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5 Best Kiridashi Knife for 2021 [Japanese Expert Recommended]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Do you search for the most effective and useful Japanese Kiridashi Knife? Well, there are so many kinds of knives available in the market and online too. But choosing the most effective one according to the work is tough and confusing. But the solution is simple.     

The meaning of the word KIRIDASHI is ‘to carve out’. It’s a Japanese word. Kiridashi Knife is a traditional kind of knife that is basically a small utility knife.  

As its name, it is a knife with Japanese origin with a budget-friendly advantage. The Kiridashi knives are also used as marking knives which are generally used by carpenters. These knives are generally used for grafting, carving, prying even for daily uses. 

There are several works which can be done through Kiridashi. And to select the proper one according to your working process, let’s check the top 5 Kiridashi knife and see how it works.      

5 Best Kiridashi Knife: Reviewed in Detail

Kiridashi is known as the utility knife which is used for different types of carving and grafting. And though it has several working processes, choosing the right one according to the need and working style is a must. 

But some people might have confusion about the techniques and varieties of these knives. So, checking all major kinds of knives is necessary. To solve the dilemmatic factor of your mind, let’s dive into the explanation section to get the proper idea of every basic Kiridashi knife.       

 1. Kiridashi Knife (Ittoryu) Made in Japan craft knife

The product from Japanese Ittoryu is quite wonderful. It has a lighting and polishing feature which helps to do the work properly. Besides, it helps to keep the knife sharp and keep a good balance between sharpness and safety.      

The product is well-packed and you can easily find unused and undamaged one. The manufacturer of this product packs this with a non-retail packaging. That means it will be delivered in an unprinted box or any kind of plastic bag. So, it will be less harmful.        

Overall, if you want a crafting tool to get your work done properly then you should definitely try this tool from Japanese Ittoryu. As it’s a right-handed tool, the people who are habituated to work with the right hand, it will be much easier for them to work but not for left-handers. To add more collection of knives, you can definitely have this kind of a tool. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 90.7185g
  • Manufacturer: Ittoryu
  • Length: 180mm (7″)
  • Package size: 10 x 5 x 2.5 inches 
  • Material: White Steel
  • Made in: Japan
  • Imported details: from the USA
  • Techniques: Traditional techniques
Available on Amazon


  • Sharp on delivery
  • Well packed
  • Ensures safety
  • Precision finish


  • It will be tough for left-hander as it’s a right-handed knife

2. Bangdan Japanese “Kiridashi” Carving Knife

Bangdan Kiridashi knives are another one that is made in Japan with their traditional procedure. They made it with care as it is a traditional way to make these knives. And for that, the outcome will be much authentic and you can hope to have the best benefit which a knife should give you. 

This is the Kiridashi knife which is of the left bevel. That’s mean it’s best for left-handers. Generally, knives for right-handers can be found easily and left-handers got in trouble. And if you are one of them, you can then surely choose this kind of a tool. It has two layers of hand-forged hardened steel that can give you a better experience of cutting and carving.   

The best part of it is you can use it for creative cutting as well as general works. Basically, it’s great for general works which most people need. This carving knife from Bangdan has the luthier parts which will give you a better experience of carving. 

So, you should definitely try this one if you are carving lover. And if you are focusing on the carvings and want to want an easy-going tool for carving things easily, we highly recommend this one. So, try and get the best experience of it. 

Major Features

  • Length: 15mm 
  • Made in: Japan
  • Bevel: Left
  • Total length: 170mm
  • Blade width: 15mm
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  • Suitable for left-handers
  • Have two layers of hand-forged hardened steel
  • Great for general work
  • Has luthier parts


  • Not appropriate for right-handers

3. Daigoro Kiridashi Craft KNIFE Large

Daigoro knife is another Kiridashi knife which is great for crafting. This is quite bigger and for that, it helps to get the work done fast. It has 8.6 inches blade that helps you to handle the tool easily and work in that way you want. 

The product from Daigoro is made of steel which is also a benefit. It is because the steelworks properly to cut and especially in crafting, it will be easier. The edge of this blade is super sharp and has pointed edges. This feature of a blade always helps to cut things in a proper way. So, this product is also another amazing thing which you can have it in your collection. So, try this out if you want proper work and a better experience.      

