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8 Best Japanese Whetstone of 2021 [100% Knife Sharping Solution]

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2021)

Do you ever face cutting things with dull knives? Is it smooth? I bet it isn’t. And you know what? Cutting things with dull blades is dangerous. Only then best Japanese whetstone comes in picture!

You might think about how it can be possible. But it’s true because when you cut anything with sharp blades, you won’t face any difficulties. Everything cuts smoothly. But when you are cutting with dull blades, you face difficulties and it isn’t that smooth. That’s why it might cut you. 

That’s the reason sharpening blades is necessary at least for your safety. And here’s a traditional way to sharpen the blades easily. 

Japanese Whetstones are well-known all over the world. And why is this so amazing? Let’s find it out, and see some Best Japanese Whetstone

What are the 3 Best Japanese whetstones of all:

Knifeplanet Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Set – 400/1000 and 3000/8000-Grit

Yoshihiro Professional Grade Toishi Japanese Whetstone

Kai AP0509#240#1000WHET STONE

Best Japanese Whetstone : Reviewed in Details

1. Yoshihiro Professional Grade Toishi Japanese Whetstone Knife Sharpener Review

If you are into a lightweight stone, then you must try this Yoshihiro Professional wooden water stone.

There are plenty of reasons for choosing this one. Like, this water stone has a proper hardness that you want. Not only that, but this whetstone also has enough elasticity to control the knife while sharpening. 

Besides, Yoshihiro whetstones are larger than ordinary Japanese ones. That’s why sharpening processes will be easier with them. 

The construction of it is very good. It’s made with complete protection and care. This high-quality construction of it gives the knife even sharpness. That’s the most impressive side of this product. 

The only problem with this product is there are no appropriate guidelines for using it. The instructions are poor. Also, the price of it is a bit high. Otherwise, it’s a good buy one of the best Japanese whetstone knife sharpener set. 

Major Features

  • Type: Japanese Sushi Chef Tool
  • Size: 8″×3″×1″
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Place of construction: Japan
  • Number of types: 3 different types
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Material: Wood


  • Accurate in sharpening
  • Larger than ordinary whetstones
  • Gives even sharpness
  • Sturdy 
  • Ensures safety
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Expensive
  • Have no proper instruction manual

2. KNIFEPLANET Knife Sharpening Stone Set Review

KNIFEPLANET is well-known for its integrity and firmness to its work, and dedication to quality. This product has also proven the same. 

This knife sharpening stone set from KNIFEPLANET includes lots of features. The stone is soft and made of good quality material. It comes with a flattening stone that helps to do the sharpening easily. The construction of it is good. It’s nicely built, and thus it’s easy to use. 

The price is reasonable. It’s not slippery but sometimes it can act like that. So, make sure that before proceeding to the processes. The most impressive thing is it comes with an extra online instruction article with video. All of those things are value for money. Of courses, this top rated Japanese whetstone worth to try. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Amount of stones: 2
  • Amount of Grits: 4
  • The total amount of set: 6
  • Set includes: 2 whetstones(400/1000 Grit Whetstone and 3000/8000 Grit Whetstone), 2 black rubber bases, 1 flattening stone, 1 bamboo stone holder, and KNIFEPLANET’s Online Learning Guide
  • Material: wood, Alumina Oxide


  • Easy to use
  • Not slippery
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with some extra instrumental articles with videos


  • Narrow in size

3. KING  Whetstone Review KW65 1000/6000 (Nagura stone)

Another incredible water stone is the KING KW 65 Nagura stone. We are calling it incredible because of its features. 

There are two types of stone grit. One is 1000 grit, and the other is 6000. The 1000 grit side of the stone is amazing for removing small chips to the edge. On the other side, the 6000 grit side of the stone help to give a mirror polish on your steel. That’s why you can call it a great stone for sharpening. 

But you have to make sure that you will only soak the 1000 side grit. You must not soak the 6000 grit at all. All of that will help to make nice slurry. 

Stones have to be flattened after a while as they are the soft ones. And this product has that quality too. The construction of this product is quite good, and it’s made of high-quality material. 

The packaging of this stone is also good. It has the most compact water stone you can ever have. Moreover, it can give the knives a great mirror finish. The additional feature is it includes a great base holder that is helpful. It is worth the money. You should try it at least once. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Place of construction: Japan
  • Amount of set: 2 pieces
  • The dimension of Nagura stone: 2.8×0.8×0.9 inches
  • The dimension of 1000 and 6000 stone: 7.25×2.5×1.0 inches 
  • Material: Stone
  • Color: Light brown 


  • Includes plastic stand 
  • Easy to use 
  • Worth the money 


  • Instructions are all in the Japanese language
  • Not much beginner-friendly as there are lack of guidelines

4. Kota Japan Combination Dual Sided 3000-8000 Grit Diamond Knife Sharpener Whetstone Set

The Kota Japan Water Stone kit is a dual-sided stone that has two different grits. One is 3000 grit and the other side of the stone is 8000 grit. There is an adjustable bamboo holder base that has a non-slip rubber foot. And for having it, it becomes safer to use. 

