8 Best Japanese Kitchen Knives in 2022 [Ultimate Guide & Review]

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These days at 2020, Japanese knives are becoming more famous and favorite to most chefs all over the world. Chefs who want perfect cut and utilize their knives to make their signature dishes are really crazy about best Japanese kitchen knives. Because they find their best companion on a top-quality Japanese knife.

 If you check Amazon or any other online shopping sites you will get a clear idea about it.High-quality Japanese knife brands are desperate to maintain their quality. They don’t compromise with their materials and forging techniques. Because in this knife market especially Japanese knife industry, everyone survives with their perfection!

Comparison Chart

41F7ZgVZPkL. SL500
YOSHIHIRO NSW 46 layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife 8.25 inch(210mm) Shitan Handle with Magnolia Saya Cover
311WgVdTc3L. SL500
Miyabi Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch, Birch/Stainless Steel
21SYWjDKoLL. SL500
Mac Knife Chef Series French Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch
31OOtynkLCL. SL500
Shun Premier Chef Knife, 6 inch, VG-MAX Steel, Nimble and Lightweight, Handcrafted in Japan
31+vb4ZbY9L. SL500
Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife (8.25” (210mm))
41BAduAG6OL. SL500
DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 8″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – Razor Sharp – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Black G10 Handle – w/Sheath
41dUR4M0+yL. SL500
Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10 Super Stainless Steel Blade Lasts a Lifetime, Sharpest Professional Chefs Knife For Cooking, Gyuto Made for Home Cook or Restaurant Kitchen
414tUWsoVQL. SL500
DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 9.5″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – Razor Sharp – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel – Black G10 Handle – w/Sheath

Why am I gonna write this Article?

There are many Japanese knife brands in the world and each of them has hundreds of choices. Every company tries to make the best knives. There is a huge competition among the kitchen knife makers.

In addition, there are also tons of Chinese made kitchen or chef knife are available in the market which is just in 20 bucks even in good quality sometimes. So why a Japanese kitchen knife?

I know there are thousands of people out there, really want a perfect kitchen knife what will satisfy them in term of usability, sharpness, and efficiency. And it’s really tough to pick really a good knife from all those.

Some of my friends say what’s so big deal in between 20$ and 200$ Japanese knives. All of those can cut!

I just say hold on sec… Did you ever take a deep look into a knife? Do you know that a cook or chef do hundreds of task with a kitchen? Do you have any idea about the heat treatment process or steel quality of a knife? All these actually do mater in a good quality kitchen knife.

Yea, this article is also for those friends of mine who really want to take a deep look into a kitchen knife and pick the best Japanese kitchen knife.

So let’s Move to My detail Reviews of the 8 Best Japanese Kitchen Knife:

No. 1

Yoshihiro NSW Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife

41F7ZgVZPkL. SL500

YOSHIHIRO cutlery is the symbol of Japanese traditions and art of the knife industry. This company has experience in knife manufacturing for more than 100 years.

Yoshihiro knife is mostly famous because every knife from this company made in Japan and forged by hand. Traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques make this knife so authentic. Whenever you get this into your hand 100 years experience will show up by its design, sharpness and true beauty.

After my research I would say, if you ride this knife you will feel like riding on silk. This Yoshihiro NSW 46 layers Chefs Knife is one of best Japanese kitchen knife which can be used for every kind of cutting purpose in a kitchen.

Let’s see key features and benefits of this Yoshihiro NSW Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife:

  • 46 layer VG-10 Hammered hand-forged Damascus NSW authentic Japanese Stainless Steel used to make this Beauty.
  • Extremely Lightweight with strong thin 2mm blade and 15-degree edge angle makes perfect razor-sharp blade.
  • The handle is super light and tough for confident cuts.
  • Long-lasting edge retention.
  • Eye-catchy design with Japanese style and beauty.
  • A Natural Magnolia Saya Included for good maintenance.
  • A perfect gift for the dearest person.

YOSHIHIRO is the name of a trust. I personally so relay on YOSHIHIRO, not only because of the beautiful premium quality knife but also for amazing after-sales service. So what are you waiting for! Make a long relationship with Yoshihiro NSW Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife and make your kitchen joyfulDetail Review.

No. 2

Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8′ Chef’s Knife- Most Fancy and Sharpest Knife

311WgVdTc3L. SL500

When I heard about this Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8″ Chef’s Knife, I was thinking why this knife is so precious to everyone. Let me tell you one thing, it can cut a thin slice of a Tomato just holding it in the air, think how much sharpest knife this is.