Major Features

  • Weight: 80g
  • Size of the blade: 8.6 inches
  • Brand: Daigoro
  • Material: steel
  • Edge: pointed
Available on Amazon


  • Amazing sharpness
  • Can do several cuts


  • Taking less safety can do harm

4. Pocket Kiridashi Utility Knife

This is something different kind of a knife you can ever have. They discovered it and making it a really good technique. It is made of stainless steel so that it won’t get stained easily. Having stainless steel is important for any knife. And this product has this quality so you can’t take this quality as a preferable one. 

The style of this utility knife is different from others. It’s a chisel grind and that’s mean it has one side bevel. And this quality makes the knife more attractive and effective. It’s basically a pocket knife and thus it’s handy. It uses a 220 grit belt so that the knife can get a proper and smooth finish. 

The blade of this product contains a sharp razor and a smooth finish. So, it will be the best and easy way to work with it. It is because it can give you proper outcome with its sharpness and also ensures safety for its smooth texture. So, it is indeed a complete package as a knife. 

The blades can take much heat as it has heat-treated quality in it. It includes a cover which is made of leather. And for the quality of the cover, it also will cover and protect the knife well. Thus, it won’t harm anybody in any way. Overall, we highly recommend this Kiridashi knife if you want to experiment because of it worth the price and also for creating creative ideas. 

Major Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: One side bevel (chisel grind)
  • Process: Uses a 220 grit belt for making a smooth finish
  • Designed as: A pocket knife


  • Has heat treated quality
  • Sharp blade
  • Smooth finish
  • Leather sheath included
Available on Amazon


  • Doesn’t have a belt clip or loop

5. Ittoryu KW-1/Japanese Kiridashi Craft Knife

This Kiridashi knife from Ittoryu is good from crafting. The blade of this knife is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of wood. These two combinations of a knife definitely give you better safety because the handle will give you better comfort and a stainless blade gives you better cutting experience which is amazing itself. 

The single-edged blade will make this knife more powerful and sharp. The length of the blade is 70mm and the whole length of the knife is 175mm. The incredible Kiridashi knife is made in Miki City, Japan. The whole process is executed in a traditional way. It has a handle of Bubinga material and has no required batteries. The sharpness of this knife is wonderful. 

Overall, this product is actually worth your requirements. It’s wonderful too especially for crafting works. If you are one of them who are looking for a crafting knife, this one is the best. So, you can get it to see the results on your own.       

Major Features

  • Total length: 175mm
  • Blade length: 70mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade type: Single-edged
  • Production country: Japan
  • Handle: Wooden
Available on Amazon


  • Sharp blade
  • Required no batteries
  • Has a handle of Bubinga material


  • No included batteries

Things need to Check Before Buying Best Kiridashi Knives

When you are about to buy a knife especially when you are at your work and want the suitable one for that, some important things you need to know and need to be concerned about. So, let’s check it out and get more information about it so that you can purchase the best one according to your preferences.    


To know the weight details of a whole knife is something important because the quality of performance also depends on the weight of that knife. If the knife if way too light, it will be difficult to work with it. It can be dangerous also. Besides, if a knife is heavy, it also can be the dangerous one. It is because when you are going to work with it, you will face difficulty. It can be a more unsafe issue to work with a heavy knife. It can harm easily.    

According to research, choosing a lighter Kiridashi knife is better than the heavy one. It is because heavy knives are difficult to handle. It is also tough for moving one place to another. So, we recommend you to choose the lighter one.    

At last, you must check the weight of s knife before you are going to buy a new Kiridashi knife. That’s how you can get the complete benefit of it.    

Blade material

Knowing the material of that blade which you are thinking of buying is important. It is because if you won’t know the details of the important part of a knife, you can’t get the actual need of you. It is because different types of knives have different types of blades. So considering the right one according to your work is important.    

Kiridashi knives have different kinds of blades according to different kinds of protection. So, select the right one according to the need. And for doing it in the right way, you must know the types and details of blades first. 


As a blade is the essential part of a knife, the sharpness of that blade is a must. It is because if the sharpness isn’t there, it’s of no use to choose that kind of a product. That’s the reason, when you are buying a knife, check if the sharpness of it is proper or not. 

Besides, you also should be careful of its appropriate sharpness. It is because if the sharpness is more than its need, it can be unsafe for you. Also, know what kind of a knife will be suitable for your job. After that, select according to this.     


