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▷Nenox Knife Review [Things that Makes Difference]

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2021)

If you are on this page you must be expecting a review of the Nenox Knife. To all the elite chefs worldwide, especially those from Tokyo,  Nenohi Nenox knives have great value. Since 1993, custom knifemaker Yusuke Sawada has been making this knife combining modern technologies, materials, and traditional craftsmanship together.

Very few knife brands have shown the courage of selling their product at only to a professional level and Nenohi is one of them. This Japanese cutlery has two brands. One is called Nenox and the other is called Nenohi. Nenox is for the production of western-style knives whereas Nenohi is for traditional-style Japanese single bevel knives. It was first established in 1975 by Norio Sawada.

Nenox Knife Review in Detail

The knives from the Nenox brand grew so popular and so fast that the brand failed to make a huge production for the department stores. Hence, they later decided to make it exclusively for the professional chefs out there. 

Nenox custom knives are also exclusively made by Sawada San. Read the full article to know more about Nenox knives.

Top 3 Nenox Chef’s Knives

As Sawada San produces and designs Nenox knives, there is an unannounced guarantee of materials and quality in the knives. He never compromises with the materials and gives peak attention to the details. With constant improvement, Nenohi offers Nenox knives with versatile features. 

Nenohi Nenox Corian Gyutou 10.5" (27cm) - Right

Nenohi Nenox Corian Gyutou 10.5″ (27cm) – Right

Nenohi Nenox G-Type Chef's Knife 8.2" (21cm)

Nenohi Nenox G-Type Chef’s Knife 8.2″ (21cm)

Nenohi Nenox Corian Yo-Deba 6.4" (16.5cm) - Right

Nenohi Nenox Corian Yo-Deba 6.4″ (16.5cm) – Right

3 Different Nenox Nehoni Knives for Pro Chefs

1. Nenohi Nenox Corian Gyutou Knife Review

With the aim of producing Japan’s finest possible Western-style knife, Norio Sawada has established this major knife line named Nenox from the brand Nenohi. However, this Nenohi Nenox Corian Gyuto Knife is not an exception. This knife is also built with the best possible materials out there. The knife has a length of 10.5”. Nenohi Nenox Corian Gyutou knife review

The Nenox blade is made from high carbon stain-resistant steel. Just like any other Japanese knife, the blade is highly durable. The knife has a hand-finished edge and it is pre-sharpened. The most interesting part of the knife is that the knife has a thin Hamaguri bevel with a micro bevel of 60/40 for extra strength. 

Moreover, the knife comes with a C scale hardness Rockwell of 61. The handle of the knife is made of Dupont Corian. The bolstered handle has an elegant and ergonomic handle. The handle also has a metal end-cap. However, the full tang knife is connected to the handle with a total of two metal rivets.

Overall, this Nenox Gyuto knife delivers sharpness beyond expectation and will serve you for a longer period.


  • Suitable for cutting, slicing, dicing, and especially for chopping
  • The knife comes with a long blade 
  • The blade is resistant to corrosion, stain, and rust
  • Comes with a hand-sharpened edge
  • Durable sharpness and superior edge retention
  • The handle is carefully constructed and heat-resistant
  • The handle is also resistant to stain, pores, or any impact
  • Flexible, well-balanced, and looks great 
  • Full tang and strong

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  • Requires proper care and hand-wash only
  • Doesn’t have a sheath

Knife Specialty

The whole knife is special. It comes with a Nenox logo on the blade surface that confirms the authenticity of the knife to the customers. Moreover, the Hamaguri edge of the knife is extraordinarily sharp and the Dupont Corian handle is stuffed with resin and minerals that make it resistant to temperature and other impacts.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Western-style knife is beautifully designed combining art and technology. From its sharp edge to its ergonomic handle, everything will give you a feel of professional equipment.

2. Nenohi Nenox G-Type Chef’s Knife  Review

This is another Nenox knife from Nenohi. Having this chef’s knife is a dream come true. This is an 8.2″ knife that looks great and delivers a great deal of efficiency. This is a G-Type knife with a wider and pointer blade. The knife is as usual constructed with Nenox high carbon steel which is resistant to stains and is rust-free.Nenox G-Type knife reiew

Like all Nenox knives, this knife also has a Hamaguri edge. The double-edged knife is hand-sharpened and the sharpness is incredible. However, the knife comes with a 59-60HRC at C scale. This chef’s knife is suitable for all types of cutting purposes of any edibles. Moreover, G-Type indicates its strength and flexibility. 

Again, the knife comes with a black handle that resembles the Nenox Corian knife. However, the handle is made of paper maculate. It is a composite of compressed wood and paper. Hence, the handle looks amazing and it also feels great in your grip. It also feels effortless when cutting while holding the handle.

This double-edged knife has a Nenox logo on the blade surface. It is half bolstered so cutting larger veggies like cabbage and fruits like papaya and watermelon are easier with the knife. Weighing only 11.2 ounces, the knife works great. 


