Most Expensive Kitchen Knife that actually people buy

Top 8 Most Expensive Kitchen Knife (People Actually Buy!!)

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2021)

Have ever thought that a kitchen knife can also be expensive in different cases? Have you ever imagined that a knife can worth thousand dollars? Well, to enlighten you, we are here to uplift the most expensive kitchen knife in the world with enormous information. 

And if you are passionate about cooking or chopping, your interest will rouse more after you come to learn about the features of the most expensive knives. Instead of being expensive, these kitchen knives are worth buying for their craziest feature. Different types of cooking require different types of kitchen knives. If you don’t know, there are significant types of kitchen knives.

Depending on your field of cooking these exclusive knives can cut, slice and chop almost all edibles. These knives have surprising structures and ideal for all kind of chefs. If you are wondering to know everything about these knives, read out the article thoroughly.

Our Top 3 Picks

R2 Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

Miyabi Black 9.5-inch Chef’s Knife

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife

Top 8 Most Expensive Kitchen Knife

Basically in a serious profession like being a chef the kitchenware requires a lot of perfection. Precise cutting, disjointing, cleaving, carving and slicing of any edible materials require knife with perfect blade, handle, tang and tip. Not all the knives are same. May be they are used for multipurpose but surely not for all purposes. 

So, let’s have a clear concept of these expensive kitchen knives we are providing below. Perhaps, it will be helpful enough for you to select the aimed one.

1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Cermax 9 1/2 –Inch Chef’s knife

This 30861-240 number model kitchen knife is the most expensive and extraordinary knife. Its extreme sharpness gives you great feeling while cutting things. This knife is light weighted and easy to handle. Its manufacturer is J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL. Its demented features are hail of a thing. From its blade tip to its handle bottom, it is so gorgeous. Its handle is distinctively polished. This expensive blade is worth $3,000.

Over all, using this knife is nothing but fun. Cutting of vegetables and meats seem easier and faster with this knife. So, why would you give another thought when you should buy this knife in the first thought? 

Major Features

  • Comes with a weight of 1.04 pounds
  • The handle comes with black micarta
  • It is featured by traditional honbazuke honing method
  • Comes with 9 ½ inches long
  • Designed and manufactured by Japanese 
  • Blade consists of German steel


  • Easy to handle
  • Extremely sharp
  • Well balanced
  • Easy for cutting, chopping and slicing


  • Cannot be used for carving meat bones or dense meats
  • Doesn’t help with small precision

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Cermax Specialty

The specialty of this knife is that the sharpness of the blade remains for a long term period. All the materials used for featuring this knife are exclusive ones.

In fact, its handle is perfectly ergonomic. It is cooperated by a top Japanese iron chef. This knife represents Japanese ancient culture and tradition.

Its edge retention power is quite appreciable too. 

Bottom Line

In this era, everybody wants there life easy to go. So, even with small tasks we find fluency and comfort zone. This knife is the easy maker of you job. You will never be this happy while cutting things with this knife. I guarantee you, this knife is worth buying.

2. BOKER Damascus Superior Chef’s Knife

Unlike other kitchen knife this knife is really a boomer! You just cannot deny its notable character after using this knife. This knife is full of distinct high quality features and worth $2,081.64. You can easily prepare you salad by using this knife. Yes, surely it is expensive but worth buying. 

Slicing of chicken, meats and everything is super faster with this knife. The handle made of African hardwood. Therefore, the handle is smoother and extreme handy. Its blade is made of multiple layers of Damascus steel which holds the long durability of the sharpness. Why you would be late to buy this salient one!

