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▷Shun Vs Global Knives [I choose Shun Knives, Check Why]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Shun and Global both are the name of knife brands and produce Japanese-style knives. If you ever have heard about the name Shun for knife-talking then along with it, the name Global also comes. Though there are huge differences in the production method of both the branded knives yet, they are famous among knife enthusiasts. 

If you are looking for a perfect Japanese-style knife and confused between Shun and Global, then give a read to this article. Today, we are going to discuss in-depth of these two brands. You will get to know everything about them and will be able to judge by yourself which one comes first.

Not delaying any longer, let’s get to the main part.  Let’s start with the little introduction of Shun vs Global Knives 

Shun Knives

Shun, the name represents ‘The Peak of Perfection’ in the Japanese term and it actually maintains the theme while producing knives. Though through the Kai group (parent company), Shun started its journey more than a hundred years ago, it hit the market in 2002 with its best kitchen knives. top shun brand knives

With an excellent sharp edge, the Shun knives are precise and absolutely lightweight. It is known to everyone that the knives are handmade by super-skilled Japanese artisans. They literally mix tradition and technology together and create an incredible art-piece.

The different knife lines and collections offered by the Shun brand have created a different kind of fan-base. Overall, Shun knives are great with the combination of performance, precision, and beauty. 

Global Knives

Since 1985, the knife brand Global is trying its best to give the best of them. Over the years, the brand is succeeding unbelievably and producing hundreds of cutlery stuff. Sticking to the part quality, Global is a reputed brand. Each and every knife from this company is handcrafted by professional craftsmen.Shun Vs Global

Unlike other branded knives, Global knives have a totally different kind of appearance. The knives are compact and handy. With high-quality material, the knives are produced with pride. The handle of the Global knives is recessed with black dots that catch your eyes real quick.

With some of the striking features, the Global knives empower hair-splitting sharpness. With all of its Classic, NI, SAI, and Ukon collections Global knives are never a bad choice.

Let’s make it crystal clear to you with a simple comparison table between Shun and Global for better understanding. 

Let’s have look at the Special features of Shun vs Global knives Side by side

  • Shun knives are the Japanese-style knives made in Seki, Japan
  • Shun knives are made following the Kasumi traditional knife-making method
  • Shun blades are made of some of the high-quality super steel naming VG10 and VG-MAX, AUS10A, AUS8A and also high carbon Blue steel
  • Some of the Shun classic series knives have beautiful Damascus surface.
  • Shun knives are razor sharp with an edge angle of 16degree
  • The knives have superior edge retention with a hardness Rockwell rate of 61
  • Shun knives are produced following both the forged and stamped method
  • Shun handles are made of Micarta, Polypropylene, Pakkawood, Thermoplastic
  • The Shun knives come with full tang and full or half bolster
  • Global knives are also made Japanese-style in Tsubame, Japan
  • Global knives require three parts to be built, one is the stamped blade, a handle with two sides that perfectly match.
  • Global has its own produced blade steel named CROMOVA18 where 18 refers the chromium percentage in it.
  • The MO and VA indicate the molecules molybdenum and Vanadium that altogether create the best blades
  • Global knives are dramatically sharp with 17degree sharp angle
  • Global knives have 56 to 58 hardness Rockwell rate
  • The Global knives are only stamped
  • The Global handles are handcrafted with black dots or dimples
  • The Global knives are full tang and the blade steel runs from the tip to the bottom of the blade

Here are the Common Features We can found at both  Shun and Global Knivesbest Global knife brand

  • Like the Global knives, Shun knives are also designed and crafted mixing the tradition and culture altogether
  • Both the Global and Shun branded knives are made in Japan 
  • Both the brands construct seamless knives
  • Like the Global knives some of the Shun knives are hand-hammered or made following the stamping process
  • Like the Shun knives, the Global knives are also made of high carbon steel alloy that is high in quality
  • Like the Shun brand, the Global knife brand is also well-respected
  • As Shun knives are lightweight, well-balanced and flexible so are the Global knives
  • Both the branded knives are handcrafted by the skilled artisans

What are the Good Things about Shun and Global Knives according to User’s Experience? [Most Important part I guess]

  • For the evil sharp and super thin blade the Shun knives are made for cutting, chopping, peeling and most importantly slicing
  • Shun knife handles are made of high-quality material and resistant to rough temperature and water
  • Shun knives have a smooth , sleek and elegant look with high-end features
  • Shun knife blades are made of expensive high quality steel and durable enough
  • Global knife blades are also thin and hard and accurate for all-purpose cutting, chopping, slicing and all
  • For the black dimple features in the handle the Global knife handles are ergonomic, handy and feels great on grip
  • Global knives are also unique to look at and from their tip to end, they are made with the same steel product
  • Global knife blades with CROMOVA18 steel are highly qualitative and also affordable

Some issues should be aware of before choosing any Shun or Global Knives[ Don’t miss this]

  • For the extreme sharpness a Shun knife require re-sharpening frequently
  • For the very thin blade feature Shun knives seem more fragile, hence, a robust building might help it
  • Shun knives are expensive 
  • The knives are not dishwasher safe
  • Global knives also require sharpening repeatedly
  • Not that much sharp like other Japanese made knives
  • Global knives may seem smaller to larger handed people
  • Hand wash is suggested every time

Which kind is better between the Shun and Global [I choose Shun check Why]

Shun and Global brands produce common products and both the companies are famous worldwide for their incredible knife production. Though both of them are established Japanese brands yet, there are extensive different features and production methods. 

Shun knives are considered the best for its best representation of the Japanese-style look. The company never compromises with the quality of the building material. From the blade steel to the handle components all are made with the best possible material.

As the material quality comes with the best grade, the Shun knives are way too pricy. Again, a chef’s knife from the Shun classic or premier knife lines would be the best choice for all-purpose use. With a thin yet sturdy building feature, a Shun knife is everyone’s dream to have.

On the other hand, Global knives also do not lag behind.

With an extraordinary appearance, a Global knife is uniquely designed. The knives are sleek and modern. The extremely handy feature of the knife will do everything you want without wanting much pressure from you.

Though a Global knife is not the thinnest or sharpest one yet, it has a great price value. The knives also empower a great deal of edge retention. They are way comfortable for use and made ensuring all convenience possible.

Overall, if you want an extremely lightweight and fatigue-free knife then Global knives are highly recommended. With a low price, the global knives will last long. Then again, if you are looking for the real class in a knife the Shun will give you its best.

With better edge retention and an incredible patterned blade surface, a Shun knife will bang all your satisfaction level in moments. Following the 100-steps method, Shun knives can never be made wrong.

What is the best place to buy Shun or Global knives?

Shun and Global knives are well-known across the world and available in many countries of the world. All the knife lines of both the brands are available online and you can look at easily. The Global knives are also available on Bed Bath & Beyond and on Macy’s as well.

If you want to buy one going to the store then you find some of the boutique knife stores. Usually, Shun doesn’t offer many sales yet, you can keep eyes to grab the offers when announced. 

Final Words

Now that you know everything about both the Shun and Global knife brands, it is easier for you to judge which one you should go for. Both the brands are equally recognized and known for their immense struggle and years of long services. So, it would be unwise to prioritize one brand over the other. The choice completely depends on you. 

Know what you want and what would suit your kitchen. It’s not always the expensive one that will meet your needs. So, read the article carefully and make the right choice.


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