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5 Best Japanese Survival Knife 2021[Unbeatable or Not?]

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

Want to acquaint with some Best Japanese Survival Knife? Don’t know how to find out the best ones? Still afraid of being cheated by fake products of survival knife? Well then, keep faith and have faith in us because we are going to provide you with the best reviews of the best survival knives.

Basically, in dangerous and extreme situations a survival knife not only plays the role of a defense mechanism, but also ignites the bone of the victim to defend himself. Also, these survival knives can be used in different other ways. One can easily give different shapes to a tool or dig a hard wooden of a tree and make useful things. 

Also, the rear part of the knives can also be used as a trigger. The survival knives are also useful in cutting off the rough weeds and piercing things like cotton gin and prying things apart. 

5 Best Japanese Survival Knife Reviews in Detail

Well, to find out the best survival knives there are certain significant signs you have to check out first. Not all the knives are equally sharp, glazy, and the thickness is within 3/16 of an inch to ¼ of an inch. Furthermore, some of the survival knives grant special treatments. So it is important that you have the proper and detailed knowledge about survival knives. 

Among the enormous survival knives, the best ones are to be imprinted here for your convenience. Then we will jump into a fair decision. 

List Of best Japanese Survival Knife :

  1. HONMAMON AZUMASYUSAKU Outdoor Knife 150mm Aogami Steel with Case 

Okay, now coming to the fifth number of the survival knife this is full of uniqueness. This knife is also fully hand made by the Japanese knife-maker. From its look to its use it will not fail to amaze you. It can be used thoroughly to cut any material you want. Best Japanese Survival Knife that made by japan

Well, because of its special manufacturing way this knife is gorgeous one. Its blade is also featured with Aogami srteel 2. The blade is very sharp in nature. The handle is woody. It is rounded, strong, tight and mostly handy. With the whole knife it comes with a fantastic sheath too. 

With a standard thickness and weight this knife is extremely desired to any knife lover. It cuts things with requiring a less amount of effort. Both for outdoor and hunting purposes you can easily use this knife. So, yes, it is feasible. 

Major Features

  • Comes with blade length of 150mm
  • It owns a weight of about 220g with a thickness of 4.5mm
  • Blade is featured with Aogami steel 
  • Its sheath comes with original case
  • Manufactured fully by only hand

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  • Has significant sharpness
  • Handy and fits easily
  • Usable for both left and right hander


  • May have little fault in manufacturing
  • Irregularities in handle may annoy you a little

Bottom Line

If you want a complete knife with perfect features then this knife will help you a lot. Its marvelous features will make your job done easily either for digging purpose or self defense in unfortunate events. This can be used in multi-purposes. Again, if collecting knives is your passion then buy one without delay! 

  1. AZUMASYUSAKU HONMAMON Japanese ‘Kurouchi’ Hunting Knife

This knife is another great one with full of qualities. This fully hand-made Japanese knife is featured with genetically gained attributes. Even machine made knives cannot provide such efficiency that this knife provides. This knife is a desired one for the knife enthusiasts. Even with its small irregularities, this knife possesses most proficiency. 

Best Japanese Survival Knife which quality is bestThis knife is featured with Aogami steel. This special kind of steel is required from Shimane residence. This steel is manufactured with iron sand which is endowed with qualities. Its blade prefers smooth cutting of material that is highly appreciable. If you are fond of hunting then you will be satisfied using this knife. The steel has gray color. And it is overlapped with ingot on both sides. 

Everything about this knife is eye-catchy. From its blade to its butt of the handle it shows its usefulness. Therefore, the feature of this product is raw and natural. If you want to experience of a pure hand-crafted knife then choose this immediately.

Major Features  

  • Has a total weight of about 430g with sheath 
  • Fashioned with blade made of Aogami steel 
  • Has a blade length of 180mm and only the knife weigh of about 300g
  • Featured with double bevel
  • Comes both for right or left hander

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  • Easy to cut things
  • Suitable for hunting
  • Durable
  • Usable for all people


  • May have scratches and irregularities
  • Rough in feeling 

Bottom Line

From above all description, you surely know now that this knife is one of a kind. This knife holds tradition, culture and heritage in it. Its usefulness will satisfy you to a whole new level. Though it’s totally a hand-made survival knife but it has been ensuring the best efficiency of its use from ancient period. So, check it out at least once in life.   

  1. KA-BAR Cleveland OH 1237 Seki Japan Fixed Blade Skinner Hunting Fishing Knife

Looking for a genuine vintage survival knife ever? Then you get it here. This authentic KA-BAR knife is made of by the Japanese Knife-maker in Seki Japan circa in the year 1980. With extremely great shape this knife is beautiful to look at. Its usefulness is way more describable.

 Best Japanese Survival Knife in overallThis KA-BAR 1237 model is exclusive one from the rest survival knives. With the color brass it looks so gorgeous one. Tak Fukuta manufactures this knife with extreme care and maintaining the legacy.

