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Top 5 Best Japanese Katana Under 100 $ 2021[Unbiased Review]

Have you heard the word ‘Katana’? You may be heard about samurai. If you have a little knowledge about samurai then you must know that samurai of Japan used as special sword. This sword is called

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Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Chef Knife Review – 2021’s Crush!

In 2020, among the all-new release of a chef knife, Dalstrong shadow black series is one of the top favorite chef knife who already used it. When I decided to write Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Chef Knife

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6 Best Kiritsuke Knife Reviews in 2021 [Executive Chef Knife]

Kiritsuke knives are made by a combination of usubas and yanagibas knives. Usuba knives are used to slice vegetables whereas yanagibas knives are used to cut raw fish for sushi, as kiritsuke is a combination

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