Miyabi Mizu SG2 chefs knife review

Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knives Review [True Facts Should Know]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

Passion for a knife that is full of high-end features and has the ability of cutting through things with full cadency is very normal! If you are chef, you always will have the thrust for the best knife like Miyabi Mizu SG2. Among the best Japanese knives ‘Miyabi Mizu’ is kinda ruling over others. But before trying it out wanna know the Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knives Review including category, features, materials and everything about this knife?

Well, then you have stepped to exactly the right place. In this whole content, I am going to provide you each and every detail about this knife. I am sure you will not be able to resist yourself from buying this knife after hearing what this massive thing can do. 

From the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle of this knife will leave you being charmed enough about this piece of art. This one of a kind knife is worth $229.95. Basically, this knife is a visual representation of the Japanese culture and tradition. This winsome knife can cuts through even very hard meats and veggies like butter. Let’s give you a look of the review with versatile features of this eye-piece and make you more fascinated about cooking. 

Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knives Review in Detail

You have to verify things before you buy them. This knife is validated with its every part. The manufacturer of this knife ‘Miyabi’ ensures the knife holds tradition and attributes in its every portion. Thus, knife is an extremely gorgeous one with perfect balance and standard structure. This knife is nimble, tripping, flat and unexpectedly sharp. Let’s find out its features.

Miyabi mizu sg2 chef's knives review

Blade and Material

Talking about the blade of this knife will make you crazy about it. The material from that the blade is made of is infrequent and extravagantly valuable. The 9.5 inch sized blade is featured with SG2 steel. The SG2 steel is a special kind of steel which is actually made of micro carbide powder. The blade is shiny as diamond for its mirror polishing. It feels so good when it goes through a substance.

The blade is made so perfectly that when it cuts, the slices do not stick to it. Moreover, it keeps the sizes of the chopping things equal that increases the taste of the cooking food. The main reason for this is that, the blade is featured with a hammered method.

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It has a three layer of SG2 steal manufactured in ‘Tsuchime’ method. Also the hammered stainless steel has a finishing of Damascus texture. This gives the knife a different design with an eye-catchy look. It involves Criodur process that is ice hardening that keeps the knife from rusty and flexible enough. 


As this knife has a Damascus texture finishing, it can hold its edge pretty well. This knife is hand-hewn with a scalpel like exacerbation and rigor. Once you use it, you cannot but fall in love with its sharpness piquancy. The edge retains the corrosion resistance, retention and elasticity of the blade. It possesses an angle of 9 to 12 degree on each of its sides which is a traditional Japanese blade angle. 

The edge of the blade requires an ancient three steps process that involves the ‘Honbazuke’ procedure. From which the blade gets double sharpness on best quality whetstones. After that on a leather wheel the edge of the knife gets its final touch of mirror polishing. That hugely sharpens the edge and why won’t it be this sharp?

This has got the thousand year old process of making Samurai sword. And we all the landmark of a Samurai sword! Now obviously you can imagine how majorly you can cut or chop with zero pressure on the muscles of the hand. 


Like the blade material and the edge of Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knife has an intensively nice handle too. The handle is woody and it is Micarta D-shaped.miyabi mizu chef knife review

The Micarta handle of this knife is strong enough to hold the blade with well balancing capability. The handle of this knife is connected with only one metal pin. The pin is rounded and it has mosaic design on it. 

Moreover, the handle comes with a metal end-cap in its bottom. The cap helps in regulating and balancing the whole knife. The handle has a mosaic pattern on its surface with red spacers. It enhances the beauty of the knife twice or thrice.

The handle is easy to grab in and well polished. It is comfortable enough even though you use it hour after hour. Overall, the handle fits in hand nicely and makes the job done super fast. 


Well coming to the part of designing, this knife is exclusively extraordinary. You literally can count on its sharpness. This 9.5 inch long blade with an extremely handy type handle knife is too good to look at. The blade and the edge of this knife have got some design in their surface. This knife is fully handcrafted maintaining the traditional legacy of Japan.

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Both the handle and the metallic pin connecting the handle with blade have mosaic pattern. The cap on the bottom of the handle makes it more attractive to look at. Every part of this knife plays an important and significant role. From the 9 to 12 degree hand-honed blade to the D-shaped woody handle, this Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knife is awesome. 

User Experience

Using this knife is like a blessing to all the rewires out there. The users of this knife are very much grateful to find this masterpiece. Their life is now much easier using this knife. Some has chosen to gift this knife to their closest ones. And trust me if you gift this precious to your dearest one, every time they use it they will remember you. miyabi mizu chef knife review

This aesthetic creation is also used for showing off as an eye-piece. Yet, many chefs have chosen this knife for their lifetime use. They are quite benefited by this terrific creation. Moreover, this kitchen utensil is approved as the most reliable knife ever that cuts through the edibles with extreme perfection. Every user praises its sharpness and appreciates this one of a kind of a piece of great art.


Almost all Japanese Knives ensure you the maximum durability. But this knife gives you some extra. Though, its edge ascertains its long lasting durability, this splendid Japanese knife comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Every materials included in making this special type of knife can run smoothly year after year ever after its convulsing use. So, it is now transparent to you that you surely won’t regret a bit buying this money spending this much money! Try once! 

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  • Light weighted and easy to use
  • Super handy 
  • Fastens work
  • Excellent for slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing any meat or vegetables
  • Sharpness of the edge is like scalpel
  • Comes with lifetime warranty 
  • The blade is well balanced, corrosion resistant and flexible
  •  Nimble and does not get rusty easily


  • It does not come with a sheath
  • Requires hand wash every time

FAQs on Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knife (9.5-inch)

1. Why should you buy this knife?

Well, there are a lots of chef’s knife, but this knife will always give you some extra service. Its sharp edge helps cutting substances with maintaining the perfect regularity and pattern. If you are a professional cook then this knife will help you fasten your work. Also the cutting or slicing of veggies or meats in an even and rhythmically is expected by the consumer.

 If you want to fulfill the requirements of your customer then you will not get any better than this. 

2. Is the price worth buying this knife?

Of course the price is worth buying this knife. If you want to get a thing that ensures its lifetime service then paying this much money is not a loss project at all. Moreover, if you are a chef in a restaurant then buying this knife could be the best choice you make. You do not need to be worried about losing the sharpness of the knife every time you use it for cutting hard veggies or meats. 

So, paying $229.95 for getting this knife is totally worth it, trust me.

3.  How it is different from an ordinary knife?

This knife is claimed extraordinary. And if we look through it we find many special features and materials involved in making it. Its blade, handle, edge and everything represent a piece of art from Japanese tradition. This knife is totally handcrafted. Thus, it is hugely differentiable from the machined ones. Also this knife is manufactured with double bevel, that ensures the using of both left and right handed people.

 The designs and mosaic patterns on the surface of this knife can easily catch your eyes among thousands of ordinary knife. So, this knife is more special and highly wanted one. 

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Wrap up

Struggling with in the first place while cooking food can ruin your mood for cooking. Why would you refuse to make your favorite food just for a knife? Better you change it with the perfect one. And that is what this Miyabi Mizu chef’s knife gives you. It makes you job done easily.

When you choose the perfect knife you need to go through miyabi mizu sg2 chef’s knives review section for once at least. And I am sure you have got to know everything you wanted to know about this knife. Who wants to miss the chance of using a knife that is actually one of a kind? So, buy it once and get the full fun of using this knife and be a more professional one in cooking!   


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