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ᐅ Sakai Takayuki Chef Knife Review [Truth You’ll Never Believe]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Having confusion that whether the Sakai Takayuki knives are acceptable for a good kitchen or not? Want some real confessions and reviews on the Sakai Takayuki knives series? Then you are at the right path. This Sakai Takayuki Review is going to help you with the genuine features of the knives so that you can easily make up your mind whether you are up to buy the knives or not.

Basically, the knives of Sakai Takayuki have some different features which have made the knives unique than other knives. Also, the materials that are used to make the knives have a lot credits as well. Still, it is said that these knives are overrated for many chefs out there. Now, if you just look at the reviews carefully, you’ll know the main factors and get the ideas properly. 

Sakai Takayuki Review in Detail

You must want to have a quick glance of the whole products. So here you go with an informative chart to help you to restore your precious time a little bit. 

Check Quick Specification of top 3 Sakai Takayuki chef knife.


Name of Sakai Takayuki Knives Weight Blade size Blade Handle
1.Sakai Takayuki Hammered Damascus 33 layer VG10 Chef knife  10.4 ounces 24cm Damascus stainless steel Plywood brown
2. Sakai Takayuki 21cm. Gyuto Vg10 33 Layers Hammered Chef knife  6.8 ounces 21cm Damascus stainless steel Plywood brown
3. Sakai Takayuki VG10 Hammered 33 layers Santoku Chef knife 8.8 oun
18cm Damascus stainless steel Plywood brown 

1. Sakai Takayuki Hammered Damascus Chef Knife Review

The people who have rated this knife so far have given the genuine rate. Because the knife has a pointy edge with a sharp sense of bevel each side. The feature that the knife has got is appealing at the very first appearance. Not only that the knife has got some major specialty in its handle as well.Sakai Takayuki chef knife review

Moreover, the knife is perfect for chopping and slicing the edibles with perfect balance. The width of the knife is quite much. This actually helps the edible to stick up with the perfect motion of cutting. It is also restraint to any kind of scratch and provides a pretty good durability.

The 33 Damascus layers put some significant feature on the knife to make it more shiny and sharp at the same time. The finishing touch with a fine-edged honing makes the knife rustic in appearance and shows the power of the resistance of the knife.

Major Features 

  • It comes up with a silver color look to create a vibe of rustic 
  • The knife is 50mm in the width 
  • The length of the knife is 240mm which is the standard size
  • The blade is specially done with 33-layers of hammered Damascus steel
  • It provides double edge with a standard bevel
  • The core of the knife is of special alloy VG10 
  • Guarantees a handle of plywood and it is brown in color
  • Extraordinary geometry in the blade
  • Comes up with three rivets for the perfect maneuverability


  • Appears with beautiful features
  • Pleasure of having a rustic knife in a rustic kitchen
  • Enlightens the food with its fair cutting blade
  • Comfortable handle with easy grip 
  • Comes up with a satisfying cover

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  • A slight scratch line can be shown up in the knife
  • Can be difficult to hold the knife for the beginners 

Knife Specialty 

This Japanese knife has got a real authentic look and its finishing touch shows that the knife is worth a try. Moreover, the brown color handle is helpful to have a grip and proper balance while chopping.

Bottom Line

Basically, the knife ensures a figure that is way classy and the features evoke the customers to buy it for their kitchen. Lastly, the knife is all ready to give the best service to its users. 

2. Sakai Takayuki 33 Layers Hammered Gyuto Chef Knife Review

With some qualitative features the knife has come up with a thickness of .20cm. In most ways, the Sakai Takayuki knives have got the same major features still they are different from each other in some significant ways. This Japanese knife is special for its very stunning look and its curve measurement. Sakai Takayuki Review

However, never mistake the knife with other sequences of Sakai knives. The blade has got a geometric figure and it is separated with a fine line in each sides. The plain side goes straight to the edge of the knife. On the other hand the uneven side restrains the food to get stick in the blade. 

