a traditional sushi knife uses to be sharpened from one side with a thinner cut edge.

Let’s see What are the Best Sushi Knife in 2021 that you guys gonna rely on. Here is the list of 5 top Sushi knives

Comparison Chart

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Yoshihiro Steel #1 Honyaki Mirror-Finished with Mt.Fuji Full Moon Yanagi Kiritsuke Mizuyaki Water Quenched 13″ with Fuki Urushi Japanese Hand Lacquered
Yoshihiro Suminagashi Blue Steel #1 Yanagi Kiritsuke Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife (11.8” (300mm), Ebony Handle)
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Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Blue Steel #1 Yanagi Kiritsuke Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife Ryu Dragon Ebony Handle (10.5” (270mm))
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Yaxell Gou 10-inch Slicer, 1-Count by Yaxell
61yrOTj6W+L. AC SL100
Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Sujihiki Japanese Slicer Knife, 9.5inch (Octagonal Ambrosia Handle)

How to choose the Top Sushi knife in the market?

  • To perfectly slice the fish and make a good roll, an important thing to look for a good sushi knife with a perfect size which is mostly made in Japan. At 10.5 inches (27mm) in length is long enough to accurately slice up most cuts of fish for sushi.
  • A knife with a much lower inclusive angle and almost 100.0 sharpening balance on blade surface is better to easier cuts.
  • The best sushi knife is made of high carbon steel such as High Carbon Blue Steel, High-Carbon German Steel which rusts easily and it requires a lot of time for maintaining. However, there are some other sushi knife which is made of composite a stainless steel which is less likely to rust quickly
  • A piece of art angled from the single side and ultra-thin is better one  to glide through any type of fish without creating extra pressure and it provides full control for delicate sushi slicing
  • A good sushi knife price starts approximately from $200

Let’s move to individual Review of Best Sushi Knife 

#1.Yoshihiro Aoko Blue Steel #1 Honyaki Mirror-Finished Premium Japanese Sushi Knife Review

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A Yoshihiro Aoko knife is exemplified the most complicated systems of manufacturing, layering, and pounding, Kurouchi deciphers as Black Forged and is a customary Japanese strategy for creating high carbon blades. This one of a kind style of producing offers ancient techniques of Japanese sword polishing.

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  • Honyaki Mirror-Finished
  • It has Mizuyaki Virgin High-Carbon Steel
  • It is in like manner a champion among the most crucial of regular Japanese edges
  • its rich thin sharp edge is in its ability to slice through at its best.

Why Did We recommend?

This awesome sharp edge is complemented with an Octagonal Magnolia Fuki Urushi Japanese Hand Lacquered Handle and goes with an exceptionally skilled worker made “Saya”, a cautious wooden sheath that was high caliber with Fuki Urushi Japanese Lacquered Phoenix enhanced Magnolia wood. The Yanagi is a long slicing sharp edge proposed to cut thin cuts of fish for sushi and sashimi.

#2.Yoshihiro Suminagashi Damascus Aoko (Blue Steel#1) Yanagi Kiritsuke Knife review

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Yoshihiro Suminagashi cutlery is a multipurpose gourmet expert’s blade. The tip is molded like a samurai sword. The length of this blade enables it to cut sashimi and the level edge can cut vegetables like a usuba.

All of the Suminagashi knives are made with premium Ao-Ko #1. Which significantly increases durability and sharpness compared to Ao-Ko #2 (blue steel #2).

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  1. It’s sufficiently intense to deal with any task in the kitchen.
  2. These knives are made with numerous delicate iron layers that are made amid the way toward collapsing.
  3. Suminagashi (Damascus) blades are made by more than once collapsing and producing delicate iron onto Ao-Ko #1 (blue steel #1)

Why Did We recommend?

The excellence of its exquisite thin cutting edge is in its capacity to cut through fixings in since quite a while ago continuous strokes, saving their trustworthiness and freshness. Albeit conventional Japanese carbon steel blades are not pure, with appropriate consideration they can give long stretches of pleasure. Keeping dry in the middle of utilization, and applying Tsubaki Oil(as included) before capacity will keep your blade fit as a fiddle.

#3.Yoshihiro High Carbon Blue Steel1 Dragon Namiuchi Yanagi Kiritsuke Sashimi Sushi Japanese Chef’s Knife Review

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It is exceedingly prescribed Perfect Forge cut agreeable handle grasps stay sharps on the edge, exceptionally excellent blade, each blade are hand fashion so there will be an alternate size in width variety.

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  1. Super sharp and elegant
  2. It has sword tip that helps balance the heaviness of the blade
  3. Yoshihiro knife is a long cutting knife that was intended to cut thin cuts of fish for sushi and Sashimi
  4. it has a defensive wooden sheath called a Saya which secures the blade and adds to its appearance when not being used
  5. Commended with a conventional  Japanese style handcrafted Ebony double bolster

Why Did We recommend?

