7 Best Drawer Knife Block 2022 [Safest Knives Storage]

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Don’t know where to store your knives or cannot find a better and easy function of storing the knives? Feel the need of preserving your knives in a careful way and around your hands to reach them whenever you want? Then you are at the right street. The best drawer knife block we are going to talk about will surely going to blow your mind.

If you come to know the real features and facilities of these blocks just hang on few moments, We are going to provide you with the best drawer knife blocks and their beneficial greatness, then, it will be easier for you to choose one from them.

To prevent your stainless steel blade of the knife from being rusty and to protect yourself from being cut or hurt using a drawer knife block is a bliss.

Comparison Chart

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Shun BAMBOOTRAY In Drawer Knife Tray, 11-Slot
71wC3eTaddL. AC SL100
Totally Bamboo In- Drawer Knife Block, 17″ x 5.25″, Bamboo
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ZWILLING drawer Knife Organizer, 12 slot
In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 16 Knives (Not Included) Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! Noble Home & Chef Knife Organizer Made from Quality Moso Bamboo
Wusthof 7 Slot Indrawer Storage Tray, Walnut
61AjtREj0rL. AC SL100
Century Components Riviera Collection RIVWKB90PF Walnut Wood Knife Block Tray Wave – 15 Knife Slots
51yGV2ygsFL. SL500
Cook N Home In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Storage Block, 11 Slot

Best Drawer Knife Block: Reviewed in Details

Precisely, a drawer is needed with the sufficient kind of blocks to store the knife for its own safety and for the safety of the owner as well. So, let’s just explore the best kind of drawer knife block to make our life a little bit comfortable.

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1. Shun BAMBOOTRAY in Drawer Knife Tray, 11-Slot

This drawer knife block is one of the best drawer blocks that can only be expected from Shun. It comes with 11 slots. All the slots are perfect in size and it has a beautiful look too. The bamboo from which it is made of is renewable and natural. 

It doesn’t take much space in your kitchen rather it is extremely hygienic and easy to use kitchen-ware. You cannot get more than this trust me. It gives you all the benefits of a knife drawer. The manufacturer of this terrific ‘Kai’ indeed produces a praise-worth product. 

Major Features

  • Comes with a total weight of 4.5 pounds
  • Provides 11 slots for keeping knife
  • Comes with a design that fits in every kitchen drawer
  • The wood is authentic and natural
  • The slots are made with perfect sizes
  • Comes with a wholesome design
  • The design is space-saving
  • Fits in every kitchen drawer
  • It fits all the Shun knives
  • It also fits Cutco knives
  • Easy to reach in
  • Some of the slots needs to be a bit wider

Bottom Line

This knife block is intensively good to have in anyone’s kitchen counter. Moreover, with its slots your knives are safe and also you can easily reach to them. You’ll surely not regret buying this knife tray. 

2. Totally Bamboo 20-2091 In- Drawer Knife Block

41M7XNuSFAL. SL500

 This Best knife block Set comes with 16 slots and super handling capacity of the knife. It has so many larger holders for massive sized knives. This knife block holds knife downward, thus, it possesses a safe knife holding capability. Totally knife block is made of Moso bamboo that is super authentic and has a long durability.

This knife block sets in every kitchen counter and it assures the holding capability of all type of knives with different styles and sizes. Thus it is a must-have kitchen-ware .

Major Features

  • Comes with 16 perfect slots
  • Holds knives of different sizes and styles
  • Made of environment-friendly wood
  • Made with Moso wood
  • The wood is natural and renewable resource
  • The slots are of different sizes
  • Holds knives firmly 
  • Provides safe storage by the setting of the downward blade placement
  • Easy reaching 
  • Easy to care
  • A bit larger in size

Bottom Line

Over all, this 17 inch knife drawer block is a beautiful version with so many slots! You literally won’t need any more of it if you have this massive piece. This knife tray is easy reaching with firm holding capacity. So, buy it now!

3. J.A. Henckels 35160-000 drawer Knife Organizer

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This countertop kitchen-ware is something that you would never want to miss! This knife tray comes with 12 perfectly designed slots with steel that helps in sharpening. This knife block tray is made with clever design where the all handles of the knives point at the same direction. 

The knife tray is 2 storied with the holding capability of knives with different inches. Its sturdy beechwood helps in the long lasting of the knives. So, who doesn’t want it?! 

Major Features

  • Comes with a total weight of 4.45 pounds
  • Has 12 slots, 6 in the upper storey and other 6 in the lower story
  • Holds knives resolutely
  • Customizable uses of trays 
  • Your drawer may get jammed

Bottom Line

The manufacturer Zwilling J.A. Henckles makes this knife drawer block so perfect that you definitely should try this once in your life.  

4. In-Drawer bamboo Knife Block Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! 

This gorgeous drawer knife block has created its own niche with its high-end features. If you need more counter space in your kitchen then nothing can be best than this knife tray. With 16 slots this is designed considering all the features that might help by the Noble Home and Chef.

This drawer knife block fits in almost all the kitchen drawers. Also it is featured with the hardest bamboo wood that is MOSO bamboo. 