Major Feature 

  • Comes with a weight of 7 ounces
  • Featured with a thickness of 2.5mm and overall length of 13 ½ inches
  • The blade has a length of 8 1/5 inches
  • Handle is manufactured with African Grenadill hardwood
  • Blade is made of Damascus steel
  • Wooden handle is also framed with Damascus butt cap and Damascus bolsters
  • It comes with a sheath


  • Long stability of sharpness
  • Feels good for cutting anything for cook
  • Super handy
  • Gorgeous to look at
  • Featuring materials are way too exclusive


  • Quite expensive
  • Mincing and peeling of small herbs or vegetables is tough

BOKER 130800DAM Specialty

If we talk about the specialty of this knife then there are a whole lot of things to say. For the multiple layered of Damascus stainless steel the blade possesses tremendous cutting power. Moreover, the African Grenadill wood handle contains oil in it. Thus, it moisturizes the handle and it becomes extreme smooth. 

The whole knife comes with an excellent looking sheath. This knife is provided with a manual from the manufacture company and a lifetime warranty as well.

Bottom Line 

Above all this knife is manufactured with care and pride. This knife is one of a kind type innovation. Surely, you won’t regret buying this knife.

3. R2 Japanese Gyuto Chef’s Knife

This spanking looking knife is a whole kind of package and worth $4,440.00. Basically, this knife holds the power of cutting all the ingredients precisely. Its Beige or silvery color gives you joy when you touch it. It makes your job easy and super faster. Everything about this knife is satisfying.

From its sharp blade to its slender, rounded handle make it more demand-able. The blade empowers a standard length, height and thickness. The manufacturer of this knife leave no stone unturned for making the perfect one. You should try this knife out at least once in life.

Major Features

  • Comes with a size of 300mm
  • Arrives with silver or beige color
  • The blade is featured with stainless steel
  • The handle has a length of 147mm
  • The length, height and thickness of the blade are 300mm, 53mm and 2.5mm respectively
  • Comes with Gyuto type and the material is R2


  • Chopping vegetables or meat is easier
  • Fast working gadget 
  • Blade sharpness remains for a long time
  • Handy and satisfying 


  • Needs hand wash every time
  • Not suitable for bone cutting

R2 JapaneseGyuto Chef’s Knife Specialty

The most special thing about this knife is that it is a Gyuto type knife. This knife cuts vegetables with rhythm. Blade edge is quite flat and smooth. The blade material is R2 which is made by Kobe Steel Japan. Special Gold 2 or SG2 is its another name. 

Again, this knife comes with a beautiful sheath. Overall, this knife enhances your passion for cooking.

Bottom Line

The smooth cutting through the veggies require a special chef’s knife. This R2 Japanese Gyuto Chef knife has everything you will ever want! So, make your job done faster by collecting this one.

4. Yoshihiro Steel #1 Honyaki Mirror-Finished Chef’s Knife

Well, this knife is another most expensive knife is worth 5,999 U.S. dollar. You will be stunt knowing the features of this knife. Everything about this knife is enchanting. Its manufacturer is Yoshihiro. This mighty knife is synthesized by the Japanese master craftsman Masakuni. It is featured representing their traditional sword. 

The surface of the blade is extremely smooth and mirror like. The whole name of this knife describes a lot about itself. Without making any interrupt in the cutting rhythm and stroke this knife is in a word awesome!

Major Features 

  • Comes with a grade of Honyaki Mirror Finished
  • Blade comes with a length of 13”and single edged 
  • Knife type possesses Yanagi Kiritsuke 
  • Blade is manufactured with #1 Mizuyaki virgin high Carbon steel
  • Comes with a phoenix furnished Magnolia Maki sheath
  • Handle comes with octagonal magnolia Maki-Urushi that is water buffalo horn 


  • Perfect for slicing fish for sashimi or sushi
  • It cuts through veggies maintaining their freshness and integrity 
  • Its sword like tip also helps in any way


Yoshihiro Steel #1 Honyaki Mirror-Finished Sushi Knife Specialty

A meticulous process of quenching pure water is known as Mizu Honyaki, helps drawing out the hardness for refining the blade steel, to make is more consistent and resilient.

This knife is considered is one of a kind of art. This knife requires sword like polishing with the ancient Japanese Technique. The component from which the blade is made under a full moon Hanom describes high quality Japanese knives.