This kit has a coarse sharpening and fine polishing facility that is quite useful. It also includes a precise blade guide to give you instructions. But the guide may not be much useful. 

The other thing is you have to make sure that you soak the stone properly before using it. It will be best if you soak it for a long time until the bubbles stop rising. It is problematic, but you need to do it for getting better results. Finish the process with a leather strop. And after finishing all the processes, make sure you will dry the stone well. Besides, you might receive the stone damaged. So, be careful about it and check it well. 

Though it’s pretty durable, you don’t have to take any tension about the quality of it. Moreover, it has a 30-year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. So, overall, it’s quite a good product to have in your collection. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Grit type: Dual-sided
  • Guarantee and warranty details: 30-day guarantee and also a lifetime warranty
  • Grit sizes: one side is 3000 and the other is 8000
  • Place of construction: China


  • Has adjust ability
  • Comes with an instruction book
  • Non-slip base
  • Dual-sided facility


  • May need to soak for a longer time 
  • The blade guide is not so good

5. Kai 3658 AP0509#240#1000WHET STONE

This authentic combination whetstone from Kai offers different types of facilities. This stone includes a 240/1000 rust remover that can easily remove rust from the knife. Two types of usable grits- one side is medium grey 1000 grit, and the other is a lower grade of 240 grit. 

Moreover, the maintenance of this stone is hand wash or without water. It can sharpen different types of knives including fruit, cleaver, and sushi knives. It also can sharpen weaponry collections of Samurai, Kama, Swords and lots more. 

Besides, though it’s made in Japan it’s imported to the USA. The stone is in good shape and the 1000 grit is soft. That’s why it will be much easier to work with it. But it may take a long time to sharpen knives properly. 

The instructions are in Japanese. So, you may face difficulties to understand the processes. But overall, it’s a good kind of stone, and many professional chefs recommend this Best Japanese Whetstone best japanese chef knife . You should take at least a look at it. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Place of construction: Japan
  • Maintenance: hand wash or without water
  • Grits: one side is 1000 grit, and the other is 240 grit
  • Specifications: 240/1000 grits with rust remover
  • Applicable knives: cleaver, a fruit knife, and sushi knife



  • Instructions are only in Japanese

6. Culinary Obsession Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Set Review

The Culinary Obsession brings to you some extraordinary features that you may like. If you are looking for a professional effect, then you need to check this one. 

This whetstone knife sharpening stone has two grits- 1000 grit for easy sharpening and the other is 6000 grit for polishing. This tool is useful for any size knife. It’s made for chefs but it also works amazing for home cooks. 

They say, the sharper the knife is, and the safer the knife is. And this stone works great for sharpening. It’s easy to maintain a correct angle and thus you can just focus on the knife. The only problem is the bamboo base that is not necessary at all. But overall, it’s a good product. You cannot get this kind of product with this price range. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 2.35 pounds
  • Additional Equipment: video instructions and PDF user guide 
  • Applicable Knives: scissors, drill bits, nail clipper, dental tools, folding knives, butcher knives, fillet knives, ice skates and many more
  • Dimensions: 9×4.3×2.6 inches
  • Manufacturer: Culinary Obsession
  • Guarantee Details: 1-year money-back guarantee


  • Has an extra knife sharpening angle guide
  • Risk-free
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • No oil needed
  • Good for newbie


  • The bamboo base is not necessary
  • The water of it can make the surface slippery

7. Mizu 1000/6000 Grit Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Set

This premium whetstone knife sharpener is another good one for easy use. It has two grits- one is for sharpening duller blades, and the other is suitable for giving a good finish. The tool is not heavy at all. The grits are double-sided, and that makes it more manageable. 

Rubber bamboo base ensures stability. That’s why it can hold things in place. This whetstone can do a great job of sharpening the edge of the blades. It can work with all kinds of knives. 

Moreover, it includes a guide, so that it will also be useful for newbie. It’s safe, durable, compact, and can be stored easily. Overall, it is a good option for those who easily want sharp knives. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Grits: double-sided
  • Packaging: Sealed in a beautifully patterned box
  • Base: rubber and bamboo base 
  • Whetstone dimensions: 7×2.25×1.25 inches 


  • Dual-sided
  • Ensures stability
  • Included an extra angle guider
  • Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • It may take a longer time to soak

8. Grocery Art Knife Sharpening Whetstone

The Grocery Art Knife Sharpening Whetstone offers a great experience. It has double-sided grits that make sharpening even easier. The 1000 grit is perfect for sharpening any sizes and thickness of blades, and the 6000 sandpaper helps to polish it. 

This is a complete sharpening kit with a non-slip bamboo base and a two-colored sharpener stone. The anti-sided bamboo base uses a rubber seal that can keep the honing stone reliable. 

The stone is easy to assemble and thus it becomes easy to use. This whetstone gives you the right sharpening angle in an easy way no matter what the size of the blade is. The silicone mount also helps to keep things in place. 

The holder is stylish, the grit works great, and it’s good for beginners also. This product has a money-back guarantee. So overall, it’s useful and worth to try. 