The material of this knife is stainless steel. The handle is handy enough and made of stacked leather. The handle is quite tough and tight. Thus, this knife is easily usable for cutting or hunting. 

This knife comes with a sheath which is also satisfactory. This knife helps in precise cutting of things. Its blade is remarkably sharp. Therefore, this knife is a wonderful one.

Major Features    

  • Possesses a length of about 9.3 to 9.4 inches
  • Comes with a stacked leather handle
  • Sheath is also leathery
  • Coated with aluminum pommel and brass colored
  • Featured with extensive minor scuffing close to blade spine

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  • Spanking to look at
  • Have precise cutting efficiency
  •  Handy and easily bearable
  • Handle is tight and strong
  • Perfect for hunting


  • May be too small for some people
  • Edge of the sheath having rivets may annoy you a little for its catchy character

Bottom Line

Coming to its conclusion, this knife is an easy-maker of your daily life. You might not lose the great opportunity of having this knife. This knife has created a new crazy for the knife lovers. So, hurry and choose this one.  

  1. New MADE IN JAPAN “KIKUDO” FIELD OUTDOOR Survival Knife [Top Japanese Knife Camping]

This exclusive survival knife is also one of a kind. It is quite handy. This Knife is featured beautifully. From its top to bottom it represents an ancient vintage look. This knife comes up with a standard size and shape. Moreover, this knife is obligate when you want to cut things unerringly.Best Japanese Survival Knife for the money

“KIKUDO” field outdoor survival knife is now a new madness for the knife enthusiasts. It is manufactured with exclusive materials. The blade is as usual stainless steel. This knife is extremely light weighted. It cuts through things easily. 

Also, if you are a hunter then this field outdoor survival knife is made for you.

Major Features

  • Comes with a total length of 13 inch or 327mm
  • Blade is made of stainless steel
  • Handle comes with special wooden material
  • Featured with several furrows in the blade

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  • Light-weighted and small
  • Usable for all kind
  • The furrows make task easier


  • Its sheath is quite disappointing 
  • Because of its furrow edges in blade even cutting is not possible

Bottom Line

If you are a knife collector then you should not be missing out this one. Its easy carrying facility with multitasking ability will satisfy you anyway. So, you may give a thought about this gorgeous knife.

5. Masano Skinner Knife Walnut Wood Handle 110 Super-Blue Steel

This masterpiece resembles one of the most alluring cultural and classic art of Japan. It is a pure handmade product. One of the ancient and oldest dynasty is making these knives for year after year. This beautiful tool is needed not only when your life is endangered but also for many other purposes. If you are a true knife enthusiast and like to have a great collection of knives then put it in the first place in your list.Best Japanese Survival Knife

The Masano Skinner Knife Walnut Wood Handle 110 Super-blue steel kais-001 has great features with perfect combination of its blade and handle. It is manufactured with superior quality Damascus blade. And the blade is linked in a tricky way into an exceptional wood handle.

The handle is well polished and made of qualitative walnut woods. It feels arresting when you touch the thick, even, round and sleek handle. This knife is tang half of its well upholstered wood handle. Also, the blade is connected to the wood handle with round metal pins.

The metal pins are two in number. This knife is carried by an excellent type of sheath. It is also made of walnut wood. 

In overall facts, this knife is tremendously gorgeous. You will feel nothing but great when you take it in your hand. It is fashioned in a very attractive way.

Major Features  


  • Handle comes with high quality walnut wood
  • Comes with a full size of 8.85 inches
  • Blade comes with the size of 3mm in thickness and 4.33 in width
  • Featured with half tang
  • Has an expedient and identical sheath

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  • Light and easy to carry
  • Sharpest blade ever
  • Easy to work with 
  • Highly strong and longest durability


  • It’s not fully tang

Bottom Line

This knife is a true giver. It satisfies you in every way. So, if you are thinking of buying a fantastic knife worthy of your penny then buy it avowedly. 

3 Best Japanese Survival knife Brand

Now, do you want to learn more about the knives? Like, what are the best brands for survival knives in Japan and some interesting information about it? So, here we go:


400;”>Japanese another brand which produces not only qualitative products of home but also produces knives for survival attempt. “HONMAMON” company kept its name after the English word “Real or Genuine”. And their name has brought success so to say.

The materials they use for making a survival knives is high qualitative in range. And , so far its best creation is “ AZUMASYUSAKU HONMAMON Japanese “Kurochi” Hunting Knife 180mm, Agami Steel, Double Bevel.” This iconic piece is also handmade by professionals who have been devoting themselves for long years. 

 2. KA-BAR Knives

It is now acquainted as the famous “Combat Knife” manufacturer. Formerly it was named as Union Cutlery Company. But it is widely famous for its master making process of hunting and survival knives. Besides the making of cutlery sets, this company earned a huge reputation for providing knives which are long durable and unique in nature.

