Best Honesuki Knife Review 2022 [Special Japanese Boning Knife]

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Are you a food fanatic? Are you working with meat? Then you might know about the importance of a good boning knife. It is a common household tool for preparing tasty meat. A Japanese boning knife is a knife that is used for trimming around the bones removing meat, poultry, and fish from the bones and it has a sharp point and a narrow blade.

List of Best Honesuki Knife  for Boning

Comparison Chart

Shun Premier Honesuki Knife, 4.5 Inch Steel Blade Handcrafted in Japan, TDM0729, Tsuchime Finish, Metallic
31iXZ2+cuOL. SL500
Sakai Takayuki 15 cm. Inox Stain Resistant Honesuki/Boning Knife
311FSJ lNCL. SL500
Misono Molybdenum Honesuki 5.6″ (14.5cm)
6192uPIIEiL. AC SL100
Yoshihiro 150mm Inox Stain-Resistant AUS-10 Sabaki/Honesuki Japanese Chef Knife, 5.75-Inch
21hB0hVHPDL. SL100
Mac Knife Japanese Series Boning Knife, 6-Inch

Honesuki Knife Review in Details

1: Shun Premier Honesuki Knife

31c+UHew45L. SL500

Shun Premier Honesuki Knife is incredibly sharp and its form factor is fantastic. With an amazing outlook, this knife is great for the intended boning functions. This knife had a wider blade and this one is everything to hit the sweet spot for the way of prepping. The main features of this knife are given below:


  • This Premier Honesuki Knife by Shun is 4 1/2-Inch long 
  • This is a hand-sharpened knife with 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive)
  • It is a handcrafted paring knife to make boning chicken a breeze. 
  • It is made of layered Damascus steel  with 34 layers each side 
  • Comes with a hand-hammered finish that originates from the hollow-ground feature to reduce cutting drag, resist food from sticking into the knife blade.
  • Features a premium PakkaWood handle which is very well balanced in hand and provides a very secure grip.
  • Sharpen out of the box
  • Very elegant design
  • The packaging of this knife is very poor
  • Quite expensive

2: Sakai Takayuki Inox Stain Resistant Honesuki/Boning Knife Review

31iXZ2+cuOL. SL500

This Japanese Sakai Takayuki INOX is highly recommended for chefs but it is also usable at home. This knife does not often rust because of its material. The main features of this knife are given below:


  • Sakai Takayuki knife is made of molybdenum Stainless Blade
  • The dimension of this knife is  11.97 x 2.91 x 1.1 inches
  • It features a POM Resin handle
  • Features single-edged blade
  • Avoid cutting hit or chop frozen products or bones as it could be cause of chip or break of the blade

3: Misono Molybdenum Honesuki Knife Review

311FSJ lNCL. SL500

Misono’s most reasonable line of honesuki knives that manufactures stain resistance molybdenum steel blades to give this line a more prominent imperviousness to rust and hardness. The main features of this knife are given below:


  • Misono Molybdenum Honesuki is made of high carbon stain resistant molybdenum steel blade.
  • It is a kind of poultry boning knife which is very good for removing the meat from the bones.
  • A good replacement of Western boning knife, very lightweight and thin that helps it to remain to sharpen for a long time
  • Asymmetrical angle. By focusing the honing on the essence of the edge at a more extreme edge than on the back, a slight front line is made that moves toward the sharpness of a customary Japanese single-edged structure.
  • Asymmetrical angle. Adopted the traditional Japanese single-edged design  was creating a design to sharpen on the front side of the blade at a steeper angle than on the back
  • Can’t be fit usual knife block because of its length 

4: Yoshihiro Inox Stain-Resistant AUS-10 Honesuki Japanese Chef Knife Review

31SpwUJBZaL. SL500

A chef knife made with a bunch of stain resistance metal and holds a great edge right out of the box. This one is perfect to break down innumerable chickens, turkeys, and a few ducks and is comparatively thinner and lighter than any German knives. The main features of this knife are given below:


  • This Yoshihiro Japanese Chef Knife is made of Inox carbon steel, vanadium, chromium and molybdenum
  • The dimension of this knife is 38.1 x 7.6 x 2.5 centimeters and it comes in silver color
  • Fillet poultry design, very thin, easy to sharpen and maintain
  • Forged construction, heavier handle to maintain a perfect counterbalance to the blade.
  • Extremely durable and also perfect for left-handed people
  • You have to be extra conscious about its cutting board as it can be dull because of the terrible one

5: Mac Knife Japanese Boning Knife Review

21hB0hVHPDL. SL500

A traditional Japanese-style poultry boning blade/knife, gained huge popularity all thanks to its top-class sharpness, function, and durability. The thick, solid cutting edge has enough foundation to drive the blade through chicken joints or little fish bones and the sharp tip permits you to evacuate meat around bones. The main features of this knife are given below:


  • The knife has been made of high carbon that helps to hold the edge for a long time
  • Features 3.0mm thick blade, Pakka wood handle
  • The dimension of this knife is 15.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 Centimeters
  • Has a heavy cutting edge with a single – bevel edge and a hardened, pointed tip.
  • Can be hand sharpening with a whetstone.
  • A little heavy and not dishwasher safe

Final Word

Which boning knife you want to own depends on your type of use. Each of the knives we have discussed in the above section has a fair bit in common and all of the knives are designed to perform the same type of task. But if you are a little freak about sharp knives that can hold its edge for a long time, a carbon steel honesuki is a must-have for you.

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