6 Best Santoku Knife Home Kitchen [Comparison & Review]

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What is Santoku? ‘Santoku’ is a Japanese word. It means ‘three virtues’ or ‘three uses’. So we can easily understand that a santoku knife can be best using in three specific purposes. Ancient Japanese samurai makers are turned into knife makers since last century and they invented this Santoku knife very precisely to make easier modern kitchen works.

They designed it shorter, lighter thinner than other knives. But they made it harder. The cutting edge of a Santoku Knife is shorter than western chef knives. So, rocking travel is shorter.

A typical santoku knife has no bolster. Its smaller cutting area is evenly effective. There are many santoku knives in the world market. In this article, I am going to talk about best santoku knives.

List of 6 Best Santoku Knife in the World

Comparison Chart

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DALSTRONG Vegetable Knives – Shogun Series – Damascus – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel 67 Layers
51eOuU4HjVL. SL500
Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife 7 Inch – Alpha-Royal Series – Japanese AUS-10 Super Steel 67-Layer Damascus – Razor Sharp, Superb Edge Retention
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HANZO Santoku Professional Chef Knife – 7″ inch Katana Series VG10 67 layered
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Shun Hiro SG2 5.5-inch Santoku Knife
512u88RhfOL. SL500
Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife 7 Inch – Executive-Plus Series – Japanese AUS10 Super Steel 45-Layer Damascus – Deep 53mm Blade, Leather Sheath
21nzwLpwWNL. SL500
Shun Classic 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku All-Purpose Kitchen Knife; VG-MAX Blade Steel and Ebony PakkaWood Handle; Hollow-Ground Indentations for Reduced Friction and Smoother Cuts; Handcrafted in Japan

Let’s move on to a detailed Top Santoku Knife Review.

DALSTRONG Shogun Series Santoku Knife –  Very Trustworthy

Dalstrong introduces a new ultimate santoku knife with their award-winning craftsmanship and modern technology. The placed in under shogun series. To make a very trustworthy home kitchen santoku knife they used premium Japanese materials such as AUS-10V Japanese steel which is vacuum treated. AUS-10V is a very special kind of steel consist of seven different chemicals.

41wPmsIH9iL. SL500

Benefits and Features of Dalstrong shogun series santoku knife

  • AUS-10V Japanese super steel. It is sandwiched between 66 layers of premium high carbon stainless steel.
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness.
  • Liquid nitrogen cooled blade.
  • 8 to 12-degree angle each side ensure super sharpness using honbazuke sharpening method.
  • Flexibility and corrosion resistance.
  • Small rectangular rock hollow divots help to minimize surface resistance and enhance non-stick properties.
  • Military grade G10 handle has long-lasting grip and highly impervious fiberglass design. A beautiful end cap and copper mosaic enhance its beauty.
  • User satisfaction is guaranteed. Dalstrong says, “maximum performances, zero compromises.

Why Do We Recommend it?

Dalstrong knives are always special. All of their knives are modern looking and technology inspired. AUS-10V Japanese super steel is not used in any ordinary knife. The craftsman of dalstrong makes the blade a super blade by liquid nitrogen cooling and extra vacuum treatment. So, there is no compromises in the st

ZELITE INFINITY Santoku Knife Alpha-Royal Series – Complete Balanced Satisfactions

51eOuU4HjVL. SL500

When I have to talk about best santoku knives then 7-inch Zelite infinity santoku knife comes into my mind first of all. Zelite infinity presents this knife under alpha-royal series. This 7-inch blade knife is very popular all over the world. Sharpness and steel quality is at its best. Professional chefs of renowned restaurants use it.  

Benefits and Features of Zelite infinity Santoku Knife:

  • 7-inch blade size.
  • Best quality Japanese AUS10 Super steel which is 67layersr high carbon stainless steel.
  • Hollow ground blade.
  • Exquisite Tsunami Rose Damascus Pattern
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tempering ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Stain and rust resistance.
  • Razor sharp cutting edge.
  • G10 triple riveted rounded handle.
  • Premium package.
  • 100% satisfaction.
  • Money back guarantee.

Why Do We recommend it?