This knife cuts literally without an effort and everyone desire that. Let’s see key features what makes this Miyabi knife one of the best Japanese chef knife in the world.

  • Miyabi SG2 chef’s knife a perfect combination of beauty and deadly working efficiency.
  • This knife is hard but super light in weight.
  • Considering your comfortability, this knife has three type of size very including 6”, 8’’ and 9”.
  • Extraordinary sharpness with double 9.5-12 degree edge angle and Rockwell C Hardness(HRC) 63 that means sharpness is is beyond your imagination.
  • Authentic Japanese Carbaid steel with 101 flower Damascus layer makes this so strong and durable.
  • Three-step hand honed Honbazuke process makes this so authentic Japanese knife.
  • Extremely lightweight, Perfectly Balanced handle will make your kitchen experience so great that you never had.
  • Thus Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8″ Chef’s Knife is a bit expensive knife but considering all of these great features still this knife worth its price.

Rockwell C Hardness(HRC) 63 and 9.5-12 degree edge angle means, It’s deadly sharp knife!!

Do you want to tell some story about your kitchen, about your tools how much efficient they are in your kitchen to your friends? Just go for this amazing Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8″ Chef’s Knife story will be made by own.

I believe user experience is the most valuable part to talk about a product to others. You might be thinking I am crazy. But trust me this is most fancy, sharpest and coolest kitchen knife I have ever seen. Detail Review.

No. 3

Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

21SYWjDKoLL. SL500

A knife is undoubtedly a precious tool in a kitchen whether it is in a home or in any professional kitchens. Professionals consider certain themes before choosing a knife. Because it is the core weapon to fight against the hardest ingredients to cook. You really don’t wanna let yourself down against the ingredients. So, here is the knife that will never let you down in the question of sharpness. And it is the Mac’s Professional Hollow edge 8 inches chef’s Knife.

It does most of the work for you from slicing carrots to cutting chicken bones. They are not as stylish as the Japanese or other the renowned brands you will see in the market but they are undoubtedly sharper from them. That’s why, in terms of sharpness, If you really wanna rave about a knife, that is the one you must go for.

Origin and Steel Quality of Mac MTH-80 professional chef knife

Mac MTH-80 professional Hollow edge chef knife is an absolute Japanese knife which is made in Japan without a doubt. They are making knives from 1946 and successfully satisfied their millions of customers.

We found a lot of Japanese knives which is not made in Japan even materials are not from. we consider a knife is a Japanese knife if at least materials of knives from Japan. But except that those knives are never can be a Japanese knife. You know the best thing of Japanese knife is? It’s harder, sharper and lighter than any knives in the world at the same time.

Key Features and Benefits of Mac MTH-80:

  • This knife is absolutely made in Japan.
  • World most Sharpest knife recommended by America’s test kitchen.
  • Very strong 2.5mm blade with hollow edge Dipple for protecting food cutting sticking.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Perfect for professional uses.
  • comfortable grip with pakka wood handle.
  • Perfect balance with sharpness and weight.

Cons: It’s not dishwasher safe.

Selecting a knife has a lot to do with personal preferences. But confidently saying, the MAC MTH-80 chef knife will enthrall you with its landmarks. It is one of the most universally appealing knives out there.

No. 4

Shun Premier Chef’s Knife- Most Reliable and Tough Knife

31OOtynkLCL. SL500

When you search for a Japanese knife and you want to do all of your kitchen works by that one, then one name comes first. That is Shun Premier Chef’s Knife. This 6-inch multi-purpose chef ’s knife has won millions of hearts with its durability and longtime efficiency.

You can prep up all your dishes with this knife. A chef who makes different dishes with his signature tip always wants a knife that can help him in three different ways. Cutting, handling, and longevity of the edges.

Shun Premier knife has a diamond-like sharpness who gives you a perfect cut. Japanese chefs or chefs who make Japanese food know how important the sharpness is in making perfect dishes. Shun Premier chef’s knife is filling up all of their requirements for such a long time.

Now let me discuss the key features of Shun premier chef’s knife: 

  • 6 inch of size chef knife including 8-inch size verity. It’s a perfect size for a multi-purpose kitchen knife.  
  • Constructed of layered Damascus steel which is very attractive.
  • There is a hand hammered design finish on the blade surface which prevents sticking of foods on the blade while slicing.
  • Pakkawood handle is used. It has excellent moisture resistance property.
  • The knife is dishwasher safe so that you can clean it in the dishwasher.

