8 Best Chef Knives in UK 2022 [NO-BS, Knife Can Serve Life-long]

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As a chef knife is a must-have tool in your kitchen arsenal, you have to choose the knife carefully for having a great performance. The utensils of your kitchen include the chef knife as its first priority. Preparing roasted meat and fine salad vegetable won’t be easy if you don’t possess an efficient chef knife.

This vital tool makes your kitchen life easier and contributes hugely to chopping vegetables within a limited time. But again, a blunt and non-effective chef knife can call unexpected disappointment and dangerous vibes to your peaceful kitchen. 

Before we jump into the detailed section, we’ve created a Top 3 Best Chef Knife in Unites Kingdom for a quick look. 

To sort out the problem, you’ve stepped on the right site because we’ve dug out some real chef knives in the UK and their authentic review. So, without further ado, let’s insert some great information about these best chef knives in UK and make our lives smooth. 

List of 8 Best Chef Knife in UK Market 2021

Comparison Chart

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Kai Shun Premier TDM-1706 Chefs Knife 20cm Blade length
Robert Welch Signature 20cm Cooks Knife – Multi Award Winning British Design – Crafted from The Finest German 1.4116 Stainless Steel – Used for All Chopping…
Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife, 8″, 2 Lb, 8 Inch, Black
619lfiHjddL. AC SL100
Global G-2/AN 35th Anniversary Special Edition 20cm Cook’s Knife, Cromova 18 Stainless Steel
61Wh0yyemML. AC SL100
Wusthof Classic chef’s knife (blade 18 cm)
41dUR4M0+yL. SL500
Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10 Super Stainless Steel Blade Lasts a Lifetime, Sharpest Professional Chefs Knife For Cooking, Gyuto Made for Home Cook or Restaurant Kitchen
41pie3oHsNL. SL500
DALSTRONG Knife Set Block – 5pc – Shogun Series X Knife Set – AUS-10V High-Carbon Japanese Super Steel – Black G10 Handles – Acacia Wood Block
710tRHUwFUL. AC SL100
Damascus Kitchen Knife Set 9pcs,Chef Damascus Knives Set 67 Layers VG10 Damascus Steel, Japanese Professional Kitchen Sharp Knife Set Damascus

To check out a perfect chef knife, you should know some certain aspects like the blade, handle, edge, and other important things. If all these aspects meet your expectations and certain standard levels then you are a true winner. The chef knives that we are talking about today have the capability to meet those ideal levels. 

8 Best Chef kitchen Knife in UK Review in Detail

1. Kai Shun Premier TDM-1706 Chef’s Knife

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According to the massive performance and tremendous quality, we’ve chosen Kai Shun Premier TDM-17 as our top pick. This chef knife comes from the series of Tim Malzer of Shun Premier. The blades of this series are made with Damascus stainless steel. The hardness of the blade is awesome in one word.

 It is 20 cm long and beautified with the Tsuchime process of Japan. The 61+- hardness of the blade helps to increase the durability of the knife. With Vg-10 core, the blade assures to provide you jackpot in the kitchen. The pointy edge of the knife offers a precise cutting advantage to the users.

The handle of the knife has a round shape which helps to get fit in the palm of the user. With the walnut material, the handle is very comfortable to hold. The handle is absolutely perfect for moist and damp weather. Also, the steel of the blade is corrosion-resistant. 

The 34 cm long knife comes in a fine wooden box for better service from the company. The ultimate finishing of the knife gives a vintage feeling. The knife is absolutely perfect for the busy kitchen and heavy-duty. With only 1.32 pounds, the knife reaches the standard levels of an ideal chef’s knife.

  • Outstanding performance for a long time.
  • Better construction with Japanese formula.
  • The pleasure of having a vintage knife in the kitchen.
  • Heavy-duty ability.
  • Walnut-made handles for any kind of weather. 
  • The perfect knife for left-handed people. 
  • Symmetrical handle for better performance.
  • Right preservation is required. 

Knife Specialty 

The Kai Shun Premier chef’s knife has a strong build-up which makes the knife different from any other knives of the series. From the asymmetrical blade to the symmetrical handle, this knife has great compatibility. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife possesses a lot of good qualities to be our top choice. Also, the arguable forged construction of the knife makes it more resilient and the Best Chef Knives in UK to use. 

2. Robert Welch Signature Cooks Knife – UK Designed Chef Knife


Robert Welch Signature cooks knife is our next best choice for the readers who are here to have some precious information about UK knives. However, the blade comes from the German 1.4116 stainless steel which helps to build a strong forged knife.

The 20cm blade has a magnificent bolster. It allows providing a great performance by the knife. The 15-degree edge retention on both sides of the handle makes the knife work quickly and effortlessly. The handle is full tang for several conveniences. 

However, the DuPontTM handle is another best attraction of the whole knife. The handle is manufactured with a technical process for better progress. The edge retention and the material-based handle provide the best effortless service.

The overall weight of the knife is 200g which makes the knife very handy. Also, the curvy blade and handle put a great impact in boosting up the confidence level. According to the sharpness, the knife is 135% better than any other best sharp knife. 

