Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife Review(PREMIUM ONE)

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2021)

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Yoshihiro is a 100 years old knife making company in Japan. From 2008 Yoshihiro it started selling knives in USA and all over the world through the online store. Here I’m gonna review a knife called Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Deba Japanese Fillet Chef Knife 8.25 Inch (210mm). Such a big name indicates some main features of the knife.

Japanese cutlery companies always make the special knife to make easy your hard job in the kitchen. Yoshihiro makes the handmade knife with their expert smiths. Hope we are going to enjoy this Japanese Deba Knife Review.

A knife has two main parts. Blade and handle. At first, we’re gonna talk about the blade of the knife.

The Blade

The blade is the business part of a knife. The blade of this knife is made of high carbon steel. An extra amount of carbon is used in order to make the blade harder. We can measure the hardness of the steel using Rockwell scale. The score of this Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife is 62-63. That is pretty good comparatively best Japanese deba knife. This white steel blade has a design look like mist pattern called Kasumi. Kasumi means mist. This pattern gives a soft hand feels to the surface of the blade. The knife is ground on one side and the other side of the knife is flat.

The Handle

It is a heavy knife with about 2 pounds of weight. To hold this knife you have to take a look at the handle of the knife. Japanese knife has different types of handle. Yoshihiro used a shitan rosewood handle. It’s a round shape handle. The handle and bolster have a strong influence on traditional Japanese handcraft style.

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This is the most important part of this Japanese Deba Knife Review, especially for this Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife Review. Even though this knife has a limited lifetime warranty facility. But to use such an expensive and sharp knife you should have some maintenance knowledge. Keep in mind that the blade is not damage due to bad cutting practices it could damage due to bad washing, sharpening, and storage practices. You should wash your knife between uses with hand. Make it dry, apply Tsubaki oil and store it out of your child’s reach. Using knife rack would be a good idea.

400;”>Japanese cutlery uses carbon steels which are not stainless. Don’t be afraid of that. Proper using of the knife will give you a long time satisfactory service. Sharpen the knife with a traditional Japanese premium water stone. It will sharpen your edge and will take care of your blade as well. A traditional Japanese style sheath is given with the knife.

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Basic information on Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife Review at a glance

Manufacturer Yoshihiro
Item name Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Deba Shitan Handle Japanese Fillet Butcher Chefs Knife 8.25″(210mm)
Item weight 2.1 pounds
Item dimension 19.1 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches
Item size 8.25 inches or 210mm

Japanese Deba Knife Review


  • Mist pattern will give you a good gliding facility while cutting.
  • It is a single edged Deba knife so you can make fish fillet very easily with it.
  • Hard and thick steel ensures the durability.


  • The knife is very expensive.
  • The steel is not stainless and it needs extra care.
  • It is not a multipurpose knife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: I am not a professional chef is it a good choice to buy this expensive knife?

Answer: To have this absolute beauty from Yoshihiro you do not need to be a professional chef. But keep in mind that it is a special knife for making fish fillet. If you don’t like fish then avoid it.

Question 2: is this knife a full tang, I don’t find anything about it in this Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife Review.

Answer: Absolutely Yes,  About 4 inches of the steel is in the handle.

Question 3: What about corrosion resistance?

Answer: Don’t worry about that. High carbon steel gives the knife a long life.

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Final Words

Yoshihiro shiroko knife is a special knife from Yoshihiro company. This gorgeous looking knife will worth your money even though I said it’s expensive. All we know quality comes with a good price. Definitely, this Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife gonna satisfy you and I am sure you will be proud to have this in your kitchen.


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