Japanese Butter Knife Review

▷ Yoshikawa Japanese Butter Knife Review [What Makes Difference?]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

If you are using a dinner knife to spread butter on your bread as an alternative of a butter knife, then you should stop doing it there. Because this Japanese Yoshikawa EAtCO NULU butter knife is recognized lately to spread butter on your bread in the easiest way. Imagine your dinner knife cannot cut enough butter from the butter box and cannot melt your butter to spread it on the bread properly, so you are struggling with this forever. 

In a situation like this, the Japanese butter knife has great advantages. Also, it eases the regular lives like a life hack. Now, if you ask me about the service of this butter knife, I would ensure you that, it works way better than a knife. But in many cases, this butter knife may need more improvement according to many users. 

So, let’s explore the detailed review of the butter knife and come to a decision that, whether this knife is worth a try or not.  

Japanese Butter Knife Review

A butter knife should be as smooth as the butter and work buttery smooth as well. This Japanese butter knife can be a great example of this because it provides some great functionality which is marvelous in a word. Among the two parts of a butter knife, both serrated and non-serrated parts are important to look at when you are trying to find out the best kind of butter knife.japanse butter knife review

Yoshikawa Blade and Material 

No knife is called a knife if it isn’t carrying a blade. This Japanese butter knife is made of with the highest quality of stainless steel and the blade part is serrated because in that way, the butter can come up with a slide of the blade. To scrape the surface of the butter this Japanese knife is determined.

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 The alloy of stainless steel let the knife blade to cut even the bread nicely but not smoothly like a pro bread knife. The whole blade is about 3 inches in length which is objectionable to many of the users. Other than that, the teeth of the blade are so sharp that it doesn’t mind to scrape the solid butter and melt it on the bread. 


With the dull-edge, this serrated butter knife amazingly functions. Also, as the edge is not as sharp as a dinner knife, the knife actually tells the right kind of purpose its existence. What I meant is, this dull-edged knife is only meant to butter the bread, not to slice vegetables or anything like that. best japanese butter knife review

The point of the edge of the butter knife is also rounded rather than be sharp. It is because the round shaped edge helps better to grab the butter balancing the force of the user. Also, the edge is the most comparative example between a butter spreader and a dinner knife.


The handle of the Japanese butter knife is another important part, as it is also made with the same stainless steel except this part is not sharp. The handle is .5 inch longer than the blade part of the butter knife. The handle has a flat feature which enables the fingers and palm of the hand to carry it properly.

For the frozen butter, drag your handle across the butter grabbing the handle and see your butter coming thoroughly out of the serrated teeth. But for many people, the handle part is a little short for their hands which makes trouble largely. 

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As per the figure of the butter knife, this Japanese pro butter knife has full body stainless steel capture. With a serrated part the knife drags out the butter and smears it all over the bread. This knife is perfect for frozen butter. 

With the non-serrated part, the users hold it and this part is a little larger than the serrated part. However, it has slaying and modern design coping up with the contemporary world.

User Experience of Japanese Butter Knife

According to many users, this butter knife isn’t the most amazing one. But to some people, this knife is still wondered because of its superb features. The length of the whole knife is not so satisfying but the service it provides is not so bad. 

Overall, there are many brighter sides apart from the less amazing sides. Your frozen butter is all ready to be smashed on your bread by the kindness of this knife.     


The product provides a lifetime warranty which is satisfying enough.  

Yoshikawa butter knife review


  • An amazing feeling of using
  • Drags out the frozen butter easily
  • Pleasuring movement
  • Sophisticated look
  • Sleek and high-featured design
  • Can cut bread as well

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  • Doesn’t have a satisfying length
  • Unfrozen butter can cause trouble to be dragged out easily

FAQ’s on Japanese Butter Knife 

1. Why do you need a butter knife? 

A butter knife is an easy procedure for daily busy life. While you have to struggle with the dinner knife to cut a frozen knife, the butter knife helps you to take the right amount of butter for your bread to be spread. 

So it is a need because you value your time and so to ease your struggle, this butter knife is an amazing help. 

2. Is this Japanese butter knife harmful? 

Mostly, a butter knife can be harmful or dangerous because it has blade in it. Every blade related things are meant to be used with great care. And this is also a knife. So, it will treat you well if you treat it well.

Otherwise, this knife is less dangerous than a dinner knife or a pro bread knife.  

3. Is this knife worth a try?

Well, of course, the knife has gain this much reputation that it will not disappoint you in that intensive way. It does go with the design of the contemporary world so it evokes sophistication when you use it.

 Anyone who is concerned about having a particular knife to drag out the frozen butter, he or she should try this at least once. 

Final Words

Overall, this Japanese butter knife can come out as a successive buy because it has an obvious job to do and that is to spread butter on the bread. If you don’t give it a try, you’ll not understand its greatness. The knife has become a must in a busy life.

In conclusion, despite having some lacking, this Japanese butter knife can ease your work and make your life comfortable. If you get any good out of the knife, don’t forget to let us know.  


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