Shun premier chef knife is lighter than European knives. Using this knife is a wonderful experience. The knife is very sharp so you need to be careful while using. Keeping the knife in a safe place would be a nice solution while not using.

You can cut almost every food item you want in your kitchen using shun premier chef knife. This knife is the ultimate solution for Those who want a single knife for their kitchen works. People loved it and make it one of the best Japanese kitchen knives in the world. Detail Review.

No. 5

Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife- Super Handy Super Cheap Knife

31+vb4ZbY9L. SL500

No matter at home or restaurant, delicious food comes with the help of best quality kitchen tools.Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife is another multipurpose chef knife which is expert in cutting, slicing and dicing. When I would like to talk about this, one of the best Japanese knives, especially I would say this is th

After research of hundreds of Japanese knife, this knife has convinced me to hold the 4th position of the best Japanese kitchen knives list.

Let’s see best features of Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife:

  • It’s Very compact, light, handy design, and middle-sized 8.25inch chef knife. Especially who want to use for multipurpose.
  • This is one of the best Japanese kitchen knives at the best price around hundred bucks.
  • Made by 16 layers of Japanese VG10 steel which are handcrafted forged in Damascus tradition.
  • The ability of Rockwell C Hardness(HRC) 60, makes this knife super sharp with 15-16 degree edge angle what makes effortless cuts.
  • The handle is made of Premium quality Mahogany wood which is just like an art.
  • Last best feature is, its actually low maintenance Japanese knife because everybody knows that Japanese shit needs lot more care and maintenance.

Let me simplified my last word about this one if you are looking for medium price range multipurpose, but premium in quality just go for it without a second thought. Like thousands of other, you are gonna love it too. 

No. 6

DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife Shogun Series X Gyuto-A Smart and Super Efficient Knife

41BAduAG6OL. SL500

It feels kind of strong when you see an angry lion comes in the Dalstrong logo. Just like that, DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife – Shogun Series X Gyuto is a strong knife which is always ready to do any cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing at your kitchen. I mean it really does!

No matter you are pro or beginner this chef knife is designed for everyone by superior quality Japanese materials by highly efficient knife artisan.

Could you believe that seventy-five thousand Chef switched into Dalstrong from another knife brand? This is just because of their superior quality and lifetime after sales support.

Let’s see more key features and benefits of this knife:

  • Shogun Series X 8 inches Gyuto is 67 layers AUS-10V Japanese super steel core hammered Tsuchime finish in ancient 3-step Honbazuke method with some tiny air pocket in the body of the knife which reduced stuck on food.
  • It’s an 8-12° degree dual Edged with Retention at 62+ Rockwell sharpness that means a super sharp knife with sustainable edge retention.
  • A perfectly tapered bolster provides a perfect ‘zero-balance’ balance, finger protection and comfortable grip.
  • It’s a triple-riveted full tang knife which is so confident to cuts.
  • Military grade G10 handle ensures cold, heat, moisture resistant and also non-slip grip that means lifelong durability indeed.
  • A Shogun Series Chef Knife Sheath is included.
  • Lifetime service.
  • Beautifully packaged with gift wrapping offer so that you can present for wedding or Christmas.

Dalstrong claim ”Seventy five thaousand” chef switched to Dalstrong knife from others brand.

I believe, trust is the thing you need to archive. Just like that Dalstrong has been archived seventy thousand chefs trust. If you want to buy best Japanese kitchen knives which are superior in quality, even hassle free after sales service just go for Shogun Series X Gyuto Dalstrong chef knife.

Use GIAS10% to get this knife 10% off HERE

No. 7

ZELITE INFINITY Chefs Knife 8 inch Alpha-Royal Series- Best Kitchen Knife for the Money

41dUR4M0+yL. SL500

Traditional kitchen tools will make you feel good to work but Modern technology will make you feel good as well as more comfortable. Because updated technology comes after latest user experiences.

Zelite Infinity is such a modern kitchen knife manufacturing company which produces premium quality kitchen tool at the decent price. Alpha-Royal Series ZELITE INFINITY Chef Knife 8 inch – Alpha-Royal Series 8 inch is one of the best creation of this company. It’s hard to believe that 92% customer from Amazon has rated 5 stars to this knife.

I know some people will say this knife is made in China and make you confused about quality of this knife. But believe me, this one of the best Japanese kitchen knives which every material is imported from Japan and manufacturing technique is just like Japanese techniques in a modern way.