  • Comes with an elegant, smooth, and sleek look
  • Cuts, chops, slices, minces, dices perfectly 
  • The blade is thin, hard, and strong 
  • The blade is rust and friction resistant 
  • Comes with a double-edged and hand-finished blade
  • Great sharpness and superior edge retention
  • The handle is comfortable and fits in any hand
  • The knife is well-balanced with the blade and its sharpness
  • Flexible, durable, and speeds up the job
  • Full tang construction

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  • The handle should be kept away from water
  • It is not dishwasher safe 
  • Requires safe storage

Knife Specialty 

If the knife is Nenohi Nenox then it is already special. However, this knife is equipped with great features and materials. This 8.2″ knife is double-edged and prone to cut almost everything in one single stroke. Again, its handle of black paper Micarta is also a significant material to build a knife.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nenohi Nenox G-Type Chef’s Knife is attractive and runs as you wish. This knife perfectly suits commercial kitchens and home kitchens; this knife is a slayer.

3. Nenohi Nenox Corian Yo-Deba Knife 

With some more unique features here comes the Nenohi Nenox Corian Yo-Deba knife. This is a Yo-Deba-style knife that indicates the Western-style version of Japan’s traditional Deba. This feature is used for knives for cutting small bony meats, semi-frozen foods, and fish.Nenox Knives Review

However, this is a 6.4″ heavy-duty knife. The blade of the knife is made of Nenox highest grade high Carbon Stainless steel. The blade is completely resistant to dullness. The hand-finished edge is razor-sharp right out of the box. Moreover, it is double-edged and has a 60 to 69.5 Hardness Rockwell C scale rate.

The handle of the knife is somewhat white or ivory in color and has an eye-catching look. It is also made of Dupont Corian which is laminated with resin and other useful minerals. The handle feels sleek and good in your hand because of its curvy feature. 

However, the handle is double-riveted. It is a full tang designed knife that is hard and sturdy and at the same time flexible. The 6.4″ knife is likely to sort out all your kitchen cuttings. Even in the busy kitchen, this Nenohi Nenox will serve as a great help.


  • Suitable for cutting any edibles including meat with small bones
  • Comes only at a size of 6.4”
  • Easy to handle and cuts with a rhythmic flow
  • The blade is highly durable and super-resistant
  • It has a hand-sharpened double-edge 
  • Superior cutting edge and edge retention 
  • Great ductility and flexible
  • The handle is small and feels great 
  • Comes in a great color
  • Full tang and double riveted

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  • May not fit people with a larger hand
  • Requires hand washing every time

Knife Specialty 

The knife has a Yo-Deba featur which is inspired by the Japanese traditional one. This Western-style knife is a perfect reflection of the Japanese tradition. Its blade, edge, handle, and even end-cap are made of materials that are high in quality and lasts for a long time.

Bottom Line  

Overall, the Nenohi Nenox Corian Yo-Deba Knife is another knife worth trying from the Nenox line. This knife will certainly slay the kitchen by both its looks and performance. Adding extra décor to your kitchen, this knife will serve you for years.

FAQ’s about Nenox Knife Review

1. Why Should you use a Nenohi Nenox Knife? 

If you are a knife enthusiast or a professional and attached to the cutlery sector for a long time then you certainly know why  Nenohi Nenox knives are so hyped. For their best materials, best production technology, and methods, the knives are prone to serve you beyond your expectations years after years. 

Hence, if you actually want a quality knife you may want to consider Nenohi Nenox knives.

2. Are Nenox Knives any Good? 

Indeed! The knives are made of the highest grade high carbon steel which makes them great. Moreover, the manufacturer of these knives has its own production methods and techniques. For the edge sharpening process, they use the unique Hamaguri method which makes the knives more special.

The handles are also made of quality materials and they are absolutely resistant to the harmful impacts of weather. Hence, if the production materials are the best there is no way the product can go wrong. 

3. Who Manufactures Nenohi Nenox knives?

Nenox line knives from Nenohi are made by the traditional craftsmen of Japan who are honorably certified by the Japanese government. These craftsmen are called Kajiya and Togishi which means blacksmith and master sharpener respectively. They belong to the knife making families that have a history of making knives for more than four hundred years.

However, the knives are finally specialized by the custom knifemaker Sawada San who polishes and finishes the knives. 

Wrap Up 

Nenohi has been a well-recognized and famous brand since it was established. Since then the brand has introduced different knife lines and Nenox is one of them. The brand has only gotten better with their knife production. From the materials to the production process a Nenohi Nenox knife has to go through several details including polish, design, and perfect finish. Hence, these knives get five-star ratings from their users. 

After a lot of research, we only found good things about  Nenox knives. These knives are certainly worth buying and the knives will only add some more to your kitchen. Let us know if you have had a clear concept about our reviewed models and leave feedback as well.


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