Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef knife Review

DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef knife Review [Limited Edition]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

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Dalstrong s a famous knife-making brand all over the world. Today we are gonna present a Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef knife Review which is from Omega series, a new addition to their arsenal. This VG10-VX – 8.5” kiritsuke chef knife comes with a limited edition set along with acacia wood stand and a PU leather sheath. This stunning knife gives you maximum performance and you don’t need to compromise on any feature of it.

The knife is made for professional chefs. A Chef finds cutting, slicing, dicing more easier with this multipurpose knife. After seeing all these features I can’t actually resist my self a make this Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef knife Review on it.

The Edge 

An edge is the main business part of a knife. Japanese knife is different from any other knife because they make their edges sharper than all. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Omega Series – VG10-VX – 8.5″ Kiritsuke – Limited Edition Set – sharpened in 8-12 degree angle on each side. It is significantly sharp.

The Steel

An important part of Dalstrong Knife Review is its steel. In order to sharpen the edge at a very small angle, the steel of the knife has to very hard. Dalstrong used 67 layers VG10-VX steel. In Japan, the term VG10 means cutlery grade for stainless steel. In the term VG10 ,’G’ means gold. Gold means quality.

The steel treated in vacuum furnace so that it gets a designation called VG10-VX. In vacuum heat treatment no contamination can occur so that the steel remain pure. Vacuum heat treatment makes the steel stronger than any other steel which isn’t going through this process.

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The Blade

The blade of this Dalstrong Knife is an absolute beauty. There is a hot-forged liquid metal pattern on the blade. This pattern not only increases the efficiency of the blade but also it gives a gorgeous look. It helps the blade to stuck on the food and not to slip from the food. You can glide the knife with ease through any food item in your kitchen.

The blade is wider than usual multipurpose chef knife. The blade has a sharp tip. The knife obviously full tang and the steel are nitrogen cooled. This gorgeous blade has scalpel-like sharpness with its 8-12 degree edge on both sides.


The Handle

Dalstrong omega series chef knife has a stunning glossy handle that will attract you very much. This G10 fiberglass handle gives you maximum grip while using. Heat or cold doesn’t transmit from the blade to handle. The handle has a thermal resistant ability.

The handle is made from military grade resin and it is tremendously waterproof. It doesn’t absorb moisture. We can see a screw on the handle that makes the handle attached to the full tang blade. At the end of the handle, there is a round pin.    

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Main features we found Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef knife Review

DALSTRONG Omega Series Chef Knife VG10-VX  Kiritsuke is a limited edition set. Larger and heavier box will indicate you that there is more thing along with the knife. There is an acacia wood stand which is very beautiful. You can use the stand to keep the knife as like samurai sword. The second thing you will get is a PU leather sheath. It is safe to keep your knife wearing a sheath while not using it. There is also a cloth in order to polish the knife.


  • Wash the knife with hands.
  • Dry it in the air. You can use the acacia stand for it.
  • To sharpen the knife you can talk with Dalstrong.
  • Keep the knife away from the child reach.

Product’s basic information at a glance

Manufacturer Dalstrong Inc.
Series name Omega
Item’s size 8.5 inches.
Product dimension 13.2 x 2.2 x 0.1 inches
Item name Omega-Chef-Stand-8.5inch
The weight of the product 11 ounces
Shipping weight 3 pounds


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  • The liquid metal pattern gives you a maximum facility to stuck on food and easy gliding through the food.
  • Very sharp edge.
  • Wider blade gives the confidence to slice and cut larger food.
  • Extraordinary fiberglass handle gives you maximum grip.
  • Acacia Wood Stand as well as Polishing Cloth included


  • Very sharp edge so it has low abasement resistant facilities. Keep it safe.
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 Final Words on Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef knife Review

Dalstrong always makes fancy knives. But it doesn’t mean that those knives are not full of bells and whistles. This omega series chef knife has some outstanding and effective features that will satisfy a professional chef. Keep in mind that this one is LIMITED EDITION! So get it before stock out!

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