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☑️ Dalstrong Crixus Review [ Meat VS Knife]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

In a BBQ party, you have always wanted a slice of meat that is cut perfectly! Being a host or a guest, if you are a meat-lover or an enthusiast about BBQ then you have always searched for a cleaver kind of knife, right? You’ll be glad to hear that Dalstrong Crixus exactly serves this purpose! The blades of these knives are engineered for easy slicing and sectioning of all kinds of rough and soft meat. Let’s look into dalstrong crixus review for more.

However, some finds the curvy ending of the blade not comfortable and a bit off to the center. But in fabricating certain kind of meats it is better to have a little twist at the tip of the blade. For both home and profession the Dalstrong Crixus knives are convincing. Let’s make it easier for you to choose the best Dalstrong Crixus knife with a described review.

Dalstrong Crixus Review in Details

A knife with an ultimate functioning ability is expected by all. The chef’s are always looking for knives those can make their job done easier and faster. Thus, a Dlastrong Crixus Knife with a useful heft offers you cleaver and guaranteed sharp edge. With a representation of a concise table of two Dalstrong Crixus knives let’s concede you their features, pros, cons and everything. 

Weight Blade size Blade Handle Tang
DALSTRONG – 8” Chef’s Knife “The Crixus” – Shogun Series 0.00 ounces 8” High Carbon Japanese Super Steel G-10 Full
DALSTRONG – 8” Chef’s Knife- The Crixus- Gladiator Series 1.1 pounds 8” High Carbon German Super Steel Pakkawood Full

1. DALSTRONG Shogun Series Crixus Cleaver Hybrid Chef knife Review

This is a meat knife and designed perfectly for slicing and cutting of meats of all kind. Besides meats, it can be used on chopping veggies or other food materials. The elements of the knife are imported and it is manufactured using high-end technology. The craftsmanship of this knife is absolutely award-winning. The blade is wide and lengthy enough for the convenience of the users. It also has a heft that ensures satisfaction in using. The blade has finished of processed Damascus layers and razor-like sharpness at edge with 62 plus Rockwell.dalstrong crixus review

The handle allows a comfortable grip so that you don’t have to struggle with the cutting of the meat. The handle has finishing with careful hand polish. The internal material is also imported and superior in quality. Basically, the whole knife is manufactured ensuring the preying of all kinds of meat like pork, fish, beef, poultry and wild game.  

Major Features

  • Comes with a size of 8” chef knife
  • The blade is manufactured with imported high carbon Japanese super steel
  • The edge has a cutting core of sixty-two plus Rockwell
  • Edge comes with a degree of 8 to 12
  • Comes with G 10 Military-grade handle
  • Featured with full tang
  • Comes with a lion head logo near the bolster
  • The handle is connected to the blade with three rivets
  • Comes with a whole and curvy profile at the tip of the blade

Prosdalstrong crixus review

  • Edge is sharp like a scalpel
  • Blade is wide and lengthy 
  • Offers a great deal of cleaver 
  • Suitable for any kind of soft, hard and bony meat
  • Also can be used for other cutting purposes like fruits and veggies
  • The handle allows a comfortable grip
  • Non-slippery handle and blade has properties of non-sticking
  • Edge retention is good, well balanced and full tang knife
  • Curved tip helps to cut through further and longer


  • If you are a beginner the heaviness may annoy you
  • The knife is not straight
  • You may find the blade too thin for cutting bone
  • Needs proper care and hand wash

Knife Speciality 

From the blade to the handle the knife’s internal materials are premium in quality. The knife is chef and cleaver hybrid. The steel is AUS-10 Japanese high carbon super steel. The edge is processed with different steps of Honbazuke method. The most significant part is the curve and the hole of the blade that balances while cutting. 

Bottom Line 

This knife can be used on all-purpose though, the manufacturer has suggested using the thicker one to cut the frozen and bony meats. Otherwise, the product is worth buying and using.

2. DALSTRONG – Gladiator Series Crixus –Hybrid Meat Knife Review

400;”>Dalstrong Crixus Gladiator series is one of the most recommended knives for cutting and slicing meats. With some extra the Gladiator series really nails every cutting. Like the other Dalstrong Crixus knives Gladiator series knives also uphold materials that are high in quality. The modern design with traditional are this knife is beautiful both externally and internally. Dalstrong Crixus Review

The knife can be used in versatile purposes. The blade, handle, bolster, lion head logo, rivets, sheath, end cap and everything of this knife is possessed premium quality.

Major Features

  • Comes with a weight of 1.1 pounds
  • The blade imported high carbon German stainless steel
  • Edge comes with a degree of 14 to 16 at 56 plus Rockwell
  • Manufactured with a pakkawood handle
  • Comes with triple rivets 
  • Manufactured with a hole in the front of the blade and a bit curved
  • Comes with a sheath

ProsDalstrong Crixus Review

  • Suitable for cutting bone and meat
  • Makes done easier and faster
  • Full tang and edge is sharp like scalpel
  • Blade is durable and lengthy
  • Corrosion-free and stain resistant 
  • Well balanced, cuts longer and further


  • Needs proper storage
  • Needs hand wash every time

Knife Speciality

This knife is specially featured to cut through the meat bones without creating any chips. The blade and handle material is imported and the craftsmanship is praiseworthy. The blade is not thin at all. That ensures you safety while cutting frozen or bony meats.

Bottom Line 

The Dalstrong gladiator series knife is flexible, risk-free and worth using. The whole knife won’t let you down if you use it with proper care. Thus, it will help you both in a home kitchen and in a restaurant kitchen.

FAQ’s on Dalstrong Crixus Knife Review

1. Are the Dalstrong Crixus knives are thick enough?

Yes, the knives are quite thick. But the thickness differs in different series of Dalstrong Crixus. For example the Dlastrong Crixus Shogun series knife blade is not that much thick but the Gladiator series offers you knife with a 3.0mm thick blade that can even slaughter a pig!

2. Are the Dlastrong Crixus Knives used only meat cutting purposes?    

Not really. You can use it on multiple cutting purposes like veggies or fruits. You just need to be more careful on that note. So, don’t waste your investment engaging only one purpose when you can have fun with other many things.

Wrap Up  

In an overall concept, the Dalstrong Crixus knives are good at what they do. All the various versions and series serve different efficiency depending on the cutting subject but all of them are satisfying enough. You just have to choose one that is convenience to your work. These kitchen knives are life changing. 

Choosing the right one can change your total view towards a knife. No more struggle with rusty knife. Now, get one and use it with fun and let me know if the review helped you or not! 


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