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◊ Miyabi Kaizen Review [Eliminate 😱 Doubts]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Have you ever wondered thinking how Miyabi Kaizen knives offer you everything you need in a knife? Well, I am pretty sure if you don’t know then you will be stunt knowing all the amazing facts about the Miyabi Kaizen knives. With tremendous steel and super customer support their knives are worth buying. 

1st thing we got in Miyabi Kaizen Review that, this series of knives are quite affordable. They ensure a beautiful appearance of their knives right out of the box! Each time you cook you will feel the authenticity lying beneath the blades and sharpness of the knives. 

Now let’s have a look on the patterns, design and everything about a Miyabi Kaizen knife. Including all the questions you might have about a Miyabi Kaizen knife let’s give you an honest review. I am sure the moment you finish reading, you place an order to buy one of these knives. 

Miyabi Kaizen Review in Detail  

Let’s have a detailed review on the Miyabi Kaizen knives for your better understanding and knowledge. You will find thousands of reasons to buy one of its knives as they ensure quality while manufacturing them.

1. Miyabi 34183-203 Kaizen  Chef’s Knife Review

This 8-inch chef knife is a beautiful version of aesthetic art. Featuring with traditional combination this knife can be described as the most eye-chanting one. The blade is featured with an extremely thin Japanese blade. It is designed with flower Damascus that has made its appearance too much gorgeous. It has an edge of 9.5 to 12 degrees that is also processed in a special way.

This knife offers handle that looks awesome with its dark color is also featured with special Micarta one. Overall, the manufacturer J.A. Henckels makes it with pride and keeping tradition in mind. 

Major FeaturesMiyabi Kaizen Review

  • Comes with a total weight of 11.2 ounces
  • Have a size of 8”
  • Blade comes with 65 layer flower Damascus design
  • Featured with a edge named Katana and with the angle of 9.5 to 12 degree
  • Blade is VG10 super steel CRYODUR
  • Manufactured with a D-shaped Micarta handle 
  • Comes in black color


  • Standard and comfortable in size
  • Fastens work and handy
  • Incredible sharp edge
  • Cuts firmly and precisely and doesn’t stick with the blade
  • Handle doesn’t slip from the hand


  • Needs to be handle with care
  • Doesn’t comes with a sheath

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Knife Specialty 

Everything about this knife is special. This knife requires 65 layer of the flower Damascus to hold its beauty. Its 8”chef blade is functioned with VG10 super steel which is called CRYODUR blade. Moreover the handle is patterned with linen and mosaic pins. The steel end cap also increases its beauty. 

The elegancy of this knife increases when it comes with black color handle with D shape style. The whole of a piece is a pure art that holds tradition inside it. 

Bottom Line 

Above all this knife is something that you must want in your kitchen. This whole of a thing is featured only with high-end materials. So, buy it once and have the total fun of using it.Miyabi Kaizen chef knife Review

2. Miyabi Kaizen II Chef’s Knife Review

This Miyabi Kaizen Knife is beautifully designed and patterned with Japanese for “improvement”. The knife is forged with FC61 super steel. The steel offers blade with Rockwell Hardness of 61. The flowery design on the surface of the blade is way more impressive. The blade doesn’t get rusty easily and its durability is apprehensible. 

Blade is hand-honed enough with a sharp edge. The knife is balanced well with its D shaped handle. It is featured with pakkawood. 

Major FeaturesMiyabi Kaizen Review

  • Comes with a weight of 0.60 pounds
  • Possesses stainless steel color
  • Blade is manufactured with FC61 super steel 
  • Empowers blade that is FRIODUR and ice-hardened
  • Handle is manufactured with pakkawood
  • Edge comes with a degree of 9.5 to 12
  • Blade is connected with one metallic pin with the handle


  • Super handy 
  • Offers stress-free cutting
  • Edge is keen, acute and sharp
  • Fantastic in appearance 

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  • Needs proper care and storage

Knife Specialty

This knife with a thin and authentic Japanese blade profile is an absolute example of Japanese craftsmanship. Indeed, this knife empowers materials that are exceptional. The blade is possessed with 48 layers of Damast steel and carbides are distributed finely to make its edge even.

