Yaxell Mon Review

Yaxell Mon Review [Recommended Or Not? Explained in Detail]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

As a chef, if you are searching for Yaxell Mon Japanese knife, and don’t know if you should go with the knife or not, then you are at the right path. Here, in this article, a topnotch Yaxell Mon chef knife review would be given for your convenience. This knife has some special features which are absolutely appealing but then again, some features may not attract your demands. 

However, as a knife, Yaxell Mon is at all worthy of a try or not, you’ll get the proper judgment just right after you read the detailed review on this knife. Also, as we all have different requirements for different things, you can also check that if the knife fulfills your requirements through the article. But the knife is specially recommended for peeling off or slicing or chopping the fruits and vegetables. 

So, let’s just jump into the detailed reviews and not make you wait anymore.

Yaxell Mon Review Considering All factsYaxell Mon series Review

An ideal knife requires a right blade made of right material and an edge with proper retention. It also requires a handle that is easy gripped. And according to that Yaxell Mon knife reaches the edge of perfection quite a bit. Like a chef’s knife, this knife has earned fame more than the other branded knife which quite appreciable. 

Blade and Material of Knife

This aspect of a knife is essential and the most important part to check on at first. With three-layer Japanese Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium VG10 stainless steel, the blade is super sharp and perfect in balancing the cutting policy of the chef. The heavy material gives the perfect essence of a perfect blade. 

Also, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and scratches. And the blade material also relieves the food if it gets stick to the knife. Overall, the finishing of the blade gives a total 8-inch size. The blade is perfect for peeling of the skin of the vegetables or fruits at any range. Also, the knife is favorite to the chefs for its perfectness in slicing and chopping the edibles. 

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Knife Edge 

With perfect retention, the edge is quite sharp and bound to work as per your wish. The edge is beveled in both sides and that makes the work of slicing or chopping little effortless. However, the Katana Sword wave line at the edge of the knife represents an exclusive look of the knife. 

The hardness of the knife embodies the power of the knife hugely. The knife has a traditional flavor as it is handmade. Overall, the edge that the knife provides is praiseworthy and also controls the balancing pretty amazingly. 

Handle Yaxell Mon knife set Review

This part attracts pretty much attention of the people out there. The handle has curve that eases the palm of the hands to grab the knife. With black resin and linen Canvas Micarta material the handle is vivid and not at all slippery. The transition of the blade and handle has a strong basis to hold the whole knife effortlessly. 

Also the two rivets are also useful for the handle which is of stainless steel. And the benevolence of micarta is extreme. For example, it ensures the durability, resists moisture and dampness. It also happens to control the excessive cold or heat and thus it doesn’t slip off your hand.      

Design of Mon chef Knife 

The knife represents a simple and naïve design but performs better than other branded knife. The finishing of the knife gives a touch of handmade authentic essence. The pointy edge provides a sense of sharpness and cool retention. However, the 61 degree Rockwell hardness of the blade is a big thing because it controls your pressure for your job. 

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The topnotch size of the knife is quite handy and easy to carry as well. However, the knife requires proper preservation. A proper knife block can protect the blade of the knife from being dull. And better not to clean the knife with hard detergent. Mild detergent will work nicely. Warm water is also allowed. 

True User Experience Yaxell Mon Review

The knife has been a loving company to many chefs as per many positive reviews. Moreover, many decided to buy the knife over and over and recommend others for some particular purposes. Among them using the knife for peeling off or skinning the vegetables is worth. Also, for chopping and slicing the knife is useful.

Now as a chef why don’t you just give it a try and trust the people who have put positive reviews about the knife. Well, the knife can be got at a reasonable price as well.


The knife is providing a lifetime warranty which is also appreciable.        


  • Pleasure of using a rustic knife
  • Advantage of having a durable and double-beveled knife
  • Benevolence of slicing r chopping the fruits with less effort
  • Comes up with a snug box 
  • Easy gripped handle made of micarta 
  • Provides proper size with 8 inches blade size 

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  • Doesn’t come up with a sheath 
  • Requires proper preservation or knife block
  • The blade may get dull without proper precaution 

FAQ’s on Yaxell Mon Review

1. Is the Yaxell Mon handy and comfortable?

The knife ensures the ideal size for many people have got problem with grabbing the biz sized knife. But the knife of Yaxell confirms that with an 8 inch blade, the knife is quite handy and easy gripped. The knife is a great choice of the knife enthusiast and the cooks out there. Especially, if you are looking for knife that can help you with the peeling off or mincing the edibles, you can make a try and use the Yaxell knife once. 

2. Is the Yaxell Mon overrated? 

Well, after you use the knife you can find out the special features of the knife evidently. Many people have raised their hands for the Yaxell Mon knife not without considering the goodness of the knife. There can hardly be found a person who is not at all content with the knife. Rather, I would say the knife is a little bit underrated. Once you use the knife, you will get the benevolence instantly. 

Wrap Up 

Finally, the knife Yaxell Mon is worth of a try. Because of a simply rustic look and satisfying performance the knife has already grabbed a lot of attention from the cooks and knife enthusiasts over there. Moreover, the knife brings you some specific advantages and that’s what makes the knife discrete in nature from other branded knife.

So, if you are thinking of buying this knife, the possibility of your being disappointed is less. I would recommend you to give a chance to the knife to cooperate with your cutting jobs in the kitchen and if it affects your work in a good way or bad way, just leave feedback accordingly.  


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