Let’s check it out key features of this amazing knife:

  • One of the cheapest knife with the best quality Japanese materials 8 inches chef knife and of course without compromising quality.
  • Like Other Best quality Japanese knife, this knife also comes with VG10 super steel with 12-degree double edge angle super sharpness.
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling technology makes this knife steel so strong, durable low maintenance than ever.
  • Military grade G10 triple rebated handle and Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern makes this knife a perfect combination of balance and Beauty.
  • In addition, it’s a perfect gift if you want to present someone else because the packaging of this product is outstanding.
  • The best part of ZELITE INFINITY Chefs Knife is, Manufacture is providing money-back guarantee for this knife. So try without a risk.  

Chinese Manufacturer just lessen price of this knife not QUALITY!

I believe quality comes first. Enventhogh it’s this ZELITE INFINITY Chefs Knife is made in China,  this knife has taken a place of my best Japanese kitchen knife list by its quality. China just lessens its price, not quality indeed. So, if you are looking for Best Japanese Kitchen Knives with a limited budget just go for it. See also Detail Review.


DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Shogun Series Gyuto, Most Trendy Knife

414tUWsoVQL. SL500

Dalstrong is modern days kitchen knife manufacturing company and DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Shogun Series Gyuto – VG10 – 9.5 is there hot cake.

Yes, that’s what I want to say about Dalstrong knife first of all. Because I understand from my research that there are thousands of kitchen guys are really satisfied with using it. And the most surprising thing is Dalstrong is the newest knife manufacturing company in the market with great craftsmanship.

DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Shogun Series Gyuto is one of the most versatile knives in my opinion. Chop an onion to cut a big cauliflower or cut turkey, nothing is so hard for this one. Because of it literally 9.5 inches huge kitchen knife.

Let’s see best features that make this knife one the of best professional chef knives in the world.

  • It’s a huge super long 9.5inches  Japanese multipurpose chef knife with superior quality, performance, and comfortability.
  • The design comes with 66 of ‘Tsunami-rose’ genuine Damascus layers.
  • 8-12 degree dual edged with 62+ Rockwell hardness is the reason for extraordinary performance and excellent edge retention of this knife.
  • Military grade  G10 handle ensures best control and comfort which Lifetime guaranteed.
  • The total package of this knife is amazingly packed including a very cool sheath which is so perfect to gift someone dearest.
  • Lastly, Dalstrong has lifetime support and of course at a decent price.

Use GIAS10% to get this knife 10% off HERE

If you are hobbyist or pro, it’s actually no matter. This knife really fits everyone. If you are looking for multipurpose especially a huge long Best Japanese Knives in the world, this is perfect for you.

Word is getting busy day by day. So, to make your kitchen work super fast and super-efficient, this Shogun series DALSTRONG Chef Knife would be a perfect choice and it’s my personal recommendation. See also Detail Review.

Quick Maintenance Tips for your Japanese Chef knife

Step 1: First, you need to make sure that your knife is sharp enough. If not you need to sharpen your knife with a Whetstone.

Step 2: Before start using your Japanese knife hit it on a honing rod for couple time. it will make an alinement of your knife edge.

Step 3: After using your knife make sure all oil and sticky particle are removed from knife surface. Some dishwasher is not recommended based on your knife steel quality. Be careful about this.

Step 4: After cleaning knife you need dry with a towel on some cotton cloth. it’s important. no matter which kind of steel knife you are using its always recommend to clean and dry your Japanese knife before storage the knife.

Step 5: If you want to storage your kitchen knife for a long long period of time it’s recommended using Tsubaki oil Especially for High carbon steel knife.

If you follow this five-step of knife maintenance you won’t need to worry about your Japanese knives. Your knife may gonna serve you for lifelong. 

Final words on Japanese Kitchen Knife Reviews

As I described almost everything about best kitchen knives. To be honest, each of knife here could satisfy 100% to anyone no matter professional chef or home user without a doubt.

Now I gonna tell which I would buy if I am in your position. yea it no 2. I would love to buy Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8 inch chef knife. Because It is one of the sharpest knives in the world.

I have mentioned every knife’s special attribute on individual title and I made this after real a deep research. You guys can rely on it. Just grab one of those Japanese kitchen knives and I believe you will have a happy time in your kitchen 🙂 .

Check it out this article if you want an affordable Japanese chef knife which is amazing in quality and just within 100 bucks.

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