Best Japanese Kitchen Shears

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In your kitchen, a good pair of shears can be the most wonderful and useful tool. A utensils shears which are designed well can be used for several purposes and implied in so many basic kitchen work. That’s why sometimes it has been called the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen. But in this article, we are gonna talk about best Japanese kitchen shears .

Food shears are very popular in Japan and they mostly use it to cut up proteins, herbs, and smaller vegetables. There are so many designs available in the market but the basic difference is in shape and size of the handles and often blades length. 

Top 5 Picks of Japanese Kitchen Shears/Scissors

Comparison Chart

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Shun Premium Kitchen Shears; Stainless Steel Construction with Elastomer Grips for Comfortable Use; Notched Blade Convenient for Cutting Stems and Small Bones; Blades Separate for Easy Cleaning
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Tojiro-Pro Separetable Kitchen Shears (FK-843)
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Yoshihiro All Stainless Steel Pull-Apart Japanese Kitchen Shears/Scissors 7.5 Inch (190mm) – Made in Japan
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CANARY Japanese Kitchen Shears Dishwasher Safe Come Apart Blade, Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors Heavy Duty, Made in JAPAN, Sharp Japanese Stainless Steel, Black
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ZHEN Japanese High Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Utility kitchen Shears 9″, 6 in 1 Scissor

Japanese Kitchen Shears Reviews

1. Shun Premium Kitchen Shears

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Everyone needs a convenient tool for meal preparation in their kitchen and Shun Premium Kitchen Shears is the top-performing one. This is the best one from Shun Cutlery and you can use this for opening packages, snipping herbs and cleaning shrimp etc. The main feature of this shears are given below:


  • These premium shears are very handy with the dimensions of 3.5 x 1 x 8 inches
  • It features black elastomer grip on handles which provide very secure and comfortable control to users
  • These shears is made of high-carbon, molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel which provides a long-lasting guarantee as well as strength and durability
  • Its molybdenum-vanadium ensure a fine cutting performance
  • It is very convenient by design and its blades are separated from each other which make it very easy to clean up
  • It has an interlocking screw adjusts tension to match preferences
  • The Shun Premium Kitchen Shears is very easy to use and clean and you can use for a wide variety of tasks
  • It has a very wider and sharper blade which makes it easier to cut
  • There is no need to separate the blades by any tool and they are nicely engineered to come apart easily when you open the shears fully.
  • It is a bit heavier for small hand
  • Its black rubber handle, sometimes uncomfortable to use

2. Tojiro-Pro Separetable Kitchen Shears

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A well-polished shear and a fit finish. Tojiro-Pro Separetable Kitchen Shears have fantastic reviews around the market. This one is very high quality and sharp which makes the purchases worthy. This is the perfect kitchen. The main feature of this shears are given below:


  • This is from Japanese Knife Brand Tojiro’s Kitchen Scissors
  • Made of High Carbon Stainless Steel and blade are detachable.
  • It has 1.58 ounces weight and its dimension is 8 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches
  • Comes with Warranty & Support
  • Its polished steel, makes them easier to clean
  • These shears are great splitting lobster tails
  • It can be used in various tasks such as cutting or chopping poultry, vegetables, open bags, cut crab, bottle opener, and open jar lids
  • As it is made of High Carbon Stainless Steel, it requires very intensive care.
  • It can’t be put into the dishwasher
  • It should not soak in water as ruts may occur

3. Yoshihiro All Stainless Steel Pull-Apart Japanese Kitchen Shears

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A very stable high quality of 100% stainless shears provides an excellent experience. These shears are solid and model metal, completely smooth, no mold rim, no pain. These shears are made in japan with amazing packaging in a box fit for display. The main feature of this shears are given below:


  • These shears are made of Japanese Inox Stainless Steel with a superior cutting performance
  • It features an excellent blend of razor which is sharpness, durability, and comfort
  • Very reasonable comparatively its quality and it is unrivaled in its price range.
  • Because of its solid stainless steel construction, it has a very good foundation and it is rust resistance.
  • Its edge is super durable and provides a well balanced high performing grip 
  • Very stable in hand
  • Its scissor portion helps to produce a reasonable cutting edge
  • You can easily cut chicken and beef but it is better not to cut larger bones

4. CANARY Japanese Kitchen Shears

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These are wonderful shears from CANARY line. Unlike ordinary straight-edged blade scissors, it has a special serrated blade process that cuts any food without slipping. The main feature of this shears are given below:


  • This series comes with synthetic Elastomer resin handles. The handle is equipped with can openers, bottle openers, lid opener, nuts crackers, meat tenderizer.
  • Features a Japanese high-grade anti-rust stainless steel
  • The two blades are detachable and washable easily, keeping the scissors clean at all times.
  • The shears are crafted in such a way that helps prevent corrosion and dulling. And it is super durable.
  • Very easy to maintain, easy washing and drying (Dishwasher safe)
  • Very lightweight
  • Blades are a bit too short

5. ZHEN Japanese High Carbon Steel Kitchen Shears

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For your kitchen, this is a basic pair of shears which is very good for cut bones. With easy maintaining, it is quite easy to clean as it comes apart while cleaning. The main feature of this shears are given below:    


  • It is made of top quality high carbon Japanese stainless steel
  • It is a well-designed shear with sharp edge 
  • The dimension of this shears are 9 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches and mostly comes in silver color
  • For the better user experience and secure grip, it features a non-slip rubber handle.
  • Ensure a long-lasting service
  • Usable for multiple tasks 
  • This shear is very sturdy
  • There is no carrying sheath.

Everyone is looking for high-quality shears for heavy kitchen duty. But before you make any mistake to choose the wrong one, you should look out for something that can reduce your hassle in kitchen work. An easy-grip comfortable handle with a great quality knives can make your job easier that you need to be done. We’ve discussed some superb quality shears here, that will help you to find the right one. 

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