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Shun Premier Chef’s Knife Review (Why so Trusted?)

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2021)

Those who like to cook, need a perfect knife to make their work easy and fast. To cut, slice and chop meat and vegetables we need a sharp, perfectly balanced, durable & multi-purpose knife.

Japanese knives are widely famous around the globe for a very long time. And Shun is known for its premier knives. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 6-Inch is a knife that can use for almost all purposes in a kitchen. Chefs like to slice both vegetables and meats with the sharp edge of Shun premier Chef’s knife.  

Let’s move to detail Shun Premier Review

Shun Premier Chef Knife

The edge

Knife makers are love to talk about the edge geometry which is first to the angle of the edge of the knife itself. Traditional German knives are 22 degrees on both sides but shun is sharpened to 16 degrees.

400;”>This means it is sharper than the traditional European knives. It can keep this kind of edge because it is strong enough. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife does it with its superior steel.

The Steel

Believe it or not, steel is a lot like cake. You might be thinking, what I am saying in Shun Premier Review! ok, let me explain,  All cakes contain common ingredients like flour sugar and butter. But they can also contain a lot of other stuff which even in a small amount can define the flavor, color, and texture.

In steel iron and carbon is like flour and sugar. The other substances which are in small amounts but have a significant effect on the quality of the stainless steel. Chromium, cobalt, vanadium, molybdenum, manganese are those substances. Shun uses VG-MAX super steel. Which is the improved version of the VG-10 steel. 

VG-MAX includes an additional amount of carbon. It actually increases the strength. To increase wear and corrosion resistance it uses more amount of chromium. It uses more cobalt to increase strength. Tungsten makes the steel very fine so it can produce a sharp edge. Vanadium enhances impact resistance and cutting performances.  Molybdenum boosts corrosion resistance and increases the strength of the steel.

Construction of the Blade

The Shun Premier Chef’s Knife is made by the Kasumi knife making technique. Kasumi is a Japanese word. It means ‘mist’. The knife has a smooth, soft exterior which is like mist. But internally it is very hard. So that it can keep a very sharp edge.

Kasumi techniques give the knife a facility of sharpening in a very easy way. The ancient samurai sword was made by this technique.The Shun Premier Chef’s Knife goes through a hammered Tsuchime finishing process. Two things are happening the knife gets a look that reminds us the ancient japan’s handcrafting techniques and generates some air pockets which look like a small hole that helps the blade not to drag out from the food. Foods are not getting stuck on the knife.  

The Shun Premier Chef’s Knife has a wonderful Damascus pattern on both sides of it. Damascus steel is known for its multiple layers. It helps the knife in two ways. It helps the cutting core to remain strong for a long time and also helps the blade to glide easily through the food.

The Handle

The handle of Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 6-Inch comes with pakkawood. It is constructed of the pieces of hardwood veneer dyed with bright colors and plastic resin, Pakkawood is waterproof. It doesn’t absorb moisture so there is no chance of slipping from the hand. The finishing of the handle is eye-catching. Two pakkawood handle is not exactly look alike. Here it has a similarity with natural wood.


This is really important to know, what you can do or can not do with your knife. Most of the damage on the cutting edge of the knife at home does not come from the bad cutting practices it comes from the bad washing and storage practices. Wash it with hands and dry it in the air. Store it in a knife storing rake. For sharpening, you can send it to shun or use a Whetstone knife sharpener

Basic Information of the Product Shun Premier Chef’s Knife

Item model numberTDM0723
Item dimension11 x 0.75 x 1.62 inches
Item weight4.9 ounces
Shipping weight4.9 ounces
Blade size 6 inches


  • Very Lightweight knife
  • Gorgeous outlook
  • Razor sharp
  • Very low chance of dragging
  • The hammered Tsuchime finish makes it a flawless cutter
  • Pakkawood handle gives a very comfortable grip


  • 400;”>Price of the knife is a bit higher.
  • You have to wash it with hands though it is dishwasher safe
  • The knife very sharp so there is a chance of abusing. You might skip this because everyone actually loves a sharp kitchen knife.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question 1: I am not a professional chef is it the right choice for me?

Answer: look, I have reviewed a lot of knives including this Shun Premier Review. Everybody who loves to cook and work in the kitchen can use it. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife awesome knife indeed.

Question 2: I think the price is very high for this kind of knife. Is it worth my money?

Answer: I know the price is a bit high but it’s a professional quality knife. You will get lifetime support from the shun. Definitely, your money’s not gonna waste.

Question 3: Does it need to clean immediately?

Answer: It is made of very hard metal. It will go to shine after a single wipe. So clean it when you are done working with it.

Final words of Shun Premier Review

Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 6-Inch is one of the best Japanese knives in the world. If you don’t want to waste your time and money just grab it your kitchen. Trust me it won’t let you down. Happy kitchen, Good food. Cheers!


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