Masamoto Gyuto chef knife review

Masamoto Gyuto Knife Review [Why I call it MIGHTY Masamoto?]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

A good cuisine comes with a chef who is good at cooking and chooses tools that increase the taste of the food. There are many Gyuto knives out there in the market. Choosing one of them is quite a tough job. But one Gyuto knife that serves multiple purposes would help you a lot I guess. In that case, Masamoto Gyuto Chef’s Knife is highly recommended.  In this Masamoto gyuto review, I going to explain why I am saying that.Masamoto Gyuto Review

People choose between German or Japanese knives. As the Japanese knives are razor sharp and also lightweight, chefs give them a first try. The best chef’s knife is selected keeping some points on head like edge retention, sharpness, ease of use and all. However, Masamoto gyuto knife fills up all these criteria and it would not be a loss if you give it a shot.

To find out more about this marvelous chef’s knife let me give you a described detail. That would acknowledge you with every material and objects this Japanese product is made of. 

Masamoto Gyuto Review in Detail

Masamoto Gyuto knife is nothing fancy but comes with a great quality. The Japanese craftsman makes this knife with pride of their tradition. No wonder Japanese knives are the all-time wonderer because of the manufacturing and hardening process. Masamoto Gyuto is not the exception but some extra material in the internal of this knife makes it extraordinarily easy to use.  

Blade and Material 

As for a chef’s knife blade and its edge matter the most so the buyer must focus on these points first before buying any. Undoubtedly, Masamoto Gyuto knife blade would be made of stain-resistant steel. Though the steel of the blade is high-grade stainless steel made of hyper vanadium and Molybdenum, yet some reviewers found the blade gets rusty very soon. But the rustiness of any steel depends on the use of it. Masamoto Gyuto knife Review 

This carbon steel of the Gyuto knife is easily usable both in a professional kitchen as well as in-home kitchen. The blade is hardened with an excellent mirror finished with double edge. That makes the knife more attractive. Moreover, the blade shares a descent portion according to the handle. Thus, a perfect balance is created while using it.  


This Gyuto knife is made ensuring an edge that is scalpel-like. For a professional cook the edge of a knife effects his cooking the most. Masamoto Gyuto knife offers edge that can slice, peel off and chop through every edible veggies and meats. Though its blade is curved ergonomically which is friendly to the rock chopping, it would be unwise to use the knife on that purpose.

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The manufacturing of the blade and the edge goes through several hardening and tempering process with forged action. That gives both the blade and its edge efficiency of effortless cutting. However, this knife suggests us not to use it on hard objects to maintain its edge retention. 


The quality of a knife depends on its tang. If the tang is full then you are safe. And the Masamoto manufacturer of the Masamoto Gyuto chef’s knife has given full attention to it and gave it a full tang. That gives a perfect balance to the handle to hold with its blade. And it is also risk-free.

A full tang knife resembles a good knife. Thus, Masamoto Gyuto is a full tang knife ensuring all its using comfort. 


The handle of the Masamoto Gyuto chef’s knife is moderately round and made of pakkawood. The handle delivers an easy grip with absolutely zero effort. The handle behaves quite friendly while cutting through massive meats and veggies like cabbages. The handle holds a bolster at the top which is fully covered. The covered bolster helps the handle to prevent water from it soon. 

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Again, the handle is connected with the blade with three rivets. Masamoto Gyuto knife handle is double-beveled so, both the righty and lefty can use this knife. The handle shares a great deal of support to the grip and that while cutting things which is appreciable.

DesignMasamoto Gyuto Review

The design of the whole Masamoto Gyuto knife is neither fancy nor in mint condition but the quality is praiseworthy. The knife comes with a silver-colored blade and black colored handle. The external feature is plain but the internal feature of this knife is designed with multiple functions and efforts. The knife blade is specially forged with different tempering process and all.

The knife possesses a well-curved design that delivers a consummate ratio to the blade and handles. Moreover, the blade is designed in a way that you can use any of your hand to use it to comfort yourself. 

User Experience

After a lot of research and reading hundreds of reviews of this knife we see this knife stands in a fifty-fifty condition. Though many buyers found their knives got rusty real soon they are quite upset with the product. But through maintaining proper care other buyers are pretty much happy with the product.


The manufacturer of Masamoto Gyuto knife offers a lifetime warranty to this amazing product.


  • Lightweight and comes with a weight of 10.4 ounces
  • Handy and easy on grip
  • Cuts almost every edible thing
  • Blade comes with double edge 
  • Double beveled handle
  • Edge is razor-sharp
  • Can be easily sharpened again with any whetstone
  • Lasts long and well balanced
  • Can be used both for beginners and professionals

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  • Not suitable of rock chopping
  • Needs hand wash every time
  • Needs to keep it clean and dry always
  • Doesn’t come with a cover or sheath

FAQ’s on Masamoto Gyuto Knife Chef Knife Review

1. Does a Masamoto Gyuto Knife get rusty soon?

It actually depends on the use of it. A Masamoto Gyuto knife is required to be clean and dry always after its use. The wetness of the blade can cause it rust real soon. As the blade of the knife is made of hyper molybdenum and vanadium, it has less chance to be rusted after its proper care. So, if you dry your knife after hand washing it properly and then keep it in a dry place for its storage the risk of tarnish becomes zero.

2. Can the Masamoto Gyuto Knife be used by a lefty?   

Obviously, this knife can be used by both the left and right-handed person. The knife is double beveled, thus, there is a suggestion for the left handed is to sharpening the back of the blade for more comforting use. Thus, this knife is an easier solution to the people who generally do not get tools that suit their using comfort. Masamoto Gyuto kife

3. Why should anyone buy a Masamoto Gyuto Knife? 

Masamoto Gyuto knife is a smart solution both in home and restaurant. This chef’s knife is mostly used for professional purposes. Most of the cooks worldwide choose Masamoto Gyuto Knife for its excellent efficiency. Till now this Japanese product has achieved name and fame for its structural design and proficiency. So, buying this knife is a good decision. 

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Wrap Up 

In precision, the Masamoto Gyuto Chef’s knife is our top pick as well as runner up. Its stamped blade and cushy handle share super comfy. Though, this knife is accused with complains of getting nicked and rusty after someday of its using, the risks comes to the degree of zero if proper care is given. Undoubtedly, the materials of the knife are immensely good at quality. 

So, if you are to buy only one knife then giving a shot to Masamoto Gyuto knife would not be a loss project. So, buy one and get all the fun of using it in all the cutting purposes. Also, do not forget to leave feedback here after your buying and using this efficient knife. 


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