Major Features

  • Comes with a weight of 5.4 pounds
  • Comes with 2 levels of slots 
  • Easy knives salvation
  • Wood is environment friendly 
  • Not suitable for a cleaver

Bottom Line

This absolute piece of knife tray is very impressive with great quality. It gives you all the pleasure of having larger and wide knives. It lessens risks and provides all the advantages you expect.

5. Wusthof 7 Slot Indrawer Storage Tray, Walnut 

This Beautiful piece of drawer knife block is made of walnut. It is an absolute piece of art with 7 slots. No offense this set perfectly fits in all kind of kitchen drawers. The wood and other materials that are used to make this kitchen-ware are really praiseworthy. 

With its standard size this knife tray is worth $34.95. So, now you don’t have to worry about the scattering of all your small knives because we’ve got a perfect storage for these.

Major Features

  • Comes with a total weight of 2.05 pounds
  • Comes with walnut wood
  • Easy reaching
  • Perfect for small kitchens
  • Not suitable for the storage of larger knives

Bottom Line

This knife is specially designed for the small kitchens and also for them who doesn’t prefer larger knives. Moreover, this drawer knife block is the perfect solution for you if you want to keep your kitchen look beautiful with descent looking utensils. So, hurry and buy one!

6. Century Components Riviera Collection RIVWKB90PF Walnut Wood Knife Block

41sej3abvqL. SL500

 This piece of art is absolutely appreciable with its own design. The whole drawer knife block set has 15 slots with a wavy design. It is featured with authentic walnut wood. And also its finishing is done with double clear cote 60 sheen luster sealer.

With a great appearance and long lasting durability this knife tray is something else. It will fit your kitchen drawer and moreover it will catch eyes easily with its extreme ability of holding knives firmly. 

Major Features

  • Comes with a weight of 8 pounds
  • Featured with walnut wood
  • Beautiful in appearance
  • Easy access to knives
  • Costly

Bottom Line

It has compact holding capacity of 15 knives of different sizes and shapes. Moreover, you will feel great to have this aesthetic piece as your kitchen utensil. Again, if you are a chef and has different knives for cooking passion then taking care of your knives using this knife tray is the best solution.  

7. Cook N Home In- Drawer Bamboo Knife Storage Block 11 Slot

51yGV2ygsFL. SL500

This drawer knife block is an excellent example of aesthetic representation. It is designed with wavy curves with 2 levels. Moreover, the wood is natural and authentic. The knife set has 11 slots for knives of every use. Because of its beautiful looking you can keep it inside or outside of your kitchen drawer.

The set is made to fit in every standard sized kitchen drawer. It holds knives steadily ensuring their safe storage. So, I am sure you don’t want to miss to have this antic piece. 

Major Features

  • Comes with a total weight of 3.05 pounds
  • Featured with a length of 16.5 inch
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Easy access to knives longer than 16”
  • Needs proper cleaning
  • Needs to insert dry knives

Bottom Line

This set of knife tray is a beautiful version of drawer knife block that is strongly recommended for you. Within its 11 slots it can even hold knives with even longer than 16”. Though it has only 6 smaller knife slots yet it is buy worth. 

How to choose the best drawer knife block?     


To get the right kind of drawer knife block you should check on the materials of the drawer knife block. Specially, when the drawer block would be made of wood or bamboo then it will be much efficient for preserving the knives. Maple wood grants the best service in it.

It protects the knife from being dull and resists the blade of the knives from being rusty easily. 


Another prominent thing to check on before buying a drawer knife block is its size. Different drawer carries different blocks. So to get the standard sized drawer knife block, it should also be looked after that all the blocks are sufficient enough to fit the knives.    


Not every drawer of knives provides the right kind of capacity for each knife. If a knife is compressed because of the congested space the drawer provides, then there is a possibility that the knife can get dull and lose its discreteness. 

FAQ’s on The Best Drawer Knife Block that ask

1. Why do you need a drawer knife block?

Well if you want to look your kitchen more beautiful then you have to take care of your scattered knives. To sort your knives accordingly so that it doesn’t cause any trouble in your cooking a knife tray is a must. In fact, to make your job way faster and easier you definitely need this utensil in your kitchen. 

2. What facilities it will provide you? 

To speak the very truth until you have it in your kitchen how sophistic-ally it helps you to make your job done super fast. The drawer knife block provides you with different slots for every kind of knife you use in your kitchen. Again the knife trays are made of natural and authentic wood those are Eco friendly and hygienic. Moreover, if you are a chef then the necessity of it is indescribable. 

3. How does it protect your knives?

It protects your knives in every possible way. It ensures safe storage of knives. Most of the drawer knife block is designed with the downward keeping of the edge of the blade. Thus, it helps not get rusty soon. Again, it ensures the long durability and use of the knives.

Wrap Up

So, these are the sum up of the best drawer knife blocks. Now it’s your turn to make the right choice to organize your knife sets. These drawers are whole to protect your knife from every dangerous incident. And if you are content enough after using the drawer knife blocks then don’t forget to enlighten us by giving a feedback.

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