  • A sophisticated look enhances the beauty of the kitchen
  • Curvy construction for certain advantages
  • Perfect edge retention for an effortless job
  • Provides lifetime guarantee. 
  • Comes in a protective way.
  • High material-based handle for long service 
  • Doesn’t provide a sheath

Knife Specialty

The Robert Welch Signature cooks knife is so efficient by the features that it has already won a lot of British awards. The knife is also famous because it comes with a sharp and attractive design.

Bottom Line

In fine, the knife has a multi-tasking ability for its fine finishing by the hands of the masterminds. The seamless design brings a sense of tremendous capability to the whole knife.

3. Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife 

Wusthof, as a German brand leads on fire for its amazing featured knives. However, Wusthof Classic Ikon cook’s knife is our third best choice for knife enthusiasts. The knife has an 8 inches long blade which is fully forged. It is made from a single piece of stainless steel. 

The high-carbon German stainless steel has an arguable demand for making blades sharp and pointy. This versatile knife has a great effect on its performance. With its extremely sharp blade, it can chop off the meat, cut the vegetables, and other edibles easily and smoothly.

The ergonomic handle of the knife brings extreme comfort to the work and it is a full tang. The triple rivets of the handle hold the whole construction of the knife proficiently. The curvy handle helps to decrease the chances of occurring fatigue in the palm.

The weight of the product is 268g which makes it a little heavy. But the heft of the two bolsters offers a great deal of work to be done within a quick period of time. The edge of the knife is laser-controlled so you don’t have to re-sharpen it every now and then. 

  • The hefty ability for doing heavy works
  • Precise design to attract customers
  • Meets the expectation level fairly
  • Sturdy look and durable
  • Ergonomic handle for more comfort
  • No trouble of re-sharpening the edge often
  • Ideal for multitasking 
  • Doesn’t offer a sheath
  • Requires good preservation 

Knife Specialty 

The Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s knife has some extreme features and it is fully precision-forged. The hefty ability evokes a great feeling while using the knife for cutting purposes. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, the German brand provides a great Wusthof knife that is able to fulfill the desire of the professionals. The knife can be a great option for beginners as well. 

4. Global G-2/AN 35th Anniversary Special Edition Cook’s Knife 

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This unique looking Global G-2/AN cook’s knife is a charming and versatile masterpiece. The quality of the knife is as great as a Japanese knife. The blade of the knife is of Cromova 18 stainless steel which leaves a great effect to make a sharp blade. 

The 20cm blade is polished with better technology and utmost use of knife-making methods. The sharp 15-degree edge retention offers the best kind of angle to the knife. It also helps the knife to perform without requiring much pressure.

The handle of the knife is hollow so it can rest into the palm properly. The shape of the handle is also attractive. The thick edge can dice, mince, and chop off the edibles accurately. 

The weight of this fine knife is almost 291g. As the knife is forged, the heaviness is worth it. It helps the bolster of the knife to perform accordingly. Also, the sleek blade never lets the edibles get stuck in the blade. It is corrosion free and resistant to rust.

  • Tremendous cutting advantage
  • Possesses a great deal of ability
  • Sturdy appearance
  • Hollow handle for easy gripping
  • High quality
  • Rust free and ideal for all type of cutting jobs
  • Requires hand-washing

Knife Specialty 

The Global G-2/AN cook’s knife is a better version of the other series of Global knives. It is featured not only to attract knife enthusiasts but also to provide the best kind of performance in the heavy-duty kitchen.

Bottom Line

Form the overall gesture, the knife has an arguable remark which tends to perform supremely. In the market, this knife can be a great choice for its sleek look from the top to bottom. 

5. Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife

21cATPW8Z4L. SL500

Another Wusthof branded knife that we’ve picked is also efficient inside out. The Wusthof Classic chef’s knife has a great demand worldwide. Even the professional chef Gordon Ramsay decides to choose Wusthof knife before anything.

The blade of the knife is from high-carbon stainless steel. It makes the 18cm long blade more capable and sleek. Also, it can remove the clingy vegetables from getting stuck in it. The knife is fully precision-forged and came out from a piece of blank steel. 

The bolster is marvelous for hard jobs. The resilient blade can cooperate properly. The polypropylene handle can be a great help. It is full tang to embody the strength. 

The 0.19kg weight of the knife labels it as a standard choice of people. The knife is great support for self-protection as well. The sharp edge can be maintained for a long time. The handle also features a brand logo.

  • The pleasure of using a branded knife
  • Long time service
  • Helps to have a quick job done
  • Strong construction
  • Nice handle
  • Never gets rusted
  • It’s not dishwasher safe
  • A bit pricy

Knife Specialty 

Wusthof Classic chef’s knife is a cool and handy knife to deliver amazing performance. Its non-slip easy-gripped handle is a great addition to the knife.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife is a great revelation of the German brand Wusthof. It has won many reputed awards and the hearts of the users. 

6. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

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This alpha royal series knife Zelite Infinity is a premium chef’s knife for several features. The knife is so able that it can last for a lifetime. The sleek blade of the knife is made with Damascus Japanese stainless steel. This AUS-10 stainless steel with 67 layer high-carbon stainless steel provides a great look to the 8-inch blade.

The ergonomic military-grade G10 handle possesses a full tang status. The double bevel and gyoto features make the knife special for kitchen jobs. The knife is hand crated and flourished with the touch of the professional Japanese knife-makers.

The 3 step Honbazuke process gives the knife a seamless finishing. The knife is sharpened with the expert-hands. The handle holds the sleek construction so tightly that it provides an intense sense of boldness.

The black color brings more confidence and aristocracy. The knife comes in a snug box to rock the kitchen.

  • Beautiful knife.
  • Strong and bold from the appearance.
  • The pleasure of using a fully-forged knife.
  • Reduces the tension of the wrist.
  • The pleasure of using a handcrafted knife.
  • Lifetime services.
  • Requires a nice block from getting dull.

Knife Specialty 

The Zelite Infinity chef knife is enchanting though it’s totally handcrafted. With its ultimate features, the knife can work a full-time job and still look like the best.

Bottom Line

In fine, the knife has extraordinary look and gives the best service according to its look. The knife is a jackpot both from the looks and performance. 

7. DALSTRONG Knife Set Block- Shogun Series X Knife Set 

41pie3oHsNL. SL500

Dalstrong is featured as the best brand from Japanese and this culinary Dalstrong knife set block has possessed more than ¾ knives including an 8 inches chef knife. Each and every knife is sharpened ruthlessly and polished with some perfect 8-12 degree edge retention.

The Japanese high-carbon stainless steel has AUS-10 super stainless steel, the blade performs amazingly well. With the 3 step Honbazuke process the knives are nitrogen cooled and heat treated. The 62= Rockwell hardness and 67 layers of the steel made the knife more strong.

The military-grade G-10 handles are fabulous for holding nicely. The Acacia wooden box is made wisely so the blades don’t get dull. The agility is held by the full tang handle and their three rivets.  

The whole product is served with a nice packaging system. And their versatile ability let you do all kind of jobs of the kitchen with a guaranteed strength and “Tsunami-Rose” materials. 

  • The pleasure of using more than one knife.
  • Exceptionally hand-polished.
  • Sophisticated wooden block.
  • Extremely capability.
  • High endurance handle and blade
  • Strong foundation.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • It’s not dishwasher safe.
  • A bit pricy.

Knife Specialty 

Dalstrong culinary has premium features to absorb the kitchen work with a top-notch vibe. The manufacturing methods of the culinary set are so much convincing. 

Bottom Line

In fine, the set has maximum offerings to provide as they are manufactured from Dalstrong brand. However, the features and the functions of the knives of the set are arguably strong with a 3.72 kg weight. 

8. Damascus Chef Knife Set 

41675TybRWL. SL500

This is a complete package of knife set which meets your satisfaction. The 9 pieces of knives and their VG-10 core blades are the real attraction of the knife set. The blades are from Damascus Japanese high-carbon stainless steel with 60-62 Rockwell hardness and 67 premium steel layers.

The making process of these knives is great for several reasons. The block is made from fresh Oak and it provides this woody look. The edge and their double bevel formula make the knives perfect for every kind of job.

The handle is also made with ergonomic materials and it is curvy to provide an easement to the palm of the hand. The set isn’t high maintenance at all.

You can clean the knives easily without requiring much effort. The complete set is made perfectly from the top to the bottom with nice furnishing and Japanese methods. Overall it weighs almost 3.6 kg. 

  • Advantage of getting a complete package of a knife set.
  • Tremendous appearance. 
  • Nice block for preservation.
  • Long term performance.
  • Curvy handles.
  • Provides lifetime warranty.
  • A little bit expensive. 

Knife Specialty 

The set quite meets the completion of the knife enthusiasts. The knives are made with optimum materials.

Bottom Line 

Overall, the Damascus chef knife set leaves a great remark for its rich combination of knives. Many professionals choose it as their best companion. 

FAQ’s on Chef Knives in UK 

1. Are these chef knives in UK efficient enough?

According to the feature and function, these knives achieved the maximum score of a standard knife. With maximum effort and minimum harshness, these knives are perfect to perform in the busy kitchen. Both beginners and professionals can make these knives their regular companions to pass smooth jobs in the kitchen. 

2. Do these knives have fulfilled the expectation of the users?

These knives are from the top brand of top countries. From German to Japan, these knives are used hugely worldwide. Their handcrafted charisma and manufactured bolsters lead a great comfort to the users. 

Final Thoughts 

In fine, these knives are the best to have as kitchen utensils. Their perfect manufacturing and sustainability would leave you astonished. However, these knives are from different brands of different countries and made focusing every possible solution.

However, if you are convinced enough by our top pick Kai Shun Premier TDM-1706 Chef’s knife, then don’t forget to try our other choices as well. After that, you can value the best chef knives in UK properly. Also, leave us feedback for better judgment.  

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