Ao Namiuchi implies Blue wave produced and alludes to the wonderful wave-like examples on the cutting edge that are framed when Blue Steel #1 is manufactured with iron. The most elevated nature of high carbon steel is produced with the mind-blowing ability to convey a Yoshihiro knife that mixes uncommon execution with such wonderful excellence.

#4. Yaxell Gou 10-inch Slicer, 1-Count by Yaxell Review

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An instance of fantastic quality is offered here with this Yaxell Gou 10-Inch Slicer. Yaxell – joining the best of trend setting innovation with incredible Japanese cutting edge information and skill passed on from age to age for a considerable length of time.

Yaxell sharp edges are warmed in a furnace to a high temperature and after that ice-solidified. They are then tempered again at a high temperature to make the sharp edge solid, tough and erosion safe for durable execution. The sg2 ‘super steel’ center is clad with 101 layers of delicate and hardon-safe for durable execution.

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  1. A high carbon stainless steel.
  2. Affixed with three hardened steel bolts
  3. it has remarkable stability.
  4. Corrosion- and stain-resistant;
  5. Overwhelming 10-inch edge made for unrivaled cutting.

Why Did We recommend

Manufacturer recommends honing with the Yaxell gou sharp star cut sharpener, a Japanese water stone, or precious stone steel sharpened for honing. All Yaxell stock is completely ensured against deformities in material as well as craftsmanship. Yaxell – joining the best of trendsetting innovation and it’s a wonderful product from them.

#5. Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Sujihiki Japanese Slicer Knife Review

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Yoshihiro VG-10 Gold Hammered Damascus Knife is produced with a Western-style bent sharp edge that easily shakes forward and backward with an all-inclusive tip for snappy hacking.

The rounded surface of the edge kills rubbing and shields sustenance from adhering to the sharp edge. Each blade from Yoshihiro is handmade by ace craftsmen making an extraordinary stand-out masterpiece.

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  1. Yoshihiro VG-10 knife made with Japanese hardened steel that is frequently used in top of the line Japanese cutlery.
  2. It has a hardness, or a HRC level, that surpasses that of most different hardened steel cutlery available.
  3. Both the VG-10 steel center and the external Damascus steel are recolor safe.
  4. The client is allowed to utilize the blade for broadened periods without the stress of any rust development.
  5. it is adjusted and fit for solace.

Why Did We recommend?

This is the best seller Perennial product. it has better sharpness and excellent performance within an extraordinary price.it is a  great knife that maintains its sharpness very well and is extraordinarily comfortable to wield.

What is the Best Sushi knife Brand in 2019?

#1. Yoshihiro

With a history of over hundred years, Yoshihiro is a company specializing in Japanese handcrafted sushi knife and In 2008, it became a worldwide provider of their Knives and they are still a bit of a rarity in many countries.

Why Yoshihiro is top Japanese knife Brand?

  • The most amazing feature of Yoshihiro brand’s knife is its comforts. Yoshihiro has both heavier and lighter version of knife but hefty enough to cut an extremely thin slice through a fish bone.
  • One of the notable features is the careful thought put into each knife’s construction. It features many different types of metal, different style of handles and many different shapes and design so that anyone can select an appropriate one according to their desire.
  • Some knife of Yoshihiro is extremely sharp out of the box and features a forged blade with a full tang.
  • Most of the knife is fully ambidextrous that means it’s a bit more user-friendly.
  • It’s simple and elegant design and well-balanced construction made it one of the best sushi knife brand in the world

Some most Sushi Knife Of this Brand

  • Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Japanese Sushi Knife
  • Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel Yanagi Sushi Knife
  • Yoshihiro R-2 Powdered Yanagi Sushi Chef Knife
  • Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Japanese Sushi Knife
  • Yoshihiro High Carbon Blue Steel 1 Sashimi Sushi Knife

#2. Yaxell

Since 1932 , Yaxell is holding the position of top qualities sushi knife brand. It advance technology with unsurpassed Japanese blade knowledge make it extremely demandable for top professional use not only in Japan but around the entire world. It’s remarkable cutting performance truly convince everyone about the quality of these knives.

Why  Yaxell is top of my Japanese sushi knife making Brand:

  • Its knives have super sharp cutting edge
  • Its blade remains sharp for a long time
  • It handles have a non-slip surface that feels likely perfect in chef’s hand
  • The steels of it’s knife are more rust resistant and harder than most blade steels.
  • Yaxell offers extremely sharp and durable knives that make it one of the desirable sushi knife brand

Some Sushi Knife Of this Brand

  • Yaxell Gou 6-1/2-inch Santoku Knife
  • Yaxell Super Gou 8 – inch
  • Yaxell Ran 7-inch Cleaver
  • Yaxell Super Gou Kiritsuke Knife
  • Yaxell Kiritsuke Knife

#3. Shun

Shun is one of the leading brands of cutlery world, especially for sushi knife inspired by the blade making traditions of ancient Japan. Every knife is handmade by highly skilled shun specialist with unparalleled quality and beauty which required at least 100 handcrafted steps to be completed.Today’s world , with the assistance of traditional blade making excellence, newest technology and most advanced materials, shun makes each and every knife a functional work of art.

