Wusthof Legende Review

⫸ Wusthof Legende Review [Is it Best German Knife?]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Tired of using Japanese knife and now want some change in the kitchen life as a chef? Thinking of trying a German knife but cannot come up with the perfect knife yet?  Well, then this article is here to help you unconditionally. Many chefs have been seen to get confused if they want to try something out of the box. And in that case, Wusthof Legende can be the first choice for them. Check this review why would we saying this.

Basically, this German knife has got some different features that can impress a chef. Also, a complete knife can only be friendly if it is used on the right purposes. This knife is specially made for dicing, chopping or slicing fruits and edibles. But the question is if the knife is capable enough to do these jobs with perfection.

So without any delay, let’s just check out the details of the knife and if it is worth a shot to satisfy the chefs out there.

Wusthof Legende Review  

A knife is special when it is made with special care and qualitative materials. An ordinary knife fails to satisfy the hunger of the user because it is made with no extra care and with ordinary materials. But a perfect dish requires food that is cut with perfect size and these things are not a joke to the chefs. Cooking is a passion and to cook good food knife plays very important role. This Wusthof Legende knife is made with extra care and the features of it tell it all. Wusthof Legende Review

It’s hard to give a fine look to a knife. This German knife is almost ranked very high from its outside look and for its better services as well. Extraordinary functioning is bound to content the users. Even the knife enthusiasts can have the knife in their collection drawer. 

Blade and Materials 

It is the most important part of a knife. To have a minute and sharp blade, it is forged precisely. The stainless steel is very worthy to form the blade of this knife so perfectly. However, the blade has a special curve and for this it helps to cut the foods with less pressure and effort. The hardness of the blade is another thing to admire of. And it is determined to produce 58 Rockwell Hardness which is really huge.Wusthof Legende Review

Basically, the materials matter a lot when a knife is being made. High-quality materials are always expected for a better service. And this knife doesn’t disappoint at all from that perception. The blade is sharp enough and it almost provides with the feeling of using premium steel. The blade and its materials are admirable indeed. 


Wusthof knives have an exceptional reputation for its perfect edge point. As it is done with perfect angle power, the knife seems more eloquent to use. The knife has got special attention while it is the edge. The edge is sharped and pointy also has a laser guided precison. Moreover, each side of the blade has got 14 degree PEtec angle. 

As many knows that this angle is the standard and ideal angle for a standard knife. Also, the interesting part is that the edge can be easily sharp. Many chefs think it is an extra hard work to be done with pointy edge. But it is a relief that the knife comes up with 20 percent sharper edge which lasts for decades. 

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The handle is the most attractive part of the Wusthof knife. It has a dramatic appearance and also is made of qualitative wood, to be specific, rosewood. The thermoplastic handle makes the knife more expensive for it is carved ergonomically. It reduces harmful injuries and ensures safety issues. Wusthof Legende Review

The handle also enlightens the beauty of the kitchen. With the fine wood, the rivets of the handles are of brass. The benevolence of ergonomic handle is known to all and its market price is also not unknown. However, still, the German knife comes up with total precaution for the comfort of the user and to reduce fatigue. 


This Wusthof German knife has a charming appearance. Even if anyone is not a chef, he would fall for the design of the fine knife. With a perfect curve, the knife produces high features which are worth a try. It has a combination color of black and silver. Also, the handle holds a special glance. Very much comfortable and easily gripped.

The finishing touch gives a sense of professional workpiece. However, the bottom of the blade and the hill point of the handle are attached accurately. It spreads lots of positivity already, right? 

User experience

The reviews of the users of the knife are almost hearted whelming. Still, there are few who raise some comments like the knife is no better than an ordinary knife. But if anyone concentrates on the making procedure of the knife, he/she would definitely be convinced by the fact that it is no ordinary knife.

However, tastes vary from person to person but the major portion is counted. And according to the large portion of the users, the knife is marvelous. 

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It ensures a lifetime warranty. The knife is so graceful at providing with service that, the lifetime warranty is worthy.


  • Gives a pleasure of chopping foods with less effort
  • Enlightens the kitchen with great look
  • Comes up with a hardness that can be bit
  • Ensures the safety reducing fatigue
  • Easy gripped handle opportunity
  • Advantage of using a lightweight knife
  • Possibility of less harm
  • Topnotch cutting performance 
  • Long term lasting ability

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  • Requires perfect preserve
  • Doesn’t come up with a sheath 
  • Have to be careful a little 

FAQ’s on Wusthof Legende Knife 

1. Is this the best German Knife?

Clearly it’s not the best one but of course it is the second-best knife in German. After Japanese knives, many chefs become crazed over the German knife. And this Wusthof legende chef knife is made with special care like other German knife. 

It has got all the charming specifications that a best knife possesses. Still many are unaware of this knife. After using the knife one can easily understand if it is worth it. 

2. Why should the knife be recommended? 

Unlike other ordinary knives, the knife is easy gripped and topnotch in its functioning. Also its posh vibes stimulates many knife enthusiasts as well. The knife can give full coverage to the foods and generates exact balance. In that way, the food is cut very minutely and fairly.

No food gets waste as well. So there are actually many good reasons why one should at least try the knife. 

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Wrap Up

To be precise, the knife is charming inside out. But if you are a person who concentrates on the service of the knife only, then the knife will not be so disappointing for sure. And reasons have described throughout the whole article. Also, the knife has got much popularity within some days and its ranking says it all.

So if you are lost in the thought of buying a German knife, then get a way and buy this knife. Genuinely, it is awesome to hold the knife and more awesome to use. Also, if you are enough satisfied with the knife then of course don’t forget to write us back.