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10 Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100 [You Won’t Believe]

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You can buy a chef knife at 10$ and it’s hard to believe that there also have some knives of 1000$! It is not difficult to understand that higher the price higher the quality. But you need to know how much money you should spend to get the best affordable knife that can support you the best in every essential way in the kitchen. In this article, I am going to help you find a budget chef knife, Japanese Best chef knife under 100 $ more specifically if I say. Those who are looking for a great knife at a very convenient price. Then the article is exactly for you guys. Hang on and follow me.

In the title, I say 10 Japanese best chef knives under 100 dollars. So, it’s clear that I am gonna tell about Japanese knives only.  A question can arise, why Japanese knives?

Do you know the world’s top chefs are mad about Japanese chef knives? You can hardly find a famous chef who doesn’t use a Japanese chef knife. Foreign chefs are captivated by Japanese kitchen knives. Professional chefs are vastly experienced and have enough knowledge of chef knives from various countries.

Japanese chef knives are in the top of their favorite knives list. It is why because Japanese chef knives are made to keep the promise of having best features and who doesn’t like have maximum features in a single knife.   

What Are the TOP 3 Best Chef Knife Under $100?

Tojiro DP Gyutou - 8.2" (21cm)

Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″ (21cm)

Mac Knife Series Hollow Edge Chef's Knife, 8-Inch, 8 Inch, Silver

Mac Knife Series Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch, 8 Inch, Silver

Yaxell Mon 8" Chef's Knife - Made in Japan - VG10 Stainless Steel Gyuto with Micarta Handle

Yaxell Mon 8″ Chef’s Knife – Made in Japan – VG10 Stainless Steel Gyuto with Micarta Handle


List of 10 Japanese Best Affordable Chef knife Under $100

  1. Tojiro DP Gyutou 8.2″
  2. Mac Knife Chef Series Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife
  3. Yoshihiro VG-1 Gold Stainless Steel Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife.
  4. Misono Chef’s Knife.
  5. ZELITE INFINITY Executive Chef Knife.
  6. Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife.
  7. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Phantom Series ( Don’t Miss Special Discount)
  8. Shun VB0706 Sora Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch
  9. Hanzo Chef Knife Professional Knives.
  10. Kutt vacuum chef knife.

Every Year the number of people coming from abroad to Japan to learn cooking are increasing. These peoples got to Knifoholiclearn about Japanese tradition and traditional cooking instruments and knives. They learn how a knife can play a vital role in cooking. How professional chefs deal with a knife.

If you have a little knowledge about Japanese products then you must know that Japanese people make their products with maximum care. They are very innovative. They always use the best quality materials. Japanese chef knife is a good example of it.

Japanese chef knives are of various types. Some designs are not seen in the other regions knives. Some popular designs are being copied by other countries later on. But it is not satisfactory.  

I have a lot of chef knives of my own and I got opportunities to use different knives from the different parts of the world. Honestly speaking Japanese chef knives satisfy me the most.

Let’s have a look, what you will have in this article.

  • Why do I choose to write about this topic?
  • How do I select Best 10 Japanese Knife?
  • An individual review of 10 best budget kitchen knives.
  • Final verdict.

Let’s move to the Review of  Best chef knife Under 100 Dollar

#1. Tojiro DP Gyuto 

Tojiro Dp gyuto knife is a very simple chef knife. It is not like any other traditional Japanese knives. Due to a budget knife, it has fewer features than any other Japanese knives which come with a very high price tag. The maker Tojiro usually makes knives of cheap prices.

Tojiro DP gyuto is a simple slim and sleek knife. Made of stainless steel. So, you don’t need to attend extra maintenance. The knife is perfectly balanced and edged in both sides. Right-handers and left-handers both are able to use it with ease. A pointy tip of the blade will help you to make some tricky cut in the kitchen. Best Japanese Chef Knife Under $100 made in japan

A steel bolster is seen just before the plastic handle. The handle is riveted with the full tang knife. The handle has a sufficient grip.

Tojiro DP gyuto knife is a low budget effective knife. It can assist you in every cutting job at your kitchen.