Zelite infinity santoku knife is one the best Santoku knives that are available in the market. Its short and thin blade can do all the cutting tasks in a very easy and handful way. Japanese AUS10 Super steel and razor-sharp cutting edge make this knife a premium knife. The G10 handle also gives you enough grip. Zelite infinity is very confident about the product. They offer a money-back guarantee to their customers. So your satisfaction is guaranteed.

HANZO Santoku Professional Katana Series Santoku Knife – Best Santoku Knife Based on Price and Quality

Hanzo santoku professional chef knife is from katana series. Hanzo confirms, it is a santoku knife and it has all the features that a quality Santoku knife should have. Japanese are known by their non-compromising nature of using best quality materials in their cutlery products. Hanzo is nothing different. They used premium materials to make one of the best santoku knives.

Benefits and Features of Hanzo Santoku Professional Knife

  • Handcrafted and hand sharpened.
  • 100% Japanese steel. VG-10 67 layers Japanese steel.
  • Japanese Damascus style blade.
  • Hardness is 60+ in Rockwell scale.
  • Super thin full tang blade.
  • G10 handle material.
  • Smooth grip handle.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Best in price.
  • No compromises in quality.
  • 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.

Why Do We recommend it?

Hanzo professional knife is a handmade Japanese knife which is best in price and quality. Hazo delivers the knife direct from the company. No middleman is here. No extra advertisement and human resource cost. So, it is very much worth your money. At 200$ price it is one of the best knives I must say. It is not only accurate at price but also it is unbeatable in quality.

Shun Hiro SG2 5.5-inch Santoku Knife – Very High-end Superlative Santoku knife

418BHMEMdPL. SL500

Among all the Japanese cutlery company shun is the most famous and popular company. They shipped huge numbers of product every year. Hiro SG2 5.5-inch santoku knife is a premium santoku knife which has all the special attributes that should a santoku knife has. Hiro is a Japanese word. It means “abundant,” “generous,” and “prosperous.” So as the knife. Shun hiro SG2 is constructed with pure Japanese materials.

Benefits and Features of Shun Hiro SG2

  • SG2 Japanese steel clad with 32 layers of Damascus nickel and stainless steel on each side of the blade. So total 65 layers.
  • Double beveled knife.
  • The edge is exquisitely fine and durable.
  • Hard type blade. 64 score in the Rockwell scale.
  • Dark charcoal pakkawood handle.
  • Nickel silver bolsters.
  • Hammered tsuchime finish on the surface of the blade. It helps to release the food from the blade.

Why Do We recommend?

First of all the hammered tsuchime finish will attract you. This is very helpful. You will find its advantage when you will use the knife. Steal quality is extremely premium and one of the best among all Japanese steals. Durable sharpness and maximum edge retention will worth your money. This 5.5-inch blade is a piece of art and a sign of hundred years of Japanese culture of cutlery.  

ZELITE INFINITY Executive-Plus Series – Latest Design with Best Comfort and Quality Santoku knife

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Santoku knife is a knife that you used daily in your kitchen. So, comforts is an important issue here. Zelite infinity executive-plus series santoku knife is giving you the best comfort along with the latest design. Best quality materials and modern engineering design make this knife a quality Santoku knife.

Benefits and Features of Zelite infinity executive-plus series

  • VG10 super steel with 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel.
  • Tsunami rose Damascus pattern gives the knife an executive look.
  • Breathtakingly beautiful and functionally elite.
  • Ultra deep 53mm blade ensures maximum knuckle clearance.
  • 12-degree angle edge per side.
  • Incredible sharpness gives you effortless slicing.
  • Black forged G10 handle with world first humpback triple riveted feature.
  • Tapered bolster.
  • Extreme comfort.
  • Perfect balance.
  • A wonderful leather sheath is included.

Why Do We Recommend it?

Zelite infinity has taken santoku knife to a new level. Using super steel they make it perfectly balanced which gives you incredible control. Refined style, total comfort, maximum sharpness one of this feature is enough to think about a knife. This executive-plus series santoku knife has all three features. You can hardly avoid this beauty. It is one of the best Santoku knives of recent days.

Shun DM0718 Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife, – A Classic Santoku knife

21nzwLpwWNL. SL500

Talking about shun is much exciting than any other Japanese knives. Shun applies ancient samurai sword-making techniques in their knife crafting project. The handcrafting method is very popular in Japan. Every knife gets special individual attention and perfected by the master artisan of shun. Shun DM0718 classic Santoku knife is a knife that you could be your first Japanese knife or could be the 50th. I mean it is a must-have knife those who love Japanese knives. This 7-inch piece of iron is a classic Santoku knife for a classy kitchen.

