Shun Kanso Chef Knife Review

Shun Kanso Review : Expectations vs. Reality

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Do you have any single idea about the multitasking ability of the knife “Shun Kanso”? Ever tried its versatile features and want more information to satisfy your hunger as a knife enthusiast? Also, want authentic Shun Kanso review and genuine advice about this knife?

Then you are at the right track because we are going to appease your all kind of hunger by providing a perfect and full of informative review of “Shun Kanso” knife. If you are a chef or a knife enthusiast, this review is going to help you find out what benefits you are going to have by using this knife. 

Basically, Shun Kanso knife is famous for its durability of the steel which is razor sharp and far away from being rusty too easily. Also, its versatility is popular among other Japanese knives. It requires more precision, directness and custody. If you are looking for a knife which can chop, slice, split, thrust almost all kind of edibles, then without any second thought, you should go for this knife. Let’s just explore how this knife can shower us with its greatness in other ways.

Shun Kanso Chef Knife Review in Detail   Shun Kanso Review for all

A perfect knife is known by its sharpness of blade, materials that have been used, perfectly gripped handle and some other certain things. But these are the most important things to check out while buying a knife. Shun Kanso knife is no less than a perfect knife. Its outstanding handcrafted features are worth a quick glance.

Blade and Material

This Japanese knife’s blade is made of the best steel of AUS-10A which is counteraction to deep scratches. Which means it can mitigate any kind of accidental scratches on it. This thin and shiny blade is 8-inch lengthy and made of high-carbon and vanadium stainless steel. As vanadium is primal for strengthening the power, vividness and durability of a steel, this knife is extraordinarily tough to other knives. 

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This lengthy blade works so rhythmically that it cuts and chops edibles with equal pressure and pace. Also this knife is not half tang or push tang. It is well built with full tang which evidently means that skinning or prying any animal is easy to do. 

To maintain its standard, sandwiching the VG10 and high carbon stainless steel is necessary to use. And that’s what makes the blade sharp and exquisite in nature.


Another important feature of Shun kanso knife is its razor like sharp edge. Any knife which is sharp contributes the safety more than a flat edged knife. While a dull blade is risky to handle, a sharp knife gives its best to prevent any kind of risk and fatality. As it is known that, a chef is not only concerned about the taste of cooked food, he is also concerned about the symmetry of cutting each slices of a food. 

And a razor-sharp edged knife is determined to fulfill a chef’s cutting satisfaction by providing the right symmetry of each sliced piece of food. Also, the knife can lessen the possibility of cutting yourself brutally in a significant way and prevent you to slip any further. 

Its function of edge poises the food and cut the food doing less damage to it. In that way the food looks better and well cut which is also appealing to look at. 

Handle Shun Kanso Review

Shun Kanso’s handle is another important feature to notice. It is made of a wood which is famed for the name “iron sword wood” and the wood’s actual name is tagayasan. A handle made of wood in a knife creates a rustic and delicate beauty. Also, kitchen knives prefer wood handle for different other essential purposes as well.

Foremost thing is that, a wood handle knife can give carve to any design of the edibles as it is easy grip. Again, a chef’s wrist pressure is variable at different time according to the food he cuts or chops. In that case, a wood handle knife can balance the pressure and the food is cut as per the wish of the chef.

That means a handle that is made of wood can easily be controlled while cutting, chopping, slicing or splitting. Shun kanso knife has also no difference from providing those facilities. Also, it’s the handmade perfect easy gripped handle is so much attractive that anyone would like have one in their kitchen to enhance the beauty of it.  

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“Simplicity” is the basic design format of this Shun Kanso knife. It is made based on a philosophy which is known as Zen philosophy. The full construction of this knife is beyond description. The metals and materials that are used for making this knife are highly qualitative and together they produce a masterpiece like Shun Kanso knife. 

The beauty and rustic look has brought enormous popularity to this knife among the chefs’. Not only that, its razor-shape blade and lengthy edge of 8 inch which is sharpened to 16 degrees on each part with full tang construction give a perfect balance to the whole function of the knife.

The design of Shun Kanso knife gets a superior assertion because it is a handmade “Heritage”. The traditional touches of fine hands take this knife to another level of uniqueness.   

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 User Experience

Experience after using the masterpiece is immense which is noticed through the million of positive reviews about this knife. As this knife is easy gripped and friendly to cut, chop, thrust, pry and so on, many chefs have decided to use the knife for the lifetime. Also, the delicacy of this handmade knife enhances the beauty of the kitchen.

Again, this knife is determined to carve the shape of the food as per the wish of the chef by balancing its perfect function. Even it does not create wrist pain because of using the knife for hours and comforts the wrist zone instead. 

Even at a higher price, many chefs prefer this delicate knife to other knives. Anyone can have a good feeling after using the knife. Shun Kanso Review set


Shun Kanso knife grants lifetime warranty. But it varies when you buy knives crossing a certain amount of money. Also, this knife’s durability is over two decades. And if you buy knives and cutlery set after crossing a certain amount of money you’ll get voucher as well.

But this type of offer is not always available. To get all the good opportunities you have to keep in touch with the knife brand and grab the opportunity whenever it takes place.

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  • Long term pleasure of rustic and traditional look
  • Easy gripped handle quickens the pace of cutting, slicing, chopping and so on
  • Razor like sharp edge helps to cut food frequently
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Enlightens the kitchen with its simple design
  • Grants lifetime warranty and many offers sometimes
  • Reasonable price ($114.95)


  • Provides no sheath 
  • Ask for little cautions

 FAQ’s on Shun Kanso Review

1. Why should you try this knife at least once?

Shun Kanso knife is a perfect example of a perfect kitchen knife. If you are a chef and never used this knife ever before, trust me, this knife will change your notions about a perfect knife. Its benevolence nature will bring comforts, ease and enlightenment in your cooking life.

The construction of the knife will tell you its tradition and the style of Gyuto. Also, if you want to give your kitchen a decorative look then of course go for this knife without giving a second thought.

2. Is the price really reasonable?    

A full tang knife with a comfortable wood handle and the razor-like sharp edge is, of course, reasonable by its price. In fact, you are getting all the pleasures in one package. So of course you can calculate it in your way as well. $114.95 is worth the price according to the facilities it provides.  

Also do not forget that the knife’s durability can go to a decade to decade. And you do not have to buy knives twice or more in a year. You can use the same knife year after year with the same comfort, ease and solace. It actually saves your money on another way.

3.  Why is Shun Kanso knife different from other chef’s knife?

Shun kanso by its construction and function is different from other chef’s knife. It is a primal product of a Japanese knife brand. Its popularity tells its benevolent. Also, its rustic look provides a traditional pleasure to the users.

It cuts the edibles with a rhythmic frequent and gives a proper size to the food which is a completion to the chefs. And other knives cannot assure this perfect balance and so cannot reach the standard of Shun Kanso.

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Final Words   

To maintain a comfort zone in cooking and to cut food, only Shun Kanso knife can help you with its loftiness. This is one of the best shun knife is produced until now.

400;”>This life-changing knife is worth a try. If you want to go for a knife which has a unique look and provides different facilities then you should not think twice to buy this knife instantly.

From breakfast to dinner, Shun Kanso Review shows its sublimity by cutting, chopping, slicing, prying, thrusting, carving and splitting different edibles. And who does not want a bomb like package to have in his kitchen.

So, of course, if you believe in “one knife, different chores”, then grab this knife and make your kitchen more beautiful by its delicate look as well. And after using the masterpiece, do not forget to give us a feedback. 

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