The knife is not dishwasher safe. You should not put the knife in the dishwasher. Wash it with hands. Use mild soap or detergent. Keep the knife dry and safe.Check this out on Amazon


Slim and sleek.

Pointy tip.


Steel bolster.

Excellent grip.

Some features at a glance

  • Product Name: Tojiro DP Gyutou knife.
  • Product dimension: 14.4 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches.
  • Product weight: 10.2 ounces.
  • Manufacturer: Tojiro by fuji cutlery.
  • Steel type: Stainless steel.
  • Handle material: Plastic handle.

#2. Mac Knife Chef Series Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

Experiencing Japanese chef knives is too much excitement because of its surprising designs. Japanese knife makers always try to present you outstanding designs along with suitable size and shapes. They used A1 quality materials and unique Japanese forging techniques.

Yes, Japanese forging techniques are very old. A pure influence of ancient Japanese samurai manufacturing is seen in bare eyes. Mac is a famous Japanese knife maker. They are very popular for making a knife or cheap prices. Though the price is very much affordable but their designs will catch your eyes.Best Japanese sharpest Knife Under $100

Mac Knife Chef Series Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch is about which I am going talk about. This knife is made none other than high carbon steel. High carbon steel is vastly used in Japan at cutlery industry. High carbon steel ensures the strength of the blade. The blade is very thin. Only 2 millimeters.  

It is rust-resistant. Extra-ordinary sharpness can provide you flawless cutting experience. Though the blade is very sharp so the edge-retention should be very good. Due to original molybdenum steel, the blade has the superb edge-retention capacity.

The hollow designs at the edge provide you super slicing and cutting facilities.

Now take a look at the handle part. Japanese cutlery companies always try to use a wooden handle. A wooden handle is more comfortable than any other. Here in this knife, Mac used pakkawood handle. Pakkawood is very durable and comfortable. Three stainless steel rivets attach the handle to the full tang knife.

It is very important to secure the durability of your knife. Hand wash is recommended for this knife. Dishwasher won’t be a good choice.

The knife is genuinely made in Japan.Check this out on Amazon



Very thin blade provide extraordinary sharpness.

Superb edge retention.

Comfortable handle.

Durable knife.

Genuine Japan product.

Some features at a glance

  • Product Name: Mac Knife Chef Series Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife
  • Product dimension: 8 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Product weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Mac
  • Steel type: High carbon Molybdenum
  • Handle material: Pakkawood.

#3. Yoshihiro VG-1 Gold Stainless Steel Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife

Among all the Japanese cutlery company Yoshihiro is the most famous. It is one of the oldest cutlery industry of Japan. They made knives since early 1900. Ex-samurai makers turned into knife maker there.

I have experienced a lot of Yoshihiro knives. Some of these are very expensive. Today I am going to talk about a budget knife from Yoshihiro. A VG-1 gold stainless steel gyuto Japanese chef knife. From the name, you know that it’s a gyuto knife. You can make a slice of fish, meat, and vegetable with it. It’s a recommended one for slicing meat.  A gyuto knife is good at every cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing jobs.Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100

The blade of the knife is made from VG-1 gold stainless steel. This high-end steel offers a tremendous quality edge of the blade. The blade is very sharp that makes you confident to cut anything. The durability of the sharp edge is record-breaking.  

The size and the weight of the knife is perfectly balanced. You feel very effortless while working.

Yoshihiro always made high-end knives. Though it is a budget knife they still give it some premium features. The high-end mahogany handle makes this knife look like a premium knife. At this budget it is unbelievable. The handle is sleek and smooth. There is no question about the quality of the handle.

This excellent knife comes with 100% usable condition. If get dull you can re-sharpen it with a good quality whetstone. Hand wash is preferable. It is a genuine handcrafted Japanese knife.

Check this out on Amazon

Best Alternative of this knife


It can hold the sharpness for a long period of time.

Very lightweight.

Luxurious mahogany handle.