Benefits and Features of Shun DM0718 classic hollow-ground santoku knife

  • Made with high carbon VG-10 Japanese super steel.
  • The blade is sharpened to 16-degree angle which makes it super sharp than any western knife.
  • Edge retention is excellent.
  • In the Rockwell scale, the hardness is 60-61 and it ensures that the sharp edge is secured for a long time.
  • Each side of the blade is clad with 16 layers of SUS410/SUS431 Damascus stainless steel which make a beautiful pattern.
  • Strength and flexibility of the blade is up to the mark.
  • D-shaped pakkawood handle gives you a comfortable grip with the durable feature.
  • It is a product of seki city the heaven of cutlery product.
  • Shun recommended hand wash and keep it dry.
  • Limited lifetime warranty is provided.

Why Do We Recommend it?

Shun classic santoku knife is a classic knife that is used in every classy kitchen. If you are looking for an excelent performance from a santoku knife along with the classic look and renowned brand value then shun classic santoku knife is the only choice.

What are the Best uses of the Santoku knife?

Earlier in the article, I told that santoku is a Japanese word which means three virtues or three uses. From that, we can easily know that it is used for three purposes. Three very important food preparation works are done by a santoku knife. Those three uses are:

  • Slicing
  • Dicing
  • mincing

These are the main three tasks that a santoku knife can do. But santoku knife is a versatile knife. You can do many other cutting jobs with it. People cut boneless meat, cheese, vegetables, herbs, fruits and all kinds of other foods. One santoku knife is a solution for many cutting tasks.

How to maintain a Santoku knife?

Maintaining santoku knife nothing much different than maintaining a Japanese knife. Santoku knives are smaller and made from traditional Japanese steel with hand-forging techniques. Deeper blades are another important feature of a santoku knife. We can divide the maintenance process into three different segments.

  • Washing.
  • Storing.
  • Sharpening.


After every use of knives, you need to wash your knives. But not at the middle of cutting. When you are done working with knives then wash it immediately. Washing immediately is always safe for the knives. We used to cut different types of foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, meat etc. cutting each type of food you need to wash your knife. It helps to prevent food contamination. Maximum cutlery companies recommended hand wash. Wash your knives with mild detergent and wipe it with dry clothes or dry it in the air. Some knives are dishwasher free. Those you can wash through a dishwasher.


Storing is very important. Maximum knives get dull not by the bad use of knives but by the bad storing. Don’t store your knife with other metal tools or knives openly. Use knife blocks, leather sheaths etc.


Japanese knives are very famous for long lasting sharpness. But one day it will get dull. Then you need to re-sharpen your knife. To re-sharpen your knife you can send it to your manufacturer. If it is not possible then you can re-sharpen it by yourself. Using whetstone you can re-sharpen it.  

Difference Between Chef Knife and Santoku Knife

Let’s look at the definitions of two knives and the differences between them.

Chef knife: A knife which is 8 to 10 inch long and made for doing general food preparing purposes is usually called a chef knife. A chef blade of the chef knife is curved upwards to its length and created a narrow pointy end. Chef knife is versatile and must have a knife. Chopping, dicing and mincing various foods is its main duty.

Santoku knife: A medium sized knife which is from Japanese origin and has a lightweight blade that is straight or slightly curved cutting edge. Santoku knife has a spine that curves downwards to its tip. Santoku knife can be called the Japanese equivalent of a classic chef knife.

The main difference between a classic chef knife and santoku knife is :

  • Santoku knife is shorter than a chef knife.
  • Santoku knife has a thinner blade.
  • Santoku knife has a stubbier tip.
  • Santoku knife has a straighter cutting edge.


Among all Japanese knives, santoku knives are widely used for their versatility and effective cutting approach. These short blade knives are boss in three vital cutting tasks slicing, dicing and mincing.

We have talked about six different santoku knives of various renowned Japanese knife brands. Those are the best santoku knives of this planet. All of them are good. All of them are liked by professional chefs from different parts of the world. You can choose yours by reading the comparison table and the short reviews that I have written above.

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