Shun Hiro SG2 Review

♦ Shun Hiro SG2 Review [Paying 400$ isn’t Joke]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

People often having trouble coming out with their knife made of the best ingredients and metals. They Want a durable masterpiece knife even after use of couple of different brand knives. on that kind of situation, one day One of my friends was saying why don’t you try the Shun Hiro SG2 8-inch chef’s knife? Yea, I did that and now I ended up with this Shun Hiro SG2 Review!

Basically, this knife is popular for its exquisite appearance with some appealing features. Also, this knife functions completely differently from an ordinary knife. With its ultra hardness, this handmade knife possesses a unique exposure. 

From its pointy top to its ambidextrous handle, this knife is compelled to content its users. Let’s elucidate its magnificent features and review it conspicuously. 

Shun Hiro SG2 Review in Detail 

A knife that is lagging behind to fulfill the desire of the contents is not a knife at all. A fine knife doesn’t include only a blade, a handle and an edge in it. The real kind of knife requires some more important things which are calculative and it can be made only by the traditional makers who work on it day and night years after years. Shun Hiro SG2 is that kind of a knife, so to say. This Shun Hiro SG2 Review is going to explain it all!Shun Hiro SG2 chef knife Review

Blade and Material

An ideal blade is not seen until you use this knife’s blade. This knife functions with a knife caring a wide-range capability of cutting the kitchen edibles with an easy effort. The steel that is used to make the blade is of Damascus nickel that creates an intense and vivid figure of the blade. It helps the blades to be sharpened in a thinner way. 

In that way, the blade of the knife can come out as a figure of a razor with 16-degree angle of cutting. This angle facilitates the user to cut the food with less effort and have the food cut properly without making the waste of the food. The cutting angle enables the knife to cut, chop or slice the food in the same manner and it also resists the food to get stuck into the body of the blade. 

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An apt edge can give a knife a position that is worth some pleasure. The asymmetrical and uneven edge capacity is worth a try. That means, its unmatched retention of the edge is away from being rusty or faint because of the amount of the metal that has been used to make it.

 The 64 Rockwell hardness of edge implies that the material is so high that the steel of the edge determines its hardness as well. It is the reason of the durability of the knife. Its double bevel with the same feature having 16-degree cutting angle functions pretty amazingly.

Handle Shun Hiro SG2 Review

The most interesting part of this knife is its handle which is made of Pakkawood which is an engineered wood, mainly used to make handles of the knife. It is a composite material that strengthened the handle of the knife. Not only that, as a fine knife, it ensures the easy grip of the users. The very ending of the handle is carved with a sculpture that represents the sign of the inlaid mosaic Samurai family crest.        

It is necessary because a handle without a support can cause trouble to the users. Also to complete a cutting task within the least time, it is important that the handle cooperates with the chef. Not all the knife is capable of providing this advantage. As the Shun Hiru SG2 knife’s handle is a marvelous piece of beauty, its handle is also made of the top-notch material with vague reddish stripes.

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With the blade of angle 16 degrees in each bevel, the knife is ruling the whole Shun series knives. The support it provides to the users is inexpressible. This handmade Japanese knife features so many authentic moves including its edge retention. The blade’s density and hardness help to uphold a rigid figure of the knife for which the food is cut well in that.

With the minimal force the handle which is made of deep dark charcoal Pakkawood, is capable of staying fit in the hands of the users. Not only the handle provides an appealing look, its extraordinary capacity comforts the grip of the users. Also, the tsuchime which means “hammering” refrains the food to get stick to the blade.  With the 65 layers of the stainless Japanese metals in each side of the blade, the knife is stronger in appearance and work as well.

User Experience

Due to its outstanding feature, many customers have bought it and to their utter surprises they found that this knife is better in many ways than any other ordinary knife. The knife is a creation of hands and this brings the knife a good amount of fame. 

Many positive reviews have been shown up on many sites by the customers and all. The experiences of the customers are really appreciable as the knife is friendly enough to cope up with the demands of them. Shun Hiro SG2 Review to buy 


The warranty is lifetime and if any defects of the manufacture is happen to show up then the warranty is available. Also, it offers vouchers in different period of occasions. 

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  • An appealing look with rustic pleasure of the authenticity
  • Double bevel with the cutting angle of 16 degree
  • Dense and hardness gives a strong body of the knife
  • Ambidextrous handle provides a comfortable grip to the users
  • Enlightens the kitchen with the knife whose rear crest of inlaid mosaic Samurai family
  • Tsuchime hammering avoid the foods to get stick in the body
  • Provides a snug box to store it


  • Requires suitable place to store
  • Provides no sheath
  • The Weight may vary from person to person
  • Price may seem higher 

FAQ’s We got Shun Hiro SG2 Chef knife Review

1. Why should you try Shun Hiro SG2 chef knife?

 If you never tried a knife that is less troublesome and ideal in nature, then this knife is for you. After you experience its benevolence and magnificent features, you’ll become a great fan of the Shun Hiro Sg2 knife.

No other knife features as strongly as this knife. With the right cutting angle of 16 degree and the 65 layers of optimum metals make this knife a rigid creation. And that’s why no one should be deprived of the benevolence of the knife.

2. If the knife is strong enough to cut all the edibles? 

The knife is an excellent choice for the chefs who are passionate about cutting the edibles in a right and frequent way. Also who are little bit picky about the cutting shape of the food, can relief because this knife provides the perfect angle of the blade with the perfect balance of the full tang and handle.

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Final Words

So, if anyone is really interested to feel the real taste of using the real knife then he should try Shun Hiro SG2 knife at least once in his entire kitchen life. The excellence this knife provides are rare in other Japanese knives and it is a clear statement. 

Thus, the perfect knife should be tried by the chefs out there and that’s why, buy this knife and experience it in your own ways and don’t forget to leave a feedback to us.  


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