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▷ Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Gyuto Knife Review

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2021)

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I am a fan of Japanese knives. They have impressed me in each way. They make knives following traditional design applying modern forging methods. Yoshihiro is a very famous Japanese cutlery company as well as Best Gyuto Knife brand in the world.

They are making knives for 100 years. Yes, 100 years with pride. They make premium quality knives and provide 600 selections for you. It would be very difficult for you to choose one or two from them.

Today I am going to introduce you to a most versatile and very essential kitchen knife from Yoshihiro knives. It’s called Yoshihiro Super blue steel Gyuto knife. It’s a homemade Japanese Super blue steel knife by the expert artisan from Yoshihiro.

400;”>Gyuto knife is specially made for cutting beef and fresh vegetables. Chefs use different knives for different uses. A chef can make his dish for beautiful and different from others by using proper knives. They use Gyuto knife to make beautiful slices of meat. Slicing and dicing fresh vegetables will be easier for you with this knife.

Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Gyuto Knife Review in Detail

The Blade

Yoshihiro knives always use best quality steel to make their knife sharp and durable. They used Super blue steel to make the blade. Carbon percentage in blue steel is 1-1.5. Chromium is 0.5%. Japanese blue steel knife lasts long and can make a sharp edge. The toughness of Super blue steel is very high. To make the steel fine and hard they follow a complex procedure.

The hardness of the steel in Rockwell scale is 62. Finishing of the blade surface is splendid. Sharpening Japanese blue steel knife is not as easy as white steel. But you can cut well with a dull blue steel knife. There is a beautiful pattern on the surface of the blade. It will surprise you.

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The Handle

I’m very sensitive to the handle of the knife. A comfortable handle will ease your working with the knife. This gyuto knife’s handle is made from shitan rosewood. You would like the color of the handle. This D shape handle looks like antique Japanese artwork and this actually give a premium look as well make it best Gyuto knife. It doesn’t catch moisture. It will give a good grip.

A beautiful sheath is included with this Yoshihiro knives. It is called Nuri saya cover. This double redwood bolster is made from nontoxic lacquer coating. The edge of the blade is safe in it.


The knife is a bit expensive. We all know expensive things need more care. I take care all of my knives with own hands and dry them in the air. Clean your knife between uses. Use soft cleaning liquids. Japanese knives have sharp edges that could misuse without proper care.

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Basic product Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Gyuto Knife Review


Manufacturer Yoshihiro
Item size (Blade) 9.5 inches
Item dimension 19×4.2×3.6 inches
Item weight 1.2 pounds
Steel type Blue steel #2
Handle Shitan rosewood
Knife category 400;”>Gyuto knife

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  • 400;”>Blue steel ensures you the toughness.
  • Super Blue High Carbon Core (HRC:65-66) ensures maximum hardness.
  • Shitan rosewood handle gives maximum grip.
  • Included Nuri saya cover protects the blade from abuse in storage.


  • The knife is a little bit expensive. But you know better the quality better the price.
  • It is a long blade knife. Somebody doesn’t like to work with long blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question 1: Made in Japan? Or outside?

Answer: Yes, no doubt about Yoshihiro knives. I checked it.

  • Questions 2: What is the advantage of a long knife?

Answer: Long blade will help to make beautiful slices of meat.

  • Question 3:  What is better blue steel #1 or blue steel #2?

Answer: Both are superb.

  • Question 4: The offer of free Nuri saya cover still exist with Yoshihiro knives?

Answer: I got it. As far as I know, the offer exists.

  • Question 5: Can the wooden handle be damaged?

Answer: It is not an ordinary wooden handle. Shitan rosewood is very hard and famous to be used in Japanese cutlery industries for a long time for best Gyuto knife. You don’t need to worry about that.

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Final Thought

Without a doubt, these Yoshihiro knives is a premium quality knife in the Japanese Knife Industry. If you are gonna hold it I am sure you are gonna love this knife. Because this is one of the Best Gyuto Knife I have researched yet.


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