Moreover its sheath is also natural Magnolia Maki which is decorated with phoenix. 

Bottom Line  

Every chef out there needs this art in their kitchen. This Japanese kitchen knife not only makes your job easier but also its presence prolongs the beauty of your kitchen. So, buy it with no dilemma!

5. Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Chef’s Knife

This piece of marvelous art is worth $1,949.99. It is totally hand-crafted with extreme care, pride and skill. This knife blade is also a mirror-finished one with Hamon temper line. The manufacturer truly shows us that how beautifully they can give a mirror look with single carbon steel.

This knife is a Gyuto knife. Thus, it is the best Japanese kitchen knife. Its handle is also ergonomic, rounded and smooth. This knife ensures the proper cutting, slicing, chopping or dicing of the ingredients. You surely won’t ever regret buying this knife.

Major Features

  • Comes with a size of 270mm
  • Comes with Gyuto Chef Knife style
  • Featured with a mirror finished Mt. Fuji crescent moon Honyaki
  • Comes with the HRC of 66
  • Manufactured with double edged angle
  • Comes with Magnolia Saya knife sheath


  • The size is standard thus easy to work with
  • Excellent is slicing meat or fish
  • Cutting of ingredients like nuts, frozen foods are faster


  • Not stain resistant
  • Needs hand wash every time
  • Needs oiling regularly

Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Chef’s Knife Specialty

This knife also a Japanese kitchen knife made with all kind of special components. This knife from Yoshihiro also comes with beautiful wooden sheath. The handle is specially manufactured with octagonal handcrafted handle which is Wa-styled. 

This knife is truly forged and its Hamon feature in the temper line of the blade comes with fuji mountain with a crescent moon. 

Bottom Line

Overall, to enhance the deliciousness of your food this knife would add some extra always. From the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle along with its sheath is a complete package. Who wants to miss the chance of using this knife!

6. Miyabi Black 9.5-inch Chef’s Knife

This kitchen knife is in number six according to its cost. This beautiful knife is worth $399.99. Its beautiful floral design in the surface of the knife is way more gorgeous. The whole knife is a real class. This knife is handcrafted exceptionally in Seki, Japan. 

The blade of this knife is extremely sharp and it has long lasting edge. It blackish ash color increases its beauty to thousand times. The handle is sleek and rounded.

It is connected with the blade with one metallic pin. This knife cuts through rhythmically throughout the meats and veggies. Trust me, you need this gem!

Major Feature

  • Comes with a size of 9.5 inches
  • It has a light weight of 0.90 pounds
  • Blade comes with 133 layers of steel
  • The blade is manufactured with MC66 micro carbide steel that is obdurate to 66 HRC
  • Comes with D-shaped handle


  • Stainless steel
  • Fastens work
  • Cuts, slices, chops every type of veggies and meats


  • Needs perfect care
  • Needs hand wash

Miyabi Black 9.5-inch Chef’s Knife Specialty

This knife is another representative of the ancient tradition of Japan. The knife has a specials Damascus floral pattern in its surface due to the multiple layers of the steel in the blade. Also its handle is made of a special kind of wood that is black ash.

This knife is exceptionally manufactured in the three step Honbazuke technique. This maintains the sharpness of the blade for a decade. The color of the blade from its handle contrasts excellently. 

Bottom Line

Though this knife doesn’t come with a sheath, yet this knife is worth paying. This knife is a one of a kind and fully made with lots of dedication and pride.

7. Yoshihiro Hayate ZDP-189 Kiritsuke Knife

This expensive knife is worth $749.99 and manufactured by Yoshihiro. With its super efficiency in cutting almost every edible thing this knife is manufactured in Japan by proficient tradesmen. The components of this knife are exclusive that maintain the consistency of the whole gadget. 

From its stainless steel blade with core cutting edge to its ergonomic woody handle give you immense pleasure while holding in hand. You will like everything about this knife. The wonderful appearance of this knife will force you to at least one in life.

