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Kasumi Chef Knife Review [Japanese Craftsmanship DNA]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Now, that you have clicked on this page you might be expecting a review on the Kasumi Chef Knife. Kasumi is also a Japanese knife brand that offers knives within a considerable price range. If you want to add a Japanese knife to your cupboard but going out of the box then Kasumi has a lot to offer you.

Japanese knives have always ruled the cutlery market. They are versatile and come with very different properties. Unlike the German knives, they are thin and have evil sharpness. Thankfully, Japan has a large number of knife brands and you might know some of the names as well like the Yoshihiro or Shun knife brands. 

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You require a Japanese knife which means you demand a knife that is well-crafted following the Japanese traditional method. Now, it is to see if the Kasumi Chef Knife has it all or not. Go on reading the article and you will know.

Kasumi Chef Knife Review in Detail

A chef knife is meant to be an all-purpose knife. It should be made of materials that are high in quality and the production process and technology should also be advanced and improved. However, the Kasumi Chef knife is also made traditionally inspired by the Japanese sword making techniques. To have a clear perception, let’s get to the details.

Blade and Material Of Kasumi Knives Vs Shun or other Japanese Knife

The blade is the main part of a knife. It has to be made of the best quality. Hence, like all the best quality Japanese knives the Kasumi Chef Knife blade is also made of the VG-10 steel. VG-10 steel is considered one of the best steel for manufacturing knives. The steel is tough and has machinability and easy to grind. 

The steel contains molybdenum and chromium that helps in holding the strength of the steel. However, this Kasumi knife comes with a longer blade of 8-inch and most of the chef’s knife comes with this length which is standard. The V-Gold No.10 stainless steel blade of the knife also comes with a beautiful Damascus pattern.

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The Damascus pattern on the knife surface is made from 33-layers of stainless steel. To manufacture the blade completely and to make it strong and long-lasting the blade has to go through the tempering process as well. Overall, this forged knife blade is extremely hard with a standard hardness rate. 

Edge Of Kasumi KnivesKasumi Chef's Knife knife review

As a Japanese knife, the Kasumi Chef knife also has scalpel-like sharpness. As it is said before that the knife blade has a Damascus pattern with the forging steel layer, only the middle layer works as the cutting edge of the knife. Moreover, because of the high-quality VG-10 steel, the knife is super sharp right out of the box. 

Again, to give it superior edge retention the blade is forged with vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, and also cobalt. Moreover, these materials help easy sharpening of the edge. The sharpness of the chef knife is suitable for cutting and edibles like veggies, fruits, and meats. 

Moreover, unlike other knives, this Kasumi knife has a larger edge which is suitable for cutting any larger fruits or veggies. Then again, the edge is double beveled that means this knife can also be used by left-handle knife enthusiast.


The handle of the Kasumi Chef’s Knife is also unique and made of quality material. It is equipped with an asymmetrical handle. The handle is made of Pakkawood. It is constructed with multiple layers of the Pakkwood. Then the handle is coated with a plastic resin. 

This laminated Pakkwood feature makes the handle sleek, smooth, and easy on the grip. The handle also connects the blade with two rivets. The handle comes in black color. However, the handle is capable of balancing the knife while dealing with larger things. It perfectly sets on the hand and likely to cut effortlessly. 

Balancing with the blade, the handle works rhythmically while cutting, chopping, or dicing.

Design Of Japanese Kasumi Knife

This is the most elegant looking Chef’s knife so far. This Kasumi knife weighs only 11.6 ounces and comes with an 8-Inch blade which is suitable for any cutting purpose. To keep the Japanese tradition the surface of the knife has an excellent Damascus pattern. It also reflects the characteristics of the Samurai sword. Moreover, the company’s logo on the blade surface also makes it classy. 

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The long knife is full tang and connected to the handle with rivets. The two rivets on the handle give an excellent look by balancing the whole knife. The upper part of the handle has a bolster that ensures safety. Especially, the knife is made for all cutting purposes. Following Sumikama’s technique the whole knife forged and featured. Overall, the Kasumi – 8 inch Chef’s Knife is a great addition to any kitchen.

User Experience of Kasumi Knives Review

With five-star rating, this Kasumi knife has owned hundreds of hearts. People love this knife because of its best quality and super sharpness. The found the knife has a great shape and perfectly placed in hands. Moreover, for commercial kitchens, this knife has also played a significant role. Even for gifting this knife is very suitable. 


This chef’s knife from Kasumi arrives with a lifetime guarantee against any faults or defects of the knife. The knife ensures lifetime efficiency yet, if any defects are detected then you can use the guarantee card.

ProsKasumi Knife review

  • Suitable for cutting, chopping, slicing, cubing and all
  • Cuts through any edibles and suitable for commercial kitchens
  • Blade and handle are made with the best possible material
  • The blade is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • The edge is razor-sharpened and easy to sharpen
  • High edge retention and highly flexible
  • Ergonomic handle and fits in any hand
  • Cuts effortlessly and rhythmically 
  • Full tang, well balanced and has bolster

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  • A bit expensive
  • Requires caution while using 
  • Needs proper storage
  • Doesn’t come with a sheath

FAQ’s on Kasumi Damascus Chef Knife 

1. Is the Kasumi Chef Knife any good? 

Yes, the knife is infused with only good things. There isn’t any way this knife could go wrong. With the absolute balance, sharpness beyond expectation, and everything else the chef’s knife is more than just good. With Sumikama’s technique, the knife gets its complete formation and ready to be sold.

2. Why the Kasumi Chef’s Knife is different from other knives?

The main difference is that the knife is not as expensive as the other Japanese well-recognized brand. Yet, the knife offers a quality product with satisfying performance. Moreover, this knife adds a great appearance to the kitchen.

3. Is the knife suitable for commercial purposes?

The Kasumi chef’s knife is certainly a great knife for a home kitchen but it also has the capacity of handling a commercial kitchen with somewhat whole day’s work.

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Wrap Up

In total, choosing the Kasumi Chef’s Knife can never go wrong. You may find hundreds of Japanese knives in the market but only a few of them will meet your budget, need, expectation, and most importantly satisfaction. Hence, this is the knife you might be looking for for your cooking purpose. With an incredible blend of art, tradition, and technology the knife should be on anyone’s wish list.

The knife looks and works great at the same time. You get these two very rare and when you are getting it you should not miss it anyhow. However, if only you think this knife will get enough of you then try it and let us know about your experience. 


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