Major Features

  • Weight: 2 pounds 
  • Manufacturer: Grocery Art
  • Dimension: 9×4.5×3 inches
  • Grits: 1000 grit for sharpening and 6000 grit for polishing
  • Guarantee: money-back guarantee
  • Base: non-slip bamboo base


  • Easy to assemble
  • Double-sided
  • Good for beginners
  • Durable


  • The wood base is a bit small for the rubber gasket

Things that matter while buying a Best Japanese Whetstone


There are different sizes available. That’s why you need to know which size will suit your job the most. Not all the sizes are working for a single type of blade. Every size works differently. Such as, if you want to sharpen some small kinds of blades then you will need a small whetstone for doing so. 

But if it’s about larger knives, then you must use a larger size of the whetstone. The larger whetstone will also be perfect for those who have different sizes of blades to sharpen. Though it will cost more than regular small stones it will be more useful if you buy a large water stone. 


There are several types of water stone you will find if you search for it. Though different types of water stones have a different method of use, you need to select that suitable one that you will need for your certain purpose. 

Such as, if you are looking for a stone for normal sharpening, then you will need those whetstones that are 700-2000 grit. On the other side, if you want stone for hard sharpening, then you will need a stone that is from 120-400 grit. Those grits will be highly recommended for rough sharpening. 

For polishing and give the blades a mirror-finish effect, you will need a stone that is minimum 2000 grit. And there’s a thing to let you know that there is no Japanese measurement above 8000. So, the highest grit is 8000. This grit will be the best for giving a mirror polish to the blades. 


Water stones are something that has to be stable when you are working with it. Several kinds of stones have a rubber and non-slip base. And those kinds of blades will keep things in place. That’s why you don’t have to look at the sharpener, and you can focus on the blade. 

Search for the non-slippery base but make sure you check the reviews whether this facility works well or not. You must take care of this thing before buying any knife sharpener. Otherwise, it can ruin the sharpening process and harm you too. 

Ease of use

Though it’s a tool of sharpening the blades easily, you need to know what the suitable stones are that will be easy to use. Different kinds of whetstones offer an easy-using facility. You have to check on those. 

But you should check the details and reviews too. The more the tool can be used easily, the more it will provide safety. That’s the reason you should be very careful about these things before buying them. 

Moreover, it’s important because if the product cannot be used properly, and you find difficulties then you must avoid using that tool. And to avoid buying these kinds of bad products, you must search it well, and then purchase. 


Every product has a certain price. And when you are going to buy any product, especially a water stone, then you must know what the price range should be. It is because buying anything with an illogical rate is not an option. 

Moreover, the price will be decided by the type of whetstone. Like, the single grit stones will be less in price. But the double-sided or multi grit stones will cost much. Those are quite expensive. But buying three different single grit stones will cost more than a multi-grit stone. That’s why we recommend you to buy a multi-grit stone to save money. 

That’s why you must research first and know what the suitable price for these water stones. Besides, set a budget of your own. And according to that budget, you will choose the product you like. 

FAQs on the Best Japanese Water Stone 

1. What is Japanese Water Stone made of? 

When we are talking about Japanese water stone, first we need to know the elements of it. If you have a question of how a water stone is made then here is the answer. 

Japanese water stone is a traditional whetstone that is made in some traditional ways. There are different categories of whetstone available, and their making style is also different. Such as, the natural quarried stones are made of micro-crystalline quartz that varies different colors like pink, white, red, tan, gray, and black. It is high in silica content. 

Synthetic whetstones are made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. It gives the stone consistency and makes it versatile. These stones are inexpensive, and thus it’s being used the most. 

2. How to clean a Japanese Water Stone? 

Cleaning the water stone is as important as using it. That’s why you must know the process of cleaning it. 

Cleaning it out is not a tough task to do. All you need to do is, wet the stone properly. You have to do the soaking process for about 20 minutes. After that, apply a little bit of oil and rub it to the entire area. Do it in a circulation motion. When you will see the metal flecks that are rising from the pores, then wipe out all the residues with a towel. Lastly, rinse the stone with water and again wipe it out. Let it dry, and it’s done. 

3. How can I maintain it? 

To maintain it well, and make it a durable one, you need to use it properly and also clean it well. After going through several uses, it’s natural that the stone will lose its shape. And if you don’t want that quickly then you must use it properly. It is because when you will use it maintaining the rules of it then it won’t damage soon. 

And if you don’t want the stone to lose its shape or if you want the stone back in shape, then the ultimate and easy solution is flattening. 

Moreover, your sharpener stone needs to be cleaned well. It is because if you keep your sharpener properly cleaned then it will eventually be last longer. 

Final Thoughts

We talked and discussed different types of Water Stones and its features too. But no matter what product you use, you should use it properly. Besides, it’s important to be safe. Though it’s about knives and blades, taking care of safety are a must. 

Further, use it and make sure the stone is being in place. The tool must follow stability. In that way, you will sharpen blades easily and can get effective results. Do these processes well, make the right use of your blades and be safe! 


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