Major Features

  • Blade comes with ZDP-189 high carbon stainless steel
  • Comes with a total size of 9.5 inches
  • Has a retention of edge of HRC 66 to 67
  • The Saya comes with non-toxic lacquer coating from Japan
  • Handle is made of Ebony wood which is octagonal premium
  • Marbled wave like mosaic pattern is seen on the blade surface


  • Makes slicing of fish or meat easier
  • Handy and comfortable to use
  • Faster performance 


  • Needs mild cleanser for hand wash every time
  • Needs special care for the sustainability of the design

Yoshihiro Hayate ZDP-189 Kiritsuke Knife Specialty

The knife is special in every angle. It is double edged. Also the blade is manufactured with Suminagashi that means floating ink. This creates an enchanting mosaic patterns on the surface. Also the handle is made with double bolster with special Ebony wood. 

The fun fact is that, this knife comes for both right and left handed people. The designing of the blade needs only skilled artist.

Bottom Line  

Above all, the knife is an aesthetic representation of Japanese traditional art. You must buy it to have the great feeling ever.

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8. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 34891-263 Chef’s Knife

Now, this expensive knife is worth $449.95 with the size 10”. The manufacturer of this knife os Zwilling j.a. Henckles. With minimum curves and maintaining the standard this knife is made with love, pride and passion. 

This knife is nothing but a piece of aestheticism. This knife is especially made for the cutting of larger piles of food. So, if you are struggling with the cutting of the larger and heavy ingredients then this knife is for you.

Major Features

  • Comes with a weight of 1.55 pounds
  • The blade is featured with steel of Sg2 micro carbide powder
  • The sharpness require 3 step hand sharpening
  • The handle is black and linen Micarta
  • Blade surface is designed with Bob Kramer carping specifications


  • The blade is quite broad
  • Ease the cutting of large element
  • Appropriate and well balanced


  • Not suitable for small slicing
  • Needs proper storing

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 34891-263 Chef’s Knife Specialty

This knife is a genuine piece of art and sharpness is like scalpel. The blade requires 100 layers of Chevron Damascus pattern and 3 step procedure for making it sharp. It has got Bob Karmer mosaic pin in its handle with super splendid black color linen Micarta.

The sharpness is really praiseworthy. Again, Its broad blade holds sharpness beyond imagination.

Bottom Line

Overall, this knife is cool at looking and easy for using. It makes our life easier and faster. No more struggling with cutting giant things off. So, yes, buy it and help yourself with the smooth cooking.

Kitchen Knife Buying Guide

Before buying your desired knife, you must follow the guide. It will help you a lot to find out the best and worth one. An efficient set of kitchen knife can change your cooking style perfectly. Your work will be way lot easier and faster. So, let’s have a scan on how the features should be:


Size is the most important feature of a knife for several reasons. A chef has to cut, slice, split and thrust different cooking materials by his knife. And, for these kinds of works, different sizes of knives are necessary. But there is an ideal size recommended by home cooks and that is around 6-8 inch sized knife. 

A bigger sized knife can be intimidating and one has to carry it with more carefulness. But an ideal sized knife is accepted more for its versatility. 


A cook’s knife should be less weigh, easily lifted and glazy to look at. But again, to some cooks, it varies. Some feel comfortable and think weighed knives cut things more conspicuously and with a great flow. So it has become a personal choice.

You can take the knife which you feel comfortable for your hand and cutting fruits, vegetables, slicing onions and thrusting red meat or splitting raw-bone. 


The handle is another important part as it is connected with the holding of the whole knife. The handle can be made of different substances like rubber, carbon fiber, plastic, polymer, titanium and so on. For different purposes, the handle is made of different matters. 

But among all those, the handle made of wood of a knife is the ancient and most comfortable choice for a chef. Yet it depends on the choice and grip power of a chef that what kind of handle he would like to choose. 


Another significant part of a knife is how sharp and glazy the edge is. Sharp edge is favorable for the professional chefs as they have to deal with the cutting and slicing food every time. To some nubs a sharp edged knife may cause trouble initially. 