Some features at a glance

#4. Shun VB0706 Sora Chef’s Knife

Shun is one of the most famous cutlery company in Japan. They made hundreds of outstanding knives. Shun produces many high-end knives of expensive prices. But today I am talking about a budget chef knife from shun. Shun VB0706 Sora chef’s knife is an 8-inch knife made of VG-10 stainless steel. The san mai edge gives the knife stain-resistance property.Best Budget Chef Knife

The surface of the blade is mirror polished. They use Japanese 420J upper to make it. The edge is very sharp because of 16-degree angle each side. Two laser-cut cutting edge is welded together.Check this out on Amazon

Blade shape and handle design are like as traditional Japanese knives. There is a beautiful wavy pattern in the blade surface. The handle of Shun VB0706 Sora chef’s knife is made from textured TPE polymer. The traditional look handle gives you maximum balance and perfect grip even when the knife gets wet. You can easily go through juicy fruits, vegetables, meat.


Sharp and wieldy.

Can be used in the commercial work environment with outstanding results.

Simple design

San mai edge.

Mirror polished blade creates extra attraction.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Name: Shun VB0706 Sora chef’s knife
  • Product dimension: 14 x 0.8 x 2 inches
  • Product weight: 6.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Shun
  • Steel type: VG-10 Stainless steel
  • Handle material: Textured TPE polymer


  • No extraordinary.
  • Many people think it is overpriced.

#5. ZELITE INFINITY Executive Chef Knife

As you know today we are talking about budget Japanese chef knives. There are many manufacturers who proudly manufacture Japanese knives. Here I am trying to represent some budget knives from a different manufacturer. Here I am introducing you with Zelite Infinity. In the word Zelite, you know what ‘elite’ means. ‘Z’ stands for ‘Zorro’ the famous swordsman. ‘Infinity’ indicates that they are offering you a lot of choices.Best Chef Knife Under $100

Zelite infinity executive chef knife is an allrounder knife.  Here its key features you should know :

  1. Made from Japanese AUS8 high carbon stainless steel. Which is tougher than VG-10 steel. It provides better edge retention.
  2. Being a stainless steel blade it is corrosion-resistant.
  3. The blade is usually deep(50mm). Larger surface area ensures knuckle free movement of the blade.
  4. It is called a storm X finished blade. The 45-degree angled bolster and custom design heel give the blade an outstanding look. Any customer is bound to love this.
  5. The blade is sharp like a razor. The 12-degree angle at both sides. Japanese manufacturer makes this scary type sharp blade using honbazuke method. It can cut anything you want!
  6. Zelite infinity executive chef knife comes with a classic triple riveted pakkawood handle. The handle very sleek and beautifully finished. The new design of the handle gives you maximum comfort.
  7. Though it is a budget knife you will get a lot of satisfactory offers from the manufacturer. They are giving you very good warranty facilities. Your money is not gonna wasted because they offer you money-back guarantee.
Check this out on Amazon


Large and deep surface knife.

Storm X finished blade,

Razor sharp.

Highly satisfactory performances.

Money back guarantee.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Name: Zelite infinity executive chef knife
  • Product dimension: 13.4 x 2 x 0.9 inches
  • Product weight: 1.59 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Zelite infinity
  • Steel type: Japanese AUS8 high carbon stainless steel
  • Handle material: Pakkawood

#6. Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife

Miyabi Kaizen chef’s knife is made from VG-10 super steel. The blade is traditionally designed by Japanese knife manufacturing techniques. A very thin blade is used to make this knife. Here VG-10 super steel is covered by 65-layers of flower Damascus pattern. The edge of the knife is super sharp like a katana.Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 200

Like other traditional Japanese knives, it is hand-honed. The blade gets super sharpness by a three steps Honbazuke process. The angle of the edge is 9.5-degree to 12-degree. The blade is ice-hardened to Rockwell scale 60.

Miyabi kaizen series chef’s knife comes with a micarta handle. Linen pattern and mosaic pin with red spacers are seen in the handle. A ‘D’ shaped steel cap enhances its beauty at the bottom of the handle.

Miyabi kaizen series has a wonderful motto. Japanese for “improvement” or “change” for the better. Miyabi improvises knives for the next generation. Kaizen chef’s knife is in your budget and can fulfill your requirements in a very handful way.

Check this out on Amazon


Kaizen series is a very special series from Miyabi. The product is very improved.

The blade is super sharp like katana.

Ice-hardened steel.