The Historic Honbazuke method is used for it remarkable sharp edge.The blade is ice-hardened twice so that it can resist corrosion while cutting things.

Bottom Line    

This Zwilling J.A. Henckles manufactured Miyabi Kaizen knife is affordable too. Indeed, the product is worth buying because overall, this knife authorizes a perfect combination of art, tradition and efficiency.

Miyabi Kaizen Block Knife Set Review

Miyabi Kaizen Block Knife Set Review

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Quick Comparison on Two Miyabi Kaizen Chef Knife Review

Before you choose the knife that is best for you, you have to know the buying guide. You must take a check on the blade, edge, handle and the materials it possesses. That will help you buy the perfect one you have desired. So, let’s have a glimpse of it. 


To talk about the size of a knife you all know that size varies from work to work. Still there is a standard size required to have a knife. The knife should be handy enough so that you can do your work with ease and it doesn’t cause you any extra trouble. 

Ideal sized knife can fasten your work beyond your imagination. Thus both the Miyabi Kaizen knives are standard in sizes. Miyabi 34183-203 Kaizen chef’s knife comes with 8”which is perfect for cutting veggies or meat and other Miyabi Kaizen II chef’s Knife comes with 6”. No doubt, both are perfect for kitchen work. 


Weight is another factor in choosing a knife. Miyabi Kaizen knife offers you the lightweight knife for your very comfort. The Miyabi Kaizen knives weigh not more than 0.70 pounds. Miyabi 34183-203 Kaizen knife manufactured with a weight of 0.70 pounds and the other comes with 0.60 pounds. Now, you must be thinking about how smoothly you can handle a knife with this weight! 


Handle of a Miyabi Kaizen knife is processed with many steps of pure art. In a knife the handle should be round, slender, handy and smooth. Miyabi 34183-203 Kaizen chef’s knife has a handle of Micarta and the Miyabi Kaizen II chef’s Knife has a handle made with pakkawood. 

Many knives offer handles with plastic, carbon fiber, titanium, polymer and so on but the best one you find with the Micarta one that has wood-like texture and the pakkawood offers an equal balance of the knife with cutting.


Whatever a knife looks what matters most is its edge. In fact, edge is the measurement of an ideal knife. With scalpel-like sharpness and glaze edge is expected to all the customers. There should be no compromise with the sharpness of the edge of a knife.

Thus, both Miyabi Kaizen knives ensure the perfect edge with the angle of 9.5 to 12 degree. Throughout, using many steps of historic Honbazuke methods the edges of the knives are made. 

FAQ’s of Miyabi Kaizen Knives

1. Why do you need a Miyabi Kaizen Knife?

Well, a Miyabi knife not only ensures you a great appearance but also it provides sharpness you need in your knife. Miyabi Kaizen knives cut through things like a dream. They enhance your passion for cooking once you keep it in your kitchen. 

2. What facilities Miyabi Kaizen knives set will give you?

The knives of Miyabi Kaizen are possessed with blades those are stainless steel and most are made of VG-10 or FC61 super steel. It ensures stress-free cutting for its handy handle and fastens your cutting. Moreover, veggies or meat don’t stick to the knife while cutting for its edge retention.

3. Are the knives manufactured perfectly?

Of course! From the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle the knives of Miyabi Kaizen are perfectly manufactured! The blades are stainless steel with VG-10 or FC61 super steel with Damascus layers. The handles are made of Micarta and pakkawood that confirm the acting of moisture repellant and keep well balance with the blade. 

Wrap Up 

So, now you know everything about a Miyabi Kaizen Knife. Soothe to say, these knives are actual art pieces made with natural and authentic materials. Blade, edge, handle, pin, end cap and everything of these knives are handcrafted beautifully in Seki, Japan.

So, buy it because you will never regret buying a Miyabi Kaizen knife the moment you find it out of the box.  


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