KA-BAR Cleveland OH 1237 Seki Japan Fixed Blade Skinner Hunting Fishing Knife Old Stock Vintage” is now its grand formation. And it is now ranked as the third best survival Japanese survival knives.  

3. Japan’s oldest handmade Knifemaking dynasty

 This dynasty is mainly popular for its handmade knives. Some of its handmade knives are so much like a master piece that it has already earned a good number of attention and fame. One of the best knives of  the contemporary world is made by them.

 “Masano skinner knife walnut wood handle 110 super-blue steel kais-001” is one of its master creations. And lately, the demand for this survival knife is increasing so rapidly that the dynasty has decided to halt the making of the knives for a time being. 

How to Choose Best Japanese Survival Knife

As Japan produces many kinds of knives and different kinds of knives have different features, it is important that you are able to choose the best ones for survival. So let’s have a quick glance of how you are going to choose your desirable survival knife:


Well, size does matter. A bigger knife requires more carefulness and a little inadvertence may cause bloodshed to the carrier itself. It is also not so effective in other sectors like carving woods or shaping a tool sharply. But on the other hand, small sized blades do not grant the advantage of chopping or cutting off big branches of tree. 

So the ideal size is required. It is around 9 to 11 inches in length which is stated by many users who tried different sizes of survival knives. 

Blade’s Pattern   

When it comes of a situation which is abrupt then your fixed blade survival knife is more trust-able then the knife with folding system. Also, the fixed blade survival knife lasts long. But when it turns the question of carefulness then of course, fold system knife requires less protection. It depends on how you are going to deal with it. Also, in what sectors you would like to use your knife. 

Moreover, blades made of stainless steel are way last longer than the blades made of carbon steel. So, to keep your knife away from having rust, choose the right one. 


It is one of the significant parts of a knife to check out. A full tang survival knife is more appreciable than the push tang or half tang. Also the full tang knife provides comfort while prying, chopping or skinning which the partial tang knife can give but with difficulties and discomfort. 

Though some survival knives shares different metals and still happen to remain among the best survival knives. For example: the Japanese Masano skinner knife.


After that, the second most important thing is the appropriate handle which should be carried by a good survival knife. In situations like wilderness or abrupt danger, if the handle of the knife does not maintain the grip then it would be a matter of disgrace. 

So, the handle must be made of rigid elements like rubber, polymer, micarta, antler etc. 

Sharp tip

Knives having sharp edged tip have different uses at a time. It is not only useful as a defense mechanism, but also functions as a good companion in the field like wilderness. Those who are nub to handling knives can easily be spared of beasts by using a sharp edged tip.   

So, other knives may appeal you for having different shape of the tip but it is always wise to have a pointed tip in order to survive. 

FAQ’s of The Best Japanese Survival Knife 

Why we need to have a survival knife?

As you can see, a survival knife is asked for the surviving of a situation which is unfavorable and dangerous. So, here you got the crystal clear answer. To survive in a wilderness area and to defend yourself from the beasts and abrupt attack, you are supposed to carry a survival knife. From mundane tasks to deadly action, a survival knife plays an interesting role.

Are Japanese survival knives the best or not?

Well, a good knife requires things which can only provide a Japanese knife. In one hand Japanese knives are pointy, glazy, sharp and grip friendly. On the other hand the most counterpart knives of German’s are most likely rounded, bulky and not easy gripped at all. So, Japanese survival knives are the top notch.

What is the time durability of these survival knives? 

These Japanese survival knives are pretty much long lasting due its authentic materials and use of the blades made of stainless steel. And the blades don’t get rusty easily because of the proper use of different metals. Also, the connection between the blade and the handle is unbreakable. These all make a knife strong and fixed for a long period of time.

In what purposes we can use the survival knives?

The survival knives provide its charisma in other sectors of life as well. It helps in skinning the rabbit like animals, carving woods in different shapes, hunting beasts using the pointy tip of the survival knife, chipping, slicing or splitting rigid or non-rigid goods.     

 Why we should research before buying a survival knife?

There are a lot of knives which happen to claim the best features but actually do not possess any of it. So it is important to look out the knives you are asked for in internet. Researches will help you to get more authentic source of Japanese knives which actually possess the best features.

Is there any risk carrying a survival knife made of Japan? 

Well, inadvertence is always bad. You should be careful and always carry the sheath to wrap your knife properly. And Japanese survival knives provide sheathes which are of great in nature and manner. Nevertheless, carefulness is always appreciated. 

Bottom Line 

A survival knife is important to survive. And if it is a knife that is made of Japan, then undoubtedly, the journey will go easy and smooth. Also, if you are an enthusiast of knives then start to collect the best knives after giving a thorough reading of this whole article. 

You will definitely be appeased and we have put enough effort to mitigate your inquisition of learning more about the survival knives. So, in return we can also expect a feedback from you as well, right?! 


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