10 Best Chef Knife under $50 2022 [Crazy Value of Money]

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Apart from the expensive knives and their versatilities, knives that come with a cheap price range, provide high performance and durability as well. You just have to be picky and careful this time. Many reputed knife brands deliver knives for middle and low-class users. 

Also, to inspire the enthusiasm of the beginners, these low-priced but heavy-duty knives are great options. As cheaply priced knives are mostly fragile and have a very little lifetime, many professionals avoid buying these knives. But we’ve pulled out the best chef knife under $50 after examining almost all cheap knives. 

These chef’s knives are life-changing. Many professional users have been found who also use these knives. So, hold your breath because without delaying we are going to reveal the best chef knife under $50.    

What is the 10 Best Chef Knife Under $50?  

You must be wondering because all the best knife brands require a hefty sum of money for buying a chef knife. And it would be challenging to find knives under $50 that can provide the same benefits as the Wusthof or Shun knives do. But of course, it’s not entirely impossible that some brands are tolerant enough to provide its customer with the best products with a little price range. We’ll be talking about these knives and their abilities. 

Before that, we’ve arranged a compact table here for a quick examination. Let’s check it out. 

Comparison Chart

HANZO Chef Knife Professional Knives – 9.5 inch Katana Series 67 ply Japanese VG10 steel
41b9eIwc+5L. SL500
8 Inch Chef Knife by Findking-Dynasty series-3 layer 9CR18MOV clad steel w/octagon handle Gyuto Knife
41juZ6QR7lL. SL500
TUO Damascus Chef’s Knife – Kitchen Chef Knives – Japanese AUS-10 Damascus Steel – Dishwasher Safe G10 Handle – Gift Case Included – RING-RC Series TC0301RC – 8″
31rYSyHnTYL. SL500
Mercer Culinary Renaissance, 8-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife, Black
Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch Chef’s
31QnQoZNtIL. SL500
Yoshihiro Matsui L “Koku-Ryu”(Black Dragon) Gold-Embedded Hgw Series Utility Knife, 5.3In
4122ZCYBa8L. SL500
Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch – Comfort-Pro Series – German High Carbon Stainless Steel – Razor Sharp, Super Comfortable
DALSTRONG Utility Knife – 5.5″ – Shadow Black Series – Black Titanium Nitride Coated – High Carbon – 7CR17MOV-X Vacuum Treated Steel – Sheath – NSF Certified
21DoOHAPVwL. SL500
HENCKELS Classic Chef’s Knife, 6-Inch, Black, Stainless Steel, Kitchen Knife
31IKtdKbS+L. SL500
Mercer Culinary M21078 Genesis 8-Inch Short Bolster Chef’s Knife

Chef Knife Under $50 Review in Detail

1. HANZO Chef Knife Professional Knives Review

413Ibib9vVL. SL500

As our top pick HANZO chef knife professional knife has extreme versatility that leaves you stunned right there. The 9.5 inches long blade performs amazingly. And the whole structure of the knife is another name of sophistication. The blade meets the expectation level as it is made with high carbon VG10 stainless steel.

The blade is resistant to rust and corrosions. Even the scratches marks get reduced evenly. For effortless cutting, the blade is thin and gyuto-made. It balances the pressure between your wrist and the knife and thus helps you to have an effortless job. The blade also helps to free the clingy food from getting stuck in the blade.

The perfect edge retention on both sides of the knife is another significant feature. The seamless finishing between the handle and the knife is smooth and impressive. It is full tang for durability. The razor-sharp edge embodies the strength of the knife.

With a G10 ergonomic military grade, black charcoal handle, the knife has a very rich disposition. For better gripping, the handle is contoured and ends with a steel-cap. The handle has a total of three rivets. The middle one is modeled after a Samurai mosaic with a red star. The knife is sleek, elegant, and weighs only 8.5 ounces. It is packed with a snug box protecting the high-end knife. 

  • Extremely durable 
  • Enhances the kitchen with its sophistication look 
  • Sleek black handle
  • A pointy edge for easy work
  • Sharp cutting formula
  • Comes with a HANZO logo on the blade
  • Provides effortless job
  • Balances the whole structure 
  • Contoured handle for easy-grip
  • No trouble fatigued wrist
  • Perfect for busy kitchens 
  • Comes with a sturdy package 
  • A little bit heavy 

Knife Specialty 

This HANZO chef knife professional knife has a very attractive look and the capability of this knife is so rich. The knife is a player and any professional chef can make this knife as their regular companion because of the depth of the knife. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife has a disposition completely different from the knives from Wusthof or Shun brands. But the sleek fine look can win your heart at once. The knife can run a busy kitchen alone. 

