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Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Knife Review [ The Most Inexpensive Japanese Knife]

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

You will see many knives on the market, but the Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife is one of the best. Chefs say that using a high-quality knife to prepare wholesome and delicious foods can turn meals into something special.  This Gyuto knife is a versatile knife that will deliver an excellent performance every time you use it.

Foods have cells and fibers, and a knife can change how a food tastes, depending on how you use it. Using a poor-quality or dull knife can damage the cells and fibers. That’s why a knife’s sharpness is essential — so these cells and fibers aren’t damaged more than necessary.

Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Knife Review

The Blade

This Yoshihiro Knife is a knife used for fast chopping, slicing, dicing. This Knife rocks back and forth quite quickly due to the curved design, which is very stylish and sharp. Japanese-style traditional handcrafting and Damascus 16 layer steel with a VG-10 core makes this one of the best chef’s knives. The process hammers and forges the 16 layers of VG 10steel. In addition,  Damascus-forged steel creates a unique pattern on the blade, which helps prevent food from sticking to the knife as you cut.

There are three layers of steel with an HRC 60 center core for exceptional sharpness, durability, and edge retention. In addition, the mahogany wooden handle is well balanced, which is vital for any knife.

This Gyutu model is an excellent knife for entry-level cooks and also suitable for professional use.

400;”>Almost all Japanese knives are stain- and rust-resistant.  However, Damascus VG10 knives have a steel core and are stain-resistant, but they can form rust when improperly dried after washing.

Japanese knife edges typically range between 15-16 degrees, which is more acute than most European-forged knives, whose blades are 22 degrees. The extra sharpness means you can use this Japanese Gyutu knife for thin and precise cuts of meat and vegetables. However, it also requires additional safety awareness when using.

The Steel

Yoshihiro uses high-quality VG 10 stainless steel with a center core of HRC 60 steel. This composition means the blade is more durable than other knives, and its sharpness lasts longer.

Yoshihiro knife review

The Edge

A sharp kitchen knife is always best because it produces less friction and resistance as you are cutting or chopping. Dull blades can require more effort to achieve the same results. In addition, they can be more dangerous because you have to exert more force, and you may lose control of the knife.

This Yoshihiro knife is lighter in weight and thinner than others. As a result, you can easily sharpen the blade using a whetstone when it gets dull. However, due to the knife’s durable steel composition, you won’t need to sharpen it as often as other knives.

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The Handle

The handle of any knife should provide outstanding balance when you’re holding and using it.  Perfect balance makes traditional Japanese knives works of art. In addition, the premium mahogany traditional Japanese-designed handle offers the perfect balance for this full-tang knife.

In addition, the handle is not only good-looking, but it also provides a safe grip when you are using it. Finally, the best handle makes greater balance, and balance makes art. 

Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Knife Review


Professional chefs say that even using the best cutting board can adversely affect the edge. Use a honing time from time to time to sharpen the blade, and don’t wash the knife in a dishwasher. Instead, it would be best if you hand wash the knife using mild soap and warm water. Dry the knife thoroughly after washing, and store it in its case or a knife rack.


Manufacturer Yoshihiro
Knife Style Gyuto
Size 13.4 x 0.1 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Grade Damascus
Material VG-10 Stainless Steel
HRC 60
Bolster Material RARE Tapered metal
Handle Premium Mahogany Wood Handle
Origin Japan

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  • Reasonable price for the best quality
  • VG-10 Stainless Steel Core (HRC 60)
  • Clad in 16 layers of hammered Damascus steel
  • Premium mahogany wood handle
  • Full tanged for excellent balance
  • Hand-forged and made in Japan


  • This Yoshihiro Knife has high carbon steel and stainless steel layers; it might rust due to its high carbon content. So dry it thoroughly after each washing. has both high carbon steel and stainless steel layers. So it might rust for its high carbon property. So it’s better to keep it dry after every use.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Knife

Will This Rust If You Don’t Dry It?

 This Yoshihiro Knife has high-carbon and stainless steel layers; it might rust. So it’s better to keep it dry.

How Long Is the Blade?

200 mm

Are There Any Issues Using This Knife If You’re Left-Handed? What Kind of Bevel Does It Have?

It’s a double edge/bevel knife. Therefore, left or right-handed people can use it.

Is This Knife Suitable for Sushi and Sashimi?

This Gyumi model is an all-purpose knife, so you can use it to cut whatever you want.

Does This Knife Come With a Box or a Sheath?

It comes in a gold-colored box.

Where Is This Knife Made?

In Japan. Japanese steel is the best steel in the world.

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Final Words

Yoshihiro is one of the most reliable and trusted knife manufacturing brands, and this Yoshihiro knife is their most popular. So, if you’re thinking of buying an all-purpose, simple, premium-quality Japanese knife, this is one model you want in your kitchen.


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