Flower Damascus pattern.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Name: Miyabi Kaizen chef’s knife
  • Product dimension: 14.8 x 1 x 3 inches
  • Product weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Miyabi
  • Steel type: VG-10 super steel
  • Handle material: Micarta

#7. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Phantom Series Gyuto

Now I am presenting a new knife called Dalstrong chef knife – Phantom Series Gyuto knife. Dalstrong is a China-based company but they made Japanese knives. They are making next-generation knives. Knives from dalstrong are a bit different than any other traditional-looking Japanese knives. The look of these captivating knives will easily attract you. Phantom series is a very special series from Dalstrong because performance is the main importance in this series.Best Japanese Chapest knife

An exceptionally designed 9.5-inch long blade knife is made from Japanese AUS-8 Japanese steel. In order to enhance hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance the steel is nitrogen cooled and honed by expert craftsmen. The hard blade has maximum edge retention. The angle of the edge is lies between 13 to 15 degree each side. The edge got super sharpness by the honbazuke sharpening process. The spine of the blade is hand polished.

It has a durable laminated pakkawood handle with a D shaped cap at the bottom. The handle gets tucked easily into the palm. A copper and brass mosaic pin is seen in the handle.

Check this out on Amazon

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Next-generation knife.

Outstanding design.

Honbazuke sharpening process makes it super sharp.

Liquid nitrogen cooled steel.

Easily fits in the palm.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Name: DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Phantom Series Gyuto
  • Product dimension: 14.7 x 1.8 x 0.1 inches
  • Product weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Dalstrong
  • Steel type: Japanese AUS-8 steel
  • Handle material: pakkawood.


  • Made in China though they make Japanese quality knives.

#8. Misono Chef’s Knife

Now I am gonna introduce you with a chef knife which is from one of the oldest and well-established knife manufacturer called Misono. They have a 750 years history of knife crafting. Their home factory is in Seki city. Seki city is the home of knives and other cutlery products. The traditional craftsman of Misono has turned themselves into a modern knife makers. They do fusion in the manufacturing process with the help of modern technology. Misono is well known for making western-style Japanese knives.Best Japanese kitchen Knives Under 100

In my budget chef knife, Misono placed a good position.

This 8-inch chef knife is made from high carbon molybdenum stainless steel. The steel is ice-hardened. In the Rockwell scale, it’s score is 58. So no doubt about the hardness.

400;”>Sharpness is very good as any other traditional Japanese knife. The blade is rust-resistant. Edge retention is up to the mark. The Misono chef knife is a slightly western style knife. It is edged both sides which are usually seen in a western knife.

Like other Japanese chef knives, Misono chef knife comes with a classy look handle. In many expensive Japanese knives, we see pakkawood handle. Here in this budget chef knife we also get pakkawood handle. The pakkawood consisting of wood and plastic resin. The handle is attached with the full tang knife with three stainless rivets.

Check this out on Amazon


Excellent edge retention capacity.

Western look Japanese knife.

Very strong blade.

Full tang knife.

Beautiful and effective handle design.

Some features at a glance

  • Product Name: Misono chef knife
  • Product dimension: 13.8 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches
  • Product weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Misono
  • Steel type: High carbon # 13 chrome Molybdenum Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: Pakkawood

#9. Hanzo Professional Chef’s Knife

Hanzo is another professional Japanese chef’s knife maker. If you are looking for a professional knife at an affordable price than Hanzo knives deserve a look. The craftsmen from Hanzo are following old skills and traditional knife forging techniques. The knife is made from premium VG-10 steel. This high carbon VG-10 steel is corrosion-resistant, flexible and extremely strong. This razor-sharp knife is 4x sharper than its comparable knives. If you are looking for the sharpest knife at an affordable price then it is the best choice I must say. This katana series Hanzo professional knife is deliberately strong and stylish. Food preparation becomes easy and handy with the help of this all-rounder knife.Best Japanese Chef Knife under $50

Hanzo professional chef’s knife has a wonderful handle made from military-grade G10 material. The handle is completely slipping free. You can cut, chop, dice foods confidently without any fear of knuckling and slipping. The full tang blade is attached with the handle with three stainless steel rivets.  

Hanzo offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. They maintain a high standard of knife making and after-sale services.