Major Features

  • Comes up with a blak-ish silver color
  • Shows up with an uneven and even spaces in both sides
  • Made up with 33 layers of Damascus hammered stainless steel and alloy core of vg10
  • Brown handle with three rivets 
  • Awful combination with ending of the blade and starting of the handle
  • Ensures sharp blade with a little scratchy mark but it’s not defected


  • Enlightens the kitchen with a formidable look of the knife
  • Outstanding durability power
  • Extraordinary power of restraining 
  • Provides perfect balance
  • Easy gripped handle
  • Restraint wet palms from being slipped away

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  • The knife can distract at times while chopping
  • Requires carefulness and right preservation 
  • Can cause trouble with the handle sometimes 

Knife Specialty 

While most of the knives cannot provide two best expectations of the users which are the vivid look and best service, this knife performs a really great role in fulfilling the two prospects very magnificently. 

Bottom Line

Lastly, the knife evokes a great feeling in spite of its several defects. The chefs can easily form the knife as their best one because it takes very less time to make the hands of the chefs comfortable with it. 

3. Sakai Takayuki Santoku Knife Review

Among the sequences of the knives of Sakai Takayuki, the popularity of the knife is also immense. The knife has almost got similar features like the other two Sakai Takayuki knives. However, the knife has some special other features as well. The thickness of the knife and the full coverage of the whole figure turn a great sensation.Sakai Takayuki Santoku Knife Review

The knife is pointy and edgy just like the other two Sakai Takayuki knives. But the thing that is different from the other two is the curve of the knife. It has a straight curve and the finishing line between the handle and the blade is done wisely. In that way the knife can slice the food with great effort providing right angle.

Major Features 

  • Comes up with a size of 18cm
  • Made with alloy core of VG10
  • Has 33 layers of the stainless steel of Damascus 
  • With the TL 303mm and BW 47mm the knife appears fine
  • Has got a sharpened angle of 15 degrees and around that
  • Comes up with a proper thickness


  • Gives a pleasure of using real Sakai Takayuki knife
  • Restrains from being scratched too easily
  • Provides a guarantee of long-lasting
  • Ensures a skillful handle
  • Comes with a good cover

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  • Doesn’t provide a sheath 
  • Requires proper reservation
  • The blades can be uneven for not using it in the proper way

Knife Specialty

The knife is very useful for the user and those who have used it already know the benevolence of the knife. Also, its ultra features are really attractive and the balance it provides is really helpful for doing the job effortlessly. 

Bottom Line

Finally, it can be said that the knife has a great demand already in the market because of its super functioning. If you are a chef and cannot cope up with other knives then you can make a try of this knife. 

FAQ’s on Sakai Takayuki Knives

1. Why you should buy Sakai Takayuki Knives?

Well, as you can see, the knives have some major features which are really significant. Also, not everyone finds peace on using a regular knife. The Japanese made the Sakai knives with full attention and keeping the primal fact in their heads that the knife should be enough comfy and pleasurable to use. 

So, yes! The knives are worth a try. If you start to use the knives one, you’ll understand the level of the knife and can cooperate with it.

2. Are Sakai Takayuki knives the best? 

Basically, a fine knife is known by the materials with which the knife has been made of and the sharp edge is must. Definitely the Sakai Knives are not made with the best materials but the next best materials.

The materials are way richer and thus though these knives cannot be categorized as the best ones but surely can be categorized as the next best ones. Now the rest is up to the users. 

3. Are these knives suitable for the beginner?

The knife has all the major features that a proper knife should have. The chefs in the kitchen can cut food with any knives they are given. But it is about comfort zone for why these types of knives are made by the Japanese. The beginners can surely use the knives at the beginning and when they get used to the knife they will be grateful for sure.

So, ultimately the knife can offer you comfort if you remain enough generous to the knife no matter if you are a beginner or not. 

Wrap Up

Concededly, the Sakai Takayuki knives are Japanese one of the pride. The knives are simply gorgeous and if you only care about the service, then know that, the knives are also good at giving their best service to the service. The materials and the metals of the knives are not only of best in world, the functionality is also effective.

Nevertheless, the knife can also be the reason of disappointment of the users out there because of its some defects. But it can assure you that it will not fail you utterly. And if you are already using the knife or thinking of buying one, don’t forget to give us feedback. 


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