Why Shun is our favorite sushi knife Brand:

  • First of all, it’s attractive design with super comfortable handle makes it one of the best cutlery brand
  • Shun uses types of metal VG10 and high carbon stainless steel that makes a stronger , lighter and more stain resistant knife.
  • It’s wooden handle made of pakkawood is uniquely shaped for ultimate comfort and stability.
  • Cleaning these knives are very easy and could be done by hand without using any dishwasher and dry immediately.
  • Shun follows traditional Japanese style to make the knives and these traditional designs are very easy to sharpen and maintain.
  • Most of the classic knife series are more affordable to purchase.

Some most Sushi Knife Of this Brand

  • Kai – Shun Pro Series Yanagiba , VG-0210Y, Sashimi Sushi kitchen knife
  • Shun Pro 2 II 10 5/8″ Yanagiba Knife VGE0270Y Sushi Sashimi VGE 0270Y
  • Shun Kaji 4,5″ Honesuki Knife KDM0049 Boning/Fillet Sushi Sashimi SG2
  • Shun Fillet Knife Classic Flexible 7
  • Shun/Kai Wasabi Blonde 6621Y 8

Sushi knife VS Chef knife

It’s absolutely a matter of inclination that they are both truly adaptable blades but there are plenty of details that distinguish a sushi knife and a chef knife. Chef knife can be made of a variety of materials including ceramic and stainless steel where Sushi knife use to made of high carbon steel.

Sushi KnifeChef Knife
Sushi knife is used to cut sushi roll press sushi without crushing the rice and to get a specific sharper edge.400;”>Chef knife is basically known as a cook’s knife which actually designed to slice and disjoint large cuts of beef
A sushi knife used  a long drawing motion to cut precise slices of sushiChef knife used back-and-forth rocking motion to chop up
Sushi knife generally has a blade 9 ½ inches long in length with single edge which perfectly creates razor – thin slice of fishA chef knife is a classic 8-inches long in length with a feel like an extension of forearm.

Most Frequently asked question (FAQ) about good Sushi/Sashimi knife

Why sushi knife is expensive?

Everyone use to mesmerized of how delicately a sushi chef slice the raw fish  But It does not always depend on how experienced they are but the knife sharpness and comfort level. Most of the good sushi knife are made of high carbon steel that are highly expensive and an expensive one might stay sharp longer and being well balanced in chef hand

How to maintain a sushi knife?

A good sushi knife is a large investment for a chef and it is important to maintain it.Here is the tips to maintain a sushi knife:

  • Never place your knife with spoons , forks and any other kitchen tools into a drawer.It can be banged , scratched and dented when you open the drawer.
  • Never clean your knife with dishwasher. There is a high risk that the knife will get damaged.
  • Always wash, dry and put your knife in safe place after using it
  • Keep sharpening your knife regularly

Sushi knife vs Yanagi knife?

There are numerous means of making a sushi move: cutting vegetables, cutting fish, and after that cutting the move itself. A sushi knife is multifaceted for cutting amid each of the three. In any case, a Yanagi knife is a long and thin knife utilized in the Japanese food that is utilized essentially to cut fish just and trims for sushi.

Most sushi knives are made of high-carbon steel (not hardened steel). Then again, Yanagi knife can be made of hardened steel. As a matter of fact, Yanagi knife is one of the kinds of sushi knives.

What is the best sushi knife size?

Any sharp knife will take care of business. Be that as it may, where a razor-like sushi knife can truly have the greatest effect is in an introduction. sushi knife configuration has advanced more than many years and their sole reason for existing is to cut fish perfectly and neatly. At 270mm (10.5′ approx) it’s a pleasant length for cutting most fish for sushi or sashimi. 2.5 mm thin sharp edge makes it simple to cut maki rolls.

Who needs a sushi knife?

Its need a ton of fixation and legitimate preparation before utilizing any sushi blades. There is a lot of sushi specialists recommend working in various sushi bars before contributing any one’s own. Owning your own knife isn’t fundamental, however, it is helpful.


Customarily, sushi is served on moderate Japanese-style, geometric, mono-or pair tonewood or enamel plates, with regards to the tasteful characteristics of this cooking. A sushi knife is the most essential apparatus to make sushi progressively moderate, excellent in its plan.

A sushi gourmet expert uses his sushi knife to make sushi for the most imaginative way imaginable. Its an incredible convention from Japan that currently in patterns in everywhere throughout the world.

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