An evenly sharp edge is convenient to cutting and slicing food even though it requires some extra carefulness. 

3 Most Expensive Kitchen Knife Brands  

After exploring all those expensive knives, are you feeling the cravings for knowing the 3 most expensive kitchen knife brands? Of course, you are!

A knife enthusiast can feel the necessity of learning more and more about a knife and for a cook, it is important that he knows what brands provide the most expensive and superb knives.

Let’s just learn more about the knife brands as well:

1. Yoshihiro Cutlery  

As a primal brand, Yoshihiro Cutlery brand is mainly a handcrafting zone in Japan. This brand produces its cutlery set of knives mixing their old traditional based metals and authentic materials.

They are dominating this area over 100 years in Japan and from 2008 they started to spread their master pieces worldwide including the great areas of California and Beverly Hills.

To evaluate their products they also do business through online as well. This brand believes that one knife can change a life and one knife can be the primal reason of cherishment and happiness. 

Read our in-depth reviews of some of the most popular Yoshihiro knives:

Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Knife

Yoshihiro Kasumi Japanese Deba Knife

Yoshihiro Blue Steel Deba Knife

Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Gyuto Knife

2. Zwilling J.A Henckels  

This brand of knife is the oldest one and has been imprinting its greatness from the year 1731. Basically, this brand is popular for its extra ordinary price of the special knives from other brands. But their premium manufacture quality of a knife is worth the price without any doubt.

This brand’s manufactured knives contain “TWIN” logo in each individual knife. This brand categorizes different sets of knives in different logos and names for the convenience of understanding the glorification of each knife.

3. Boker 

Boker brand is popular for its mesmerizing quality of its cutlery and knife sets. This brand is also known as “Tree brand” probably because the success of the brand grows like a tree and if it is not then think whatever positive. Because this brand really succeeds super fast. This brand is sprinkling its glory over 100 years in Germany and along with other countries.  

Its ultra level of making the knife with precision, patience and toils help to produce each knife a master peace in nature and so sharp and glazy to look at. Now this brand is globally acquainted by everyone. 

FAQs of The Most Expensive kitchen Knife 

1. What is the specialty of these expensive kitchen knives?

There is obviously hidden many specialty of these expensive kitchen knife because it is made of completely different materials from an ordinary knife. One can easily comprehend the big-fat difference between an ordinary and an extra-ordinary knife. 

The metals, its sharpness, its smooth equal edge and easy gripped handle will expose its iconic uniqueness. 

2. Are expensive kitchen knives worth its high price?

Well, of course if a knife is made of high quality metals and requires hand skills then of course the knife is worth its price. Many knife manufacturer brands use their old traditional rules and they are determined to produce each knife as the best knife.

 So, they do not compromise in making the best knives even though it all requires hand touch on it. That’s why it is fair to say that the knives are worth its prices. 

3. What is the time durability of these expensive kitchen knives?

As most of the knives are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic, Damascus steel, High-Carbon steel and other parts of the knife are made of the choices of the customers, these knives brings out the best in them to the customers. 

So, the metals are long lasting and do not get rusty fast like the ordinary knife. These knives can easily long last over decades.

4. Why should you buy expensive kitchen knives?

There are hundreds of reasons that why you should take a chance by buying expensive kitchen knives. An ordinary knife is not long lasting and get rusty too easily and buying the same ordinary knife does not worth it. 

Better, if one buy an expensive knife and he or she does not have to worry for a decade because these knives are durable and easy to work with while the ordinary knives requires more carefulness and have no certainty.  

Final Words

So these are the most expensive kitchen knives’ features which are appealing so to say. These knives are not only great in using them but also long lasting and easy gripped which are the most important things for a chef. 

These knives make the kitchen work much easy and also help to consume the time less in cutting, chopping, slicing, splitting and thrusting different kind of food. 

So if you are content by the information we have provided about the most expensive kitchen knife, then, don’t forget to leave a kind feedback.


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