The conceal-ability fact is itself very important to know because not every blade can conceal easily. It mainly depends on the size of the blade. Generally, 3 or 4 inches of blade conceals more effectively. According to the professionals, they recommend a Kiridashi knife with a length of 3 or 4 inches.  

In case of self-defense, you should go for the extended size of a knife to penetrate into hardwood as well as softwood in an easy way. So, get cleared of the thing before buying.    

Handle material

400;”>Different types of Kiridashi knives have a different type of handle. Some are made of wood, some are made of leather, and some are made of metal and so on. That’s the reason you should be careful of which material is used for the handle. It is important because there are a lot of handles available with those knives but not all kinds of knives will suit your job. 

Besides, there are a lot of handles that you won’t find them useful for your use. So, checking this fact is necessary. It plays a vital role especially when you are choosing a Kiridashi knife. So, know the total information about its handles first then purchase the right one according to it.     


You always should check twice before purchasing any best knife. As knives are the most important thing, you should choose them wisely. It relates to the safety of yours and others also. So, you must choose a Kiridashi knife from the best brands. Yes, the brand is important especially when your safety is involved. So, better is to select a knife after checking about the best brands. 


Checking the reviews is also an effective way to choose wisely. Not everyone does it generally. But if you want the best one for you, then you must check the reviews of that product. And once you are done with it, then you can choose accordingly. 

If you won’t do check the reviews of a product, you will never know the exact advantages and disadvantages of it. That’s why it’s compulsory to check the reviews. After checking it, you can select easily and you will be left without any doubt. So, do it first and then buy it.     


Design is the most important part of choosing any product. The outcome mostly depends on it. Researchers suggest that you should go for the ergonomic model when you are going to buy a Kiridashi knife. The reason is Kiridashi knife can give you a better experience of working. 


Be in a comfort zone is so important while using a product. It is because there’s is no need to use or even Purchase that product which can’t give you better comfort. And when you already know which product can give you comfort, then it will be easier to choose. 

So, check the details and also reviews for better comfort. Ergonomic models of Kiridashi knives are more useful which can give you better comfort. It can give you all the comfort which you actually need. So, we suggest you choose this one and get more support.    

FAQs on the 5 Best Kiridashi Knife

What is a “Japanese Kiridashi Knife”?

Japanese Kiridashi Knife is one of the best and the most famous Knives made in Japan. It is a traditional Japanese Knife and it is made in their traditional way. It serves the best experience of cutting and carving wooden stuff. It supports the holder to cut things by wasting less energy. The results of it are smooth and accurate cuts. Though it has a super sharp blade, it can cut fast which saves time.      

Is there any difference between a left-handed knife and a right-handed knife?

Yes, the main difference between these two knives is the bevel sides. These are basically of two kinds. Left bevel knives are for left-handers and these are the left-handed knives. On the other side, right bevel knives are for right-handers which are called right-handed knives. It makes a huge difference between these two types of knives.      

Does water stains on the blade affect its performance?

Stains on the blade make a lot of troubles. It’s generally a cosmetic problem. In that case, you can use a rust eraser. It can remove stains as much as possible. That will be better for it. You can also use knife oil to do the process easily.     

How often should I sharpen my knives?

Well, it depends on the types of sharpening. There are two types of the sharpening process. One is single-edged and the other is double-edged. You should do sharpening according to the situation of the knife. 

There is no certain time period for sharpening. You should sharpen the edges when it’s needed. If the blade is just starting to be a little bit blunt, then you can give it a single-edged sharpening. And if the bluntness is excessive, then you should go for the double-edged sharpening. Basically, it’s all depending on the situation of the blade.          


Kiridashi knives are those which are made with gentle hearts and their traditional way. Knives are sometimes which helps a lot for cutting things. But it is also a dangerous thing. It is because it can harm you and other people also. So, getting the right one and making a safe place for everyone is that much more important.    

SAFETY comes first! No matter how amazing the product is and how amazing you are working. Nothing matters more than the safety of any human. Make sure which product you are going to purchase can give you complete safety. And if some can’t give you this, then avoid it no matter how famous the brand is. 

So, make a purchase of these traditional knives and make you worth it. Shop well, purchase wisely!    


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