Check this out on Amazon


Superior steel.

Stunning looks.

4x sharper than its competitor.

Military-grade handle.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Name: Hanzo professional chef’s knife.
  • Product dimension: 9.5 x 0.9 x 2 inches
  • Product weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Hanzo
  • Steel type: High carbon VG-10 premium steel
  • Handle material: Military-grade G10 material

#10. Kutt Vacuum Chef Knife Review

Kutt vacuum chef knife is one of the most stylish chef knives in a 100$ price range. Half mirror polish and half hammered design can easily attract a buyer’s eyes.  This 8-inch razor-sharp knife is made from premium VG-10 Japanese Damascus stainless steel. Hand-hammered Damascus pattern is seen on the blade surface. The overall knife is very shiny. The hammered Damascus texture reduce dragging and food residue.Best Japanese Chef Knife for money

Versatility is its main feature. At an affordable price in which buyers are looking for an all-rounder knife Kutt vacuum chef knife is the best choice I would say.

Pakkawood handle fulfills its feature. The copper rivets attached the pakkawood handle with the full tang blade. A wonderfully polished handle is easily tucked into your palm. The perfect shape of the handle makes your knife works effortlessly.

Check this out on Amazon


Super stylish design.

Damascus texture.

Versatile feature.

Deep surface.

Hammered and mirror polished surface.

Pakkawood handle.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Name: Kutt vacuum chef’s knife
  • Product dimension: 15.8 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches
  • Product weight: 1.81 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Kutt
  • Steel type: VG-10 Japanese Damascus steel
  • Handle material: Pakkawood

Why did I choose to write about Best chef knife under 100 bucks?

I know Japanese chef knives very well. I have a personal interest in various kitchen knives. I study them for a long time. I wrote an article about the 10 best Japanese professional knives before. In that article, there are knives which cost you a lot. Some of my readers asked me to write an article on 10 best Japanese chef knives under 100$. I think the price is a sensitive issue to amateur cooks and who use knives in the home kitchen.

I know 100$ is a huge budget for as usual knives. But for Japanese knives, it is not a very handful budget.

You can get Japanese knives under 100$ but you need to be careful about the feature. Some Chinese made look alike Japanese knives are available at a very low price. Don’t buy those knives. I picked 10 best affordable Japanese chef knives for you. You can buy any of them without any doubt.

How do I select 10 Best Japanese Knife under 100 $Knifoholic

Choosing 10 knives among hundreds of Japanese knives is not an easy job at all. I kept some major issues in my mind while choosing the best 10. My personal choices also take place here. But it also fulfills my requirements. The parameters that help me to select the best 10 Japanese chef knives are describing below.


Budget is the 1st thing that is in your head when you want to but anything. Obviously, the price was my first parameter to choose knives for this article. I selected knives under 100$. But surely price is not the only issue.

User Experience

User experience and handful usability is my another parameter. You can’t use every knife to know it’s merits and demerits. You have to rely on other people’s experiences. People post reviews on websites. They write about the advantages and disadvantages. I read a lot of user experience and reviews on the internet. Of course, I have personal experience of using some best knives.


Sharpness is a vital feature of Japanese knives. Many people like Japanese knives only for its unbeatable sharpness. Thin blade provides an outstanding edge. The degree of angle is lower than any other knives. Sharpness comes from the thin edge.

Edge retention

You are going to cost about 100$ for a sharp blade. The edge of the blade should have long-lasting durability. People use a kitchen knife for a long time and use daily. So edge retention must be sustainable. While selecting 10 best knives I prefer knives which have sustainable edge retention capacity.

Final Thought

Those who know a little about Japanese knives must have known that Japanese knives are a bit costly than any other knife. So, 100$ is not a big budget for Japanese knives. But now there are hundreds of choices in the market. Among those hundreds of choices, it is not easy to pick one.

In the above article, I tried to introduce you 10 best Japanese chef knife which is priced near 100$. The above information may help you to find your desirable knife. Here budget Japanese chef knives are reviewed and compared according to the important criteria that usually followed by the buyers.

All of these knives are able to fulfill your requirements. But there are differences in every knife each other. You can pick the one which is most nearer to your desire. Thank you.


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