2. Findking Dynasty series Chef Knife Review

41b9eIwc+5L. SL500

Following the eastern beauty, the Dynasty series represents the knives with unique designs. From top to toe, the knife creates a different vibe in your hand. For a strong enabled blade, the Dynasty series offers 3 layered 9CR18MOV. It’s a clad steel that bolsters the blade to a great extent. The Rockwell hardness of the steel is 60+/-2.

The knife represents an angled edge. It holds the blade properly. The 15-degree edge retention in both sides balances while cutting, mincing, dicing, or chopping the fruits, vegetables, and other edibles. The blade comes with dimples. It prevents the food from getting clingy. 

The thin blade cuts foods without damaging or hurting them. The handle is made with African rosewood. It has a woody look that enhances the beauty of the blade twice. The handle has a round look. It facilitates the user to grab it tightly.

The blade is almost 8 inches long and the overall length is 36.5 cm. The blade weighs not more than 12.8 ounces. Though there are some barriers you would find in this knife but those are minor to say. 

  • Strong build-up 
  • Provides a stunning look
  • Perfect for rich kitchen
  • Has a pointy and sharp edge
  • Balances the job
  • Dimples create a sturdy look
  • Exceptional handle
  • Round shaped handle for easy grip
  • Quick cutting formula
  • Lasts a long time 
  • Amazing packaging system
  • Doesn’t provide a sheath 

Knife Specialty 

The 8-inch chef knife by Findking Dynasty series is an amazing collection of this series because of its unique look. The knife comes with an unconventional design and super quality.

Bottom Line

With the overall feature, the knife is as tough as it looks. If you want something raw finishing of a knife and superb combination of black and wood color, then you should go for this knife. 

3. TUO Damascus Chef’s Knife Review

41juZ6QR7lL. SL500

Our third pick is the TUO Damascus chef’s knife- kitchen chef knife. It has a super modern look. The knife is considered as one of the best looking knives of the TUO brand. The blade of this knife is wide and made of topnotch Japanese AUS-10 Damascus steel.

This stainless steel offers a tremendous hardness of the core of the 8 inches blade. With 62 Rockwell hardness, the blade stands vividly. The blade is heat-treated very well. Later, it is cool-treated. These treatments benefited the knife to be strong. 

The corrosion-free and rust-free blade is so sleek smooth from the outside. The thin blade spreads dark blackness upwards. The toughness can be seen through the figure of the knife.

To make the knife, the makers follow the three-step Honbazuke process which is a traditional system. It is a honing process. The knife is sharpened and polished with hands. The 12-15 degree edge retention eases the movement of the knife.

The ergonomic handle has a great round look. The five red rings hold the finishing of the blade and handle tightly. The VG10 which is a glass fiber another way, helps to balance, reduce scratches, prevent corrosion, and embody the abilities.  

  • Long stunning knife
  • Seamless finishing
  • Tremendously strong
  • Professionals’  best choice
  • Razor-sharp 
  • Lightweight, 8 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Helpful handlebar
  • Provides amazing cutting experience
  • Comes covered with a nice black box
  • Full guarantee and 100 percent money-back policy if consumers get disappointed
  • Appropriate for gifting  
  • Requires proper care for long usage 

Knife Specialty 

The knife is one of the best creations of the TUO series. With its heavy Damascus stainless steel, the blade provides a smooth cutting experience. No fear of slipping off the handle anyway. 

Bottom Line

With the overall appearance, the knife will leave you in astonishment because you can get it for only under 50$. Many professionals’ first choice is this TUO Damascus chef’s knife and the recommend it widely. 

4. Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Chef’s Knife Review

31rYSyHnTYL. SL500

This knife has an ultra-strong build-up. As an American brand, Mercer is a very popular brand globally. And this Mercer culinary renaissance forged Granton edge chef’s knife is the knife which has a price under 50$. This precision-forged knife is a perfect knife for all kinds of work in the kitchen.

Because it is forged the thin blade cuts the food, vegetables, fish, meats, and other edibles with the easement. The hollow spaces in the blade rescue the clingy food. Also, the bolster puts a great impact on the whole knife.

The high carbon stainless steel has made the 8-inch blade more resilient. This steel resists all kinds of rust, corrosions, and scratches. It also helps the knife from discoloration. The blade is sharpened and doesn’t require sharpening frequently.

The ergonomic handle has three rivets and it is black color. The round end of the handle helps you to grab it easily. The opened edge allows for easy honing. The weight of this knife is 9 ounces. 

  • Appropriate for busy kitchens
  • Full tang for long durability
  • Provides easement in cutting
  • The hollow spaces quicken the job
  • Nice handle 
  • Handle is heat-treated
  • Provides lifetime warranty 
  • Doesn’t come with a box 
  • A bit heavy

Knife Specialty 

It’s fun to use a great branded knife under the price of 50$. The Mercer culinary renaissance forged granton edge chef’s knife is useful because it is precision-forged. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife leaves a great impression anyway. For the busy kitchen and also for the professional chefs, the knife could be an ideal choice. 

5. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef Knife Review


This Victorinox firbrox pro knife is a stamped knife that has come out from a large piece of stainless steel. The blade is made with a tapered fine stainless steel. The blade is sharp

ened for the life-time and urges for no sharpening afterward.

The thin blade and pointy edge help to have a job effortlessly done. The 8-inch blade cooperated with the handle and makes a great bond. The ergonomic handle is ended with a round figure. It makes the handle more grabbing. 

The ergonomic handle is the outcome of TPE which is thermoplastic Elastomer. The finishing between the handle and the blade is unique. The knife is a secretly full tang. The Switzerland craftsman has made this knife with special care.

The knife is built with dishwasher safe incredible materials. And the optimal weight of this knife is 7.5 ounces. 

  • The unique color combination of silver and dark black color
  • Extremely well finishing
  • The edge is very much pointed
  • Perfect for all kind of cutting purpose
  • Easy holding handle 
  • Durable razor-sharp
  • Doesn’t require for honing 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Requires hand washing

Knife’s Specialty 

The Victorinox fibrox pro knife comes with a fibro pro disposition. It can deal with the meat very nicely. Also, the non-slip handle is a great part of the knife.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife is classy and with its dark black handle, it enhances the beauty of the kitchen. Not only for knife enthusiasts but also the professional chefs, the knife would be a great choice. 

6. Yoshihiro Gold-embedded Knife Review

31QnQoZNtIL. SL500

Following the traditional tempering process, this Yoshihiro gold-embedded knife is produced in Japan. Like almost all the Japanese knives, this HGW series utility knife is also made with a touch of the hands of the craftsmanship and masterminds. 

The knife is an outcome of all the traditional methods. The blade of thisknife is sharpened by hands. Everything of this knife is processed by the knife makers’ own hands and their ancient skills. The blade of this knife is 5.3 inches. 

This length of this knife isn’t ideal for a chef’s knife. But Yoshihiro gold-embedded knife is built in a way that it cooperates with you like a chef’s knife despite its length issue. There is an oceanic sharp wave in the blade. The blade is VG-1 steel-made. 

It determines the thin blade to cut the fruits, vegetables, and other edibles without requiring much pressure. The blade is stain and corrosion-resistant. The handle is made with plywood with two rivets. It has a mahogany color in it. The handle is laminated. The weight of this knife is 4.1 ounces. 

  • Provides an ancient and aesthetic look
  • Triangle sharp edge
  • Full tang facility
  • Durable and strong
  • Boosts up the energy of the users
  • Fatigue free journey
  • Handle has flat disposition for the easement of the palm
  • No tension of being rusty of the knife
  • Brings traditional vibe
  • Provides razor edge and sharpens super fast
  • The length is not ideal
  • The steel is not so hard 

Knife Specialty 

The best thing about the Yoshihiro Gold-embedded knife is that from the top to the bottom, the knife will provide a vibe of the Japanese knife making tradition. With all the authentic materials the knife is unique from another kitchen knife. 

Bottom Line 

The knife is a blast for most of the users out there. With its authenticity, the knife provides comfort to the domestic kitchen life. Overall, the experience of the knife would be great. 

7. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife Review

4122ZCYBa8L. SL500

Following the 3-step Honbazuke traditional process, this Zelite infinity chef knife is a wonderful creation of Zelite brand. The blade of this knife is made with German high carbon stainless steel. The blade has 56 Rockwell hardness maximum.

This hardness of the blade makes the knife strong and powerful at the same time. The fine rustic look of the knife attracts every consumer easily. This 8-inch long knife is made in a French style. The blade is resistant to stain, scratches, and rust.

The ergonomic curvy handle has a black metallic look. The handle is a full tang. This rounded handle has a sleek look and sophistication which values the knife more. The pinch gripped handle cuts the edibles producing less pressure. 

The 15-18 degree edge retention on both sides of the knife has made the knife more resilient. This increases the sharpness of the edge. Thus your kitchen life gets easier. It weighs almost 9.2 ounces. 

  • Sleek rustic look
  • Visually satisfaction
  • Enhances the vibe of the kitchen
  • Comes with great packaging 
  • Perfect for gifting someone 
  • Handle is amazing to look at
  • Long time pleasure 
  • Doesn’t get rusted easily 
  • Amazing experience 
  • The knife is heavy 

Knife Specialty 

With all the charms and features, the Zelite infinity chef knife 8 inch is a comfort both for the eyes and hands. With its razor-sharp stability, cut edibles without producing much pressure. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, the knife is ideal both for the beginners and professionals. It has the depth which can be found only when you are going to take advantage of it. 

