Cangshan S1 Knife Set Review

ℜ Cangshan S1 Knife Set Review 👀 [Worth To Buy?]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Well, Changshan S1 Series 1022599 German Steel Forged 17- Piece knife Block Set, Walnut is a pure masterpiece with 17 precious piece of block set. We are gonna go though Cangshan s1 Knife Set Review and then it will be easy to understand weather its fully satisfying or not.

When we take cooking as our passion of profession we need all the kitchen utensils to be comfortable enough for our use. In that case this Chanshan S1 knife set can make your job easier than ever. But before you buy this set of knife , you need to know each and everything about this knife. 

So, with all your questions and some unknown facts, and features of this knife set in this content we will provide you everything about it. Let’s come to know, what this knife will give you and how you will be more passionate about cooking. You will be stunt knowing that each and every material of this knife describes the beauty of art and culture. 

Cangshan s1 Knife Set Review

Glimpsing on the review before buying an expensive thing makes you more confident about that product. You have to verify first if the product will fulfill your expectation or not. Now, coming to this splendid set of knife, this knife will give you everything you want. The manufacturer ‘Cangshan Cutlery Company’ ensures the best arsenals while making it. Now let’s find out fervidity and all the features it contains. 

Cangshan S1 Knife Set Review

Blade and Material

This set of knife consists of 17 types of knives and each of them have unexpected sharp blade with different sizes. The material that the blade is made with is German steel. Forging with high-alloy X50cr15MoV German steel this set of knife creates another level. 

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This high-end German steel has the HRC with 58 +/- 2 featuring on the Rockwell hardness scale. This hardness scale is based on indentation hardness. It illustrates the actual measurement of the sharpness and the depth it goes through something. Surely this set is made ensuring the cutting of all the kitchen work.

Moreover the set is consisted of 17 different knives naming chef’s, santoku, tomato, steak bread and so on. Different knife has different blades for different cutting of things. Therefore for its unique material this set of knife is quite soft. Thus, it helps the re-sharpening of the blades. The blades have an appreciable durability.

It feels like butter when it cuts, chops or slices through things. The blades have quite static internal structure because of their heat treatment process of 6 stages.


This precious set of knife will leave you amazed when you find the edge features. The manufacturer ensures the sharpness like scalpel while manufacturing this set. When the blades are made it requires heat treatment method of ultra-precise that comes with 6 different stages. This method holds the internal formation and compositions of the knives and as well as the maintenance of the sharpness of the edge. 

Again the knives have to go through a hand sharpening process. That too requires 3 step of processing and that is the method for what you get a set full of razor-sharpening edges. Moreover, this strong and unexpectedly sharp edge comes with a long lasting package. 

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You surely don’t want to miss the chance of getting a full package of happiness at a time. The edge ensures cutting through even heavy kitchen things with even almost no pressure. The whole knife set is manufactured systematically and with an artistic mind to maintain its legacy of sharpness.

HandleCangshan S1 Knife Set Review in detail

This cangshan s1 knife set has overloaded with comforts and one of its most significant comfort zones is its handle which is of ergonomics. And it makes the cutting and chopping of the edibles smoother avoiding the unwanted grazing and food sticking. If a chef does not feel comfortable grabbing the handle, it is a real unexpected fault of a knife. 

But if we examine the handle of Cangshan s1 knife, then we can easily witness its easy gripped handle. Also, to prevent from injuries and for the safety concern, this ergonomics used handle is absolutely a perfect servicer. Ergonomic is resistance to abrupt injury and it grants a long term effective company. 

The price may cost a little higher for the ergonomics tools, but comparing to its durability the high price is worth and acceptable. 

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Coming to the point of the design of this set of knife will make you flabbergasted because of its eye-catchy look. To be honest, this Cangshan s1 knife set is a piece of beauty. The whole set is based on the color white. Thus, the blades come with creamy color with ashy white handle. 

The knives with a perfect woody holder enhance its beauty. Wherever you keep this full set in your kitchen it will grab everyone’s attention. This art of piece is quite a massive thing with its extraordinary unique materials. Also the whole set expresses the minimal art with huge elegance.

The different sizes of knives are placed absolutely in an according way. Overall, it comes with an ideal design. 

User Experience  

Till now this fantastic set of knife has a huge fan base. People with a passion of cooking have loved this set. Why not? This set full of several knives with various shapes and sizes assures you the cutting of everything. Cooking is now way easier to them.

Also, from the tip to bottom of every knives show the perfect combination of the materials, sharpness of edge and everything. Many users think that is the best thing to gift or best thing to keep at kitchen.


This set of knife comes with a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer of this knife set ensures its maximum use for a long period of time. Also, the edge is processed in a way that after heavy cutting it is easy to sharp it again. 

This patented designed set is handcrafted with much care and pride. Thus it has more value and way more trustworthy than the machined ones.

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  • Easy for cutting, slicing, chopping, lacerating and everything
  • Comes with different type of knives for different type of edibles
  • Comes with maximum Initial Cutting Performance and maximum TCC
  • Fastens the job
  • Lucrative to look at
  • Has lifetime warranty
  • Edge sharpness lasts for a long time
  • Easy sharpening of edge can be done
  • All the knives are handy
  • Each knife is well balanced with maximum flexibility of the blade


  • Comes with half bolster
  • Get rusty easily
  • Needs proper wash for its color

FAQs on Cangshan S1 Knife Set Review

1. Why should you buy this set of knife

You should definitely buy this set of knife because of its iconic appearance and efficiency. This set of knife is a complete package that handles cutting of every edible. With maximum ICP and TCC it ensures your maximum comfort and safety. This set of knife is a visual illustration of art and artist. 

And its capability of satisfying chefs by cutting, mincing, slicing food and veggies is hell of a matter to praise. And these are the fair enough reason to buy this artisan.

2. What good this knife set can bring you using this knife?  

This set of knife will not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also it will ensure your safety. The using of the knives will make you job done super fast. Thus you will feel the urge of fulfilling your desire to be a perfect cook. Every kitchen room expects safety first, and this iconic item is no less aware of this important fact, fortunately. 

Moreover, it maintains the equal size of the cuttings thus, it increases the taste of the food. So, this set of knife can be a secret of your good food that everybody would ask for.

3.  Is this set of knife worth the price?

Of course! This whole set provides you with 17 type of various knife. Each of them has their own efficiency and proficiency. You do not have to buy any other knife because this full set is enough. From soft to hard, every kind of veggies is easy to cut with this set.

Also, the materials are rare and unique that holds its both internal and external beauty. With lifetime warranty and scalpel like sharp edges this full set is worth buying. 

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Wrap Up Cangshan S1 Knife Set Review

As a kitchen knife Cangshan S1 Knife Set Review is the most important thing to understand for different types of cutting, a kitchen room without it is incomplete. But you should not get baffled while choosing the right knife set because it is related to your every day job and you cannot just take less care in this segment.

Cangshan S1 Knife Set is the best series of knife sets just because of its highly pleasurable outlook and high functioned system providence. This set of knife is exceptional and highly demand-able. Its sharp edged blade and ergonomics handle suits the shapes of hands of almost every chefs.

The solace that it is bound to provide is highly appreciable and foods come out nicely cutting by this extraordinary knife. Only once you use the knife set, it will be your all time favorite company in your kitchen room.

So, if you are thinking of buying a knife set, go for this mind blowing artisan. No other set of knife can beat this Cangshan s1 knife set for the next two decades so to say. And after using this masterpiece, kindly drop a feedback.  


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