8. Dalstrong Black shadow Knife Sets

This Dalstrong 5-piece knife block set is a gorgeous collection of dalstrong brand. It has this mat black color. It attracts the consumer to a great extent. The knives are nitrogen cooled. This increases the flexibility of all the blades of the block set.

The traditional 3-step honbazuke is applied to this block set. The titanium nitride application on the blade makes the block set a shadow-less look. With non-reflecting coating, the block set provides stamped knives. The 7CR17MOV-X high carbon steel made blade is for high resistance. Also, the 58+ Rockwell hardness is for extreme durability. 

That means all of these knives are made out of a large piece of single steel. The 15-degree edge retention of the knives makes them flexible and easy approach. The cutting process becomes better when you get perfect edge retention of a knife.

The handles of this block set are superb. They are mainly resin-infused. Also, they are made with ergonomic material with military-grade 10. The weight of the whole block set is 3 pounds.

  • Provides hand flourished spine 
  • Heavy-duty knives
  • The geometry of the handle is awesome visually
  • Perfect grip for the design 
  • Gorgeous black color
  • Enhances the kitchen’s look
  • Boosts up the energy level
  • NSF certified 
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee 
  • Weighs a bit heavy

Knife Specialty 

The main attraction of this Dalstrong 5-piece knife block set is its mat black color. Also, the features of this knife have made the set as the best representation of Dalstrong knife.

Bottom Line 

Overall, the 5-piece of this knife would be great choice for them who love to live with rich vibes. For the five star kitchens, the block set is an appropriate arsenal. 

9. J.A Henckels 31161-161 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife Review

21DoOHAPVwL. SL500

The brand J.A Henckels is a very reputed brand and the knives of this brand are appreciated worldwide. The model 31161-161 classical chef’s knife of this brand is an ultimate creation which can be got under 50 $. The knife has come all the way from Spain.

The knife has an ordinary look with a German high carbon stainless steel blade. The blade is resistant to all kind of corrosion and rust. It is also sharpened with hands. The knife is a forged knife. It has been hammer-pressed several times.

It is honed and doesn’t require for sharpening or honing frequently. The handle is made with ergonomic material. It increases the quality of the handle to a great extent. The precision-forged knife has full tang handle.

The handle has triple rivets. It holds the blade strongly with the handle. The product weighs 6.4 ounces.

  • Advantage of cutting with forged knives
  • Extremely handy
  • Strong formula
  • Razor sharp edge
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Appropriate for engaged kitchen
  • Doesn’t offer sheath 

Knife Specialty 

As a J.A Henckels knife, 31161-161 is a very well-built construction. No exaggeration of the design. It provides simple look with heavy-duty work capability. 

Bottom Line

Many users have already recommended this knife as their best companion. Seeing all their reviews, this knife deserves a good shot.

10. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef’s Knife 

31IKtdKbS+L. SL500

This American branded knife is another great choice. This Mercer culinary genesis forged knife has been hammer-pressed. Thus the performance is high of this knife. The x50 Cr Mo V15 helps the 8 inches blade to prevent rust and all kind of scratches.

The knife has a full tang handle to stabilize the construction of the knife. The edge retention maximizes the workability. With the taper-ground sharp edge, the knife is honed perfectly. It doesn’t ask for honing all the time. 

The handle of the knife is user-friendly. The ergonomic handle lessens all the accidents and it doesn’t slip off easily. The balance power of the knife is tremendous. The weight of this knife is 8.8 ounces.

  • High endurance quality
  • Exceptional making process
  • Topnotch structure
  • Easy to use
  • Provides lifetime warranty 
  • Requires hand washing 
  • Requires better care

Knife Specialty 

The knife is a great choice for them who are looking for branded knife with cheap price range. The knife can fulfill all your desires.

Bottom Line

With simple construction, the knife is cool to use. If you take better care of the knife, it will not betray you. 

FAQ’s on Chef Knife under $50

1. Are all of these knives worth a shot? 

The knives come from different brands and all the brands that have been described here are simply awesome. They care for their consumers and think about financial statuses. Buying one from those knives can change your life. They are resilient and full of depth. 

2. Do these knives have great quality regarding the budget? 

The qualities of these knives are topnotch. Some of the knives are built with special care with the hands of masterminds. Some of the knives are stamped forged and made with high-end technology. But all of the knives are fully capable of fulfilling their purposes. 

Final Thought 

In fine, all the high-priced knives can be good at construction but the low-priced knives should also be tried. Those who think that only pricy knives cut edibles smoothly, should look out for these best chef knives under $50. It can be life-changing for them. 

If you are looking for knives with depth and also under the price range of 50 dollars, try one from our suggestions. Thus, you can make a good life of yours. 

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